Believers in American Exceptionalism More Likely to Support Torture

We have written about the ways that Tea Party candidates, Religious Right leaders like David Barton, and pundits like Glenn Beck have been promoting the idea of a divinely-inspired American Exceptionalism, and attacking President Obama for being an enemy of exceptionalism who is out to destroy it. 

A new survey released this week by the Public Religion Research Institute makes it clear that there’s fertile ground for politically exploiting this concept, especially among Republican voters. When voters were asked whether they agree or disagree with the statement that “God has granted America a special role in human history,” 58 percent of Americans agree. Not surprisingly, white evangelicals agreed overwhelmingly – 83 percent – along with 76 percent of those who identify with the Tea Party movement and 75 percent of Republicans. Among Democrats, about half – 49 percent – agree. More than two thirds of Americans with no religious affiliation reject the idea that God has given the US a special role in history.
Perhaps more interesting is the survey’s findings that white Americans who affirm this notion of divinely inspired American exceptionalism are much more likely to favor military strength over diplomacy as the best way to preserve peace than those who reject exceptionalism, and significantly more likely to believe that torture can be justified. Americans are about evenly split on the question of whether torture can ever be justified against suspected terrorists, but only about a third of Republicans and those identifying with the Tea Party agree that torture can never be justified. Fifty-five percent of those who believe in a divine role for the US believe torture can sometimes be justified; only 42 percent of those who reject that role are willing to accept torture under some circumstances.
It’s worth noting that half of white evangelicals believe that torture can never be justified, making this one among several issues in which Tea Party supporters are to the right of other Christian conservatives even though there is major overlap between the two groups. E.J. Dionne and William Galston of the Brookings Institution, in a paper commenting on the survey findings, note that “While white Christian conservatives and Tea Party supporters are in broad agreement on many issues, there is a harder edge to Tea Party views on immigration, multiculturalism, and Islam.”
Those differences could contribute to the ongoing public struggles to define what the 2010 election meant and what kinds of issues should be considered part of the Tea Party agenda. The crucial role played by Latino voters in Democratic Senate victories in Nevada, California, and Colorado also point to ways in which the Tea Party movement’s hard-edge positions on immigration and Islam, and its lack of concern about racial discrimination, could interfere with efforts by some GOP and Religious Right leaders to broaden the demographic base of the Republican Party. 

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Pamela Geller is being represented by the Thomas More Law Center in the $10 million lawsuit filed against her by the attorney for Rifqa Bary's parents.
  • Tea Partiers seem to love Dick Armey based on the mistaken belief that he is some sort of DC outsider.
  • I find it amazing that Religious Right leaders will so openly denigrate Islam and that the Washington Post continues to provide them a venue in which do so.
  • Al Mohler says that exorcisms are hokum because "there is absolutely no New Testament evidence that a believer in Christ can be possessed by demons."
  • Finally, the quote of the day from Robert Knight responding to efforts to elimiate DADT: "Not all of the snipers targeting U.S. military personnel are in caves or perched on cliffs in Afghanistan. Some are right here in America, planting stories instead of explosives. Their mission: to destroy the military's moral backbone."

Fischer: The Only Time I've Been Into a Mosque Was to Pray That God Would Destroy It

Just a reminder that Bryan Fischer really, really hates Islam. 

Today, he is outraged by the fact that First Lady Michelle Obama put on a head-covering before entering a mosque while on a trip to Indonesia with the President. Fischer declares that if he were president, he would do no such thing and would, in fact, refuse to enter a mosque all together, admitting that the one time he did enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem he prayed that God would tear it down:

I don't know what I would do if I was in the President's place and Debbie was accompanying me to a mosque. I think I'd say "look, there is no way we are doing that." We just won't go into that mosque. If they only way they are going to let you into the mosque if you got to cover your head and act like a Muslim for that visit, then we're not going in there.

If they want us to come in, if they want the President of the United Sates to visit their mosque, if it's important enough to 'em, then they're going to let you come in without that silly head-covering, that silly scarf on your head that you wouldn't wear at any other time. That's what I would be inclined to do and I would just skip on the visit to a mosque, might not even go to a mosque at all.

I did one time visit the mosque on the Mount in Jerusalem when I was there ten, twelve years ago. And I did go into the mosque and I prayed inside that mosque, I did kind of a prayer walk around the centerpiece there, the stone that Mohammad was supposed to have landed on the night he made his journey to Heaven and just walked around that quietly praying that God would bring down this false religion and establish the truth in its place.

That's the only time I've been into a mosque, and it was to pray that God would pull that house down.

This segment was then followed by an interview with Rep. Steve King.

Meet Allen West: Fanatical Opponent of Muslims, Immigrants, Progressives & Obama

Following last Tuesday's election, RWW will bring you our list of the "The Ten Scariest Republicans Heading to Congress." Our fourth candidate profile is on Florida's Allen West:

In one of the Tea Party’s biggest victories, Florida’s Allen West defeated incumbent Democrat Ron Klein in a rematch of their 2008 race. West, an Army veteran, became a YouTube sensation by criticizing “this tyrannical government” and crying out: “if you’re here to stand up to get your musket, to fix your bayonet, and to charge into the ranks, you are my brother and sister in this fight.” He said that the country was engaging in “class warfare” between “a producing class and an entitlement class,” which is composed of Obama supporters.

While serving in Iraq, he was forced out of the Army for his violent handling of an investigation of a police officer. During the interrogation, West dragged “him outside, pushed his head into the sand, and fired a gun next to his face to get him to sing.” According to West: “It wasn’t torture. Seeing Rosie O'Donnell naked would be torture.”

West also has close ties to the Outlaws motorcycle gang, which an NBC News report found had criminal-ties and a website that features a page honoring members who are in prison, extolling “members convicted of violent crimes, including murder.” In a letter, West wrote: “Please, no more references to ‘criminal’ because I can tell you, they have the utmost respect for me and that which I seek to achieve. I was never more amazed at how members of the Outlaws guarded me during a one hour cell phone radio interview.”

