The Company That Rick Perry Keeps: Peter Wagner On Sex With Demons

Last week, we noted that C. Peter Wagner had signed on as an endorser of Gov. Rick Perry's "The Response" prayer rally.  In that post, we recalled how claimed that the massive earthquake and tsunami that struck Japan earlier this year was because the nation is in the grip of paganism and that said paganism is the result of the fact that Sun Goddess had “sexual intercourse with the Emperor” of Japan.

Bruce Wilson of Talk 2 Action first posted this video of Wagner explaining how this happened back in 2009, so we thought it might be a good idea to edit it down a bit and repost it here in an effort to highlight the sorts of leaders with whom Perry is associating himself:

There is a spirit called a Harlot, a principality, who dominates nations, who dominates territories, who dominates people groups very, very clearly to such an extent that she has fornication with kings. And I can give you an example of how she does this: Japan, as a nation, is one of the nation's of the world which has consciously, openly invited national demonization.

The Sun Goddess visits him in person and has sexual intercourse with the Emperor. It's a very, very powerful thing. So the Emperor becomes one flesh with the Sun Goddess and that's an invitation for the Sun Goddess to continue to demonize the whole nation.

Since the night that the present emperor slept with the Sun Goddess, the stock market in Japan has gone down. It's never come up since.

Anti-Islam Activists Demand Sheriff's Firing For Accepting CAIR Award

In 2010, Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca was honored with a "Courage In Leadership" award from the Greater Los Angeles Area office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.  Baca was unable to attend the event in person so he sent a video message praising CAIR for their efforts and thanking the group for the award.

And since every Muslim is a terrorist, it only stands to reason that anti-Islam activists like Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission are now demanding that Baca be fired immediately:

Many have United States citizens have fled to America after violence was directed at them for their Christian faith. Sheriff Baca’s praise for an organization with known ties to Islamic terrorism is outrageous and is an affront to all the victims of Islamic terror. This infiltration of law enforcement by those with sympathies for organizations that support Muslim violence is terrifying for Christians who have fled to the U.S. because of Muslim violence. Sheriff Baca must go!

On July 29th at 11:00am I will be attending the next L.A. Country Board of Supervisor's meeting, and calling on them to fire Sheriff Baca ... Join us as we work with other ministries and organizations to stop the infiltration of law enforcement by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rick Perry Partners With Pastor Who Thinks Oprah Is The Precursor To The Antichrist

Right Wing Watch has documented the close ties between Gov. Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally and the International House of Prayer (IHOP), not the least of which is that IHOP’s affiliated The Call rallies appear to serve as a model for The Response. Mike Bickle, the founder and executive director of IHOP -- who along with Lou Engle made IHOP a prominent force in the Religious Right – is also an official endorser of The Response. Like Engle, Bickle is a radical who pushes extraordinary End Times prophesies.

In an undated GOD TV video about the End Times, Bickle claims that Oprah Winfrey will be one of the principal “pastors” of the “Harlot Babylon,” which he says is the precursor to the coming of the Antichrist. Bickle predicts that progressive Christians and humanitarian activists will work with Winfrey to create a unified one-world religion based on tolerance that will ultimately be used by the Antichrist to take global power and introduce demon-worship. Bickle goes on to argue that the End Times will see marriage outlawed due to the legalization of same-sex marriage: “Marriage as an institution will be forbidden in parts of the earth, as one of the signs of the times, the gay marriage agenda, which is rooted in the depths of hell, this is not about love, this is deception.”

Bickle: The Harlot Babylon is preparing the nations to receive the Antichrist. The Harlot Babylon will be a religion of affirmation, toleration, no absolutes, a counterfeit justice movement. They will feed the poor, have humanitarian projects, inspire acts of compassion for all the wrong reasons. They won’t know it, beloved they will be sincere, many of them, but their sincerity will not in any way lessen the impact of their deception. The fact that they are sincere does not make their deception less damaging. I believe that one of the main pastors, as a forerunner to the Harlot movement, it’s not the Harlot movement yet, is Oprah. She is winsome, she is kind, she is reasonable, she is utterly deceived, utterly deceived. A classy woman, a cool woman, a charming woman, but has a spirit of deception and she is one of the clear pastors, forerunners to the Harlot movement.

