Bryan Fischer's Countless Hate Crimes

As we noted last week, Bryan Fischer has made it his new cause in life to prove that "the number one class of people who are committing hate crimes today are homosexual activists."

Fischer bases this idea upon a definition of a hate crime that he took off us, which reads:

"A hate crime is usually defined by state law as one that involves threats, harassment, or physical harm and is motivated by prejudice against someone's race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability."

Fischer has seized upon the phrases "harassment" and "religion" and is now basically using them to declare anything and everything he doesn't like to be a "hate crime."

Last week it was situation with Peter Vidmar, who stepped down from his position with the 2012 U.S. Olympic team over his support for Proposition 8, and today is it some case involving a doctor in England:

If facing harassment because others have prejudice against your religion is a hate crime, then Dr. Richard Scott of the U.K. is the latest victim of the P.C. police.

He is facing an official sanction from the professional medical body in England, the General Medical Council (GMC) for having the effrontery to suggest to a patient that nurturing his spiritual life might be one part of a holistic course of treatment.

It makes no difference to the Tolerance Nazis that study after study has shown the beneficial health effects of faith in God and prayer, or that Dr. Scott only broached the subject with this patient after a lengthy consultation, and after medical checks had been performed and referrals for further care were arranged.

Nope, the Torquemadas of the left want to put Dr. Scott on the rack and punish him despite his unblemished 28-year record and despite the fact the patient in question is still seeking care at his clinic and so himself is apparently not criminally offended in the least.

This case doesn't even have anything to do with gays, so Fischer is now claiming that it is "secular fundamentalists" who are committing this particular hate crime.

The interesting thing about this new development is that Fischer intentionally overlooks the other elements of the definition of a hate crime, most notably the listing of "sexual orientation."

And given that, in Fischer's view, basically any criticism or pressure put on any conservative or Christian is "harassment" and therefore a "hate crime," let us point out that Fischer and the AFA led the charge to fire Kevin Jennings and impeach Judge Vaughn Walker, solely because they were gay:

AFA calls for resignation of Kevin Jennings, “Safe and Drug Free Schools” head

The American Family Association today called for the resignation of Kevin Jennings, the head of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools in the Department of Education.

“This man is not a good role model for the nation’s children, nor will he fairly represent all Americans due to his spiteful attitude toward evangelical Christians,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon.

Time to impeach Judge Vaughn Walker

Contact your representative today and urge him to start impeachment proceedings

August 5, 2010

Yesterday (August 4), U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker single-handedly overturned California's Prop. 8, which elevated protection for one-man, one-woman marriage to its state constitution.


Judge Walker's ruling is not "good Behaviour." He has exceeded his constitutional authority and engaged in judicial tyranny.

Judges are not, in fact, unaccountable. They are accountable to Congress, which can remove them from office.

Impeachment proceedings, according to the Constitution, begin in the House of Representatives. It's time for you to put your congressman on record regarding the possible impeachment of Judge Walker.

If Peter Vidmar stepping down and some foreign doctor facing possible discipline are examples of "hate crimes," what just what is the AFA prolonged and orchestrated campaign to get two gay public servants fired from the jobs?

And can I point out that Islam is also a "religion" ... and Fischer has been leading a full-blown crusade against Muslims for years now.

So by Fischer's own standard, he is personally guilty of committing hate crimes on a daily basis. 

Minnesota Republicans Invite Bradlee Dean To Deliver Opening Prayer

Andy Birkey of the Minnesota Independent reports that House Republicans invited ultra-right wing anti-gay, anti-Islam activist Bradlee Dean to deliver the morning prayer ... and it went about as well as one would expect:

Minnesota House Republicans invited anti-gay preacher Bradlee Dean of You Can Run But You Cannot Hide to give the morning prayer. The prayer was so offensive to many legislators that House leadership brought in the chaplain to redo the prayer.

Dean has made many controversial statements as pastor of You Can Run, including advocating the incarceration of gays and lesbians, that the LGBT community is trying to usher in Sharia law in Minnesota, that gay men molest an average of 117 children “before they get caught,” and that Muslim nations that execute gays are more moral than American Christians. His prayer on Friday touched off a firestorm at the Capitol as the LGBT community was rallying outside the House chambers against a proposed anti-gay marriage amendment.

