Right Wing Round-Up - 7/7/16

Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 7/7/16

  • Because he is a man of principle, Ted Cruz will now speak at the Republican National Convention, despite having called Donald Trump an utterly amoral narcissist and pathological liar.
  • David Whitney says that "when we consider the tenor and mood of America today, many are sick and tired of Washington, D.C. and perhaps ready to consider seceding from Washington altogether. We have a government more venial and abusive than that of King George III."
  • David Lane declares that "America Is Following Nazi Tactics to Eradicate Christians."
  • David Kupelian says "it’s no exaggeration to say that, on close examination, just about every crazy, perverse, suicidal trend you can identify in today’s America – and for that matter, in Europe, currently reeling under the onslaught of a full-blown Islamic invasion – can be traced directly to the abandonment of the Western world’s founding religion and moral values in response to the left’s decades-long war on Christianity."
  • Finally, for a mere $1,450, you can enjoy a "VIP evening" with Glenn Beck.

Michael Savage: Gretchen Carlson Filed Sexual Harassment Claim As Part Of Anti-Conservative Plot

Yesterday, conservative talk radio host Michael Savage mocked former Fox News pundit Gretchen Carlson for her sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News chairman and CEO Roger Ailes, alleging that Carlson and her “sheisty lawyer” made it up as part of an orchestrated plots to “take out” conservative leaders.

“We are all in a political war,” he said. “As you well know, everyone that is a conservative is under assault and under attack. Do you see a pattern of trying to take out top conservatives in America? I do. And there’s no better example of that than the story, ‘Fox News’ Roger Ailes Sued For Sexual Harassment by Ousted Anchor Gretchen Carlson.’ I have to ask you something, the woman works for the network all these years and then finally they dismiss her and then suddenly it’s, ‘Oh my, oh my, he sexually harassed me!’ It stinks. The whole story looks like garbage.”

He then invited men listening to his program to call in and tell him about incidents where they were targeted by false claims of sexual harassment:

Savage compared the lawsuit to the Salem witch trials, insisting that Carlson likely manufactured the claims since she only revealed the allegations after she left the network: “Why didn’t she say anything then?”

“This whole thing is a set-up to get rid of Roger Ailes” orchestrated by “big people inside the network” who told Carlson that “she’d get something if she did this in order to push him out,” he said.

“Now how do I know that’s true?” he continued. “I don’t.”

Pat Buchanan Warns 'White America Has Begun To Die'

For centuries, racist politicians in the U.S. have warned about the looming “Negro domination” of America that will one day overtake white Americans. In a column today, Pat Buchanan issues a similar warning about what he sees as the imminent Latino and Islamic domination of the U.S. and Europe, lamenting that white people are facing demographic collapse.

Buchanan, who for years has been obsessed with the idea of a civilizational clash to prevent the demise of white American domination, wrongly claims that there are exploding fertility rates among Muslims and Latin Americans, predicting that the rise of these two groups will soon destroy what is left of white, Christian culture.

“White America has begun to die,” writes Buchanan, who is nonetheless hopeful that political parties that “see their nations imperiled by a rising tide of Muslim immigrants and refugees” will find success and that “Western Man” will “defend the shire, pull up the drawbridge, and man the parapets.”

And he is counting on Donald Trump to do just that:

While impossible to find a Western country with a fertility rate that will prevent its native-born people from dying off, it is difficult to find a Muslim country that does not boast a rising or exploding population.

If the future belongs to the young, it belongs to Asians, Africans and Latin Americans, and to Islam.

And the United States?

With Mexico and Central America adding 56 million people in 35 years, either the U.S. secures its southern border or the 11-12 million immigrants here illegally will have millions of new compatriots.

America is already evolving into another country. Though the U.S. is projected to grow by 67 million people in 35 years, this growth will be wholly among Hispanics, Asians and African-Americans. In each of the past four years, non-Hispanic white Americans have registered more deaths than births.

Between July 2014 and July 2015, the Asian-American population grew by 3.4 percent, and the Hispanic population grew 2.2 percent. The black population was up 1.3 percent. But the white population grew by only 0.1 percent.

White America has begun to die.

Can Obama really believe that amnesty for undocumented immigrants is still in the cards with a Republican Congress scorched by the forces behind Trump?

Can he believe that the right-wing parties proliferating across Europe, which see their nations imperiled by a rising tide of Muslim immigrants and refugees, will pack it in and support the EU’s march to a transnational superstate that controls immigration and borders?

