Right Wing Round-Up - 3/27/14

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Right Wing Round-Up - 3/24/14

Right Wing Round-Up - 3/21/14

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Right Wing Round-Up - 3/19/14

  • Hatewatch: Could Austin Ruse’s Violent Rhetoric Endanger C-FAM’s Status with the UN?
  • Dylan Scott @ TPM: Jindal's Totally Bogus Obamacare Attack At Center Of Billboard Feud.
  • Brian Powell @ Media Matters: The Bizarre Writings Of A Conservative Radio Host Embraced By Sen. McConnnell To Help With Fundraising.
  • Andy Towle @ Towleroad: Anti-Gay Groups Fail: All Three Illinois Republicans Who Voted for Marriage Equality Win Primaries.
  • Jeremy Hooper: FRC launches 'National Campaign in Defense of Marriage;' claims gay parents 'provide distorted values to innocent adopted kids.'
  • David Edwards @ Raw Story: Fox News host Bill Hemmer explains missing plane: ‘It took 2,000 years to find Noah’s Ark.’

Right Wing Round-Up - 3/18/14

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Right Wing Round-Up - 3/7/14

  • Rachel Baye @ Slate: Why Michelle Rhee Is Giving Millions to Conservatives in Dozens of States.

Right Wing Round-Up - 3/6/14

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Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 07/22/2014, 5:34pm
Timothy Johnson @ Media Matters: Idaho American Indian Tribe That Cancelled Nugent Concert Will Miss Out On His Vile Commentary. Jim Redmond @ Towleroad: Anti-Gay Activist John Stemberger Says Fight Against Same-Sex Marriage Is 'Worth Dying For.' David Neiwert @ Hatewatch: Jim Gilchrist Announces Grand Vision for New Minuteman Border Patrols in 2015. Sarah Posner @ Religion Dispatches: No Religious Left “Split” On Anti-LGBT Religious Exemption. Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: Republican Congressman: Obama "Not Raised With An American Experience." MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 07/21/2014, 5:33pm
Jeremy Hooper: Bryan Fischer: POTUS 'stood on the graves' of Malaysia Air victims 'to promote the legitimacy of sexual deviancy'. Joe Jervis: Cardinal Francis George: America Is Being Destroyed By Tyranny Of Gay Marriage. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Creationist Ken Ham: We Should Stop Exploring Space Because the Bible Says Aliens Would Go to Hell. Jay Michaelson @ The Daily Beast: The Kremlin’s Favorite Anti-Gay Hate Group is Coming to Utah. Bill Morlin @ Hatewatch: Idaho Indian Tribe Books Ted Nugent, Racist Rocker, in PR Disaster. Steve... MORE
Miranda Blue, Wednesday 07/16/2014, 4:24pm
• Esther Yu-His Lee @ ThinkProgress: Arizona Politician Mistakes WMCA Campers For Undocumented Children. • David Edwards @ Raw Story: Louie Gohmert: Obama won’t ‘defend women’ from ‘hundreds of thousands’ of immigrant rapists. • Igor Bobic @ Huffington Post: Conservative Groups Protest Central American Children By Marching With Guns. • Jeremy Hooper @ Good As You: ‘Ex-gay’ group: A government that encourages gay men but not ‘change’ therapy is ‘willing partner to their death.’ • Steve Benen @... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 07/15/2014, 5:32pm
Rachel Tabachnick @ Political Research Associates: “Libertarian Scaife” and His Religious Right Legacy. Alan Colmes: ‘Three Percenter’ Mike Vanderboegh: Enforce Laws And Somebody Is Going To Get Shot. Samuel Kleiner @ TNR: Right-Wing Xenophobes Are Spreading Lies About Migrant Diseases. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Ellmers urges men to bring policy ‘down to a woman’s level’. Shauna Theel @ Media Matters: CNBC's Climate "Expert": "Demonization Of Carbon Dioxide Is Just Like" Demonization Of "Jews Under... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 07/14/2014, 5:34pm
Jeremy Hooper: FRC VP yet again claims 'Satan,' 'the demonized forces of hell' to blame for LGBT rights. Ian Millhiser @ Think Progress: Two Florida Police Officers Lose Their Jobs After FBI Report Links Them To The Ku Klux Klan. Elias Isquith @ Salon: Arizona charter school history book says whites envied “freedom” of slaves. Tom Kludt @ TPM: Watch CNBC's Tea Partier Get Told How Wrong He's Been. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: The absence of his convictions. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Pat Robertson tells mother: Your son’s... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 07/11/2014, 5:15pm
Tiffany Stanley @ National Journal: The Culture Warrior In Winter. Ben Dimiero @ Media Matters: Conservatives Cash In On Impeachment Racket. Evan McMorris-Santoro @ BuzzFeed: Texas Republican Has Been Spamming Congress’ Internal Message Board. Anti-Defamation League: Longtime Anti-Immigrant Activists Behind Murrieta Protests. Alan Colmes: Open Carry Advocate: We’ll Vote With Our Guns. Jeremy Hooper @ Good As You: Photographer to Matt Barber's website: Stop using my copyrighted image or face lawsuit. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 07/10/2014, 5:45pm
Anna Wolfe @ Jackson Free Press: Inside the AFA: How One ‘Hate Group’ Is Fighting the ‘Gay Agenda.’ David Neiwert @ Hatewatch: Militia Efforts to Converge at the Border Fizzle Out. Scott Kaufman @ Raw Story: Alex Jones sinks to a new low, calling Michelle Obama ‘the First Tranny.’ Dylan Scott @ TPM: Civil Rights Vet Who Defended Bundy Tapped As Tea Party Group's Leader. Michelle Leung @ Equality Matters: Fox News Defends Hate Speech With Misinterpretation Of The First Amendment. Christian Walters @ Towleroad: Minnesota Republican... MORE