AFA Launches Old Navy Boycott For Supporting Anti-Bullying Group

Following their not-so-successful boycott campaign of Home Depot over the company’s sponsorship of gay pride parades, leaders of the American Family Association have called for the boycott of Old Navy because the store is planning to sell shirts to benefit the anti-suicide, anti-bullying It Gets Better Project. Bryan Fischer, the group’s Director of Issues Analysis, already urged his listeners to “drop by your Old Navy store in your community and tell them you’re not going to shop at Old Navy until they get their minds right,” and now three other top AFA leaders have insisted that Christians boycott the clothing store.

Buster Wilson, the managing director of AFA’s American Family Radio, yesterday said that “this is very irresponsible for Christians to go to Old Navy” because “when you support them you are supporting what God calls an abomination to Him.” Along with the AFA’s News Director Fred Jackson and the AFA’s general counsel Pat Vaughn, they went on to criticize not only Old Navy but the It Gets Better Project and its anti-bullying message, which they claimed would trample on the rights of Christians: