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Kyle Mantyla, 7/7/15 @ 5:32pm
Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: The Million-Dollar Abortion Crowdfunding Campaign Was a Giant Publicity Stunt. Paul @ PFAW Blog: On Judicial Confirmations, 4 ≠ 21. Alan Colmes: Klansman: Charleston Gunman Was A Government Agent. Richard Bartholomew: Kamal Saleem Doubles Do... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 7/7/15 @ 5:30pm
Theodore Shoebat declares that "the homosexual movement is the most hateful and most vile group in all of the Western world." The Oak Initiative is promoting Janet Porter's quixotic effort to get the Supreme Court to rehear its gay marriage decision. Mychal Massie warns that... MORE
Miranda Blue, 7/7/15 @ 4:56pm
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio defended his fellow anti-immigrant birther Donald Trump last week, saying that Trump didn’t mean “to say anything derogatory” about “all the great people from Mexico” when he said of Mexican immigrants, “They’re bringing dr... MORE
Miranda Blue, 7/7/15 @ 4:39pm
Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt, who said earlier this year that “the Second Amendment was designed for people just like” President Obama and his fellow Democrats, repeated the sentiment yesterday, saying that the only thing currently saving America is that President Obama kn... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 7/7/15 @ 4:30pm
As we have noted several times before, Bryan Fischer has an utterly incoherent understanding of the First Amendment, insisting that it only applies to Congress whenever he wants to defend some possible establishment of religion violation but insisting that it applies to everyone when he wants to com... MORE
Miranda Blue, 7/7/15 @ 3:32pm
Herb Titus, the Christian Reconstructionist, “biblical birther" and longtime brother-in-arms of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, is urging conservative Christian public officials to deny marriage licenses to gay couples in defiance of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling, rat... MORE
Brian Tashman, 7/7/15 @ 2:50pm
Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore sat down with anti-choice activist Randall Terry yesterday to make his case that states should defy the Supreme Court’s decision striking down same-sex marriage bans, with the two pointing to the Nuremberg trials following World War II to justify such defiance.... MORE
Miranda Blue, 7/7/15 @ 2:48pm
In an interview with WorldNetDaily last week, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, an emerging Tea Party hero who has been courted by Gov. Scott Walker, said that the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage equality might be a “catalyst” for a conservative movement to resist Presid... MORE
Brian Tashman, 7/7/15 @ 2:00pm
Yesterday, anti-choice activist Randall Terry posted an interview with Roy Moore, the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court and a leader in the conservative movement to defy the federal courts on marriage equality. Moore told Terry that religious “persecution is just beginning” bec... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 7/7/15 @ 1:07pm
On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer followed up his warning from last week that Christians will now be banned from holding public office in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide to declare that, in fact, Christians will now be stripped of all of their righ... MORE