Dean said during his prayer, “I know this is a nondenominational chamber,” he said listing off a litany of Christian denominations and leaving off any mention of Judaism.

Then he took a dig at President Obama, insinuating that he is not a Christian. “The head of the denomination is Jesus as every president up until 2008 has acknowledged, in Jesus name.”

Dean and his You Can Run But You Cannot Hide ministry has the support of Rep. Michele Bachmann and Religious Right leaders like Harry Jackson and Bryan Fischer.

UPDATE: Here is Dean's opening prayer:

Glenn Beck "Should Be Nobody's Spiritual Leader"

Ever since Glenn Beck decided that he was really a spiritual leader and started organizing rallies to that end, there has been an ever-growing chorus of Religious Right activists warning Christians to be wary of Beck and his Mormonism.

Now that Beck is organizing another such rally, this time in Jerusalem, we can expect to see more of these sorts of warnings, like this one from the American Family Association's OneNewsNow:

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung, host of the Prophecy Today Radio Network, travels the world to educate the Body of Christ about the future events foretold in the Bible. While he agrees with Beck politically, he does not agree that the talk-show icon should be viewed as a spiritual leader.

"You might remember the Washington rally last year, and Glenn Beck said repeatedly, 'this is not a political rally; this is a spiritual rally.' He is not my spiritual leader," DeYoung contends. "He should be nobody's spiritual leader. I don't believe he knows Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. He is a Mormon, and the Mormon religion says that Jesus Christ is a brother to Satan."

And the Jerusalem-based journalist has a problem with Beck's desire to stand with people of all faiths.

"The mass majority of those who may well join with him are replacement theologians," DeYoung suggests. "They believe that God's Word has replaced the Jewish people and all the promises in the Word go now to the church. That is called replacement theology; it's heretical."

Fischer: If Obama Wins in 2012 "We May Run Out Of Time To Save Western Civilization"

Bryan Fischer has just a few "simple" steps that need to be taken in order to save America:

1. No more mosques, period. They are recruiting and training centers for jihad on American soil.

2. No more Muslim immigration to the United States. There is no such thing as moderate Islam. Islam itself is a dangerous infection, and every devout Muslim is a carrier.

3. No Muslims in the United States military. Remember Ft. Hood?

4. No sharia law, anywhere, under any circumstances, in the United States. The foundation of American jurisprudence is the Judeo-Christian tradition, not the Qur’an.

Of course, banning Muslims from coming to the US, building houses of worship, and serving in the military alone are not enough ... we also must get rid of Presdient Obama because he "appears to hate the Christian roots of America while being infatuated with the demonic domination that Islam represents":

Multiculturalism has given us a president who is ashamed of his Judeo-Christian heritage and apologizes for it all over the world, while celebrating the supposed wonders of Islam and its utterly mythical contributions to American culture. He hosts lavish dinners in honor of Muslim holidays, while at the same time giving short shrift to both Christmas and Easter.

Our president appears to hate the Christian roots of America while being infatuated with the demonic domination that Islam represents.

The bottom line here is that if America does not seat someone in the Oval Office in 2012 who is aware of the dark dangers of Islam and who celebrates the superiority of Judeo-Christian culture over the backwardness of Islamic culture, we may run out of time to save Western civilization.

Fischer: Gays Are Nazis

There is no more openly bigoted Religious Right leader active today than the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer ... and yet that doesn't stop Republican members of Congress and presidential hopefuls from appearing on his radio program on a regular basis.

Last year, Fischer made news when he asserted that Adolf Hitler surrounded himself with gay soldiers because "he could not get straight soldiers to be savage and brutal and vicious enough to carry out his orders." 

Yesterday, he went even further (if such a thing is possible) and asserted that gays are literally Nazis and that they will "do the same thing to you that the Nazis did to their opponents in Nazi Germany":

The homosexual agenda is just like Islam: there is no room for dissent, there is no room to leave, once you're in, you can't leave. Muslims won't let you leave, homosexuals won't let you leave - if you leave, they claim you're faking it, so there's no way out. There's no freedom of choice, there's no freedom of religion - if you have religious views about homosexual behavior, you are squashed.

