Sebastian Gorka: Liberals Have Tried To Undermine The Right’s Respect For Women

Sebastian Gorka, former White House deputy assistant and current chief strategist for the Trump-supporting MAGA Coalition, told Breitbart radio host Alex Marlow this morning that liberals have been trying to destroy a conservative culture that respects women, which has enabled things like the numerous alleged instances of sexual assault and harassment committed by Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Marlow asked Gorka about a tweet in which he alleged that if Weinstein had taken a page from Vice President Mike Pence, who does not dine alone with women who are not his wife, then Weinstein would not be facing allegations of sexual misconduct from so many women. Marlow said Pence’s rules were “good food for thought” and evidence of “good leadership.”

Gorka said he knew his tweet made “liberal heads explode everywhere” and claimed he was “shining a spotlight on the hypocrisy of the left and the mainstream media.” Gorka said mainstream media outlets “lambast the morals of the vice president” while simultaneously suppressing “stories about a sexual predator for decades.”

Then, Gorka shared an epiphany he claimed to have had as reports were released about Weinstein’s behavior.

“Now, the left-wing, virtue-signaling individuals are talking about how we have to have a culture that respects women and how we have to push back,” Gorka said.

“We have that culture,” he continued. “It’s on the Right. It’s what they’ve been trying to destroy for 35 years. So the irony for them calling for the kinds of things they have actually tried to destroy by their value systems and the stuff they’ve been shoving down our throats in the media since the 1970s—the irony couldn’t be higher.”