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Kyle Mantyla, 8/29/14 @ 5:34pm
Media Matters: Laura Ingraham Tells Radio Listeners That Obama Considers Them, Not Islamic State, The "True Enemy." Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: A Republican Congressman Is Actually Upset About Obama’s Tan Suit. Daniel Strauss @ TPM: Ben Carson: No, I'm Not Sorry I Com... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 8/29/14 @ 5:31pm
Ben Carson says that he is "an instrument that’s being used to help restore this country." Peter Sprigg is very mad that judges on the 7th Circuit did not seem to buy the right-wing arguments against marriage equality. Liberty Counsel's Mat Staver is also mad and blame... MORE
Miranda Blue, 8/29/14 @ 5:13pm
Yesterday, we asked why the anti-government “Patriot” movement that was so angry about perceived government overreach at Cliven Bundy’s ranch in Nevada was all but silent about the arrival of police officers in military grade gear to quell protests in Ferguson, Missouri. The best e... MORE
Miranda Blue, 8/29/14 @ 5:02pm
Former Arizona Republican congressman J.D. Hayworth, who lost his primary challenge to Sen. John McCain in 2010, has since landed a job as an anchor for Newsmax, where he delivers the news and conducts interviews in a style eerily reminiscent of Parks and Recreation’s Perd Hapley. Hayworth ful... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 8/29/14 @ 3:23pm
Bryan Fischer was very disappointed in President Obama choice of attire during yesterday's press conference, saying that his suit demonstrated that Obama simply "does not take the responsibilities of the office of the presidency seriously." "This is not presidential dress. It'... MORE
Miranda Blue, 8/29/14 @ 3:20pm
In her radio address yesterday, Phyllis Schlafly took on the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault, which she said could be eliminated if women would just get married instead of focusing so much on their careers. Noting that “marriage settles men down,” Schlafly asked, “So... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 8/29/14 @ 2:19pm
Herman Cain was a guest on Rick Wiles' End Times radio broadcast yesterday where he warned that President Obama will soon issue an executive order providing a path to citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants in order to mobilize Hispanic voters to turn out in the upcoming midterm elect... MORE
Miranda Blue, 8/29/14 @ 1:34pm
On her American Family Association radio program this morning, Sandy Rios interviewed Malcolm Kline of Accuracy in Academia, a sister organization of the conservative group Accuracy in Media, about the supposed terrible liberal bias in academia. When the two inevitably got to talking about women... MORE
Miranda Blue, 8/29/14 @ 1:12pm
Larry Klayman, the Judicial Watch founder who now spends his time suing President Obama when he is not trying to overthrow him, has filed a new complaint against the president, this time alleging that Obama conspired with John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and U.N. Secretary... MORE
Miranda Blue, 8/29/14 @ 1:00pm
On Tuesday, VCY America’s “Crosstalk” hosted End Times prophet Ed Hindson to discuss the impact of the End Times and the Rapture on the United States. “The United States would be incredibly impacted by the Rapture because there are more professing Christians here than perhaps... MORE