I mean, ladies and gentlemen, they are Nazis. Homosexual activists, when it comes to freedom of speech, are Nazis. When it comes to freedom of religion, they are Nazis. There is no room in their world for dissent, there is no room in their world for disagreement, there is no room in their world for criticism. You criticize homosexual behavior, they tag you as a bigot and a homophobe and then they got to work to silence you just like the Roman Catholic Church did in the days of Galileo - it's no different; it's the Spanish Inquisition all over again.

Ladies and gentlemen, they are Nazis. Do not be under any illusions about what homosexual activists will do with your freedoms and your religion if they have the opportunity. They'll do the same thing to you that the Nazis did to their opponents in Nazi Germany.

Turek: Gays And Radical Muslims Have United To Destroy Western Civilization

Speaking with Bryan Fischer, fellow American Family Radio host Frank Turek argued that gays and Muslim extremists are allied in their plot to destroy America. Turek, the host of CrossExamined and a motivational speaker for businesses, previously joined Tony Perkins, Jerry Boykin and Rick Joyner in announcing a Spartan-like 300 to get more Christians involved in politics.

Turek tells Fischer that “the homosexual community and Muslim community [are] joining together” pass laws banning ‘hate speech’ in America in order to bring about “totalitarianism” by “shutting up the opponents.” Turek says that the two groups are collaborating because “they both hate Western Civilization” and “hate Judeo-Christian natural law values.” Turek’s views appear to reflect a new theme among conservatives like Newt Gingrich and Rep. Louie Gohmert who believe that progressives and radical Muslims are in an anti-American alliance. Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber last month claimed that progressive and radical Muslims are trying to “unite together to destroy Christianity” over their allegedly shared hatred of God.


Fischer: Anybody who speaks out against Islam in the United States just gets hammered by voices on the left trying to censor them, silence them, intimidate them, the only thing they are lacking right now is the club of a law that will punish them for telling the truth about Islam.

Turek: Well that’s on the way and I’ve mentioned on my show there are strange bedfellows politically in our country today that is the radical left and the radical right in terms of Islam. You have, for example, the homosexual community and Muslim community joining together to try and call any criticism of their behavior or their religion ‘hate speech’ which would make it illegal, if they could get these laws passed, to criticize homosexuality or to criticize Islam. See it isn’t about truth here, it’s about totalitarianism, it’s about a way to silence the opposition. You can win the debate by just shutting up the opponents here.

So it’s really strange to me how these two disparate groups can be in concert together, maybe it’s because they both hate Western Civilization, maybe it’s because they both hate Judeo-Christian natural law values that our Constitution and particularly our Declaration of Independence were founded on, ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident,’ maybe they just hate that both those groups hate those values so much that they’re in bed together. But I can tell you one thing, if the Muslims ever takeover, the first people they’re going to go after is the folks on the radical left.

Boykin: "There Is No Creativity In Islam"

Jerry Boykin really hates Islam and he makes no bones about it ... but his obsession with denigrating the faith is now becoming pathetically comical as he is reduced to claiming, as he did at the Oak Initiative Summit, that Muslims have never accomplished anything because "there is no creativity in Islam" and that any advance in math or science for which they get credit are really the result of having captured Christians:

Walking The Line: The Company That Mike Huckabee Keeps

Yesterday, Tim Murphy of Mother Jones wrote a good piece about Mike Huckabee's ties to Janet Porter which noted that "Huckabee's greatest asset has always been his ability to speak two languages—one to his base, and one to everyone else."

This is absolutely true, in that Huckabee has managed to develop a reputation as an affable, reasonable Republican in the media while simultaneously maintaining and establishing deep relationships with figures who inhabit the outer fringes of the Religious Right.

And nothing better exemplifies this than the fact that he dedicated a segment on a recent episode of his Fox News television program to discussing the operation that killed Osama Bin Laden ... and he brought on retired General Jerry Boykin as his expert:

Now, the segment itself contains nothing too extreme ... and that is exactly what makes it a perfect demonstration of how Huckabee manages to walk this line. 

