After Multiple Layoffs and Budget Cuts, Focus Branches Out into Financial Planning

Since 2007, Focus on the Family has undergone round after round of layoffs while watching its annual budget get cut almost in half as the organization has regularly struggled to make ends meet.

So I guess it only makes sense that Focus has decided to expand its counseling services to helping families struggling with financial problems to “become debt free and live a life of financial freedom”:

Focus [On The Family] has banded together with two Christian organizations, Crown Financial Ministries and Finicity, to bring a message of freedom and hope to millions of families trapped in cycles of financial disorder.

“At Focus we hear from countless families who are struggling with significant personal debt and having difficulty living within their means – the numbers of those looking for help has especially increased during these trying economic times,” says Rich Bennett, Vice President of Ministry Strategy at Focus on the Family. “The financial piece impacts their marriages, their ability to effectively parent, their spiritual, mental and emotional health, and even the quality of their lives.”

“To that end, we are excited to partner with these trusted organizations to bring proven, effective solutions to assist with these pervasive family problems.”