Coalition for a Fair Judiciary

Thought it claims to be an "organization comprised of more than 75 grassroots organizations," the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary (CFJ) appears to be little more than a one-person, part-time operation run by right-wing operative Kay Daly.

Coalition for a Fair Judiciary
1155 21st Street NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20036

President/Executive Director: Kay Daly
Founded: 2001 by Kay Daly (originally Americans for Ashcroft)
"Experts" List: Jay Sekulow (president, American Center for Law and Justice), Jan LaRue (Chief Counsel, Concerned Women for America), Phyllis Schlafly (president, Eagle Forum), and Genevieve Wood, (political consultant, Family Research Center), among others.
Membership: Approximately 70-80 smaller grassroots organizations, top officials in some mainstream conservative organizations
Finances: CFJ is a 501(c)(4) organization
Publications: "Daly Report" with Kay Daly on RighTalk—a daily radio program

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The Coalition for a Fair Judiciary was created as an umbrella organization for roughly 75 smaller center-right grassroots organizations dedicated to confirming the nominations of conservative, "constitutionalist" judges, and to combat "judicial activism." After the successful support for the confirmation of John Ashcroft for Attorney General following the 2000 Presidential election, President Kay Daly organized the 75 grassroots organizations to create CFJ as a 501(c)4 organization.


The Coalition focuses primarily on organizing and mobilizing its grassroots bases by encouraging constituents to engage in letter-writing, editorial contributions to local newspapers, calling in to radio talk-shows, and to make direct contact with their Congressmen.

Kay Daly is eager enough to physically fly in supporters for Senate judiciary hearings in order to pack the confirmation hearings with friendly faces and maximize visibility of constituents.

About Kay Daly

Kay Daly is the President of the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary. An experienced political strategist and corporate marketer, Daly received the "Ronald Reagan Award" at the American Conservative Union's "CPAC" conference in 2003 where ACU's president, David Keene, called her "the new Phyllis Schlafly."

She is a tireless and determined campaigner, and is especially concerned with promoting Bush's judicial nominees. She is "not afraid to get her hands dirty on behalf of client or party," and has been the center of several controversial and suspicious "information gathering" scandals, all of which she has denied (source). Daly received a citation from Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) for "Distinguished Service to the United States Senate."


Originally a coalition of groups organized to support the nomination and confirmation of John Ashcroft as Attorney General following the 2000 Presidential election, Kay Daly founded the Coalition for a Fair Judiciary as an umbrella organization for this coalition of over 75 "grassroots" organizations. Among these groups are the notable Americans for Tax Reform, the Family Research Council, and the Christian Coalition. It is a 501(c)(4) organization, meaning it is political, and donates specifically to political campaigns and efforts. In this case, the Coalition was formed to support "impartial" conservative judicial nominees.


"One need not look further than the ill-conceived "V-Day" campaign to demonstrate just how downright bizarre feminism has become. Basically, V-Day is an alternative feminist holiday to that evil celebration of love on St. Valentines Day. So instead of candy, flowers, and romantic dinners on February 14th, feminists are organizing events to celebrate the vagina. That's right, an entire day for females across the nation to focus on their genitalia. Isn't it the entire antithesis of feminism to reduce women (and therefore their value) down to nothing more than their genitalia? How in the world does that prevent the sexual objectification of women?"
–Kay R. Daly, "Feminist Follies," GOPUSA, February 28, 2005

"Many conservative parents who can beautifully articulate the most intricate conservative philosophy are almost completely blind to the liberal claptrap that has infected their child-rearing practices."
–Kay R. Daly, "It's a Matter of Parenting: The Twixters," January 18, 2005

"The Left, apparently unaware of the outcome of the last two elections, will continue to attempt to dictate to the President the terms of the nomination and confirmation process. The Constitution, however, is clear on that matter which is quite inconvenient to those on the Left who have attempted to mask judicial activists as consensus nominees and any other choice as 'outside the mainstream.' It is nonsense to believe that Senators Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid, along with their pals at NARAL, NOW, the ACLU and People for the American Way have the slightest notion what 'the mainstream' of America believes."
–Kay R. Daly, "CFJ Praises the Roberts Nomination, Laments the Reaction from the Left," July 19. 2005

Updated: July 2006

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