Engle: Joplin Tornado Was God's Judgment For Abortion

Preaching last month at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Missouri Lou Engle declared that the massive tornado that had devestated Joplin, MO in May and killed more than one hundred people was "a sign that God's redemptive judgment" was falling upon America for the sin of abortion:

You should actually watch this whole thing because Engle goes on to relate a series of dreams about how President Obama is being called to bring an end to abortion as he praises Gov. Sam Brownback for taking steps to make it impossible to ever obtain on in Kansas:


Right Wing Round-Up

Remembrance of Bachmann Things Past: Praying To Stop Healthcare Reform

Given that Rep. Michele Bachmann is now running for president and among the Republican frontrunners, I was going through our Bachmann archives collecting past posts chronicling the absolute fringe Religious Right leaders with whom Bachmann has eagerly associated herself since getting elected to Congress.

In doing so, I noticed that we had lost our video of Bachmann and Lou Engle at the Family Research Council's 2009 "Prayercast" which was organized in order to seek God's intervention in preventing the passage of health care reform.

And so I thought it might be a good idea to get that video reposted:

Barber: "GLSEN Tacitly Advocates Child Sexual Abuse"

On today's installment of "Faith and Freedom Radio," Mat Staver and Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel/Liberty University discussed the passage of marriage equality legislation in New York, which they used as an opportunity to attack Kevin Jennings and claim that groups like GLSEN and PFLAG encourage five year-old children to have sex with one another and even support pederasty and child sexual abuse. 

Barber eventually warned that "when we shake our fist against God and rebel against him," as the legislature did in New York, it was only a matter of time before we suffered the consequences:

Repentance For Homosexuality At 8:18 Prayer Rally Exposed Eddie Long?

Last year, a variety of African America Religious Right activists like Harry Jackson and Alveda King partnered with Lou Engle and his acolytes for an event called "8:18" in Atlanta that aimed to free the black community from the "weight of the spiritual and moral bankruptcy that has manifested in the leadership of the church."

The primary focus was the issue of abortion, but event organizers Will Ford and Dehavilland Brown recently appeared on Cindy Jacobs' "God Knows" television program were they explained that they also repented for immorality in the pulpit and homosexuality at the event ... and so it was no conicidence that shortly thereafter, Bishop Eddie Long was hit with a lawsuit alleging he had coerced young men into having sex with him:  

Fischer: "I Have Never Seen A Christian Treat A Homosexual With Hatred"

Near the end of the first hour of Bryan Fischer's radio program yesterday, Fischer took a call from "Sue in Elmore City, Oklahoma" who claimed she "went in to the world of homosexuality for a while" but had been delivered from that life by faith in Christ. 

The reason Sue called in to Fischer's show was to explain how, at that time, the gay community had been very welcoming, accepting, and loving to her while the Church and the Christian community had been very hateful and judgmental.  Sue advised that if Christians really want to help gays to leave that lifestyle, they need to be more welcoming, understanding, and loving.

But Fischer just could not believe what he was hearing because he has never in his life seen a Christian be hateful toward gays:

I have never seen a Christian treat a homosexual with hatred. I mean, I've seen them talk to them, I've seen them appeal to them - I mean, I've done this myself, I've counseled with them, I've prayed with them. I've never seen a Christian treat a homosexuality [sic] with vitriol and hatred.

Now, I'm not saying it hasn't happened. I mean, I know what Fred Phelps does, but outside of him I just haven't seen it.

Is he serious?  Fischer has "never seen a Christian treat a homosexual with hatred"? Maybe he ought to watch the first two minutes of this video:

Hartzler: Gays "Shouldn't Feel Bad" That She Passed Constitutional Amendment Banning Marriage Equality

After we attended and posted video of a speech by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) to a group of young conservatives, in which she compared marriage equality to pedophilia, incest, and allowing three year old children drive cars, Hartzler faced criticism and tried to explain that her comments were “misconstrued.” Then, on Wednesday, a young Missouri activist confronted Hartzler at a public forum, asking her about her anti-gay comments and leadership role in the campaign to pass a state constitutional amendment banning marriage equality. Hartzler repeated her line that her Eagle Forum Collegians speech was misconstrued and said that the activist, who is openly gay, “shouldn’t feel bad” about the constitutional amendment because gays were already banned from marrying by statute. Now, the discriminatory ban is just enshrined in the Missouri Constitution.

