Alex Jones And Roger Stone Want Trump To Prosecute His Critics Now That Comey Is Gone

Today far-right host Alex Jones interviewed Roger Stone, an informal adviser to President Trump, about the president’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, where they promptly contradicted the White House’s official story behind Comey’s termination.

While celebrating Comey’s ouster, the two agreed that the administration must now go after Democratic critics of Trump before they attempt to overthrow the government.

“They’re a clear and present danger running around inside our country,” Jones said. “I’m not calling for authoritarianism—they’re an authoritarian threat. We need the attorney general to go after the Clintons, to go after Obama, to go after them all. If they want a war, they need to get one.”

He added: “They’re coming after America with everything they’ve got, trying to destroy us. They’re the criminals. Let’s let them have it! We have nothing to lose by running over these people!”

Stone agreed, saying that Democrats are trying to dislodge Trump just as they forced the resignation of Richard Nixon. He urged Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Republicans in Congress to investigate the Clinton family, while also warning that “there is an active cabal” determined to declare Trump “insane and remove him under the 25th Amendment.”

Earlier, Jones said that he told Trump “in person” that he has to “do something about” the “globalists and their leftist hordes and their rape-ugees” who are stirring up violence and mayhem.