AFA: Kavanaugh Hearings Foreshadow ‘Armageddon’ For Future Nominations

AFA's Tim Wildmon enjoys Ed Vitagliano saying Democrats do not care "one whit" about Dr. Christine Blasey Ford

The American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon, Ed Vitagliano, and Abraham Hamilton devoted today’s coffee-room video blog “Reason and Company” to discussing what Wildmon called the “smear campaign” against Brett Kavanaugh.

“There’s a lot of craziness coming at the very last moment,” said Hamilton.

“Don’t you think the Democrats, it’s just an honest attempt to get to the bottom of the truth?” Wildmon sarcastically asked Vitagliano, who responded:

There’s nothing honest about what the Democrats have done, beginning at the very beginnings of the hearings for Judge Kavanaugh when the Democrats spent almost two hours – an hour and a half – interrupting Chuck Grassley’s start to the confirmation hearings. They have sworn since President Trump was elected in 2016 they were going to do everything they could to resist everything President Trump wanted to do, and when it comes to the Supreme Court, abortion is their golden calf. And they will do whatever it takes to stop a conservative constitutionalist from getting on the Supreme Court.

And this is only the beginning. What they are doing to Brett Kavanaugh is only a sign of things to come should someone like Ruth Bader Ginsburg retire and President Trump nominate someone who’s conservative to take her place. That would be Armageddon.

“I don’t think the Democrats care one whit about Christine Blasey Ford and her story,” Vitagliano said while Wildmon chortled, saying that if they did they would have dealt with her allegations before the final hour.

“OK, you can’t beat him on the facts, let’s just make stuff up, OK, and go with that,” said Wildmon, who said AFA had sent an action alert asking for prayer for Kavanaugh and his wife and family because “they’re going through some unfair stuff.”