Moreover, he addressed events sponsored by Outlaws-linked organizations, used Outlaws members to harass his rival’s campaign workers, and writes a column for their magazine. Their magazine, “Wheels on the Road,” has also used anti-Semitic, racist and sexist material, and once called women “oral relief stations.”

West encouraged his supporters to use violence in suppressing the votes of opponents, saying, “You've got to make the fellow scared to come out of his house.”

He maintains that it is “unfortunate” that gays and lesbians are serving in the military, and compares homosexuality to adultery. West is also radically anti-choice. On abortion rights, he has said “I believe all future discussion on this issue should move us toward the elimination of abortion except in the most extraordinary of circumstances,” and accused pro-choice groups of “promot[ing] abortion as a means of birth control.”

West wants to eliminate the progressive tax system. He supports tax cuts for the rich, and calls Wall Street Reform a “sham.” He’s advocated for eliminating the Departments of Energy and Education.

On immigration, he claims that illegal immigrants should not have access to care in emergency rooms, and that Muslim terrorists are coming through the border with Mexico. West’s first decision as Representative-elect was to choose as his chief of staff right-wing radio talk show host Joyce Kaufman, who called for illegal immigrants to be “hung on the central square. ”

A Republican partisan, West said: “I hate big-tent. I hate inclusiveness. And I hate outreach.” West uses extreme rhetoric against Democrats and liberals. He said that liberals resented the fact that he saved the lives of American soldiers. On the anti-Islam blog Atlas Shrugs, he wrote that progressives “detest anyone who has the courage of conviction and love of America, something which they find unconscionable." In the same post, he wrote, “"Liberals seek to destroy any institution of intrinsic value: God, country, family, honor, valor, courage, VIRTUE... Why? Because if such things exist, then they must be defended, which brings them back to their fear of action." He also claims that Democratic combat veterans Joe Sestak and Patrick Murphy “hate the military.”

West says that Obama does not “care for this country” and wants to “make it like some type of third world socialist cesspool,” and is not an American since he grew up in Indonesia and “never played little league baseball.” He compared Obama and his “tyrannical government” to the rise of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party in Germany, and dubbed the Obama Administration a “thugocracy.”

Militantly anti-Muslim, he consistently criticizes Arabs and Muslims, and he told Atlas Shrugs’ Pamela Geller that the Bible is evidence the Arabs are a “wild” people: “the Angel of the Lord said to [Hagar]: Behold you are with child, and you shall bear a son, you shall call his name Ishmael, because the Lord has heard your affliction. He shall be a wild man; His hand shall be against everyman, and every man's hand against him. And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.' Ishmael of course became the beginning of the Arab people....and God's word is immutable truth.”

He has suggested that there are “thirty-six training camps” run by terrorists inside the US, and that soldiers are becoming “brainwashed” by terrorists who “infiltrated the military.” According to West, Islam is “not a religion” but a “theo-political belief system and construct” that must be destroyed.



Texas Eagle Forum Calls for Banning Muslims From Military, Government Jobs, and Running for Office

Via the Texas Freedom Network, we see that the Texas Eagle Forum has endorsed a position staked out by Elijah Abraham, an evangelical Christian convert from Islam, calling for the banning of Muslims from serving in the military , running for public office, or serving as government employees:

In the U.S., there are Muslim training camps across the country actively planning attacks on American soil. Young Americans are being converted to Islam in our jails, our military, public schools and universities, and in churches that preach Liberation Theology. Muslims have gained two seats in the U.S, Congress and have won seats in state and local races. Public school textbooks are becoming pro-Islam and anti-Christian. Muslims are buying Fortune 500 companies and high tech companies. There is a Dow Jones Islamic Index. Islamic banks, insurance companies and mortgage companies are springing up across the country. Our open borders welcome Muslims.

The challenge to America is to stop the spread of Islam in the U.S. before it is too late.


1. Congress MUST outlaw Shariah and international law
2. Eliminate Muslim government employees
3. Outlaw Muslim terrorist organizations, such as The Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, etc.
4. Muslims should be ineligible to run for political office
5. All Muslim military personnel should be removed from the U.S. armed forces
6. Monitor mosques
7. Shut down terrorist training camps in the U.S.

Texas Eagle Forum also announces that it "will push for a bill against Shariah law during the 2011 legislative session, which opens in January in Austin."

Boykin Exposes Obama's Health Care Conspiracy to Build His Brownshirt Army

This is Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Jerry Boykin, who was the Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under Donald Rumsfeld until video emerged of him explaining that we were engaged in a spiritual war against Islam that the US would eventually win because our God was bigger than their God.

Shortly thereafter Boykin retired and aligned himself with fringe Religious Right leaders by teaming up with the likes of  "Christocrat" Rick Scarborough and Dominionist Janet Porter and even sharing the stage with professional anti-gay activists like Peter LaBarbera.

He also sits upon the board of Rick Joyner's "The Oak Initiative" along with people like Porter, Lou Sheldon, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, and Cindy Jacobs and he recently recorded this video for the organization explaining how his years of Special Forces training in fighting Marxist insurgencies enables him to identify the plot underway to take over America through a variety of means, including President Obama's attempt to create an army of Brownshirts loyal only to him though the passage of Health Care Reform:

I'm a Special Forces officer, I'm a Green Beret and I've studied Marxist insurgency, it was part of my training. And the things I know have been done in every Marxist insurgency are being done in America today.

The final thing has been to establish a constabulary force, a force that can control the population. You say "well, we don't have that." Well, let me remind you that prior to the election, the President stood up and said that if elected he would have a nation civilian security force that would be as large as and as well-equipped as the United States military.

For what?

Remember Hitler had the Brownshirts and in the Night of the Long Knives, even Hitler got scared of the Brownshirts and killed thousands of them.

So you say "are there any signs that that's happened" and the truth is yes. If you read the health care legislation which, by the way nobody in Washington has read, but if you read the health care legislation it's actually in the health care legislation.

