Right Wing Round-Up - 8/19/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/18/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/15/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/14/14

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Right Wing Round-Up - 8/11/14

  • Jeremy Hooper: GOP governors gaily canoodle brothers who equate homosexuality with satan; no homo.
  • Scott Kaufman @ Raw Story: Reality TV star Josh Duggar warns conservative Christians of Obama’s gay-friendly agenda.
  • Dorsey Shaw @ BuzzFeed: Sarah Palin’s Weirdest Argument Ever.
  • Alan Colmes: ‘War On Whites’ Congressman Says Republicans ‘Don’t Categorize People By Race.’
  • Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: James O’Keefe Snuck Across the U.S.-Mexico Border Wearing an Osama bin Laden Mask.

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/8/14

  • Marge Baker @ PFAW: GOP Obstruction of Executive Branch Nominees Means Longer Waits, Bigger Backup.
  • Simon Maloy @ Salon: Rand Paul is the new flip-flop king: How he’s purging his scary positions — and lying about it. 
  • Tom Boggioni @ Raw Story: Minnesota GOP’s Supreme Court nominee can’t stop running into trouble with traffic cops.

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/7/14

  • Good As You: Sen. Rand Paul met with NOM affiliate group.

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/6/14

  • Justin Levitt @ Wonkblog: A comprehensive investigation of voter impersonation finds 31 credible incidents out of one billion ballots cast.
  • Caitlin MacNeal @ TPM: South Carolina Teacher Used Limbaugh's Book To Teach Third Graders About Slavery.
  • David Dayen @ Salon: The right’s “plagiarism” scam: How low it will stoop to protect Reagan’s legacy.

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/5/14

  • Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: Mo Brooks Says DREAMers Shouldn’t Be Allowed In Military Because They’re Not Loyal And Will Have Access To Nukes. 
  • David Neiwert @ Hatewatch: Arpaio Considered ‘Citizens Grand Jury’ for Obama Birth Certificate Probe, But ‘It’s a Little Tough.’

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/4/14

  • Simon Maloy @ Salon: Wing-nuts run the GOP now: Tea Party haters got everything they wanted on immigration. 
  • Warren Throckmorton: Mark Driscoll Issues Apology for Pussified Nation Comments; Is This Just the Beginning?

Right Wing Round-Up - 8/1/14

  • Media Matters: Mark Levin: Jewish Obama Donors Are “Self-Haters” Who “Despise Their Own Country.”
  • Warren Throckmorton: Former Colleague Provides Evidence Mark Driscoll Plagiarized Material in Two Books.

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/31/14

  • Jeremy Hooper @GoodAsYou: Ruth Institute (former NOM affiliate): Same-sex marriage is as much of a wedge as interracial marriage bans.

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/30/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/29/14

  • Jeremy Hooper @ GLAAD: Former anti-gay activist: "I've never met an 'ex-gay' man I thought was not still attracted to men."
  • Alan Colmes: Pastor Robert Jeffress: Gay Marriages Are ‘Counterfeit.’
  • Andrew Kirell @ Mediaite: Rep. Steve King: Obama Possibly a ‘Narcissist’ Who Wants to Get ‘Martyred’ by Impeachment.
  • TFN Insider: Houston Anti-Gay Leader Issues Chilling Call in Effort to Repeal Anti-Discrimination Ordinance.
  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Mark Driscoll Admitted to Trolling His Own Church’s Online Forums 14 Years Ago & the Thread is Still Online. Whoops!

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/28/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/25/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/24/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 7/23/14

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Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 12/16/2014, 5:33pm
PFAW: The Equine Posterior Achievement Award. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Fox host: ‘Without question, Elizabeth Warren is the devil’ and Wall Street will defeat her. Mark Joseph Stern @ Slate: Latest “Religious Liberty” Fraud: Gay Rights in the Military as a “Threat” to Christianity. Stephen Sherrill @ GQ: America's 20 Craziest Politicians. Jenée Desmond-Harris @ Vox: Jon Stewart reacts to Cheney’s unbelievable torture interview: “George W. Bush, thank you for not dying.” MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 12/15/2014, 5:33pm
Jeremy Hooper: FRC prays to take LGBT Americans out of nondiscrimination law. Sarah Posner @ Religion Dispatches: International Religious Freedom Battles Heat Up. Joe Jervis: HomoQuotable - Robert Oscar Lopez. John Wright @ Towleroad: Russia Ignoring Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes, Which Have Spiked In the Wake Of Gay 'Propaganda' Ban. Caitlin MacNeal @ TPM: Ohio Requires Religious Partner For School Mentoring Program Funds. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 12/12/2014, 5:33pm
Eric Hananoki @ Media Matters: New Think Tank CEO Allen West Plagiarized Viral Internet Story. Scott Kaufman @ Raw Story: Anti-gay Arizona pastor tricks Holocaust survivor into appearing in his anti-Semitic film. Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: Michele Bachmann Told Obama to Bomb Iran at WH Christmas Party. Sarah Jones @ Wall of Separation: Ridiculous Resolution: Congressman Proposes ‘War On Christmas’ Counter-Measure. Kathryn Joyce @ The American Prospect: Report: Bob Jones University Responded to Rape Claims with Woeful Ignorance of the Law, Often Blaming Victims. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 12/11/2014, 5:33pm
Maureen McCarty @ HRC: Does TLC Know What Its Celebrities are Up to? Catherine Thompson @ TPM: Cheney Throws Bush Under The Bus On Torture Program. Scott Kaufman @ Raw Story: ‘Ex-gay’ group puts up Virginia billboard claiming twin studies ‘prove’ that ‘nobody is born gay.’ Anthony Costello @ Towleroad: Five North Carolina Church Members Indicted In Kidnapping, Assault Of Gay Church Goer. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Rick Perry: ‘Running for the presidency’s not an IQ test.’ MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 12/10/2014, 5:35pm
Center For American Progress: We the People: Why Congress and U.S. States Must Pass Comprehensive LGBT Nondiscrimination Protections. Betsy Woodruff @ Slate: The Most-Read Conservative Media You’ve Never Heard Of. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Former Rep. Joe Walsh applauds torture: Rectal feeding is ‘job description’ of an ‘American hero.’ Carlos Maza @ Equality Matters: School Athletic Officials Debunk Horror Stories About Transgender Student Athletes. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Republicans love local control, except when they don’t... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 12/09/2014, 5:33pm
David Edwards @ Raw Story: Fox melts down after torture report: ‘The United States of America is awesome, we are awesome!’ Evan McMurry @ Mediaite: Conservatives Think Dems Are Releasing Torture Report to Distract from Gruber Testimony. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: New Creationist Billboard Campaign Aimed at "Our Intolerant Liberal Friends." Heather Digby Parton @ Salon: James O’Keefe’s “victim” farce: A con artist’s vile new attempt to raise cash. Jeremy Hooper: Another former 'ex-gay' activist repents. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 12/08/2014, 5:32pm
Jeremy Hooper: Baptist pastor doubles down: Anyone who is not heterosexual should die. Peter Stone @ Mother Jones: How Newt Gingrich’s Language Guru Helped Rebrand the Kochs' Message. John Wright @ Towleroad: Out Austin City Council Candidate Targeted By Anti-gay Opponent Who Linked Homosexuality To Pedophilia. Rachel Ford @ Friendly Atheist: Christian Convert with Anti-Muslim History Runs Down Muslim Teen Outside Mosque. J. Lester Feder & Susie Armitage @ BuzzFeed: Emails Show “Pro-Family” Activists Feeding Contacts To Russian Nationalists. MORE