Right Wing Round-Up - 1/7/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 1/6/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 1/5/16

  • Warren Throckmorton: Wrong Again: Bryan Fischer Says There Are No Muslims in Japan.
  • Lauren Kelley @ Rolling Stone: Nearly 400 Anti-Abortion Bills Were Introduced Last Year.
  • Andy Towle @ Towleroad: Ben Carson: I Would Consider Banning Gays from Military Service.
  • Libby Nelson @ Vox: An expert on right-wing terrorism explains the militia movement behind the Oregon takeover. 
  • Alan Colmes: Is Obama abusing executive powers?
  • Joe Jervis: Breitbart Editor: Obama Put Something On His “Fascist Finger” To Fake “Fascist Tears” For Dead Kids.

Right Wing Round-Up - 1/4/16

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/22/15

  • John Fea: David Barton's "The Jefferson Lies" Is Back.
  • Imani Gandy @ RH Reality Check: Anti-Choice Group’s Attorney: No Link Between Attack Videos Against Planned Parenthood and Clinic Violence.
  • David Edwards @ Raw Story: Vigilante uprising: GOP lawmaker calls on gun owners to ‘clean our society of scum bags’.
  • Scott Eric Kaufman @ Salon: “The O’Reilly Factor” goes full conspiratorial, questions “the timing” of Chelsea Clinton’s pregnancy.
  • Ben Smith @ Buzzfeed: How Donald Trump Made A Controversial Muslim Rights Group Mainstream.
  • Joe Jervis: GOP State Rep. Bill Chumley To Introduce Bill To “Nullify” SCOTUS On Marriage.

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/21/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/18/15

  • SPLC: SPLC suit forces New Jersey group to cease bogus ‘conversion therapy’ program, pay damages.
  • Alan Colmes: Pat Buchanan: Trump As Popular As The Beatles.
  • Ally Boguhn @ RH Reality Check: Meet the Anti-Choice Radicals Behind the House Freedom Caucus.
  • Tierney Sneed @ TPM: Key Immigration Reformers Cast Doubt On Cruz's 'Poison Pill' Account.
  • Joe Jervis: Harlem Pastor Taunts Homeland Security And Repeats Threat: Disrupt My Church And We’ll Murder Your Families And Piss On Your Dead Baby’s Grave.

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/17/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/16/15

  • Sarah Posner @ Religion Dispatches: Party of Religious Liberty Botches Debate on Religion and the Constitution.
  • Imagine 2050: Maria Espinoza launches Congressional bid, seeks to bar Muslim immigration.
  • David Edwards @ Raw Story: Speaker at Trump rally: ‘I believe he was sent from God’ to stop ‘this oppression from illegal aliens’.
  • Joe Jervis: Austin Ruse: Send Money To Stop JMG.
  • Warren Throckmorton: News from the Alternative Universe: David Barton Builds Support for Ted Cruz in the Midwest.

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/15/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/14/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/11/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/10/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/9/15

  • Sara Jerde @ TPM: Planned Parenthood Gunman Says He's 'Warrior For The Babies' In Court.

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/8/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/7/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/4/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/3/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/2/15

Right Wing Round-Up - 12/1/15

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Kyle Mantyla, Monday 05/02/2016, 5:33pm
Peter Montgomery @ Religion Dispatches: LGBT Editor In Bangladesh Murdered by Islamists—and More, In this Week's Global LGBT Recap. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Running out of options, Ted Cruz moves the goalposts. Eric Hananoki @ Media Matters: Trump Ally Roger Stone Has Repeatedly Urged The Killing Of Public Figures. Lorraine Berry @ Raw Story: Franklin Graham promotes Scientology propaganda in anti-marijuana Facebook rant. Laura Epstein @ Medium: Ted Cruz Needs to #FireTroy, the Dangerous Anti-Choice Leader You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of. MORE
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Sharon Kann @ Media Matters: Meet Troy Newman -- The Anti-Choice Extremist PBS Is Hosting To Talk About Guns. Andy Towle @ Towleroad: University of Utah Doesn’t Want You to Know They’re Awarding Honorary Degree to an Anti-LGBT Hate Group Member. Joe Jervis: NOM: We’re So Successful, We’re Out Of Money. Sam Reisman @ Mediaite: Bobby Knight Praises Trump Because He Has ‘the Guts’ to Drop an A-Bomb. Stephen Piggott @ Hatewatch: Is Becoming the Media Arm of the 'Alt-Right'? MORE
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Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Boehner calls GOP candidate ‘Lucifer in the flesh’. Franklin Foer @ Slate: The Quiet American. Brendan Karet @ Media Matters: After Claiming Carly Fiorina Went “Full Vagina,” Radio Host Steve Deace Touts Her For Ted Cruz VP. J.D. Durkin @ Mediaite: ‘DO YOU HAVE ANY INTEGRITY AT ALL?’: Pro-Cruz Radio Host Loses His Sh*t During CNN Segment. Sean Mandell @ Towleroad: Tennessee Gov. Signs Law Allowing Therapists to Turn Away Clients for Being Gay. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Alabama Chief Justice... MORE
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Brian Tashman @ The Huffington Post: It Doesn’t Matter If Donald Trump Is ‘Disciplined’. Zack Ford @ Think Progress: This Alabama City Will Now Put Transgender People In Jail For Peeing At Target. Ally Boguhn @ Rewire: Ted Cruz Is No Moderate: Meet Some of His Most Extreme Allies. Christopher Massie @ BuzzFeed: Former Lawmakers Stand By Defense Of Dennis Hastert’s Character. Dan Quinn @ Texas Freedom Network: Has the Texas Attorney General’s Office Become a Tentacle of a Religious-Right Group? MORE
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PFAW: Ongoing Obstruction of President Obama’s Judicial Nominees. Joe Jervis: American Family Association Runs Full-Page Ad In PayPal’s Hometown Newspaper. Darren E. Sherkat @ Religion Dispatches: Is Anti-LGBT Legislation the New Southern Strategy? Zack Ford @ Think Progress: Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want Any Transgender People In Any Bathroom Anywhere. Alex Griswold @ Mediaite: Ben Carson: Harriet Tubman Would Be ‘Turning Over in Her Grave’ If She Knew She Was on $20. Caitlin MacNeal @ TPM: NC GOP AG Candidate Tells HB2 Fans: '... MORE
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Samantha Michaels @ Mother Jones: We Tracked Down the Lawyers Behind the Recent Wave of Anti-Trans Bathroom Bills. Joe Jervis: Anti-Gay Catholic Activist Michael Voris Confesses: I Used To Live A Sinful Life With Homosexual Men. Media Matters: Trump Ally Alex Jones Claims CIA Funds Beyonce To Cause Mayhem. Sarah K. Burris @ Raw Story: Jim Webb writes a repulsive love letter to Andrew Jackson. Matthew Boyle @ Breitbart: Phyllis Schlafly’s Last Stand: The Inside Story of the Conservative Icon’s Internal Battle for Survival. Judd Legum @ Think... MORE
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Tim Murphy @ Mother Jones: A Frame-by-Frame Analysis of the Worst Campaign Ad of 2016. Christina Cauterucci @ Slate: The Latest Anti-Choice Lie to Become State Law: “Abortion Reversal”. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: LePage’s callousness takes an ugly turn, even by LePage standards. Sean Mandell @ Towleroad: President Obama: Anti-LGBT Laws in Mississippi and North Carolina Should Be Overturned. Sam Reisman @ Mediaite: Curt Schilling: Unrepentant, Unapologetic, but ‘Not Transphobic’. Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: Ted Cruz Criticizes... MORE