$25 Worth of Faxes Will End Obama’s Presidency!

Ralph Reed is back with his Faith and Freedom Coalition and their first order of business, according to this recent email, is ending Barack Obama’s presidency once and for all with a flurry of faxes, warning that if Obama is not stopped, he’s going to personally deny you access to live-saving healthcare and turn this nation into a socialist nightmare.  So it is up to you and your $24.95 to “save freedom in America”:

My name is Ralph Reed. I am the Chairman of the Faith & Freedom Coalition — a new organization dedicated to lifting high the values that made America great. We are mobilizing millions of Americans to OPPOSE and DEFEAT President Obama’s far-left agenda for America.

MISSION #1 right now: Defeat “Obamacare.”

Over the next 3 days we are aiming to bury Congress with hundreds of thousands of FaxGrams of Protest against “Obamacare.”

If we can do that, I believe we have a very real chance to shock Congress with the intensity of public opposition to having government take over your health care . . . and have “Obamacare” declared DOA — Dead on Arrival.

If we succeed at this, President Obama’s disastrous Presidency will be in real jeopardy — as he will be an immediate “lame duck.”

The point is we must apply massive and overwhelming public pressure on Congress to REJECT “Obamacare” — no matter how they try to dress it up, repackage it, or rebrand it as something other than what it is — Socialized Medicine.

You and I know that “Obamacare” really has nothing to do with fixing America’s health care system.

It’s all about government bureaucrats seizing control of your life in a scheme so frightening it could only have been dreamed up by the radical left.

What better way to seize control over your life than seizing control over the decision as to whether you or your loved ones receive life-saving medical treatment or not?

Do you think radicals like Van Jones and other far-left activists will burrow their way into the federal health care bureaucracy, rewarding their friends while people like you end up in the back of the line?

And that’s why Faith & Freedom Coalition has launched this Emergency Campaign to bury Congress with hundreds of thousands of FaxGrams over the next 3 days.

Our goal: To shock Congress into abandoning “Obamacare” (which will also effectively end the Obama Presidency and save freedom in America).

We can deliver “FaxGrams” in your name to your Congressman and two U.S. Senators for $24.95 — which also gives us a few extra-dollars to work with so we can reach many more Americans with FaxGram Authorization Requests like this one.