Alex Jones: Computers Are Using ‘The Race Narrative’ And ‘The Islamists’ To Attack Humans

Infowars radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed yesterday that artificial intelligence is “warring humans against each other” with discussions about race and culture, in addition to “bringing in foreign stimuli like the Islamists.”

During yesterday’s broadcast of “The Alex Jones Show,” right-wing internet personality and Infowars guest host Mike Cernovich joined Jones to discuss recent reports that tech giant Elon Musk fears the future of artificial intelligence (AI).

“You notice the computer is already warring humans against each other with the race narrative, the culture narrative, and then bringing in foreign stimuli like the Islamists, which we have to fight,” Jones said, “because it wants to take us over like the AI and it brings in that artificial stimuli to then just super-charge it.”

Cernovich agreed, adding that “the next evolution, though, is going to be little quantum AI bots and they could just send them in to a part of your brain where you don’t even know.”

“Eventually you’ll walk in and there’ll be microscopic quantum bots that go into your own brain,” Cernovich continued.