African-American Life Alliance

The African-American Life Alliance (AALA) is a small, religious, anti-choice organization whose mission is to preach against abortion, sexual promiscuity and "illicit moral activities." Though AALA is predominately a one-person group, its founder and director Paulette Roseboro is frequently quoted in right-wing and anti-choice materials in an effort to reach out to the African American community.

The African-American Life Alliance
One Staton Drive
Upper Marlboro, MD 20774
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3722, Capitol Heights, Maryland 20791

Founder/Executive Director: Paulette Roseboro [bio]
Founded: 1991

Purpose/Mission Statement

The stated mission of the African-American Life Alliance (AALA) is "to educate the Black Community about how sexual promiscuity and illicit moral activities have invaded our communities and are eroding our families, organizations, schools, and churches." The AALA focuses primarily on abolishing abortion, and preaches abstinence; it promotes teaching creationism in schools, and advocates traditional gender roles for men and women. As described by its website, the AALA argues that "The Church must be on constant vigil for Satan lurks in his darkness like a voracious lion awaiting attack. He camouflages himself in worldly reason and logic, giving unsound rationale to sinful acts."

The AALA is a religious organization that strictly interprets the Bible and condemns the practice of abortion. The AALA equates the 1973 Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade (which legalized abortion) to the 1857 Dred Scott Case, which legalized slavery. Both Blacks and the "Unborn" were ruled to be "non-persons," whose lives were/are in the hands of the slave-owner or the mother, respectively.

The African-American Life Alliance accepts nothing less than abstinence until marriage for sexual activity; it claims that "sexual purity is achieved only through chastity and abstinence for teens and singles and marital fidelity for marriedes [sic]." AALA argues that "condoms provide virtually no protection" against sexually-transmitted diseases.


Anti-abortion articles by Paulette Roseboro have appeared on numerous right-wing sites. Roseboro also testified against human cloning before the National Bioethics Advisory Commission in 1997. Her testimony has also been posted to the anti-cloning site, Roseboro also assisted with the 1999 Newark, New Jersey to Washington, DC, "Say So March"— organized by the Life Education and Resource Network (LEARN), the largest, African-American "pro-life" ministry in the country.


The African-American Life Alliance was founded in 1991 by Washington, D.C. native Paulette Roseboro, who quit her job in the federal government to pursue anti-abortion activism full-time. Roseboro is on the staffs of several religious and right-wing political organizations, such as the Greater Washington Christian Education Association, the Maryland Constitution Party— Prince George's County Chapter and serves on the executive council of the National Clergy Council— "Dedicated to bringing classical Christian moral instruction into discourse on public policy."

Updated: April 2006

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