AFA: Boehner Leading “War” Against “The Powers of Evil”

In a new fundraising letter asking for help to “restore our nation to its Christian roots,” the American Family Association asks its supporters to pray for House Speaker John Boehner, who AFA says is leading a war against the “powers of evil” – meaning pro-equality and pro-choice members of Congress.

After recounting the biblical story of Moses relying on the help of Aaron and Hur to keep his arms raised and help the Israelites defeat Amalek, the AFA letter says this:
We are at war with the powers of evil no less than Moses was. In the physical realm of politics, our leader is House Speaker Boehner.
Even as you read this letter, he is combating those in Congress who seek to destroy our families and the unborn. As he does so, we need to be holding him up in prayer!
It’s worth noting that the Amalekites that the AFA invokes for comparison to its political opponents were, according to scriptures, the most despicable and implacable enemies of Israel and God, so much so that God ordered that they all be slaughtered, including women, children, and animals.
The AFA letter also asks recipients to sign a postcard to Boehner, which reads:
Dear Mr. Speaker
I am thankful that God has chosen you to lead the 112th Congress, as you are a man of faith and integrity. I want you to know that I am praying for you. I am praying especially that you will guide your fellow Representatives to govern as they campaigned!
As you know, our country is engaged in a great culture war. The outcome of this conflict will determine whether or not America survives as a free and blessed nation.
I am counting on you to protect our families – especially the unborn – by following the Constitution and acting on Godly principles. Working together and trusting God, we can restore our nation to the greatness which He bestowed on it at its founding, and one [sic] again, make this an honorable and just nation for our posterity.
Speaker Boehner received some praise for his response to the recent shootings in Arizona. Will he now  repudiate AFA’s portrayal of his colleagues as “the powers of evil?”