What has been tabled for discussion this year, in Europe and America, is the future of the West as an identifiable civilization to be cherished and defended by the peoples whose ancestors created it.

And Obama’s reverence for Islam notwithstanding, the West remains the greatest civilization of them all.

Belatedly, Western Man appears to have decided to defend the shire, pull up the drawbridge, and man the parapets.

As for Trumpism and the Brexiteers, Mr. President, in the words of Jimmy Durante, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

'Free The Delegates' Leader Kendal Unruh Has Been Raised Up By God To Stop Trump From Destroying The GOP

Gordon Klingenschmitt dedicated two recent episodes of his "Pray In Jesus Name" program to interviewing Kendal Unruh, a longtime Religious Right activist who is now leading a "Free The Delegates" effort aimed at changing the rules at the upcoming Republican National Convention in hopes of preventing Donald Trump from receiving the nomination. 

When Klingenschmitt, a Colorado GOP lawmaker, noted that such a move would likely alienate the millions of voters who supported Trump during the Republican primaries, Unruh asserted that Republicans actually didn't vote for Trump and that he only won because Democrats crossed over to vote for him as a "Trojan horse" that would destroy the GOP and that she has been raised up by God to stop this from happening.

Those who voted from Trump, Unruh declared, "are not in the Republican Party. There's 3.3 million Republicans that voted for Donald Trump, he got 14 million votes; the rest of those were Democrats and independents that came in and flooded open primaries and blanket primaries. The Democrats and independents took advantage of same-day voter laws and they gave us a Trojan horse candidate."

Convention delegates are "obligated to be the firewall to tyranny" and resist "mob rule," she stated, which is why convention rules must be changed in order to deny Trump the nomination before he can ruin the GOP's "godly, conservative, pro-life, pro-family heritage."

"We're not destroying the party," she insisted. "We're actually saving the party."

"Trust God for the outcome of this," Unruh declared. "I believe that God put me in this position to be here for such a time as this."

Birther Says Obama Support For Clinton A 'Psyop' Operation And Deal To Secure Pardon

Bradlee Dean is a far-right, anti-gay activist and conspiracy theorist who has claimed that the Sandy Hook killings and other mass shootings were orchestrated by the government. Dean’s Sons of Liberty Media provides a platform for him and others of his ilk. Among them is Suzanne Hamner, a birther extraordinaire who last year questioned the constitutional eligibility of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal to be president. 

Hamner’s enthusiastically unhinged style is apparent from her most recent Sons of Liberty post, in which she slams “Dictator Hussein Soetoro” (her name for President Obama) for campaigning on behalf of “Dictator-in-waiting Hillary Clinton.”

A man who has proven to be a traitor, a criminal, a lawless individual and Godless man is “vouching” for the “trustworthiness and honesty” of another traitor, criminal, lawless individual and Godless woman.  How rich!  Odd isn’t it that Bill and Hillary Clinton first exposed Hussein Soetoro as not meeting the requirements for holding the office of the president according to the Constitution; yet, this man is backing this crime family to occupy the White House.  Hussein Soetoro is not the “forgive and forget” type.  His backing of Hillary has only one purpose – to secure a pardon should he be subsequently charged with crimes against the United States once he leaves office.

Hamner says Clinton’s appointment as secretary of state was “nothing more than an agreement between rival mafia leaders” and calls Obama’s support for her presidential run an “example of the corruption, cronyism, and crooked politics that infests government and the political parties.”

Given half a chance, Clinton would slit the throat of Hussein Soetoro as she smiled in his face while the Dictator-in-chief would stab her in the back, throw her under the bus and blame it on “climate change.”

In other words, this is the biggest ruse and psyop on the American public by two criminal politicians ever in the history of this nation.  Hopefully, the voters will see through this charade for what it is.  If not, there is no helping those who refuse to see.

Dean, the host of Hamner’s diatribes, is a long-time political ally of former Minnesota Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann, and has been an invited speaker at Liberty Counsel’s annual Awakening conference. At the Awakening conference in 2013, he told participants that Supreme Court rulings on church-state issues had opened the door to Satanism, and said there is no justification for Christian parents to send their children to public schools.

