Fischer: All Immigrants Must "Convert To Christianity"

The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer is doubling-down on his view that the U.S. should ban Muslim immigration, and on Wednesday he called Muslim immigrants a “toxic cancer.” Fischer, who believes that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to Muslims, now claims that the U.S. should use the Book of Numbers when establishing its immigration policy and that Muslims should “be prepared to drop his Islam and his Qur’an at Ellis Island.” According to Fischer, all new immigrants must “convert to Christianity” or “stay home”:

Allowing Muslims to immigrate into the United States, a Christian nation by origin, history and tradition, without insisting that they drop their allegiance to Allah, Muhammad, the Qur’an, and sharia law, is to commit cultural suicide. We believe in freedom of religion for Muslims like we do for everybody else. But if they insist on clinging to their religion, they will need to exercise their freedom of religion in a Muslim country which shares their values: death for those who leave Islam, the beating of wives by their husbands, and the labeling of Jews as apes and pigs.

Immigration is a privilege, not a right, and our policy should be to admit to our shores only those with a commitment to a full assimilation to American culture, adopting our faith, our heroes, and our history. Someone with a Muslim background who wants to become an American had best be prepared to drop his Islam and his Qur’an at Ellis Island.

So ancient Israel offers a paradigm of what a sensible and sane immigration policy looks like. It’s simple: don’t break the law (that is, come in through the front door instead of breaking in through a window), convert to Christianity, fully assimilate (become an authentic American, not a hyphenated American), and support yourself. If you commit to those things, you are welcome here. If you don’t or won’t, perhaps it’s best for you to stay home.

Barton: Science Proves The Bible, Jefferson Loved Jesus, & God Hates Socialism

Yesterday I posted a video compilation of David Barton claiming that every aspect of our culture and politics - from our tax laws to our building codes - ought to be carried out in accordance with Biblical principles. 

I have gone back through the videos to grab a few other highlights that I believe perfectly demonstrate the utter inanity of Barton's "expertise" and pseudo-history.

First of all is this video in which Barton claims that science always confirms what the Bible teaches, which is why global warming is not real and why embryonic stem cell research - which is immoral - will never work:

Next up Barton takes on the famous "Jefferson Bible," which he claims was not an attempt to Jefferson to remove all the things he didn't believe from the Gospels but rather an effort by Jefferson to produce a book that could be used to evangelize the Native Americans:

Finally, Barton explains that the story of the Tower of Babel is really about God's hatred of socialism:

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Barton: "Anything The Bible Talks About Should Not Be Considered Secular"

As we noted earlier, Jon Stewart and Mike Huckabee had an extended discussion on last night's "The Daily Show" about David Barton and the entire Religious Right agenda to claim that the United States is and always ought to be a Christian nation governed by Biblical principles. 

In the third clip, Huckabee claimed that Stewart was "an incredible exaggerator" on this issue, which was rooted in needless fear about their intentions.

Given that much of this discussion was rooted in Huckabee's praise for, and defense of, Barton, I wanted to stress the point that Barton is not simply encouraging Christians to take an active role in politics and the culture, but is rather a Seven Mountains Dominionist who believes that every - every - element of our government and society ought to be structured in accordance with the Bible so that those who hold a "secular viewpoint cannot survive." This includes everything from abolishing the Minimum Wage and Estate Tax to setting our immigration policies, all in accordance with the Bible and all on the grounds that God will hold everyone accountable for how they vote.

And to drive home this point, I put together this video of Barton taken from a 10-part, two-week appearance he made on "Gospel Truth" with Andrew Wommack back in 2009.  The entire series just showed up on YouTube and I watched every posted video and pulled out all the sections where Barton asserts that Christians ought to be in control of our society and ought to use the power that comes with this positions in ensure that everything from our tax policies to our building codes should reflect Biblical principles:

Arkansas Family Council Blasts Decision To Overturn Gay Adoption Ban As "Anti-Child"

Today the Arkansas Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s opinion that a recently passed law that would prohibit unmarried, cohabitating couples from adopting or fostering children is unconstitutional. The court ruled that the law, which was targeted at gay and lesbian families, needlessly violated their right to privacy. As Arkansas Justice Robert Brown maintained, under the ban such couples “must choose either to lead a life of private, sexual intimacy with a partner without the opportunity to adopt or foster children or forego sexual cohabitation and, thereby, attain eligibility to adopt or foster.”

Naturally outraged, the far-right Arkansas Family Council condemned the decision as “judicial tyranny” and “anti-child.” The AFC actually brought in the Alliance Defense Fund to defend the adoption prohibition, which was passed in 2008, because the group didn’t trust the state’s Democratic administration to effectively defend the law:

“This is a classic example of judicial tyranny,” said Family Council Action Committee President Jerry Cox. “We have said all along that Act One was about child welfare, and fifty-seven percent of the voters in 2008 agreed. They declared that the State of Arkansas has an obligation to adoptive and foster children to ensure that they are placed in the best possible homes. The Arkansas Supreme Court has chosen to run roughshod over the people’s will and refused to uphold a good law that protected the children in the state’s care.”

