National Association of Scholars

221 Witherspoon Street, Second Floor
Princeton, New Jersey 08542-3215

Founded: 1985
President: Stephen H. Balch
Publications: NAS Update quarterly newsletter, Academic Questions quarterly journal, and Science Insights; and occasional reports
Finances: Has an income of less than $25,000 per year.

NAS Principle Issues:

  • NAS was founded to bring together conservatives in academia to fight the "liberal bias" on college and university campuses and to target multiculturalism and affirmative-action policies.
  • NAS organizes professors, graduate students, college administrators and trustees, and scholars who believe that there is a "[d]ogmatic hostility to Western civilization, and turning the study of non-Western cultures into an instrument for denouncing American society" on college campuses.
  • Fights against the "[d]ecline in civility on college and university campuses."

NAS Principle Activities:

  • NAS builds scholar networks, organizes panels, conferences, and lectures and creates NAS campus communities. NAS organizes outreach programs to recruit new members.

Major Right Wing Donors:

  • Sarah Scaife Foundation
  • The Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Inc
  • Castle Rock Foundation
  • John M. Olin Foundation

NAS's Board of Advisors:

  • John H. Bunzel, Hoover Institution
  • Edwin J. Delattre, American Enterprise Institute
  • Chester E. Finn, Fordham Foundation
  • Gertrude Himmelfarb, Independent Women's Forum
  • Paul Hollander, National Review, Front Page Magazine
  • Harry V. Jaffa, Claremont Institute
  • Donald Kagan, Project for the New American Century
  • Jeane J. Kirkpatrick, UN Ambassador under President Reagan, American Enterprise Institute
  • Irving Kristol, American Enterprise Institute
  • Richard D. Lamm, American Reform Party
  • Leslie Lenkowsky, National Review
  • Seymour Martin Lipset, Hoover Institution
  • Christina Hoff Sommers, Independent Women's Forum
  • Shelby Steele, Hoover Institution, Manhattan Institute
  • Stephan Thernstrom, Manhattan Institute
  • James Q. Wilson, Manhattan Institute

Updated July 2004

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