Sons of Liberty’s website, which calls Dean a “preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who speaks the uncompromising truth in an apostolic and prophetic style,” notes that he is a graduate of the Institute on the Constitution, the Christian reconstructionist group led by Michael Peroutka, a longtime ally of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. The Institute teaches that, in Peroutka's words, “the function of civil government is to obey God and to enforce God’s law – PERIOD.”

Ann Coulter: Donald Trump Is Just Like Abe Lincoln Fighting Slavery

Syndicated columnist Ann Coulter published a warning for Donald Trump today, urging him not to pick a vice presidential running mate whose record on immigration would undermine the draconian stance he has taken throughout his campaign, likening the choice Trump faces to Abraham Lincoln’s search for a running mate who was “ferociously opposed to slavery.”

By selecting an “establishment” figure like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or former House speaker Newt Gingrich, Coulter wrote, Trump could give Congress an opening to impeach him and remove him from office in order to install his vice president in the White House.

Instead, she said, Trump should choose a fellow anti-immigrant hardliner like Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama or Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach.

She likened Trump’s push to build a border wall and deport millions of undocumented immigrants to the fight to abolish slavery and compared Trump’s search for a vice presidential candidate to Abraham Lincoln’s.

Lincoln’s “new Republican Party stood for the soul of the nation against the self-interest of the rich and powerful, just as Trump’s does today,” she wrote, and Lincoln picked Hannibal Hamlin to serve as his running mate in 1860 not because they were personally close, but due to the fact “Hamlin was ferociously opposed to slavery.”

“The official GOP’s opposition to Trump is the modern slavery party’s version of the Civil War, fought by plutocrats with money and media,” Coutler said. “For his vice president, Trump needs anyone — from business, academia, the military or the political world — who is Hannibal Hamlin on immigration, a warrior to defend our country from the rich’s predatory demands for cheap foreign labor.”

Lincoln’s new Republican Party stood for the soul of the nation against the self-interest of the rich and powerful, just as Trump’s does today.

Lincoln didn’t choose some eminent Whig politician to give his ticket gravitas. He chose Hannibal Hamlin. No one other than a “Jeopardy!” contestant even remembers Hamlin’s name today. He didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

Hamlin was a former Democrat, didn’t meet Lincoln until after the election, served only one term as Lincoln’s vice president, was not liked by first lady Mary Todd and didn’t work closely with the president.

He made no sense as Lincoln’s vice president on any level, except the only one that mattered: Hamlin was ferociously opposed to slavery – the new party’s signature issue. He strongly supported Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation, arguing that slaves should be armed. As soon as slavery was ended, Lincoln dropped Hamlin as his vice president.

The official GOP’s opposition to Trump is the modern slavery party’s version of the Civil War, fought by plutocrats with money and media.

For his vice president, Trump needs anyone – from business, academia, the military or the political world – who is Hannibal Hamlin on immigration, a warrior to defend our country from the rich’s predatory demands for cheap foreign labor. His running mate also needs to be smart and courageous and not in love with his own press notices.

Among the possibilities Trump ought to be considering are people like Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and Idaho Sen. Mike Crapo (the latter two are up for re-election this year, but perhaps they can run for both offices simultaneously).

Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama is one of approximately one elected officials I completely trust to protect Americans from the cheap labor-demanding rich – which is why Trump needs to keep him in the Senate.

Peter LaBarbera: Gay Rights Movement Is 'A Liberal Cult' And 'Anti-God'

Last Tuesday on the “Jesse Lee Peterson Radio Show,” Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality told guest host and fellow anti-gay activist Matt Barber that the gay rights movement is “a liberal cult,” “an anti-God movement” and a “sin movement.”

Barber argued that with African-American leaders’ acceptance of gay rights, “secular socialism” has “infested the black community.”

“The blacks are a noble people, certainly, and there are many … Bible-believing Christians who are offended and disgusted by these illegitimate comparisons between mutable, changeable, deviant behaviors, homosexual behavior, and immutable, neutral characteristics such as skin color,” Barber said. He claimed that “black leaders have completely sold out to the radical LGBT lobby and are complicit in making these illegitimate comparisons.”

“Yeah, the sellouts keep growing, Matt,” LaBarbera said. “You know, I sort of see this as a liberal cult, this homosexual revolution. Everybody’s joining it who, you know, who’s basically gotten rid of their Christian understanding of the world. They’ve just rejected God. It’s an anti-God movement. When you would purport to redefine humanity, redefine the rules of humanity, and let’s, you know, people are talking about the transgender issue now, but let’s remember the gay revolution started with transgenders. It was drag queens at that Stonewall bar who started throwing bottles and such at the police. And so we’re in a cult here, it’s a liberal cult, and a lot of corporate America has bent the knee, and many, many people, I think you once said, Matt, you think over half the evangelical Christians will accommodate themselves to this sin movement, and I fear you’re right.”