Cox said, “I’d like to personally thank the 75 county coordinators and 2,700 volunteers who helped gather signatures to get Act One on the ballot. They worked hard to gather over 100,000 signatures between January and August of 2008. It is because of their dedication that this good law made it on the ballot and passed in 73 counties. I will be forever grateful to everyone who put time and effort into this worthy initiative.

“Today’s ruling was anti-child,” said Cox. “The ACLU couldn’t defeat this good law in a fair election, so they used the court system against the people of Arkansas. This is the worst decision ever handed down by the Arkansas Supreme Court.”

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Bishop EW Jackson To Run For US Senate

Bishop E.W. Jackson, the head of STAND for America (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), is filing paperwork to run for Virginia’s open seat in the US Senate and will face former Senator George Allen and numerous tea party activists in the contested Republican primary. Jackson has likened Democrats to slaveholders and called them the “coalition of the godless,” and has said his mission in politics is to convince African Americans to leave the Democratic Party and join the tea party. As an ally of far-right activists like Rick Scarborough and Janet Porter, it is no wonder that Jackson is also militantly anti-gay, arguing that the “repeal of the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ law is a disaster of historic proportions and it must be reinstated.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports:

Bishop Earl W. Jackson Sr. of Chesapeake has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination, taking on former governor George Allen and tea party candidate Jamie Radtke.

"He is running for the United States Senate to restore fiscal sanity, constitutionally limited government, and to fight for a sound energy policy that will allow Virginia to mine its coal and drill for its offshore oil," said a release from Jackson's campaign.

Jackson, founder of Exodus Faith Ministries International, was among the keynote speakers last October at the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

Jackson brought the crowd to its feet with a rousing address that criticized congressional Republicans for being "complacent" and Democrats for being "arrogant."

Jackson, who is African-American, said the tea party is not racist, nor hateful, but welcomes anyone who values the Constitution.

Mosque Opponents Introduce The "Anti-Sharia Oath"

After campaigning to make construction workers take a pledge that they would refuse to work on the planned Park 51 Islamic community center, Andy Sullivan is now leading the charge to make people commit to stop the “creeping of Shariah into our American way of life.” Sullivan, the leader of the “9/11 Hard Hat Pledge,” is one of the most vocal opponents of Park 51 and even launched a boycott of musician Justin Bieber after reading a satirical article which made-up a quote of Bieber criticizing mosque opponents.

Now, Sullivan wants people to take an oath against Sharia: “It’s going to be an oath, and it’s going to say, ‘You will fight against any element of sharia being put into any kind of policy or legislation in this nation.’ If you sign that oath, and you live by that, then I will give you all the support that I can muster. So all of the sudden, the Anti-Sharia Oath was born.”

“Dark forces are using our own laws and freedoms against us,” according to the oath, “to promote Islamic doctrine and incorporate it into our finances, places of work, culture, courts, schools and most disturbingly our Legislative offices.”

The oath reads:

I the undersigned, will actively protest and vote against the implementation of Shariah or Islamic Law in all Judicial and Legislative matters. The War on Terror is not just being fought in Iraq and Afghanistan it is being waged in every aspect of our American life. Dark forces are using our own laws and freedoms against us to promote Islamic doctrine and incorporate it into our finances, places of work, culture, courts, schools and most disturbingly our Legislative offices. The Muslim Brotherhood have [sic] long declared that this war against the West will be won without spilling one drop of blood. They are counting on the Media, leftist groups and Politicians who stand for nothing more than another term of office, to achieve their goals. I stand with the 100,000 signers of The 911 Hard Hat Pledge who have sworn not to participate in the building of the Ground Zero Mosque as I take the Anti-Shariah Oath. I believe in the United States Constitution and the American way of life and will protect both.

Jon Stewart Grills Mike Huckabee On His Praise For David Barton

A few weeks back, we captured video of Mike Huckabee being introduced by David Barton at the Rediscover God in America conference in Iowa, during which asserted that he wished every American would be forced - at gunpoint - to listen to Barton's teachings.

Last night, Huckabee appeared on "The Daily Show" and Jon Stewart ended up dedicating nearly the entire interview to questioning Huckabee about his support for and praise of Barton and his pseudo-history:

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During the discussion, Stewart mentioned a few of Barton's more outrageous claims by name, which we first reported here - specifically Barton's claims that Jesus opposed the minimum wage and the Estate Tax and that God set the boundaries of nations.

For more examples of Barton's absurd statements and intentional misuse of history, take a look through our archive of posts about him.

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  • I honestly cannot believe that NOM is actually quoting Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall.
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