Watch Hartzler’s original comments:

H/T Danny Ferguson, Liberaland

The Timely Resurrection Of Citizens Against Religious Bigotry

It was over a year ago when several of Religious Right organizations united to form something called Citizens Against Religious Bigotry for the sole purpose of trying to keep a proposed show about Jesus Christ off of Comedy Central by demanding that potential advertisers pre-emptively promise never to support the show or else be labeled as sponsors of religious bigotry.

The program was seemingly killed off shortly thereafter and Citizens Against Religious Bigotry went dark and lay dormant ... until today, when it suddenly returned with a video and petition demanding the firing of those responsible for leaving "under God" out of the Pledge of Allegiance during NBC's coverage of the US Open golf tournament:

As an citizen and a patriot, I recognize the importance of our Pledge of Allegiance. Generations of American schoolchildren learn and recite the Pledge as an important exercise in passing our national values from one generation to the next. By altering the Pledge of Allegiance in the opening montage of the Sunday round of the 2011 US Open, NBC attacked people of faith and our national heritage. As an American, I demand that NBC take immediate action by terminating the employees who used a Sunday sports broadcast to insult people of faith.

Rick Perry: Join Me To "Pray and Fast Like Jesus Did"

Governor Rick Perry has now filmed a video urging people to join him for the prayer rally he is organizing with the American Family Association and various Religious Right activists in Houston in August, saying prayer is needed now more than ever to fix this nation's spiritual problems:

This is Governor Rick Perry and I'm inviting you to join your fellow Americans for a day of prayer and fasting on behalf of our nation. As an elected leader, I am all too aware of government's limitations when it comes to fixing things that are spiritual in nature. That's where prayer comes in, and we need it more than ever. With the economy in trouble, communities in crisis and people adrift in a sea of moral relativism, we need God's help. That's why I'm calling on Americans to pray and fast like Jesus did and as God called the Israelite to do in the Book of Joel. I sincerely hope you will join me in Houston on August the sixth and take your place in Reliant Stadium with praying people asking God's forgiveness, his wisdom and provision for our state and nation. To learn more, visit then makes plans to be part of something even bigger than Texas.

You know, if Perry really wanted people to "pray and fast like Jesus did," he probably wouldn't be urging them to join with him in this massive public display:

5 “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you ... 16 “When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. 17 But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, 18 so that it will not be obvious to others that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Rep. Akin Is Sorry...That You Misunderstood Him

Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO) continues to face criticism for comments he made, first reported here at Right Wing Watch, that “at the heart of liberalism really is a hatred for God.” After defending his comments during a radio interview, in a new statement he tries to walk them back. Akin says in a new statement that it’s not that liberals hate God, just that liberal beliefs hate God. Get it?

People, who know me and my family, know that we take our faith and beliefs very seriously. As Christians, we would never question the sincerity of anyone’s personal relationship with God. My statement during my radio interview was directed at the political movement, Liberalism, not at any specific individual. If my statement gave a different impression, I offer my apologies.

My point was to object to the systematic assault that attempts to remove any reference to God from the public square.

NBC’s recent action only highlighted the continuing battle for those of us who believe that removing references to God go contrary to the Judeo-Christian heritage our nation was founded on -- the belief that our inalienable rights come from God himself, and the freedom to live our lives and worship as we see fit.

According to a report from NBC-affiliate KSDK, a group of clergymen will try to meet with the Congressman:

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also reports that his apology has done little to end the outcry:

But the apology fell flat with a group of St. Louis-area clergy members, most of whom are liberal. They plan to gather at the Akin's Ballwin district office at 11 a.m. today to deliver a letter calling on him to "reconsider not only your words, but also your moral priorities as a political leader."

