AFA Guest Hopes For Rebellion Against Mentally Ill Liberals

American Family Association head Tim Wildmon and talk show host Lauren Kitchens Steward spoke to Lyle Rossiter yesterday for a fascinating and thought-provoking discussion on why liberals are dumb, although it is not necessarily their fault.

You see, Rossiter claims that liberalism is actually a mental disorder. While sane, patriotic, conservative Americans support the GOP and listen to shows on the American Family Association’s radio network, Rossiter explained, liberals are going around destroying the country and freedom.

Rossiter said that people are tired of all the liberals running the country, and may even revolt: “I think it is more than frustration, I think people are getting outraged and frankly angry. If these people in Washington keep prosecuting their agenda I think there is going to be some kind of a rebellion in this country; I think people are going to be out in the streets because we collectively are not going to continue to put up with this kind of corruption.”