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Kyle Mantyla, 10/23/14 @ 5:37pm
Zack Ford @ Think Progress: Steve King Doesn’t Expect To Find Gay People When He Gets To Heaven. Paul Blumenthal @ Huffington Post: Koch Brothers Fund Group That Contradicts Their Ideology In 2014 Election Push. Jeremy Hooper: Concerned Women For America finally learns to call... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 10/23/14 @ 5:34pm
"Coach" Dave Daubenmire has a warning to pastors: "They are going to make you marry homosexuals. They are going to throw you in jail and seize your church if you don’t. The devil and his kids do not play fair…they play dirty. You’re going to experience first-hand... MORE
Brian Tashman, 10/23/14 @ 4:45pm
On Tuesday’s edition of “Washington Watch,” Family Research Council President Tony Perkins chatted with a listener, James, who claimed President Obama has a “deliberate” plan to make an Ebola “epidemic occur across the United States” in order to “insti... MORE
Miranda Blue, 10/23/14 @ 4:16pm
Yesterday, we posted a clip of a 2011 radio program in which Jody Hice, a Republican favored to win retiring Rep. Paul Broun’s U.S. House seat in Georgia, opined that the U.S. public school system is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. It turns out that’s not the only parallel he sees between... MORE
Miranda Blue, 10/23/14 @ 3:35pm
Conservative talk show host Steve Deace has been focusing his program over the last couple weeks on what he calls the “rainbow jihad” of gay rights, in particular the situation in Houston involving a lawsuit filed by Religious Right activists attempting to take down the city’s nond... MORE
Miranda Blue, 10/23/14 @ 2:30pm
In an interview with Newsmax’s Steve Malzberg yesterday, Judicial Watch “investigator” Chris Farrell claimed that the crisis of unaccompanied Central American children fleeing to the southern U.S. border was a “manufactured crisis” that was “coordinated and prompt... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, 10/23/14 @ 1:26pm
Peter LaBarbera was the guest on Cliff Kincaid's "America's Survival" program last week where the two spent an entire hour railing against all things gay, with LaBarbera warning that Americans cannot trust the government to handle the Ebola threat because it has never taken the ste... MORE
Brian Tashman, 10/23/14 @ 1:20pm
Michael Savage urged his listeners this week to support Republican congressional candidates in November in hopes that a GOP-controlled Congress will order the arrest of President Obama. The right-wing talk radio host said on Tuesday that a potential executive action to defer deportation proceedings... MORE
Miranda Blue, 10/23/14 @ 12:47pm
Mark Creech, director of the Christian Action League of North Carolina, wrote in the Christian Post yesterday that he was “heart-broken” (sic) by the federal court decision striking down North Carolina’s marriage equality ban, calling the decision “a terrible tragedy —... MORE
Brian Tashman, 10/23/14 @ 12:25pm
Rick Santorum thinks that young people would have come around to his anti-gay political stances if only the “statists” in the gay community hadn’t “silenced” him and other Religious Right figures. The former senator and likely presidential candidate made the claim yeste... MORE