Alex Jones: Donald Trump Is Now Reading Infowars ‘Every Day’

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones said that since he was banned from nearly every online hosting platform, President Donald Trump has been getting his Infowars fix by directly visiting Jones’ website “every day.”

Jones and his cronies at Infowars are plying their conspiracies under the fallout that came from losing their ability to participate in mainstream political discourse online after Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Stitcher, Spotify, Pintrest, YouPorn, LinkedIn, MailChimp, Vimeo, and more, gave the outlet the boot.

During a broadcast this morning posted on Periscope—the Twitter-owned company that is one of the few that have not banned Jones—Jones delivered a pre-show rant about his de-platforming struggles, Jones made the same argument he’s been reiterating for the last couple of weeks: that removing Infowars from major platforms is the first phase in a secret plan to silence all conservative thought.

“The reason the internet is important is because we can then virally have you lobby Congress, you can send this video to your congressmen and –women, and they’re getting educated,” Jones said. “The president is already educated. And the enemy knows that I was getting reports to him a month ago. That’s why [Apple Inc. CEO] Tim Cook met with them and they said, ‘Shut that son of a bitch down.’”

Jones went on to explain that he has since resorted to contacting the president directly.

He added, “I’ve already learned to go directly to the president. I was never about going to Washington or trying to do that. I was always about putting it out into the ether, but now that you’ve tried to restrict me more and more, I know just to go right to the president. And see, you’ve made me such an icon that the president knows you don’t want him to see what I have to say, so every day he goes in and looks at the top of and So, thanks for doing that.”