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  • Hatewatch: Could Austin Ruse’s Violent Rhetoric Endanger C-FAM’s Status with the UN?
  • Dylan Scott @ TPM: Jindal's Totally Bogus Obamacare Attack At Center Of Billboard Feud.
  • Brian Powell @ Media Matters: The Bizarre Writings Of A Conservative Radio Host Embraced By Sen. McConnnell To Help With Fundraising.
  • Andy Towle @ Towleroad: Anti-Gay Groups Fail: All Three Illinois Republicans Who Voted for Marriage Equality Win Primaries.
  • Jeremy Hooper: FRC launches 'National Campaign in Defense of Marriage;' claims gay parents 'provide distorted values to innocent adopted kids.'
  • David Edwards @ Raw Story: Fox News host Bill Hemmer explains missing plane: ‘It took 2,000 years to find Noah’s Ark.’

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Miranda Blue, Thursday 07/31/2014, 5:38pm
Progress Texas: Texas Republican Uses Slur in Committee Hearing. Todd Heywood @ PrideSource: Gary Glenn Causes More Controversy In 98th House Race Primary. Gideon Resnick @ The Daily Beast: ReaganBook Is the Latest Conservative #Fail. Jeremy Hooper @GoodAsYou: Ruth Institute (former NOM affiliate): Same-sex marriage is as much of a wedge as interracial marriage bans. Libby Watson @ Media Matters: The Right-Wing Pushes Back: No, We Really Do Want Impeachment. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 07/30/2014, 5:36pm
Luke Brinker @ Media Matters: How A Hate Group Lost Influence On (Most Of) Cable News. Jeremy Hooper: Iowa's governor sponsoring anti-gay Family Leader summit? Evan McMurry @ Mediaite: Steve King: Immigrant Families ‘Give Daughters Birth Control, Send Them Down Rape Path’ to U.S. Igor Volsky @ Think Progress: House Republican Insists He’s Not Considering Impeaching Obama, Then Admits He Is, All In Less Than 60 Seconds. Andy Kroll @ Mother Jones: Leaked Docs: How a Secret FreedomWorks Donor Sought a Return on Its "Investments." Daniel... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 07/29/2014, 5:35pm
Jeremy Hooper @ GLAAD: Former anti-gay activist: "I've never met an 'ex-gay' man I thought was not still attracted to men." Alan Colmes: Pastor Robert Jeffress: Gay Marriages Are ‘Counterfeit.’ Andrew Kirell @ Mediaite: Rep. Steve King: Obama Possibly a ‘Narcissist’ Who Wants to Get ‘Martyred’ by Impeachment. TFN Insider: Houston Anti-Gay Leader Issues Chilling Call in Effort to Repeal Anti-Discrimination Ordinance. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Mark Driscoll Admitted to Trolling His Own Church’s Online... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 07/28/2014, 5:34pm
Zack Ford @ Think Progress: Fourth Circuit Rules Against Virginia’s Ban On Same-Sex Marriage. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Noah’s Ark Theme Park Could Receive More Than $18,000,000 in Tax Breaks from Kentucky Tourism Board. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Harlem pastor: God curses ‘homo’ supporters with ‘cancer HIV syphilis’ — then hell. Richard Bartholomew: Jim Bakker Off to the Holy Land with Joseph Farah and Jonathan Cahn. Luke Brinker @ Media Matters: When A Hate Group Creates Its Own Conservative "News"... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 07/25/2014, 5:33pm
Caitlin MacNeal @ TPM: Michigan Mayor Compares Atheists To Nazis, KKK. Bill Morlin @ Hatewatch: Racist Rocker Ted Nugent Dumped Yet Again by an American Indian Casino. David Weigel @ Slate: An Instant-Classic “War on Women” Whiff. Guillermo Cantor @ Immigration Impact: Restrictionists Spread Unfounded Rumors About Migrant Children and Disease. Mark Stricherz @ The Atlantic: What Happened to Dinesh D'Souza? MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 07/24/2014, 5:32pm
Elliot Mincberg @ Huffington Post: What Hobby Lobby Shows Us About the Supreme Court and Civil Rights Laws: Winners and Losers in the Roberts Court. ADL: Small Protests Around the U.S. Ratchet Up Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric. David Weigel @ Slate: A Congressman Signs Up for the Dinesh D’Souza Tantrum Tour. Lee Fang @ Vice: Georgia Pastor Turned Congressional Candidate Rises with America’s Militant Right. Nat Stein @ The Colorado Independent: Pulse of religion still beats in conservative politics. Terrence McCoy @ Washington Post: Glenn Beck’s audacious... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 07/23/2014, 5:35pm
Tim Murphy @ Mother Jones: Glenn Beck Tells Common Core Activists They Shouldn't Mention His Name. Luke Brinker @ Equality Matters: National Review Online Editor Endorses “Ex-Gay” Therapy. Tom Kludt @ TPM: National Review Writer Blasts Dem Support Of Jim Crow, Ignores Magazine's Own Support. Jeremy Hooper: Oregon baker who refused same-sex wedding cake bakes for 'ex-gay' org. Bruce Wilson @ Truth Wins Out: American Evangelical Anti-LGBT Push in Ukraine Tied To National Prayer Breakfast Affiliate ‘The Gathering’. MORE