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Right Wing Round-Up - 12/17/14

  • PFAW: Edit Memo: 2014 – A Year of Striking Success on Judicial Nominations.
  • Scott Kaufman @ Raw Story: GOP lawmaker: Women need man’s permission for abortion unless they can prove ‘legitimate rape.’
  • Rachel Ford @ Friendly Atheist: Torture is Okay, Because God Sanctioned Brutality in the Bible, Says Bryan Fischer.
  • Daniel Strauss @ TPM: Lawsuit: GOP Rep. Who Registered Had 'Wet Dreams' About Staffer.

  • Timothy Johnson @ Media Matters: NRA News Guest: Newtown Families Were "Extremely Irresponsible" To Sue NRA Corporate Donor That Made The Gun Used To Kill Their Family Members.

  • Charlie Joughin @ HRC Blog: Hypocrisy in Tallahassee: Twice-Divorced Pam Bondi Fights to Keep Same-Sex Couples from Marrying.

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Right Wing Round-Up - 12/5/14

  • Laura Kipnis @ TPM: A Deformed Woman: Hillary Clinton and the Men Who Hate Her.
  • Alan Colmes: ‘Patriots’ Turn On ‘Libtard’-Hating Ex-Police Chief: You’re A Pu**y And A Snitch.
  • Media Matters: Sean Hannity Finds A Way To Make Eric Garner's Death About Benghazi.
  • Chris Geidner @ BuzzFeed: Key Republican Congressmen Call On Labor Department To Withdraw New LGBT Protections.
  • Jim Redmond @ Towleroad: 'Kill All Gays' Pastor Doubles Down on Hate, Claims Gay People Are 'Basically Rapists.'
  • Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas Is Now Officially the Worst Movie in IMDb’s History.

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/4/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/3/14

  • Alan Colmes: Former Police Chief Says He Created ‘Libtard’ Videos For Feds To Attract Patriot Group Extremists.
  • Media Matters: Fox Hosts Agree: Requiring "A Test Before You Vote" Would Be "Great."
  • Stephanie Mencimer @ Mother Jones: Tea Partiers Ignore Michele Bachmann's Call for Rally Against "Amnesty."
  • Simon Maloy @ Salon: Rand Paul is a conspiracy theorist: Time for the world to call him what he is.
  • David Ferguson @ Raw Story: Arizona pastor predicts ‘AIDS-free Christmas’ if all gays are killed, as God commands.

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Kyle Mantyla, Friday 04/24/2015, 5:18pm
Laura Clawson @ Daily Kos: Tennessee Republican: Rape is often 'not verifiable,' so no exemption on anti-abortion bill. Josh Israel @ ThinkProgress: Anti-LGBT Groups Hope To Make Virginia ‘Ground Zero’ In Fight Against School Transgender Protections. John Wright @Towleroad: HRC Rejects San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor’s ‘Non-Apology’ After She Called LGBT Protections ‘Waste Of Time.’ Meagan Hatcher-Mays @ Media Matters: FLASHBACK: When Bill O'Reilly Called It "Nutty" For A Conservative Justice To Recuse Himself... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 04/23/2015, 5:34pm
Jeremy Hooper: Stop me if you've heard this one: Gay men throw reception for Ted Cruz; Cruz doesn't act as super anti-gay as usual. Hannah Groch-Begley @ Media Matters: ABC News Finds More Errors In Schweizer's Clinton Cash. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: The ‘political charade’ on Benghazi comes into focus. Joe Jervis: Bobby Jindal: Save Your Breath, I'll Always Oppose Civil Rights For LGBT Americans. Kyler Geoffroy @ Towleroad: SF Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone Backs Out of NOM's Anti-gay Hate March in D.C. David Neiwert @... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 04/22/2015, 5:32pm
Evan McMurry @ Mediaite: Fox’s Ablow on Teens Joining ISIS: Obama’s ‘Debranding’ of U.S. Made Them Ideological Meth Heads. Josh Marshall @ TPM: Brittle and Awkward. Warren Throckmorton: David Barton’s Wallbuilders Live to Interview Kent Hovind. Ian Millhiser @ Think Progress: Bill O’Reilly Has A Plan To Rig The Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality Decision. Joe Jervis: Today's FRC Marriage Fast Message: Pray That The Jewish Justices Remember That Homosexuals Are To Be Executed. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 04/21/2015, 5:33pm
Peter Montgomery @ Political Research Associates: Biblical Economics: The Divine Laissez-Faire Mandate. PFAW: Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino Rhetoric from Republican Leaders. Jim Redmond @ Towleroad: Anti-Gay Attorney Gene Schaerr Thinks Gay Marriage Will Lead To 900,000 Abortions. Hatewatch: American Renaissance Conference Draws Record Audience. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: 11 Lies from a Christian Author’s 1978 Book About the Problems with Homosexuality. David Weigel @ Bloomberg Politics: Ted Cruz Says President Obama Is an 'Unmitigated Socialist'. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 04/20/2015, 5:35pm
Jim Newell @ Salon: “He’s filling the government with Muslims”: Hanging out with Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul inside New Hampshire’s wacky GOP 2016 cattle call. Joe Jervis: New York State Sen. Ruben Diaz: NOM Gave Me 117 Buses For Their Hate March. Zack Ford @ Think Progress: Bathroom Police Could Collect $4,000 Bounty Under New California Ballot Initiative. Media Matters: On Fox, Franklin Graham Calls For Halt To Immigration From "Muslim Countries." Matt Wilstein @ Mediaite: Scott Walker: I’ve Attended Gay Wedding Reception... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 04/17/2015, 5:35pm
Peter Montgomery @ The American Prospect: The Fight for LGBT Equality is Not Over.  Jeremy Hooper @ Good As You: FRC 'reediting' all those heinous fasting-for-marriage prayers I've been showing you!  Joe Jervis @ Joe.My.God: Regular Matt Barber Columnist Again Calls For Death Penalty For Homosexuality.  Don Byrd @ Baptist Joint Committee: Tennessee’s Attorney General Explains Unconstitutionality of Bible Bill. Warren Throckmorton @Patheos: David Barton’s War on Christian Colleges: Claims Disputed by Focus on the Family Researcher and... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 04/16/2015, 5:34pm
Tim Murphy @ Mother Jones: My Travels on the Clinton Conspiracy Trail. Emily Dugan @ The Independent: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to find a gay cure. Jim Redmond @ Towleroad: Marco Rubio Says He'd Attend a Gay Family Member's Wedding Despite Disagreeing With the 'Choice They've Made'. Rachel Percelay @ Equality Matters: How An Extreme Anti-LGBT Legal Powerhouse Is Working To Enact "Religious Freedom" Laws. Andy Birkey @ The Column: MN Child Protection League distributes anti-transgender flier at GOP convention. Imagine 2050:... MORE