"Congressman Akin continues to insist that liberalism is anti-religion. As a pastor and a constituent of Congressman Akin's, I find this deeply offensive," said the Rev. Kevin Cameron of Parkway United Church of Christ in west St. Louis County.

The Rev. Krista Taves of Emerson Unitarian Universalist Chapel in Ellisville said Akin's comment 'shows how very little he knows about liberals, and how very little he knows about God."

Right Wing Round-Up

Dr. Barton Recommends Getting Your Healthcare Advice Straight From The Bible

Last week, I stumbled upon a video on YouTube of a presentation David Barton made at a Citizens for Community Values banquet earlier this year and decided to watch it.  But by now, I have seen Barton's standard presentation so many times that I could almost recite it by heart and this one was no different from any of the dozens of other such presentations I have watched him deliver ... with one exception.

In this presentation, Barton made an aside to recommend a book called "None Of These Diseases" by S.I. McMillen, calling it "one of the best healthcare books you'll ever read."  So I decided to order a copy - not one of the updated and whitewashed versions being sold today, but the original 1963 version that read just as McMillen intended it - and, once I received it, it became obvious as why Barton would recommend it since it is basically a medical version of the sort of political propaganda that Barton peddles professionally. 

Most of the book is dedicated to explaining how all medical advances were first foretold in the Bible and declaring that people would be so much happier and healthier if they just followed the health advice set forth in Scripture ... and how it would protect them from schizophrenia:

The individual who has Christ in his heart and the Bible in his hand has splendid fortifications against man's greatest mental disturbance - schizophrenia. Why do I make that statement? It is medically recognized that schizophrenia is the result of anxiety stemming from an inability to meet the adjustments of adulthood. In highly predisposed individuals even a little anxiety can tip the scales. Furthermore, it is felt that any individual, if subjected to sufficient stress, could experience the schizophrenic reaction.

Naturally, anything that lessens anxiety is important in the prevention of schizophrenia. In reduction of anxiety, nothing is more important than spiritual conversion and Christian living. Anyone who ever truly repented his sins and asked God to forgive him can never forget the miraculous way in which his mind was immediately freed of "the guilt complex."

Elsewhere, McMillen states that promiscuity is the cause of arthritis and insanity and that it is not necessary for women to experience orgasm:

Many a young girl has dampened my desk with her tears. The shame, the disgrace, and the ostracism brand her, and the pain often lasts through many years. A great variety of resulting neurotic manifestations can produce any of the many psychosomatic diseases. The community does not know, but the physician knows, that breaking through God's fences around sex is the basic cause of Kathy's toxic goiter, or Helen's arthritis, or Suzanne's commitment to the insane asylum.


Some authorities state that less than half of married women have ever experienced sexual orgasm. However, the emotions they derive from the sexual act are beautiful and completely gratifying without the need for any physical climax. Their emotions are diffused throughout their bodies. To them the glowing embers of hardwood are just as satisfying as the quick bright flash of a little gunpowder.

Finally, McMillen recommended to a woman whose husband had punched her in the face that the key to a happy marriage was her submission:

Then, as Yvonne held an ice bag over her left eye and looked at me with the other, I gave her a little marriage counseling, somewhat belated to be sure. I ended my lecture with words something like these: "Yvonne, in every marriage, situations are bound to arise in which one of the partners must give in, out of consideration and love for the other partner. Don't feel sorry for yourself if you discover that you are the one who has to give in most of the time. I have strange but good news for you: when you give in to Mike, you are losing your life in the one and only way to find life and worthwhile happiness. The secret to happiness in married life depends on each partner making small sacrifices, readily and cheerfully."

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Rep. Michele Bachmann announced (again) her intention to run for president.
  • And she is off to a great start.
  • The Family Research Council says that passage of marriage equality in New York was the result of "enormous political coercion [that] resulted in a profound failure of moral courage in the New York Senate."
  • The National Organization for Marriage is pledging $2 million to defeat the NY Republicans who voted for the marriage equality bill.
  • Bryan Fischer continues his hate crime crusade.
  • Finally, part two of Randall Terry's interview with Rick Santorum was disappointingly dull.