After all, if Huckabee brought Boykin on to his Fox program so that he could talk about how he retired from the military after he was caught declaring that the US was engaged in a holy war against Islam and how, since that time, he has become a professional anti-Islam activist and teamed up with self-proclaimed prophet Rick Joyner to form a Spartan-like Christian army that can withstand President Obama's Marxist attempts to create an army of Brownshirts loyal only to him ... well, that just might undermine Huckabee's own well-crafted reputation for aw-shucks reasonableness, now wouldn't it?

David Barton Lies To Jon Stewart On Sharia Law Views

As Miranda noted yesterday, David Barton raised eyebrows when he told The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart that religious law, including Sharia law, is compatible with the Constitution if a locality or state wanted to implement it, as he has a long track record of promoting vehement anti-Muslim views. Julie Ingersoll of Religion Dispatches also pointed out that Barton has consistently criticized “the threat of Islam taking over the country by imposing ‘Sharia Law.’”

But when Stewart asked if Barton was “all right with Sharia law and the whole business” in a Muslim-majority city in America, Barton replied, “Sure, sure.”

However, Barton made the exact opposite point in an interview with anti-Muslim activist Brigitte Gabriel of ACT! for America during his WallBuilders Live radio program.

Discussing a federal judge’s injunction that blocked an Oklahoma law which banned Sharia law, Barton told co-host Rick Green that Sharia law was incompatible with the Constitution.

Barton criticized the judge, saying, “how you can not let [the law] stand when you take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, that’s the only oath you’ve taken to uphold, how you gonna throw Sharia in there and make it equal with the Constitution it’s nuts to me.” He went on to allege that secular people like Joy Behar hate Judaism and Christianity and support Sharia law because they want an oppressive, authoritarian government:

Barton: But I love the fact that she points out that 21 states are considering what Oklahoma did, and 11 are likely to pass it this next session. So it’s going to be really significant to see what the federal judge does with that thing, whether he’s gonna let it stand or not. And how you can not let it stand when you take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, that’s the only oath you’ve taken to uphold, how you gonna throw Sharia in there and make it equal with the Constitution it’s nuts to me. But we’ve seen judges do nutty things so that’s not unusual.

Green: And I’m thinking long term strategy on this thing because this will probably take several years to play out in the courts, but its good that these other states are gonna do it too because we’d like to see this come up through several courts of appeals—

Barton: And get an overwhelming thing. You know, the other thing that I found really interesting listening to Brigitte and talk about her life and stuff that was going on and how strong she is. I find it so strong that you can take all these militant, anti-Christian—Joyce Behar—she’s got the cable news program, she’s on The View, you remember O’Reilly goes on there and makes a comment about Muslims being terrorists and she walks off the program in a rage. She is all the time berating every Christians out there. She’s smashing—

Green: And defending the terrorists.

Barton: Now, this is what’s kind of interesting to me. Secular people do not like religion, but they do like Islam. So maybe Islam is not a religion, maybe it is a way of life. Because why is it that secular people who hate Judaism, who hate Christianity, they love Muslims? It’s because of the tyrannical control over lives. This is what these guys want to do through government and they want the same kind of control, so Sharia that’s a great way to control.

Green: It fits right into their way of thinking things some work.

Barton: It does, their view that we ought to be control. It’s just crazy.

David Barton OKs Sharia Law in the U.S.

Here’s a clip to file away for future reference: in his fast-talking, low-fact interview with Jon Stewart last night, David Barton was cornered into giving his blessing to majority-Muslim communities in the United States implementing Sharia law:

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Exclusive - David Barton Extended Interview Pt. 3
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Stewart: Do you feel like the majority in a locality should be able to determine…
Barton: Yes, yes, and here in New York City, there’s schools that are 100 percent Hasidic Jewish, and I think they should be allowed to have Hasidic Jewish practices there because all 100 percent kids are…
Stewart: So you would allow, like, let’s say Dearborn, Michigan was majority Muslim…
Barton: And it is.
Stewart: Are you all right with Sharia law and the whole business…
Barton: Sure, sure.
Stewart: Well, that’s consistent.
Barton: But for somebody from the outside to come in and say “I don’t like this, you can’t do it” that’s what I have trouble with.

