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Ari Rabin-Havt, 9/29/16 @ 5:49pm
NBC News is reporting that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, in an effort to regain momentum following the candidate’s poor performance in Monday night’s debate, has begun distributing talking points to surrogates encouraging them to talk about ‘90s era sex scandals. Putt... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 9/29/16 @ 5:33pm
Brad Reed @ Raw Story: White nationalist leader: ‘Every alt-right Nazi I know is volunteering for the Trump campaign’. Joe Jervis: Nazi Site Declares “Holy Crusade” Against Homocon Milo Over His Claim That The Alt-Right Isn’t Racist. Aaron Rupar @ T... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 9/29/16 @ 5:30pm
Busted! "A comprehensive video has surfaced that rather convincingly shows Hillary Clinton using hand signals like a third base baseball coach to prompt moderator Lester Holt to quickly call on her to counter comments by opponent Donald Trump during Monday’s first Presidential Debate.... MORE
Peter Montgomery, 9/29/16 @ 4:32pm
Donald Trump has repeatedly pledged to make conservative Christians more politically powerful by eliminating legal restrictions on churches’ and other tax-exempt nonprofits’ ability to do electoral work. On Wednesday two Republican congressmen, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and Georg... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 9/29/16 @ 3:09pm
When End Times Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn appeared on Glenn Beck's radio program last year, it was to warn that America was going to suffer a massive calamity—possibly an economic meltdown, possibly a terrorist attack, possibly a natural disaster—on September 13, 2015. Obviously,... MORE
Miranda Blue, 9/29/16 @ 1:43pm
Earlier this year, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign landed in hot water when the candidate’s son, Donald Trump Jr., agreed to be interviewed by notorious white nationalist radio host James Edwards. Edwards hosts a show called “The Political Cesspool,” which is syndicated... MORE
Miranda Blue, 9/29/16 @ 12:09pm
Donald Trump’s campaign has given the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody a sneak peek at the members of a “pro-life advisory council” that the candidate is set to introduce today. Earlier this month, Trump sent a letter to “pro-life leaders” laying out... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 9/29/16 @ 11:46am
A few years ago, right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton developed a new talking point in which he claimed that the Constitution is filled with direct, verbatim quotes straight out of the Bible. We pointed out repeatedly that the clauses in the Constitution that Barton insisted were direct quotes f... MORE
Brian Tashman, 9/29/16 @ 9:59am
On Tuesday, Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson took a page from her boss and touted Trump’s performance in post-debate online polls that have no scientific accuracy whatsoever. After conservative talk show host Joe Pags told Pierson that “news organization polling” i... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 9/28/16 @ 5:32pm
Aaron Rupar @ Think Progress: Troll armies rig polls to deceive you into believing Trump won first debate. Joan McCarter @ Daily Kos: Trump denies saying not paying taxes 'makes me smart' an hour after he said it. Bill Morlin @ Hatewatch: Pepe Joins (((Echoes))) as... MORE