There are paragraphs in the health care legislation that talk about the commissioning of officers in time of a national crisis to work directly for the President. It's laying the groundwork for a constabulary force that will control the population in America.

Let me also just point out that Senate Republicans actually had Boykin on their witness list to testify against Elena Kagan at her confirmation hearing until they dropped him at the last moment. 

Gee, I can't imagine why.

Here is the entire thing:

Jacobs: "Filling the Arsenals of God's Media Army" To Stop the Islamification of Fox News

For the last few weeks, Cindy Jacobs and Generals International have been carrying out a forty day prayer vigil to coincide with the midterm elections and producing day-by-day prayer guides for those who are participating that is based upon Seven Mountains theology.

Having already covered the government mountain and education mountain, Jacobs turns her attention in these final days toward capturing the media mountain, praying that "defenders of Godly standards in the media industry [will] be voted into office" and that the "arsenals of God's media army" will fill with Christians who will dislodge the "demonic authority" that controls the media and put it to use building God's kingdom on earth: 

May these faithful ambassadors of truth be used of God to displace the demonic authority upon this mountain, and occupy the highest platform for amplifying God's Voice and God's Message. Lord of hosts, we ask You to unleash Your mighty army to infiltrate the media mountain and skillfully wield heavenly weapons of warfare for the pulling down of strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. We also ask for the guidance and anointing of the Holy Spirit upon what believers in media speak and write so that it shapes perceptions of truth and reality and delivers the masses from the dark veil of uncertainty, fear and manipulation. May the Name of the Lord be proclaimed and the glory of God released from the top of the media and communication arts mountain to the ends of the earth. May a great harvest of souls to be brought into the Kingdom as the Word goes forth through all media outlets. Father, we ask for nothing less than revival among journalists, broadcasters, television producers, news network executives, and all those in the media industry for renewing minds, transforming and turning hearts to You, and reforming the United States of America. God, let Your Kingdom purposes for the media come forth.

Interestingly, among the changes that need to be made is for Christians to wrest control of Fox News in order to put an end to its domination by Muslims: 

The Islamification of America is also being advanced through various media outlets. Wealthy Muslims are buying out stock in various news organizations as a way of pressuring media corps to present Islam in a favorable light. A leading member of the ruling family of the Sharia-totalitarian "kingdom" of Saudi Arabia, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has made himself the second-largest shareholder of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., Fox News' parent company. It then only took a phone call from Alwaleed's office to ensure that Fox coverage of Muslim rioting in France not be described as "Muslim" rioting in France.

Modern Day Prophets and Apostles Are Burning False Idols and Shifting The Nation Through Elections

Last week I wrote a few posts continuing our on-going look at the rise of the New Apostolic Reformation and self-proclaimed prophets and apostles like Lou Engle, Cindy Jacobs, and the like within the traditional Religious Right movement.

Today, I want to call attention to this really great post by Bruce Wilson at Talk To Action about Duke Aiona, the Republican candidate for Governor in Hawaii, and his ties to Jacobs, Ed Silvoso, and various other NAR leaders ... and I especially want to highlight Wilson's excerpts from books in which both Jacobs and Peter Wagner lay out the importance of the practice of burning and destroying items associated with witchcraft, the occult, or any other religion:

During a worship service that evangelist Cindy Jacobs held on October 7, 2008, at Ed Silvoso's 18th International Institute on Nation Transformation, in Mar del Plata, Argentina, Jacobs called on assembled local area pastors at the conference,

"Pastors, sanctify your people! You go and you tell 'em, if you have any idols in their homes we're gonna to burn 'em! If you have any witchcraft items in your homes, you bring 'em Sunday and we're gonna burn 'em! We're not gonna have witchcraft in this church!"

Jacobs was not merely referring to objects associated with contemporary interpretations of Wiccan practice, or with Satanic ritual. Cindy Jacobs and her colleagues, Peter Wagner, Ed Silvoso, and others in the New Apostolic movement cast their net of purported "witchcraft" and "idolatry" over objects associated with major world religious traditions such as Catholicism, Mormonism, and all Eastern religions, and also many native art objects.

As Cindy Jacobs wrote in her book Deliver Us from Evil (Regal Books, from Gospel Light, 2001),

"There are certain occult items were are not to possess. If we own any of the following objects we need to get rid of them. If the object was at any time worshiped as a god or used in the worship of a false god, then we should burn it or otherwise destroy it.

It is not unusual for tourists to bring home keepsakes from faraway lands that have demonic attachments or are idols. What we often do not realize is that these objects can curse us. For instance, many people purchase African masks that have been used in worship ceremonies. Others buy native art such as Kachina dolls, statues of Hindu gods and statues of Buddha. Back home, havoc starts to reign in the form of sickness, tragedy, depression of marriage break-ups. Usually the person does not know why these things have happened."


As Peter Wagner wrote in his book Hard-Core Idolatry - Facing the Facts,

Doris was preparing to travel to Argentina with Cindy Jacobs for the climactic evangelistic campaign. As she was reading scripture the morning she was to leave, the Holy Spirit told her that in Resistencia they must burn the idols, like the magicians did in Ephesus. Ed Silvoso, Cindy Jacob and the Resistencia pastors agreed. So the evening before the evangelistic crusade, all the city's believers came together for prayer. The leaders explained how important it would be to do spiritual housecleaning in their homes before they came to the meeting. They began mentioning the kinds of material things that might be bringing honor to the spirits of darkness; pictures, statues, Catholic saints, Books of Mormon, pictures of former lovers, pornographic material, fetishes, drugs, Ouija boards, zodiac charms, good luck symbols, crystals for healing, amulets, talismans, tarot cards, witch dolls, voodoo items, love potions, books of magic, totem poles, certain pieces of jewelry, objects of Freemasonry, horoscopes gargoyles, native art, foreign souvenirs, and what have you.

The believers agreed to obey God and to cleanse their homes, even if it meant giving up what might have been expensive items. They were to wrap each item in newspaper to protect privacy, and then cast the objects into a 55-gallon drum set before the platform the following night. The drum was heaped to overflowing! They poured gasoline on it and set it on fire."

