Alan Keyes Staffer Claims Gay Trend Is “Sex with Infants”

Truth Wins Out is calling attention to an interview given by Guy Adams on an Internet radio show. Adams, who is the deputy national grassroots director for Alan Keyes’ Renew America, asserts that the latest “trend” among gays is “sex with infants.” You can listen to the show here [link broken–see below].

Keyes himself is no stranger to wild anti-gay rhetoric. In 2004, when Keyes was the Republican candidate for Senate in Illinois—and when Guy Adams served as his bodyguard—he claimed that incest is “inevitable” for children of gays and called Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter a “selfish hedonist.”

UPDATE: The link to the radio show’s web site has been removed. You can listen to the program here.

GUY ADAMS: The Gay Olympics … basically, this is the first time in history that athletes are being identified by their sexuality, and not, you know, how good they are, or what sport they play, or, you know, what country they’re from, as Olympic athletes frequently do. Here you have gay people. There’s really nothing gay about it; they’re homosexual. And they’re coming together united simply because they have this one thing in common, homosexuality. And they also have something else in common: AIDS and HIV, 30 percent of them. 


ADAMS: It was just terrible seeing men walking down the street—public streets—with chaps, with their bare buttocks hanging out. I actually saw Chicago policemen who were gay hugging and kissing—in uniform! And, for a week, it just turned Chicago upside down. And it’s just appalling. It’s an absolutely appalling event. … I don’t know where the outrage at this is. When you can invite a gay army and say that we welcome all their contributions to society. What contributions? AIDS? Pornography? I don’t know, Stacy, it’s just – really an eye opener for me.

HARP: Well, let me ask you something. Let me play the Devil’s advocate, like he needs one … What do you say to the person – ‘cause I get this all the time on my blog from gay activists, who tell me that all I do is I paint the homosexual movement all negatively, and I never look at the nice homosexuals that [sic] don’t have AIDS or who contribute to society and who have their own families and their own children and they just mind their own business? What do you say to people like that?

ADAMS: Well, you know, that’s a relatively simple thing. First of all, Dr. John Diggs is the foremost medical authority and AIDS, and he says in a couple years 50 percent of them will have AIDS. The newest thing in Chicago, it’s becoming a trend—and you’re going to find this hard to believe—sex with infants. It’s not enough that they have—you know, when you engage in perversion, and homosexuality is perversion—we don’t hate the gays mind you, we don’t hate them, we hate what they’re doing—pretty soon that perversion is like addiction, it’s not enough, so you need to graduate to something else. You need to move on. So now they’re having sex with animals, a small group that’s getting bigger, sex with infants, sex in the street in Chicago out in the open—it’s just getting more and more perverted. So, I just don’t believe that there are a lot of really, really good gays.