Alex Jones Decides The Deep State Is Cool Now

Conspiracy theorist radio host Alex Jones has spent more than a year alleging that “deep state” forces inside the federal government were secretly colluding to subvert President Trump’s agenda. But in a video uploaded yesterday, Jones changed his mind and claimed that the deep state is actually supportive of Trump.

On yesterday’s episode of “The Alex Jones Show,” First Amendment lawyer Marc Randazza joined Jones in speculating what a possible Hillary Clinton bid for president in 2020 would mean and whether or not Randazza would vote for Trump in 2020.

“Let me tell you a little secret. The military didn’t get involved in hacking elections. It wasn’t the Russians, it was the military and intelligence agencies blocked Hillary trying to steal some key states. Trump’s not just doing this on his own,” Jones said.

Randazza seemed confused.

“I’m just saying, they’ve got their whole shadow government, but what happens when the shadow government and the deep state rebels? But see, Trump’s like, ‘Deep state, deep state’—that’s only top globalist Democrats that are trying to block him. The general deep state are just people in the whole—I mean, you know how countries work,” Jones said.

He added, “The left and all you guys need to surrender because it’s over. I mean, you’re not going to win and if you kill Trump, there’s backup plans for that.”