This might come as a surprise to the right-wingers who are on high Sharia-alert. Barton in the past has been less than sympathetic to Muslim Americans even practicing their religion in the United States, much less imposing Muslim theocracies. For instance, when Rep. Keith Ellison became the first Muslim member of Congress, Barton objected to Ellison being sworn into office using Thomas Jefferson’s Koran, implying that Ellison’s expression of faith was somehow un-American:

Keith Ellison may be the one to break this pattern and start something new with Islam, but in the meantime, he should not be surprised that there is widespread concern over his decision to publicly flaunt American tradition and values and replace them with Islamic ones.

Barton, in his work rewriting American history for Texas’s school board, also made sure to cast as bad a light as possible on Muslims. Washington Monthly reported:

On the global front, Barton and company want textbooks to play up clashes with Islamic cultures, particularly where Muslims were the aggressors, and to paint them as part of an ongoing battle between the West and Muslim extremists. Barton argues, for instance, that the Barbary wars, a string of skirmishes over piracy that pitted America against Ottoman vassal states in the 1800s, were the “original war against Islamic Terrorism.”

Barton unsurprisingly objected to the planned Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan last summer, saying, ”When they’re claiming it’s a freedom of religion issue, and that’s all they’re talking about, that’s great proof that’s not the issue.”

Then there was the time he claimed that an appeals court decision allowing California schools to teach children about different religions, was in fact authorizing a “three-week indoctrination to the Islamic faith.”

Which all makes it seem somewhat suspect that Barton would suddenly embrace the idea of Sharia law being implemented in any American communities.

But even if he’s serious, there’s no need to worry about Barton’s new embrace of Sharia taking hold. Dearborn, Michigan, for one, has already made it very clear that it has absolutely no inclination to run its government with anything but the United States’ secular legal code.

Phillips: "Obama And His Regime Are Not Real Americans"

Tea Party Nation thinks everything about the successful operation to find and kill Osama bin Laden was an “epic fail”: it occurred in a foreign country, Obama didn’t smile or celebrate, he announced the news during the Celebrity Apprentice and bin Laden’s corpse wasn’t covered in pig fat. Philips, the president of Tea Party Nation, now claims that Obama “is either insane or has a suicide wish” because the administration decided against release a photograph of bin Laden’s mangled corpse. According to Phillips, the mission to kill bin Laden and the aftermath proves that Obama and his administration are not only weak but also aren’t “Real Americans” who “love their country” and “want to see their country prevail.”

In a sane world certain things make sense. You fight to win. You fight because you are right. You do not let thugs; bandits, criminals and bullies dictate what you do or how you fight.

This is particularly true when you are the United States of America. Yet the most powerful nation in the world is acting like a country that is either insane or has a suicide wish.

Only a few short days ago, American forces killed the most wanted man in the world. After the raid that killed him, we took Osama bin Laden’s body with us, back to a U.S. Navy warship. Instead of cleaning him up, like we did the son’s of Sadam Hussein, so we could present proof positive that we had killed him; he was quickly buried at sea, allegedly in accordance with Islamic sensibilities.

We are at war with at least radical Islam, if not Islam itself. We are told repeatedly that Bin Laden is not a true Muslim, yet we have to give him a Muslim funeral and the need to do that trumps all other considerations?

Real Americans love their country. Real Americans want to see their country prevail. Real Americans love their countrymen who sacrifice so much to make this country free.

Obama and his regime are not real Americans. And with Obama and his team at the helm of government, it is a world gone mad.

Palin Teams Up With Right Wing Holy Warrior For "Tribute to the Troops"

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you are not doubt familiar with Jerry Boykin, the former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence under Donald Rumsfeld who retired after video emerged of him explaining that we were engaged in a spiritual war against Islam that the US would eventually win because our God was bigger than their God.

