2012 Candidates Weekly Update 11/09/10

Jim DeMint

Far-Right: Radio talkshow host Michael Savage wants DeMint to run (NewsMax, 11/8).

Book: Authors new book, “The Great American Awakening” (PoliticalWire, 11/8).

Mike Huckabee

Religious Right: Marquee speaker for Iowa Family Policy Center event (IDA, 11/8).

Alaska: Solicits help for Joe Miller’s legal effort (TPMDC, 11/6).

Sarah Palin

GOP: Congressman blames Palin for Senate losses (The Hill, 11/8).

Economy: Plans to criticize Fed Reserve at trade convention (LA Times, 11/8).

George Pataki

Palin: Stresses his own political experience over Palin’s in interview (Daily News, 11/8).

GOP: Wants Party to reevaluate after failure of “extreme candidates” (The Note, 11/8).

Tim Pawlenty

Health Care: Will focus on repealing reform law if President (MN Independent, 11/8).

Minnesota: Recount in governor’s race may mean an extension of Pawlenty’s term (Star Tribune, 11/4).

Mike Pence

2012: Weighing bids for Indiana governor or President (CBN News, 11/8).

Mitt Romney

Health Care: Rick Perry says that Romney’s MA health care law will sink his 2012 bid (Daily Caller, 11/9).

Obama: President compares his law to Romney’s MA health care law (Boston Globe, 11/8).