AFA Public Policy Analyst: ‘A Holocaust Is Happening Right Here, On Our Watch’

(Screenshot / Vimeo)

Abraham Hamilton, a public policy analyst for the Religious Right group American Family Association, told attendees of a breakout session at this year’s Values Voter Summit in Washington, D.C., that he believed that abortion procedures were akin to “genocide” and that “a Holocaust is happening” in America.

Last weekend, Hamilton gave an energetic speech at a breakout session that the conference schedule stated would “debunk the virtue of legislative compromise and will address how this compromise creates laws antithetical to Christianity and conservatism.” Hamilton spent a majority of his time arguing that progressives utilize Hegelian dialectic to present their agenda as a compromise between hard-left and hard-right propositions, and claimed that elected conservatives in Congress have played along. As a result, he argued, the country has skewed in-large toward a progressive agenda that supports, among other things, women’s rights to access to abortion services.

“There used to be Democrats who would argue with you and say, ‘Listen, I do not support the systematic termination of babies in the womb. I won’t stand for it.’ There used to be, on the stage of the Democratic National Conventions, that they said that abortion should be rare. That’s gone,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton would repeatedly return to discussing abortion, at one point declaring that he believed the procedure was “genocide.”

“I believe the legal sanctioning of the utter destruction of a child in his mother’s womb is genocide. I believe that. I believe that a Holocaust is happening right here, on our watch,” Hamilton said.

He added, “It’s not political for me that I have a hard time estimating any government that had a true understanding of justice if they don’t understand how to keep the most vulnerable among us from being destroyed. I don’t get that.”