A Tale of Two Operation Rescues

We written about the confusion/animosity that exists regarding the various iterations of Operation Rescue several times before but I think we’ve come up with a pretty simple test to determine which OR faction is speaking at any given time. 

Here, for instance, is a press release from the Troy Newman-led group commenting on the string of loses they suffered last night of various anti-abortion ballot measures – notice how, while it might be a bit delusional, it is not fundamentally irrational:

“Yesterday’s losses are just a speed bump on the road to victory for the innocent,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Overall, Americans are more pro-life than ever before. The closeness of the votes on pro-life measures in South Dakota and in California shows that we have made great gains amongst the people. Election cycles tend to be cyclical, and we are confident that we will once again have our day.”

“These set backs will only energize us. The fight is on. We will continue to work to inform the public with our fleet of Truth Trucks, expose abortionists, and close abortion clinics. We will continue to work though every available legal means to stop abortion. The person occupying the White House will not diminish that work, nor will other perceived political set backs.”

Compare that to this release from Operation Rescue founder Randal Terry in which he blames Barack Obama’s victory entirely on Sean Hannity:

Sean has shown no qualms about betraying conservative principles that are Divine in origin. He is content to throw babies under the bus, throw marriage to the wolves, and lay our right to keep and bear arms at the feet of tyrants – as long as the villains are Republicans. This is not the stuff of which a true conservative, or “a great American,” is made. It is shallow and partisan, treacherous to the principles we claim to honor.

Frankly put: Mr. Hannity’s moral compass is shattered. He is wandering aimlessly in a wasteland of “economic conservatism” that is strewn with the bodies of dead children, killed under the watchful eye of Sean’s buddies, Mayor Giuliani and Governor Schwarzenneger. And he wants us to believe that he has a map!

Which brings us to President elect Obama: When Sean repeatedly betrayed the most sacred portions of “conservatism,” he guaranteed conservatism’s demise. By reducing conservatism to “who is electable” and “economics,” and virtually ignoring the horror of fifty million dead babies, he helped numb America to the horror of an Obama Presidency, and taught millions to put money first.

Sean’s radio show is a decent spot for some news, but don’t be fooled: Sean is not a voice of legitimate Conservatism. And his voice cannot unite a cohesive resistance to Obama; because it was his voice – that repeatedly put economics and electability ahead of sacred principles and innocent blood – that helped elect Obama.

If you are reading something attributed to “Operation Rescue” and you think to yourself “well, I don’t agree with that,” it’s probably the Troy Newman group whereas if you read something attributed to “Operation Rescue” and you think to yourself “what on Earth are they talking about, this is insanity,” it’s more than likely from Randall Terry.