AFA: Obama Will Be Lucky To Even Make It Through One Term

I don’t really know why I am even posting this, other than to marvel at what passes for punditry at the American Family Association as Bryan Fischer, AFA’s Director of Issue Analysis for Government and Public Policy, explains in hilariously overwrought terms how President Obama’s first year in office has been such a dismal failure that he might not even get a chance to finish out his term: 

There is virtually unanimous agreement that President Obama is toast … If the Democrats do not insist that Obama resign from office – politically unlikely to be sure – they are liable to be dessicated, withered and powerless by 2012. His coattails are just long enough to drag them all under unless they detach themselves immediately if not sooner.

The president is now dead weight, an albatross around the neck of every Democrat member of the House and the Senate. They simply cannot afford to be linked to him anymore. He is blindly pursuing policies that the great majority of Americans flatly reject, and yet he soldiers on, oblivious, perhaps through sheer hubris, to the fact that voters aren’t buying the swill he is trying to sell as champagne … Few in political history, apart from appalling scandal, have fallen so far so fast. He is the Tiger Woods of the political world … Congressional Democrats now can safely ignore their own president, and in fact must do so to preserve any chance of survival … He has grossly misread the American public, perhaps again because in his insular and self-adulating world he believes he is the smartest person in the room and is sure that his brilliance will inevitably be recognized by the great unwashed. Ain’t gonna happen. The American people are a lot smarter than he thinks, maybe even smarter than he is, and surely wiser when it comes to politics. They will never trust him again about anything.

The president is catastrophically weak and naive when it comes to our war against Islamofascism. He is indifferent, desultory, casual, and lacking in seriousness regarding the threat. The American people know this … Surely the Democrats in the party will see the same thing, and know that if they back Obama in 2012 they will be backing a loser. Believe me, there will be an underground movement among Democrats to plead with Hillary (or somebody) to save what shreds will remain of their party from The One in the next presidential election.

President Obama has no chance at a second term. And eroding chances of completing his first one.

If this doesn’t qualify for one of Andew Sullivan’s “Hewitt Awards,” I don’t know what does.