Young America's Foundation

YAF's Principal Issues:

  • From mission statement: "Young America's Foundation is committed to ensuring that increasing numbers of young Americans understand and are inspired by the ideas of individual freedom, a strong national defense, free enterprise, and traditional values."
  • Major issues include: combating affirmative action, feminism, communism and Marxism.
  • YAF was established to "counter-balance 'New Left' and Communist influence on campuses."
  • Reagan. In 1998 YAF purchased the "Western White House," the California vacation ranch Reagan used as president. The foundation has raised millions of dollars to preserve Reagan's southern California home. YAF also runs the Reagan Ranch Project at the historic site, which includes leadership training and lectures dedicated to continuing the legacy of President Reagan.

YAF's Activities:

  • YAF calls itself "The Voice of Freedom on Campus: America's Largest Campus Outreach Program."
  • Provides assistance to college students and independent student groups in the form of guest lecturers, organizing and training seminars, networking opportunities, promotional merchandise, and other resources. The National Journalism Center maintains a job bank for college graduates and program alumni.
  • YAF's "Conservative Speakers Program" helps students bring controversial right-wing speakers to college campuses. Some of these speakers include: Ann Coulter, Alabama's Judge Roy Moore, Ward Connerly, Phyllis Schlafly, Ralph Reed, Christina Hoff Sommers, Dinesh D'Souza, David Horowitz, Oliver North, Edwin Meese III, Dan Quayle, Robert Novak, Patrick Buchanan, Jack Kemp, Newt Gingrich, Rep. Steve Largent, Walter Williams, Bay Buchanan, Bob Barr, Jeane Kirkpatrick, Michael Medved, Ben Stein and Kenneth Starr.
  • YAF sponsors the National Journalism Center (NJC). Established in 1977, the NJC sponsors trainings for aspiring student journalists and helps coordinate internships and permanent jobs for its alumni at many mainstream news outlets.
  • YAF holds a national student conference each year, bringing in speakers, educational materials, and providing seminars to help educate America's conservative youth. In 2003 their national conference guest speaker was Vice President Dick Cheney. YAF also hosts regional conferences and workshops.
  • YAF's "Club 100" awards the most active on their campuses by giving them points for holding events and hosting speakers. "Club 100" qualifiers get invitations to special networking events, free books, and free merchandise.
  • YAF is a co-sponsor of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference held annually in Washington, DC.
  • YAF compiles "Comedy and Tragedy," a list of college courses being taught throughout the nation to allow parents and taxpayers to be aware of what their students are learning.

YAF's History:

  • Promoted Ronald Reagan for president in 1974. YAF's early support and exposure is credited in some right-wing circles as helping Reagan get elected president in 1980.
  • In 1979, YAF organized its first major conference to promote right-wing speakers and ideas.
  • Early publications include: "Corporate Profits: Too Much or Not Enough?" and "Pacifism, An Anti-Christian Philosophy."

Quotes about YAF:

"The Young America's Foundation programs offer invaluable assistance to the young men and women searching for the encouragement and understanding necessary to reinforce the values of a free society and individual responsibility. As young conservatives, you have a very special task before you— that of developing the political awareness of your fellow students." -Ronald Reagan

Updated July 2004

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