On a related note, last month I wrote that various leaders would be gathering in Washington DC before the election as part of an effort called "The Shift" which is intent on "electing a new leadership for the United States of America" and now it looks like Chuck Pierce, Bob Jones, Rick Joyner, and Dutch Sheets will all be participating as well:

Clearly, this is an Esther moment for the Church of Jesus Christ to step in and reverse the wicked plot of the enemy who is determined to destroy our nation. So we must ACT NOW!

Come as we gather together leading apostles, prophets and intercessors to pray and decree a supernatural shifting of America back to Godly values. Link arms with us as we let the Holy Spirit birth through us the third great awakening that will cause radical reformation across the land. As the elections are upon us, let us seize the moment to affirm God’s new chosen leaders who are humble yet whose hearts are uncompromisingly set on the values of Heaven—those who love life and justice, compassion and truth more than their own reputation or gain.


The nation is methodically being pushed to abort her assignment of being a beacon of freedom, hope for the struggling nations, publisher of the Gospel and supporter of Israel.

The Shift is a call to the Bride of Christ who solely contains the power of God to rescue the nation from the spirit of greed that is destroying our nation, and realign our country with her destiny course.

For this history-making event, we are gathering around apostles, prophets and intercessors in the spirit of worship and prayer to declare our utter dependency on Christ to heal our land. Join us as we partner with thousands across the nation and activate this dramatic shift. God is not just changing the fiber of our government; He is also causing reformation across all seven mountains that shape our culture and society.

History has witnessed the Ancient of Days who used His prophets to change entire nations overnight and turn captivity into triumph time and time again. That same Spirit who was upon Haggai, Ezra and Nehemiah and the joy that strengthens the people to finish the rebuilding of the temple is upon us now.

The finished work of Christ on the Cross has provided us with an out-of-all-proportion solution to every human dilemma, including today's complexities. There are supernatural solutions waiting to be released into the fiber of our families, our economy, and the laws governing the land. Join as we corporately honor Christ by embracing what His blood paid for in full.

Extraordinary economic miracles are ready to explode upon our nation as we gather around the Throne of God in holy assembly. New signs and wonders of unprecedented proportion will become the clear guideposts on the road to recovery.

As we gather together with faith-filled joy and expectancy for the manifestation of His Kingdom reign thundering here on earth as it is in Heaven.

Wallnau: Islam, Gays, and Abortion Are Attacking America From the Gates of Hell

We have been writing a lot about the rise of the Dominionists like Lou Engle and Cindy Jacobs within the traditional Religious Right movement and paying close attention to the influence of Seven Mountains theology, which is the idea that Christians are called upon to gain control of the seven key aspects of culture (government, media, business, education, etc...) in order to unleash God's kingdom on Earth and bring about the return of Jesus Christ.

One of the key proponents of this Seven Mountains theology is Lance Wallnau who, thank to Jim Garlow, has become more involved in the political aspects of the Religious Right movement through Garlow's Pray and ACT effort.

Earlier this month Cindy Jacobs and Generals International hosted a three hour webcast that featured Wallnau, as well as New Apostolic Reformation godfather C. Peter Wagner, during which Wallnau laid out how Christians are supposed to gain control over these mountains through both "overt" and "covert" means .... and those little upside-down horseshoe things floating above the 7 mountains on the white board represent the gates of Hell though which same-sex marriage, abortion, and Islam are attacking America:

You go all the way down into the family mountain. Now you've got family and you've got same-sex marriage being fought. What's up with that? Well, it's another one of these hellish blocking of truth here, bringing through the gate a belief system that whatever form of sexuality you're into is legitimately, constitutionally protected.

Well, while you're doing that, through the religious gate here you've got Islam invading the United States. So you've got your homosexual activity, your abortion activity here, Islam coming in, you've got a financial collapse - all of this, to those of us who are Christians, is an apocalyptic confirmation that when you remove God from public discourse, when you don't line up your thinking with kingdom principles, you inevitably hit an iceberg like the Titanic and you go down.

We want to be able to bring kingdom principles and values into every one of those spheres, realizing that the kingdom can move both in the over proclamation of truth and in the covert instruction of principles.

So here's what I'm saying: believers need to start to move into the high places where they're going to come up against the gates of hell. We will, I guarantee you, come up against the gates of hell because when a believer comes into these high places, he comes head into - boom - the principles that are working there. And when you hit a wrong principle, listen to me, when you hit a wrong principle you hit a principality.

And when you hit a principality and you succeed in that conflict, watch what happens, you open up a portal, you open up a pathway so that light can come in. And this is exactly what we need now - we need Heaven to come invade Earth and bring, through portals, new leadership.

And if you are impressed by that presentation, The Oak Initiative is hosting a "Power Communications Seminar" with Wallnau, Rick Joyner, & Jerry Boykin later this month that you can attend for the bargain price of $900.

Jacobs Calls The "Blood-Covered Justice and Judgments of God" Down Up Her Enemies

I admit that I find the Religious Right's commingling of prayer with politics endlessly fascinating, especially the way they formulate specific political goals as prayer targets, which is why I keep posting them.

The targets set out by Cindy Jacobs and Generals International are particularly revealing, as she has been providing specific day-by-day prayers heading into the election.

Her latest prayer update focuses mainly on reclaiming the "education mountain," and seeks to remove "unrighteous leadership" for the nation's public school system so that the "light of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the fear of the Lord" can be spread by educators. 

In addition, Jacobs declares that "progressive politics" and "multiculturalism" must be stripped from the nation's textbooks because they are "denigrating the importance of Christianity in American culture" and asks God to "break unholy conspiracies and expose for public scrutiny those who are advancing pro-Islamic textbooks and school curriculums under the rhetoric of diversity, rights, tolerance and democracy."

And, of course, Jacobs urges activists to pray to end "Homosexuality and Sexual Perversion in our Children's Schools" and calls the "blood-covered justice and judgments of God" down upon those who seek to "destroy the family unit through the advancement of the homosexual agenda":

· Pray for exposure to public scrutiny those who are covertly working to advance the homosexual indoctrination of our children through the educational system.

