National Taxpayers Union

108 North Alfred St.
Alexandria, Virginia 22314

Established: Founded in 1969.
President: John Berthoud
Finances: $1,222,825 (2000 NTUF budget)

Employees: 20
Membership: 335,000
Organization Affiliates: National Taxpayers Union Foundation, National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund, Iowans for Tax Relief, Nebraska Taxpayers for Freedom, Arlington County Taxpayers Association

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NTU's Principal Activities:

  • NTU's main focus is lobbying Congress. NTU bills its congressional scorecards as "the only scorecard that grades representatives on every roll call vote affecting fiscal policy, including taxes and regulation." NTU also gives "Taxpayers' Friend Awards" to the highest scoring legislators. Like most lobbying groups, NTU sends alerts about pending legislation to be used by activists, testifies before Congress, and provides policy papers for its legislative allies.
  • NTUF was founded in 1977 and "is the charitable, research, and educational affiliate of NTU."
  • National Taxpayers Union Campaign Fund (NTUCF) was created by NTU in 1994 and "makes endorsements of candidates, distributes information to voters on the tax records — good and bad — of officeseekers, and which conducts its own self-directed "independent expenditure" campaigns in certain political contests."

History and Background:

  • NTU lists the following among its accomplishments: "Dozens of successful state and local tax limitation movements — activists have defeated 90% of the 50 major tax increases that appeared on state ballots over the past five years;" "Bringing the Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution within one vote of passing the Congress;" and "Landmark "Taxpayer Bill of Rights" laws that help to safeguard against IRS abuses."
  • Right-wing foundations that help fund NTUF include: Scaife, John M. Olin and JM Foundations.

High-profile Staffers:

  • Grover Norquist was NTU's Executive Director before being tapped by the Reagan White House to head Americans for Tax Reform.

High Profile Board Members:

  • David M. Stanley, Chairman of the Board
  • Steve Forbes, two-time candidate for GOP presidential nomination
  • J. Kenneth Blackwell, Ohio Secretary of State
  • J. Patrick Rooney, a right-wing funder


Quotes about NTU:

"My Administration came to Washington to achieve many of the goals shared by the National Taxpayers Union— Reduction of income tax rates, control of government spending…NTU's support for the across-the-board tax rate reduction and income tax indexing helped pave the way for Congressional adoption during the first years of this Administration."- Former President Ronald Reagan

"The National Taxpayers Union…is the Grand-daddy of the tax revolt organizations."
-San Francisco Chronicle

"After Howard Jarvis' victory on California's landmark Proposition 13 tax-limitation referendum in 1978, the NTU helped to convert the victory into national momentum for the Reagan agenda."
-Human Events magazine

Quotes from NTU:

"If we don't seize on this revolutionary moment to rein in taxes and rein in entitlements, we could be looking at a government headed for financial oblivion…and a populace that is so over-taxed and so desperate that we could be talking about real revolutions."
- David Keating in 1995

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