Right Wing Round-Up - 5/27/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 5/23/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 5/22/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 5/21/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 5/20/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 5/19/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 5/16/14

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Right Wing Round-Up - 5/2/14

  • Scott Kaufman @ Raw Story: Alabama’s chief justice: Buddha didn’t create us so First Amendment only protects Christians. 

Right Wing Round-Up - 5/1/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/29/14

  • Catherine Thompson @ TPM: Santorum: Obama's 'Minions' Privately Told Me They Thought I Could Beat Him.
  • Igor Volsky @ Think Progress: Rick Santorum Rebrands Himself As Working Class Populist, Promptly Announces Opposition To Minimum Wage Hike.
  • David Weigel: FreedomWorks President Denies All Those Stories About His Organization Collapsing.
  • Jeremy Hooper: Janet Porter pits gay people against the heterosexuals who keep creating us.
  • Eric W. Dolan @ Raw Story: Tea Party candidate Greg Brannon insists ‘in Obamacare there are death panels.’
  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Radio Host, Discussing Donald Sterling’s Comments, Argues “All Racists Must Be Atheists.”

Right Wing Round-Up - 4/28/14

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Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 09/18/2014, 4:33pm
Carlos Maza @ Equality Matters: Listen To A Fox News Hero Lash Out At Gay People On A Conference Call. Molly Ball @ The Atlantic: The Making of a Conservative Superstar. Joe Jervis: Liberty Counsel: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Must Recuse Herself From Marriage Cases. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Pat Robertson loses it after Air Force nixes ‘God’ oath for atheists: ‘How can they fly?’ Ahiza Garcia @ TPM: 'With Jews We Lose' Candidate Speaks At University's 'Constitution Day.' MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 09/17/2014, 4:34pm
Zack Ford  @ Think Progress: Sean Hannity: Parents Should Be Allowed To Teach Kids ‘Being Gay Is Not Normal.’ Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Air Force Officials Finally Come to Their Senses and Allow Atheists to Omit “So Help Me God” from Oath. Scott Kaufman @ Raw Story: Oklahoma state Sen. Bennett: American Muslims are a ‘cancer in our nation that needs cutting out.’ Jim Redmond @ Towleroad: Republican Jacob Dorsey Drops Out Of Race For Wisconsin Assembly Following More Homophobic, Racist Comments. Eric Hananoki @ Media Matters:... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 09/16/2014, 4:36pm
Sam Tanenhaus @ The New Republic: Dinesh D'Souza Is Planning His Prison Memoir. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: ISIS targets evolution in Iraqi schools. David Edwards @ Raw Story: New York pastor’s wild ‘rectum’ rant: NASA Voyager probe proved ‘homos’ are perverts. Chris Mooney @ Mother Jones: Bobby Jindal: "I'm Not an Evolutionary Biologist." Ian Millhiser @ Think Progress: Judge: Hobby Lobby Decision Means Polygamous Sect Member Can Refuse To Testify In Child Labor Case. Olivia Kittel @ Media Matters: On Fox, Latest... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 09/15/2014, 4:33pm
PFAW: Senate Needs to Confirm Pending Judicial Nominees. Alan Colmes: Arizona GOP Vice-Chair Resigns Over Remarks On Sterilizing Poor Women. Jeremy Hooper: Brian Brown warns America: We probably won't survive gay people's marriages. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Lindsey Graham: We may ‘all get killed’ by ISIS. Caitlin MacNeal @ TPM: Palin's Camp Weighs In: We Brawled, But Someone Else Started It! Tina Nguyen @ Mediaite: TV Commentator Demands Jews Return Gold Stolen During Biblical Exodus. Zack Ford @ Think Progress: Kazakh Political... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 09/12/2014, 4:35pm
Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: GOP Congressman: Spy On U.S. Mosques To Stop ISIS Recruitment. Peter Montgomery @ Religion Dispatches: International ‘Pro-Family’ Summit Calls for New Anti-Gay Laws: Global LGBT Recap. Jeremy Hooper: Bill Donohue on early '90s gay 'animals' and their 'Nazi-like invasions.' Warren Throckmorton: Ken Ham Headlines Institute on the Constitution Conference. Arturo Garcia @ Raw Story: Ben Carson tells Bill O’Reilly: ‘I’m not sure’ that domestic violence is widespread. Tina Nguyen @ Mediaite:... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 09/11/2014, 4:33pm
Catherine Thompson @ TPM: Ted Cruz Blames Anti-Semitism After Arab Christians Boo Him Off Stage. Media Matters: Hannity Guest A.J. Delgado: "Ray Rice Is The Bigger Victim Of Domestic Violence." David Ferguson @ Raw Story: Colorado GOP candidate comes out as Sandy Hook truther during debate. Joe Jervis: Bill Donoue: I've Been Betrayed And Will Boycott The St. Patrick's Day Parade. Tina Nguyen @ Mediaite: Tim Tebow Joins Good Morning America for Non-Football Gig. Josh Israel @ Think Progress: John McCain Votes To Preserve A Supreme Court Case He Called... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 09/10/2014, 4:52pm
Jeremy Hooper: Phil Robertson tells Tony Perkins that sexually transmitted diseases are God's punishment. Alexandrea Boguhn @ Media Matters: NRO Questions Wendy Davis' "Convenient" Account Of Her Abortions. Caitlin MacNeal @ TPM: Lawmaker Cites Hobby Lobby In Case To Ban Birth Control For Daughters. Evan Hurst @ Truth Wins Out: Russian ‘Pro-Family’ Conference Exposing Internal Dissension Among American Religious Right Leaders? Josh Israel @ Think Progress: ‘Anonymous Tip’: Homeschooling’s Obsession With ‘False’... MORE