· Pray that God would raise up righteous leaders to successfully contend against the encroachments of the homosexual activists upon our nation's educational system.

· Pray that defenders of family and protectors of our children's welfare remain strong and courageous and true to their calling.

· Pray for protection of our children's minds and hearts as they sit in school, college and university classrooms.

Father, we come before you humbly crying out for mercy upon America's civic and household leaders for allowing the minority homosexual community to make such deep inroads into our nation's educational system. In Jesus' Name, we pray that You would awaken believers to the critical importance of being involved in preserving Biblical principals for living as the foundation of our children's education. Father, raise up Christians across America who will vote in leaders that will strongly oppose the encroachments of the homosexual activists upon our nation's educational system and diligently protect our children from being subjected to lessons in sexual perversion, deviance and decadence in their school classrooms and libraries. We ask You would expose to public scrutiny those who, under a cloak of "equality" that is devoid of Judeo-Christian values, are working to undermine parental rights in education and indoctrinate our impressionable school children in an effort to change public attitudes toward homosexuality. We release into our children the knowledge and wisdom of God and the boldness to stand up for what is true, holy and pure. We release strength, boldness and divine strategies to the faithful defenders of Your precepts for the instruction of our children and declare that they will not compromise their standards or cave to the abhorrent demands of the homosexual community even in the face of great opposition and threats. We release the blood-covered justice and judgments of God upon those forces that are trying to subjugate American education and thereby, destroy the family unit through the advancement of the homosexual agenda.

Right Wing Round-Up

Tennessee Mosque Opponents: Islam is not a Religion

The construction of a community center and mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, has garnered more attention due to the extreme rhetoric and actions of the project’s opponents. The ARF and FBI are investigating an arson attack, a Republican congressional candidate dubbed it an “Islamic training center,” protesters said Muslims “are out to overthrow this government and this country” and another detractor shouted at a Muslim woman, “our constitution doesn’t apply to you.”

And now opponents are asking a judge to overrule the zoning board, claiming Muslims do not have the right to build houses of worship since Islam is not in fact a religion but a traitorous, anti-American political movement.

This radical argument echoes the statements of Tennessee’s Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, who said that “could even argue whether that being a Muslim is actually a religion, or is it a nationality, way of life, cult or whatever you want to call it.”

The Tennessean reports on the novel and radical arguments of the mosque’s opponents:

Mosque opponents say that Islam is not a real religion. Instead, they argued in a Rutherford County courthouse last week that the world's second largest faith, with its 1.6 billion followers, is actually a political movement.

Opponents say local Muslims want to replace the Constitution with an Islamic legal code called Shariah law. Joe Brandon Jr., a Smyrna attorney representing a group of mosque opponents, argued that the proposed mosque is not a house of worship. He said the Rutherford County Planning Commission erred on May 24 when it approved the mosque.

Brandon wants Chancellor Robert Corlew of the 16th Judicial District to issue an injunction stopping the mosque.

"Shariah law is pure sedition," said Brandon in his opening statement Monday.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • C. Peter Wager will be joining Cindy Jacobs and Lance Wallnau for Generals Internationals Q&A.
  • Randall Terry gets ready to embark upon his latest Quran-destroying escapades.
  • Judge Vaughan Walker is retiring.
  • Gary Bauer and Robert Spencer are among those joining Christiane Amanpour for a debate on “Holy War: Should Americans Fear Islam?”
  • This press release from Rick Scarborough announcing a conference call next week with Tom DeLay and Phyllis Schlafly is borderline incoherent but apparently they have something planned.
  • Finally I, for one, cannot wait to see the new Christian movie about a law student who sues Satan for $8 trillion called "Suing the Devil."

Randall Terry Shows Us How To Fight Islam By Crumpling Pieces of Paper

Last week we noted that Randall Terry and crew were so pleased with their Quran-destroying escapades on 9/11 that they were planning on taking their show on the road because that is what Jesus would want.

But Terry knows that he cannot do it all himself, which is why he has produced this video demonstrating exactly how to hold a press conference and engage in your own anti-Quran activism by printing out passages on pieces of paper and then crumpling them up and tossing them on the ground:

Randall Terry Launching Quran-Destroying Campaign Because That Is What Jesus Would Want

When Terry Jones backed down from his plans to burn copies of the Quran on 9/11, Randall Terry stepped up and led a protest outside of the White House where they tore pages out of copies of the Quran because "the charade that Islam is a peaceful religion must end."

Apparently, the event was such a success that Terry and crew are now going to embark upon a Quran-destroying campaign:

On October 6 and 7, Christians (both Catholic and Protestant) will gather in New York, DC, and various cities, holding large posters printed with the words of the Quran, and the words of Muhammad from the Hadith and the Sunnah. The participants will either 1) tear the passages, 2) crumple them up and throw them in a garbage bag, or 3) just laugh at them -- to ridicule the idea that a "Religion of Peace" calls for beheading, murder, crucifixion, etc.

October 7 is the anniversary of The Battle of Lepanto, 1571, in which the Holy League navy defeated the Ottoman Muslim navy. Had the Muslim forces won, Rome would likely have fallen, and St. Peters could very well be a Mosque. (That was the fate of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.)

"Hear Muhammad Speak" Statement of Goals:

I. To ignite national and world-wide debate/dialogue/education on the anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, and at times violent message of the Quran.

II. To focus national and world wide attention on Muhammad -- his words and deeds that are not in the Quran (i.e., Muhammad's words that are in the Hadith and the Sunnah) -- that call for the murder, beheadings, etc. of Christians and Jews, and the suppression of religious freedom.

III. To highlight the suffering of Christians inflicted by Muslims who follow the example of the words and deeds of Muhammad.

IV. To call on Islamic political and religious leaders to "lay down Muhammad's sword;" i.e., to stop persecuting and killing Christians and Jews, as well as "apostates" who leave Islam.

