Right Wing Round-Up - 8/3/15

  • PFAW: The Activists And Ideology Behind The Latest Attacks On Planned Parenthood. 

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/30/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/29/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/28/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/27/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/24/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/23/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/22/15

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Right Wing Round-Up - 7/14/15

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Right Wing Round-Up - 7/8/15

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Right Wing Round-Up - 7/6/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/2/15

  • Media Matters: O'Reilly: Religious Americans "Are In Danger" If Hillary Clinton Becomes President.
  • Warren Throckmorton: Glenn Beck Defends His Appearance at Ed Young’s Fellowship Church; Are America’s Founders Mormon?
  • Sean Mandell @ Towleroad: Bobby Jindal Caves On Gay Marriage After District Court Rules For Equality.
  • Ilan Ben-Meir @ BuzzFeed: GOP Congressman: America “In Trouble” Because Same-Sex Marriage Defames God’s Words.
  • Jonathan Merritt: After gay marriage, expect conservative amnesia.

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/1/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 6/30/15

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Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 12/02/2015, 5:33pm
Tim Murphy @ Mother Jones: How This Company—and Mike Huckabee—Cashed In by Scaring Conservatives. Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: Fox News Host Floats New Muslim Smear, Then Loses It On Twitter. Travis Gettys @ Raw Story: Colorado Springs Republican accuses Planned Parenthood of ‘genocide’ in prayer after shooting. John Wright @ Towleroad: Pro-HERO Ads Call Out Houston Bigots As ‘Creepy, Disgusting, Hypocritical Liars’. Media Matters: Fox's Todd Starnes: Paris Attacks Are The French "Reaping ... What They Have Sown"... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 12/01/2015, 5:33pm
The Rachel Maddow Show: Cruz in questionable company, offers bizarre response to shooting. Dan @ TFN Insider: If Gov. Abbott Really Supports Religious Freedom, Why Is He Bullying Faith-based Organizations? Rachel Percelay @ Media Matters: This Hate Group Leader Has Hosted Most Of The Republican Presidential Candidates. Alan Colmes: Planned Parenthood attack an act of 'Christian terrorism'? Nathan McDermott @ BuzzFeed: Ben Carson’s Story About Ben Franklin Is Contradicted By Ben Franklin. Joe Jervis: Harlem Hate Pastor James David... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 11/30/2015, 5:32pm
Peter Montgomery @ Religion Dispatches: Pope Mum on LGBTs in Uganda; Church Defends Anti-Marriage-Equality Efforts in Australia; Cyprus Passes Civil Partnerships; Global LGBT Recap. Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Teen Famous for Conservative Viral Videos Breaks Away from the GOP. Evan Gahr @ The Daily Caller: Ben Carson Snubs Terri Schiavo’s Brother. Kevin Drum: Kevin's Three Laws of Political Speech. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Senator Orrin Hatch: The Wall of Separation Between Church and State Must Come Down. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/24/2015, 5:32pm
Michael Keegan @ Huffington Post: In Time of Crisis, Too Many Politicians Feed Fear and Scapegoating. Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Trump Stands by His Claim About 9/11 Cheering, Brags He Has ‘World’s Greatest Memory.’ Imani Gandy @ RH Reality Check: Legal Troubles Continue for Group Attacking Planned Parenthood. Kevin Drum: An Incomplete Catalog of Donald Trump's Never-Ending Fabrications. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Ben Carson tells anti-choice group: Abortion is like slavery, not ‘an issue of women’s rights’. Warren... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 11/23/2015, 5:36pm
German Lopez @ Vox: Meet the little-known religious group that turned Kim Davis into a right-wing superstar. David Mack @ BuzzFeed: Jewish Group Denounces Trump For False Claims About U.S. Arabs Cheering 9/11. Joe Jervis: Breitbart: Hunger Games Sequel Tanked Because Of Jennifer Lawrence’s “Anti-Christian Bigotry”. J.D. Durkin @ Mediaite: NY Daily News Front Page Takes Aim at NRA’s ‘Jihadi Wayne’ LaPierre. Sara Jerde @ TPM: Carson Inaccurately Credits Thomas Jefferson With Writing Constitution. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/20/2015, 5:32pm
Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Trump crosses new line, endorses database for Muslim Americans. Kay Steiger @ Think Progress: Rubio Trumps Trump: Shut Down Any Place Muslims Gather To Be ‘Inspired’ — Not Just Mosques. Andrew Desiderio @ Mediaite: Carson: Database Should Include All Americans and Immigrants, Not Just Muslims. Eric Boehlert @ Media Matters: Ebola, Syrian Refugees, And Fox News' Annual Hysteria Over Dark, Invading Forces. Bethania Palma Markus @ Raw Story: Mike Huckabee says Obama will make us memorize the Koran after Mali terrorist... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 11/19/2015, 5:32pm
Igor Bobic @ The Huffington Post: Ben Carson Compares Some Refugees To Rabid Dogs. Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: Roanoke Mayor Off Clinton Campaign’s Leadership Team After Refugee Remarks. Travis Gettys @ Raw Story: Facebook outraged after prominent GOPer posts picture of Paris corpses to blame ‘diversity’ for terrorism. Charles Johnson @ LGF: Ben Carson Calls for Prohibiting Religious Hate Speech, Irony Meter Goes Wild. Tierney Sneed @ TPM: How The Paris Attacks Turned Anti-Refugee Sentiment Into Full-Blown Hysteria. MORE