A Bad Night For HuckPAC

Last night’s various primary election results were not particularly good for Mike Huckabee and his HuckPAC considering that three of the candidates he endorsed in high profile races all lost … and lost badly.

In California, HuckPAC endorsed Chuck DeVore in the GOP Senate primary and saw him come in third.

In Iowa, HuckPAC endorsed Bob Vander Plaats, who lost by nine points.

And in South Carolina, HuckPAC endorsed Andre Bauer, who finished in fourth.

I have to say that HuckPAC’s record has not been particularly impressive, but there is always hope because I just discovered while gathering the info for this post, that HuckPAC has also endorsed Star Parker in her bid for Congress

Star Parker is just the voice we need in Congress—a person who loves America for all the right reasons because she has experienced the American Dream as few have. Star has traveled a journey that took her from welfare to workforce, from dependence on government to independence and entrepreneurial excellence. She is one of the most powerful communicators and debaters I’ve seen, and I can’t wait to watch her deconstruct the liberal agenda live from the House floor.

Update: Huckabee has issued a statement on last night’s results:

As we sort through election results, there were some victories of candidates we supported and there were some unfortunate defeats. I’ve read with interest how some pundits have tried to figure out why would we support candidates like Bob Vander Plaats in Iowa, Chuck Devore in CA and others instead of the well-funded, favored, and highly touted “establishment” candidates. Some thought that my support for candidates who weren’t the establishment picks would not be good for MY political future – so let me explain something to the self-appointed “insiders” who are trying to understand why HuckPAC and I support candidates:

I don’t support candidates based on how it will affect my political future, but how it will affect the future of the country. I don’t support candidates just because they may already have the money, momentum and machinery. More often than not, I like to help underdogs who actually believe in something other than getting elected – who are principled, pro-life, proven conservatives whose stand on the issues is based on conviction and not political convenience.

I am proud of the candidates we supported. Many of them will be back on the stage and when our country gets tired of politicians who accommodate any position to get elected, these candidates will emerge as real leaders. Find out if our candidates ended in debt, and if you can help them financially, please do it. Encourage them to stay in the fight either as future candidates or activists. Whether our candidates win or lose, I never feel bad when I support a person who stands for something. Believe me, I like winning rather than losing, but I’d always rather lose an election than my soul.

In some cases, there are good and supportable candidates who won in races where we helped someone else – we will endorse the winning candidate in many of those races and support his efforts. We will NOT however, endorse candidates who don’t believe in the sanctity of life, the sacredness of marriage, lower taxes, holding down debt, and balancing the budget.