LaBarbera: Chicago Cubs Promote "Destructive Behavior" For Making It Gets Better Video

When the Chicago Cubs made an It Gets Better video to send an anti-bullying, anti-suicide message, Peter LaBarbera of the Illinois-based Americans for Truth About Homosexuality was unsurprisingly outraged. Already numerous Religious Right groups such as the American Family Association, Concerned Women for America, the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission and Mission America have condemned the It Gets Better project, which works to prevent suicide particularly among LGBT youth, and now LaBarbera wants to tell LGBT youth: “it doesn’t get better.” The anti-gay activist tells WorldNetDaily that baseball teams like the Cubs “are using that stature to encourage kids to practice an immoral and destructive behavior”:

Peter LaBarbera, president of the ministry Americans for Truth, told WND the slogan may sound nice, but it "doesn't match the reality." "It doesn't get better. … There are not just the physical complications. We can't ignore the biblical reality that we're dealing with eternal judgment," he said.

"Whether they like it or not, professional athletes are role models for young men and now many yong women. They basically are using that stature to encourage kids to practice an immoral and destructive behavior."

He said the other complications are that baseball, previously associated with wholesomeness and competition, now is "rushing headlong into the embrace of immorality."

"Think of all these kids, with their sports heroes telling them it's okay to be gay, with no connection to the reality. They're all caught up in pretend propaganda that has no relationship to the lifestyle," said LaBarbera, whose ministry is in the Chicago area.

LaBarbara said he's already heard complaints about the campaign from traditional families, who plan to no longer patronize the Cubs.

Ahn: America Needs To Confront Gay Marriage Like We Confronted Slavery

One of the most prominent endorsers of Rick Perry’s The Response prayer rally said in a recent interview that the United States needs to confront and stop legalizing same-sex marriage in the same way the country confronted slavery. Che Ahn is a self-proclaimed apostle and, along with his mentee Lou Engle, co-founder of The Call, a militantly anti-choice and anti-gay prayer rally. Many of the organizers of Gov. Perry’s rally are heavily involved in The Call and its affiliated IHOP ministry.

In an interview with a British ministry, Ahn discussed his commitment to Seven Mountains Dominionism and the need for Christian Apostles to get to the top of the “government mountain” because “once we do get to the head we can make decrees and declarations and shift and influence that whole mountain.”

In another segment of the interview, Ahn likened the abolitionists’ fight against slavery to passing Proposition 8 in California and ultimately banning same-sex marriage nationwide:

Randall Terry Interviews Rick Santorum

I don't know about you, but if I was hoping to be taken seriously as a Republican presidential candidate and Randall Terry approached me at a conference for an interview, I would run away as fast as I could.

But, then again, I am not Rick Santorum:

Turns out that both Terry and Santorum attended a homeschool convention in Iowa and Terry managed to land an interview with the GOP presidential hopeful.  Terry is breaking the interview up into three parts which he is showing on his television program. 

Part one aired last night (starting around the 11:00 mark) and it was relatively uneventful, though Terry did try to get Santorum to promise to eliminate the Department of Education:

Hopefully parts two and three will be a little more interesting.

Eagle Forum Leader Tells Tea Partiers to "Buy More Guns!"

85-year-old Kitty Werthmann, president of South Dakota Eagle Forum, spoke at a New Jersey Tea Party rally this week. Werthmann grew up in Austria under Hitler’s regime, and felt the need to warn Americans about the horrors of socialism and the imminent doom we face under the leadership of Barack Obama. She explained the origin of the word “Nazi” (short for the German name of the National Socialist Workers Party) and punctuated each of her anecdotes with “That’s socialism!”

Werthmann said that Adolf Hitler spoke just like an American politician, and spoke ill of welfare, the nationalized health care system, and the employment of women, all leading up to a strange and sudden turn to militancy. In this video of her speech, at 28:15 she says:

When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny, but when the government fears the people, that’s you, the Tea Party. That’s liberty. Keep your guns. Keep your guns, and buy more guns!

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