Right Wing Leftovers - 3/29/12

  • The fact that conservative darling Marco Rubio has endorsed Mitt Romney would seem to suggest that the GOP Primary is close to being decided.
  • But that is not how Pastor Steven Andrew sees it: "Rick Santorum is from God and will win with Christians and Catholics uniting for Santorum."
  • FRC says "whether it's a t-shirt company, wedding photographer, or the church, homosexuals will not be satisfied until they compel us to either spread their perversion or promote it."
  • The Media Research Center's Dan Gainor says President Obama is making the Trayvon Martin case worse: "[T]here are a huge number of black-on-black murders or black-on-white murders that's he's not showing any sympathy for ... To me, I consistently want to know all the facts before I want to see somebody quite literally lynched, as some people I think are calling for [George Zimmerman] on social media."
  • And Gary Bauer seems to share that assessment: "After the Fort Hood shooting, President Obama gave Nidal Hasan the benefit of the doubt ... But when it came to George Zimmerman, the president virtually adopted the slain boy."

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