Harvey Calls Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell the Top 'Gay Abuse' of 2011, Warns of 'Prancing Drill Sergeants'

Mission America president Linda Harvey today released her much-awaited top ten list of “‘gay’ abuses” (scare quotes hers), with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell topping the list. Also on the list are same-sex parents who have a transgender child; the firing of a Macy’s employee who refused to follow the company’s policy on LGBT customers; the next five condemned California’s passage of SB 48, which ensures that history textbooks don’t exclude prominent LGBT figures, the Obama administration’s push to stop the criminalization of homosexuality and state-sanctioned violence against LGBT people around the world; and the anti-suicide “It Gets Better” video series and the decision by the Justice Department not to defend the unconstitutional Defense of Marriage Act. Many of these initiatives Harvey has already criticized.

The repeal of the discriminatory Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy is at the top of the list even though no incidents have been reported. Harvey warned that soldiers may be led by a “prancing drill sergeant” and people who have “truly lost their way, their shame, their innate sense of God's touch on and design for their lives.” Harvey warned that advances in gay rights will lead to America’s “decline into barbarism” and that they represent a “radical ideology” that is “purposely endangering families, children, our nation’s security, our economy and the religious freedom of all who don’t go along.”

Harvey goes on to caution that “God has warned us” about “this destructive agenda,” arguing that “these sinful impulses will end in catastrophe”:

And the No. 1 abuse of homosexual activism in the United States in 2011, was the implementation of the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," allowing open homosexual behavior in our military. No one can yet know how damaging the repeal of the ban on sodomy will be – we can only guess – but there's no question that it will damage the character of our armed forces and undermine their effectiveness. Dare I say the obvious? We need non-effeminate men in the military. Does anyone really believe that a prancing drill sergeant won't detract from readiness? Where women are serving, they should be women of high character, not those who embrace homosexual conduct and publicly declare a "sin" identity. These folks have truly lost their way, their shame, their innate sense of God's touch on and design for their lives.

Friends, this list is a call to action. We need to first understand the decline into barbarism that homosexual and sex-change activism brings. Then, we need to each be that person who gets it, who understands that these folks with their radical ideology are purposely endangering families, children, our nation's security, our economy and the religious freedom of all who don't go along.

God has warned us in the pages of Scripture that these sinful impulses will end in catastrophe. It's not true that this is just another way to love, but these activists, as you can see, intend to overturn the beauty of traditional sexual morality.

Please join me in pledging to speak out against this destructive agenda wherever possible during 2012.

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