Since leaving the military, Boykin has joined up with self-proclaimed prophet Rick Joyner and become the Religious Right's resident "expert" on all things Islam and a leading member of the Religious Right's Spartan-like army. He is also the man who exposed the fact that President Obama is a Marxist who intends to use the health care reform legislation to build an army of Brownshirts loyal only to him:

So it only stands to reason that next month, Sarah Palin would share the stage with him at a "Tribute to the Troops" rally in Colorado:

Former Alaska Governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will speak at a May 2 fundraiser for veterans at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, the school just announced.

Palin will be keynote speaker at "Tribute to the Troops with Sarah Palin" at the university in Lakewood.

Lt. Gen. William Boykin will also speak, and there will be appearances from representatives of all the military branches.

Gordon Robertson: Obama Was Raised Muslim And Could Inspire Other Muslims To Convert

Pat Robertson’s son Gordon, who is also the CEO of the Christian Broadcasting Network and the heir to his father’s political and media empire, told the conservative President Obama was raised a Muslim and hoped his conversion to Christianity will inspire other Muslims to convert during an interview with his father:

Turning his attention to matters of faith intertwined with politics, Robertson said President Barack Obama goes out of his way to downplay America’s Christian origins. But attacking Obama on that front in an effort to defeat him in 2012 would be the wrong approach, he said.

“I don’t know if people should rise up against that or just say, ‘Beat him in relation to his policies,’” Robertson said during the Newsmax interview, in which he also shared the floor with his son Gordon, who is CEO of CBN and co-host of the “700 Club.”

Gordon interjected: “Obama’s father was a Muslim, and he [Obama] became a Christian convert. More recently he has celebrated his faith and become far more public in it. I think he’s feeling the need to be more vocal: ‘I am a Christian.’

“He was raised Muslim and has come out and said, ‘I want to be a Christian.’ That’s something we ought to explore. Could that have influence within the Muslim world to get others to question and look to Christianity?”

The problem is, Obama was not raised a Muslim.

Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post's Fact Checker writes, Obama’s father (who left when he was two years old) was an atheist and his mother was not religious. While he became a Christian in his 20s, he had never practiced Islam. According to his campaign’s Fight the Smears, “Senator Obama has never been a Muslim, was not raised as a Muslim, and is a committed Christian. Further, this myth perpetuates unfortunate falsehoods about the Muslim-American community that are offensive to people of all faiths.”

Right Wing Round-Up

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Fischer: Only Difference Between Liberals and Terrorists Is That "So Far [Liberals] Haven't Taken to Killing People"

On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer explained that the only real difference between liberals and Islamic radicals was that "so far [liberals] haven't taken to killing people."  But other than that, they are pretty much the same because both groups hate America, freedom, and God:

There's this odd collaboration between liberals in America and Muslims. Liberals reject the Judeo-Christian tradition just like Islam does and that's where, I think, the linkage is. I mean, you look at Islam, they're going to behead homosexuals; liberals want them coronated; we want them helped. So these are poles apart, so why is it that liberals in America are so fond of and go to bat for Muslims all the time? It makes no sense in any kind of rational world.

But there isn't any rationality in liberalism. It's not rational. It's not logical. It violates everything we know about history, everything we know about logic, everything we know about morality. All of those are violated by a liberal worldview. So what is that they share in common? Well, I think what they share in common, the reason that they bond together, you know the enemy of my enemy is my friend, they both have in common one enemy: the Judge-Christian system of values, the Judge-Christian system of truth claims and values. They both hate the Judge-Christian tradition with equal passion and so that's what bonds them together.

And they hate America with equal passion. And they hate democracy. They hate freedom of speech, they hate freedom of association. So what Muslims and liberals share together is this hatred of the United States, this hatred of classical American values, this hatred of the Judeo-Christian values system.

And the illustration of the way in which Muslims hate democracy just as much as "regressives" do ... I'm not saying "as much" because Muslims are willing to go much further in their opposition to democracy than Democrats are. They'll try to shut you down, they'll try to engage in electoral fraud, they will try to use intimidation, they will try to use the courts, they will try to shout you down, but so far they haven't taken to killing people.

Fischer: Muslims Don't Have To Convert, Just Renounce Islam

A few weeks ago, Bryan Fischer wrote a post declaring that any Muslim "who wants to become an American had best be prepared to drop his Islam and his Qur’an at Ellis Island" and convert to Christianity.