V. To give historic background on the name "Cordoba," and to urge the halting of the Cordoba Initiative at Ground Zero.

VI. To encourage people to fearlessly defy and expose the Hadith, the Sunnah, and Sharia law while our freedoms still permit it.

In an email to supporters announcing the campaign, Terry explains that they are going to be destroying Qurans because it is what Jesus and Mary would want:

“What would Jesus do?” Maybe He would overturn tables, or chase or hit people with a whip; maybe he would call people names like “whitewashed tombs, or “brood of vipers” or “the sons of hell.” Maybe He would speak the truth, not back down, and even die.

“What would Mary do?” Maybe she would give prayers and urgings like she did at the battle of the gates of Vienna to destroy the Muslim army that sought to annihilate Christianity; maybe she would ask her Son for grace and strength to be given to the soldiers and sailors at the battle of Lepanto to destroy the Muslim Navy, and save Rome and all Christendom from the Muslim hordes.

I give these pictures in the fear of God; Jesus and Mary are not afraid of the truth. Jesus and Mary know that the Church militant should be just that, and that at times words and deeds that are not “politically correct” or “tolerant” must be used in the fight against evil, and the culture of death, and those who seek to destroy Truth and the Church.

FRC's Prayer Targets: Muslims Rallying On The Mall

The Family Research Council has released its latest list of prayer targets, and among them is one that seeks a modern day Esther to save Christians from destruction:

May God help millions to unite in fasting, and, as He delivered the Jews in Esther's day from plans to destroy them, may He grant us leaders who will reverse plans now in place to rob Americans of their religious and economic freedom.

Interestingly, the list also targeting a planned Muslim prayer rally on the National Mall:

Muslims on Capitol Hill -- The imam who organized a prayer rally on the National Mall last year hopes to bring 100,000 Muslims to Washington October 15th for what may become an annual "Jummah Prayer on Capitol Hill." Last year the group fell far short of its goal to rally 50,000 Muslims. Indeed, estimates are that from one to five thousand attendees, included Christians, were there. Christian lay evangelists and prayer warriors use the opportunity to reach Muslims.

* May Christians use this opportunity to share the gospel with Muslims! May efforts to advance Shari'ah law be met with overwhelming biblical truth, Christian love and firm political rejection.

You may recall that when organizers held this event last year, FRC, Lou Engle and others lost their minds and quickly mobilized to organize counter-events which culminated with the formation of a group called The Ad Hoc Committee of Americans for Transparency and Honesty in Religion which demanded that organizers of Muslim prayer rally denounce acts of terrorism:

Muslim Americans assure us that Islam categorically rejects terrorism and that the concept of "jihad" refers to a "spiritual struggle," and has nothing whatsoever to do with "holy war."

However, the Letter notes that, "Around the world, the overwhelming number of terrorist acts are carried out by Muslims, that many Muslim-American groups have terrorist ties and that justification for acts of violence against 'infidels' is found in the Koran."

Signers of the letter ask rally organizers to disavow the following acts of terrorism, "committed by Muslims, in the name of Islam":

• The 9/11 attacks (more than 3,000 dead)

• The 2002 bombing of a hotel in Netanya, Israel (30 killed)

• The 2002 Bali bombings (202 dead)

• The 2007 plot to murder soldiers at Ft. Dix

• The 2008 attacks in Mumbai, India (173 dead)

• The 2009 conspiracy to bomb a synagogue and Jewish community center in the Bronx

The letter asks recipients if they are "willing to join millions of other people of faith in America and denounce these and similar acts of terrorism?"

And all of this took place in a right-wing environment that wasn't nearly as swept up in anti-Muslim hysteria as today, so I can't even begin to imagine what sorts of insane reactions we are going to see from the Right when they learn that 100,000 Muslims may be gathering on the National Mall.

Value Voter Recap: We're All Tea Partiers Now (Including God)

The so-called Values Voter Summit, organized by the Family Research Council and sponsored by a number of right-wing groups, brought more than 2,000 activists (their count) to Washington D.C. for two solid days of speeches, workshops, networking, and a chance to spend time with others who passionately hate President Obama and the Democratic congressional leadership. Addressing the crowd were a number of GOP presidential hopefuls, including Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, and Rep. Mike Pence (who eked out a narrow victory over Huckabee in the straw poll). Not surprisingly, conference speakers echoed the themes heard at the smaller Faith and Freedom conference convened by Ralph Reed just one week earlier.