Bryan Fischer Says It's 'Hard To Believe' It's 'Just Coincidental' That So Many People Around The Clintons Have Mysteriously Die

On his American Family Radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer took a call from a listener who wanted to hear his thoughts about the death of a former UN official whom right-wing conspiracy theorist outlets have been falsely claiming was scheduled to testify in a case involving Hillary Clinton.

Despite the fact that this death had nothing whatsoever to do with Clinton, Fischer responded to the caller by declaring that 107 people with ties to the Clintons have died under suspicious circumstances over the years and, he said, "it is hard to believe that that is just coincidental."

Laughably claiming that he was not suggesting that the Clintons had anything to do with any of these deaths, Fischer then proceeded to marvel that "107 people have died under suspicious circumstances in and around the orbit of the Clintons."

Fischer doesn't have a single person his life who has died under mysterious circumstances, he said, and yet the Clintons have supposedly had over a 100, which makes it "hard to believe that that is just coincidental."

Trump's Defenders Say He Isn't Personally Bigoted. That's Not The Point.

Let’s stop debating whether Donald Trump is a bigot. He might not be racist, sexist or anti-Semitic. He might not hate Mexican-Americans or Muslims. Attempts to decipher his personal feelings are a distraction. 

Defenders of Trump’s presidential campaign, most recently his son-in-law, New York Observer* publisher Jared Kushner, have repeatedly denied that the presumptive GOP nominee harbors any personal bigotry or intolerance.

“My father-in-law is an incredibly loving and tolerant person who has embraced my family and our Judaism since I began dating my wife,” wrote Kushner. “I know that Donald does not at all subscribe to any racist or anti-Semitic thinking. I have personally seen him embrace people of all racial and religious backgrounds.”

He concluded, “The suggestion that he may be intolerant is not reflective of the Donald Trump I know.”

While it is certainly heartening to know that Trump’s son-in-law does not believe he is a bigot, that fact is irrelevant.

Throughout his career, Trump has used bigotry in the same way he has used bankruptcy. It is a tool that he uses to achieve personal or, now, political profit.

In previous decades, to benefit his casino business, Trump ran ads claiming a Native American tribe’s “record of criminal activity is well documented.” When an allegedly mob-connected high roller demanded his casino floor be cleared of African-American dealers, Trump’s staff at the Taj Mahal readily complied. (For that bigoted act he was fined $200,000.)

Seeking publicity in the 1980s, he stoked racial tensions in New York, running ads following the arrest of five African-American teens in connection with a horrific rape in Central Park, calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty. The teens were later exonerated after spending years in prison. Yusef Salaam, one of the falsely accused, called Trump the “fire starter.”

Trump’s recent success in politics has been in large part thanks to his willingness to exploit racial mistrust for his own benefit. His political rise began when he attached himself to racist claims that President Obama might not have been born in the United States. While announcing his candidacy, Trump claimed that Mexicans migrants are “rapists.” Later, he declared that as president he would bar Muslims from entering the United States.

For decades Republicans have obeyed Lee Atwater’s maxim and sought to use ever more coded language to hide their electoral appeals to racism and bigotry. Trump's campaign is unconventional in the way that he has broken with this pattern as well.

Political racism is no longer expressed through campaign ads showing an understated glance from a single African-American prisoner walking through the revolving door of a prison or a pair of white hands crumpling a piece of paper. Like his buildings, Trump’s bigotry knows no subtlety. His campaign’s attempts to stoke racial animus are loud, brash, plated in gold and stamped with his name.

Trump may or may not be a bigot, but his message is designed to advance bigotry by promoting it as the answer to any number of economic and social problems. This message has understandably attracted those who openly and proudly promote hate. It is no accident at this point that his campaign has repeatedly retweeted white supremacistsaccounts.

Hence a debate about whether or not Donald Trump feels racism or bigotry in his heart is immaterial to the larger question: Does he feel comfortable using hate and the hate of others to fuel his ambitions, without regard to the cost to individuals and our culture? The answer is clearly yes.

* Disclosure: On occasion I write for the New York Observer.

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