Alex Jones Claims The BBC Is ‘A Giant Pedophile Cult’

Alex Jones, the right-wing conspiracy theorist leading Infowars, launched into a rant today about pedophilia scandals in Europe, during which he claimed that the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is “basically a giant pedophile cult.”

Today on “The Alex Jones Show,” Jones hosted far-right European activist Tommy Robinson to praise videos of Robinson punching immigrants and discuss the United Kingdom’s detention and deportation of two “alt-lite” activists with strong ties to white nationalists. In the lead up to Robinson’s appearance, Jones claimed that he’s not “trying to be a hero,” but rather is driven by “an instinct” like the one that drove Robinson to hyper-focus his coverage at Rebel Media on Muslim men who have been accused of child rape.

“This is an evil British pedophile government allied with Islam, because under its tenets of radical Islam, it follows pedophilia. Everybody knows about the giant scandals of pedophilia in England—the secret dungeons, the torture, the murder of little kids, prime minister slit little girls’ throats—all that is coming out,” Jones said.

He briefly paused before adding, “The BBC is basically a giant pedophile cult.”

After ranting further, Jones said he was going to send Robinson $20,000 to support his work in Europe and wanted to hire him to work for his network as soon as possible.