Here were the top themes emerging from these Religious Right political conferences.
1) We’re All Tea Partiers Now (Including God)
The Faith and Freedom conference and Values Voter Summit signaled the Religious Right’s full embrace of (or effort to co-opt) the Tea Party movement and its activists’ anti-Washington energies. Rep. Michele Bachmann, a superstar in both the Religious Right and Tea Party movements, railed at Tea Party critics: “If you are scared of the Tea Party movement, you are afraid of Thomas Jefferson, who penned our mission statement [the Declaration of Independence].”
The events were also designed to attack the notion that the Tea Party movement is, or should be, focused only on economic issues and not on moral ones. This is more than the ongoing effort to solidify a working electoral partnership among fiscal, social, and national security conservatives. This is an ideological campaign against the very idea that one can legitimately be a fiscal conservative without embracing the Religious Right’s “family values” agenda on issues such as legal abortion and marriage equality. At the Values Voter Summit, there was little patience for libertarians who consider themselves economically conservative but socially liberal. Sen. Jim DeMint, greeted as a folk-hero for his success at backing Tea Party challengers to establishment GOP candidates, took on the idea directly, saying “you can’t be a true fiscal conservative if you do not understand the value of a culture that is based on values.” 
Others echoed the theme. A Heritage Foundation video declared that faith is necessary for liberty. Rep Mike Pence, the dark-horse winner of the summit’s straw poll, said America’s darkest moments have come when economic arguments trumped moral principles. Newt Gingrich declared that activists have to go back to making the moral case for free enterprise, not the economic case. David Limbaugh decried “economic justice,” which he called a leftist euphemism for “confiscation.” 
At a Values Voter Summit panel on the Tea Party movement, two activists described their work as being inspired in part by instructions they received from God in the early morning hours, like Glenn Beck; one insisted that her activism was not just about taxes but about getting America to turn back to God.
2) Nothing is more important than the 2010 and 2012 elections.
Nearly every speaker said that the 2010 election is the most important in our lifetime. Speakers insisted that President Obama, his administration, and Democratic congressional leaders are not only wrong, they are evil and are out to destroy the American experiment in limited government and individual liberty.  It is simply not possible to overstate the level of anger and hostility directed toward Obama (described as an America-hating narcissistic Marxist), House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. 
Activists were told they must fast, pray, and work hard to defeat Democrats this November. The Family Research Council urged people to visit the website of Pray and A.C.T, a campaign led by Jim Garlow, who has been a rising star on the Religious Right since leading religious organizing on behalf of California’s anti-gay Prop 8. Ralph Reed is promising to share with local activists a massive new database of faith-based and fiscally conservative voters that he is building. 
Activists were also told that they must plan to keep sacrificing their time, energy and money for the next two years to make sure that Obama is defeated in 2012. Former Sen. Rick Santorum told activists not to expect dramatic improvements even if they win big in November: things won’t really change for the better as long as the White House is in Obama’s hands. Activists were warned that these two elections may be the last chance to stop the nation’s slide toward socialism and the end of America as we know it.
Right-wing speakers are optimistic about the possibility of delivering both the House and Senate into Republican hands and electing a conservative Republican president in 2012. FRC’s PAC held a fundraiser Friday night for Christine O’Donnell, the new Tea Party-backed GOP Senate candidate from Delaware, and other like-minded candidates.   Ralph Reed said that voter registration and focused turnout campaigns being waged by his and other right-wing groups would turn this from a good election cycle for Republicans into a historically sweeping one. And there’s particular excitement that Florida GOP Senate candidate Marco Rubio could be the face of the GOP’s future: right-wing strategists see him as Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama rolled into one appealing, Latino-vote-getting package.
3) Repealing Health Care Reform the Top Legislative Priority
According to several Values Voter Summit speakers, health care reform legislation signed into law by President Obama wasn’t really about health care at all. It was about extending the power of the federal government into tyrannical realms. Repealing “Obamacare” before it fully goes into effect is the top legislative priority of movement leaders. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell was one of several speakers who called the legislation unconstitutional, saying that if the legislation was allowed to stand, it would effectively spell the end of any limits on federal power. 
4) Muslims Replace Immigrants as a Top Target
While previous conferences have portrayed unchecked illegal immigration as the most dire threat to America, this year’s speakers picked up on the right-wing generated furor over a proposed Islamic center in lower Manhattan – the inaccurately dubbed “Ground Zero Mosque” – to make repeated bitter denunciations of Islam. Immigration was not completely ignored: Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, in a list of complaints, denounced the White House for being an administration “whose idea of a rogue state is Arizona,” and the Heritage Foundation sponsored a workshop on “The Real Cost of Illegal Immigration.” But the real energy was in attacking Islam, which was a primary focus of remarks by Bill Bennett and Gary Bauer.
5) Pursuit of Happiness With an Asterisk: Gays Need Not Apply
Not surprisingly, all the talk about individual liberty being at the core of our national identity did not extend to the freedom of gay and lesbian Americans to pursue happiness by marrying the person they love. Several speakers exhorted attendees to help mobilize conservative voters in Iowa to turn out for upcoming retention elections and vote against Iowa Supreme Court justices who ruled that denying gay couples the freedom to marriage violated the state’s constitution. The American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer, who insisted that there is no confusion about what is right in the sight of God and what is evil in the sight of God, said that politicians who support, defend, and promote “counterfeits” to marriage (which include not only marriage equality but also civil unions and domestic partnerships) are doing something evil and deserve condemnation. Fischer repeated Religious Right claims that LGBT equality and religious liberty are incompatible: “we are going to have to choose between the homosexual agenda and religious liberty because we simply cannot have both.”
The federal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law which forbids gay members of the Armed Forces for serving openly and honestly, was also high on speakers’ minds. Sen. James Inhofe urged people to call their senators in advance of a scheduled vote on a defense authorization bill that would include language to overturn Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as well as language that would, in his words, turn military hospitals into abortion clinics. 

Values Voters' Angry Afternoon Tea

The afternoon of the first day of the Values Voters Summit in Washington, DC, continued the morning’s themes: denunciations of the Pelosi-Reid-Obama axis of evil and celebrations of all things Tea Party – and the insistence that the religion and values agenda of the Religious Right is inseparable from the Tea Party’s limited government goals.

Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum kicked off the session with a reprise of his current stump speech, a denunciation of secularism and an assertion that we can’t have economic freedom without virtuous people, and we can’t have virtuous people without lots of religion in our public life. Like other speakers, he called this November’s elections the most important of our lifetime.
Gary Bauer made it clear he was vying for “angriest man” honors, hectoring the audience with bitter complaints about liberals treating the Constitution like toilet paper and the president trying to “set one class against another in the rawest class warfare.” He insisted that “this country is in shock about what’s being done to our nation.” The country is “sick and tired of being lectured by liberal elites.” Bauer claimed, ridiculously, that “almost none” of America’s elites believe the 9-11 attacks were caused by radical Islam. When he attacked Obama and Bloomberg for defending the rights of Muslims to build a cultural center in New York, shouts of “traitor” were heard from the audience. (In contrast, there was only scattered tepid applause when Bauer described as “foolish” the Florida pastor who threatened to burn copies of the Koran.) Bauer ended with a graphic recounting of the violence that took place on the 9-11 flight brought down by the passengers, and demanded that people show the same kind of mettle in taking back America.
Delaware’s new GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell urged people to remember how despondent they felt in the early days of the Obama administration, when conservatives were told, she said, to curl up in a fetal position for eight years. “Well,” she exulted, “how things have changed.” O’Donnell also railed against the “ruling class elites” who look down on Tea Party activists and insisted, “there are more of us than there are of them.” She said Tea Partiers are shouting back at these would-be masters, “You’re not the boss of me!” She encouraged people to keep fighting. “We aren’t trying to take back our country, we ARE our country.”
The afternoon’s “surprise guest” was not Sarah Palin, as some had speculated, but Dale Peterson – the guy from Alabama whose choppy, quick-edited, gun-toting ad running for agriculture commissioner became a YouTube sensation. Peterson was seemingly meant to be the authentic voice of Tea Party America. He said Obama hates America and is doing all he can to bring down America. Peterson later told journalist Sarah Posner that he doesn’t believe President Obama was born in the U.S.
A Tea Party panel brought together three activists who told stories about their own transformations from being moms and conservatives who minded their own business to becoming activists.  Activists Katie Abram and Billie Tucker said their Tea Party work was guided by God waking them up early in the morning with instructions, the same way, one said, God does with Glenn Beck. Tucker describes a disagreement among organizers of their local tea party group. When one argued against adding moral issues to the mission, Tucker responded, saying “God did not wake me up for four months at four in the morning to say, ‘Billie, we’ve got a tax issue.’ He woke me up because he said my country doesn’t love me like it used to love me.”
Amy Kremer of Tea Party Express said her group’s mission was focused on fiscal responsibility, limited government, and free markets; she credited Rick Santelli’s rant about the mortgage meltdown with lighting the fire. Kremer, who worked for Joe Miller’s Senate campaign before heading to Delaware to campaign for Christine O’Donnell, urged activists to focus on the fall elections. “The time has come to put down the protest signs and pick up the campaign signs and engage,” she said. “If we’re going to truly effect change it’s going to be at the ballot box.”

We Rest Our Case: Bryan Fischer Tries to Defend His Bigoted Record

Today, People For the American Way issued a statement calling out all those conservative leaders who will attending the upcoming Values Voter Summit and sharing the stage with notorious bigot Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association and chronicled the myriad of outrageously offensive things Fischer has said about gays and Muslims and others.

Needless to say, Fischer is not particularly pleased with our statement and dedicated a portion of his radio program today to "defending" himself ... and in doing so, only helped to make our point even clearer.

Fischer took particular exception to our point that "any candidate thinking seriously of running for president in 2012 should think twice about standing alongside a man who has called for the deportation of all Muslims in America," by claiming that he did no such thing (but, of course, he did when he claimed that Muslim citizens were, simply by being virtue of being Muslim, guilty of treason against the US.)

Fischer's "defense" is that he simply wants to deny entry to all Muslims because we are doing them a favor since they could not possibly handle or tolerate our freedoms:

"Any candidate thinking seriously of running for president in 2012 should think twice about standing alongside a man who has called for the deportation of all Muslims in America."

That, as a matter of fact is not true. What I has said is that if Muslims are here and they have citizenship status, we shouldn't do anything to them. They have citizenship status, it might have been a mistake to give it to them, but they have it and we need to respect it because we uphold the rule of law.

What I was talking about is when you have Muslims who are applying for permanent residency, for permanent legal residency, or applying for citizenship, my recommendation is that instead of granting them citizenship, we help them return to their homeland, to their native country, we help repatriate them to their country of origin where they can have the freedom to be Muslims without having to chafe against our religious liberty and our freedom of speech and first-class citizenship status for wives and for women.

This has got to be awkward for them, it's got to be painful for them, it's got to be uncomfortable for them to see so many people enjoying the fruit of Christianity, its liberty and its freedom, its respect for the individual, its respect for the freedom of individuals to think and make decisions for themselves, its got to chew them up because it is so the polar opposite of what Islam is all about.

So I say we are doing them a favor by repatriating them to their homeland where an entire nation shares their values.

We also pointed out that Fischer demanded a ban on Muslims serving in the US military which he "defended" by saying that he was merely telling the truth about how all Muslims are required to kill Christians and Jews:

So if telling the truth about Muslim service-members is an insult, then truth is now the new insult, truth is now the new hate speech.

All I have said about Muslims in the military is that their god commands them to kill us and it does not make sense to me that we would allow people to enlist in the body that is designed to protect our security and enable us to sleep peacefully in our beds at night, we should not invite into our military - the very organization that is supposed to protect us - invite into our military those who have a solemn and sacred obligation to kill us and kill their fellow soldiers.

Finally, Fischer explains that he doesn't "hate" gays or Muslims - he just hates the horrible, empty, disease-filled lives they lead:

 I am pro-gay; I am anti-homosexuality. I am pro-Muslim; I am anti-Islam. 

I am for homosexuals because I want them to be delivered from the bondage and the death sentence of homosexual conduct. So I am against homosexual behavior, I am against homosexual expression, I am against homosexual conduct because I want to see the people that are trapped in that lifestyle, I want to see them set free.

And the same is true when it comes to Islam: I am for Muslims; I am against-Islam. And, as I mentioned before, the primary victims of Islam are Muslims. I mean, it's got to break your heart when you visualize the life that these people lead in Muslim-dominated countries.

There is darkness, there is tyranny, there is repression, there is hatred, there is a complete absence of freedom, a complete absence of liberty, women are second-class citizens, they're considered as property, as chattel who can be beaten by their husbands according to Allah, according to the Holy Quran, according to the Prophet.

I mean the poverty, and the disease, and the emptiness and the sterility of life in a Muslim-dominated land, it ought to break our hearts. And that is why I am against Islam because I see what it does to people, I see what it does to cultures, I see what it does to entire nations when it is allowed to take root and flourish.

So I am pro-Muslims, but anti-Islam. I am pro-homosexual, I am anti-homosexuality. 

Let me point out again that this is Fischer defense against charges of being an anti-gay and anti-Muslim bigot.

So let us ask again why conservative leaders like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Mike Pence, Bob McDonnell, Newt Gingrich, and Michele Bachmann are so willing to share a stage with this man and attend an event being co-sponsored by the American Family Association, the group that has given Fischer a national platform?

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