That was too much for the American Family Association, which pulled down Fischer's post and changed it to remove all of Fischer's demands for conversion. 

But, as we pointed out, just because the AFA changed Fischer's post, that didn't mean that Fischer doesn't really believe that Muslims ought to be forced to convert to Christianity if they want to become Americans, because he absolutely does. 

But he won't say that ... so instead he just says that they need to renouce Islam, as he explained on his radio program yesterday:

We need to insist that immigrants to the United States affirm and believe in the superiority of Western civilization in general and the Judeo-Christian system of values and truth claims in particular over alternative value systems such as Sharia law. So you want to come here, you have to renounce Shariah law if you're a Muslim. You got to renounce death for apostates. You got to renounce husbands beating their wives. You got to renounce calling Jews "apes and pigs." You got to renounce the bloodshed of infidels.

So I guess Fischer would also support making any Christians or Jews who want to immigrate to the US renounce the Bible's demands that infidels be stoned, children who curse their parents or rebel must be put to death, that daughters of priests who become prostitutes must be burned alive.  Right? 

Fischer: "I Would Never Participate in Interfaith Dialogue With a Muslim"

Like Jerry Boykin before him, the AFA's Bryan Fischer wants it known that he will never engage in any sort of interfaith dialogue with a Muslim and vehemently opposes allowing Muslims to worship in Christian churches, because all it does is allow demon spirits to compromise the building:

I would never participate in interfaith dialogue with a Muslim. You have all these Christians out there, these pastors, wonderful interfaith dialogue. You have pastors allowing Muslims to come in and hold their worship services in their church buildings, which in my mind is just compromising those places spiritually. So there is no way that Christians ought to open their sanctuaries to those that are serving Allah. Allah is a demon God. He's not the true god. You're inviting all of the spirits that are associated with Islam, that further Islam, that promote Islam, you are inviting them into your building and compromising your building spiritually in doing that.

Of course, on the flip side, Fischer has no problem entering a mosque and praying that God will tear it down.

Boykin: There Can Be No Interfaith Dialogue Between Muslims and Christians

Speaking on the dangers of Islam at The Oak Initiative Summit, Retired General Jerry Boykin attacked religious leaders who seek interfaith dialogue and understanding with Muslims, claiming that when Muslims pray, they curse Jesus and asserting that Islam is not an Abrahamic faith and therefore Christianity and Islam have absolutely nothing in common:

Chuck Norris’s New Project: Fighting Creeping Sharia

After railing against Obama’s purported attempts to wean Christianity out of public life, Chuck Norris now is warning of the supposed threat of religious involvement in government. Of course, in this case the threat comes from Islam. In his WorldNetDaily column “Holy Week, Holy Sharia? Part 1,” Norris begins his investigation into “creeping Sharia law.” He recommends the book Muslim Mafia, which alleges that radical Muslims are infiltrating the government through the congressional internship program, and says he plans to write at least four more articles as part of his exposé into the menace of Sharia.

Norris’s only evidence of creeping Sharia is a Florida judge’s ruling upholding a religious arbitration scheme (make sure to read Sarah Posner’s thorough debunking), an Alabama bill to ban Sharia law whose chief sponsor admits that he doesn’t even know what Sharia law is, and an Obama adviser’s statements on misconceptions about Sharia law:

The main point here is this: Where Muslim religion and culture has spread, Shariah law has shortly followed.

Of course, many Americans watch on video a Middle Eastern woman allegedly caught in adultery, buried in the ground up to her head and being stoned to death, and think, "That could never happen in America." But they fail to see how Shariah law has already been enabled and subtly invoked in our country, and that any such induction like it is brought about by understated lukewarm changes, like a frog boiled in a kettle by a slow simmer.

For those who don't believe in that Shariah simmer, consider in just the past few months that:

• A Florida judge ruled that a dispute between Muslim parties could proceed under Shariah law. "This case," the judge wrote, "will proceed under Ecclesiastical Islamic Law."

• Alabama is joining a growing list of states that are considering outlawing the use of foreign and religious laws, specifically Muslim Shariah law, in their courts.

• President Barack Obama's adviser on Muslim affairs, Dalia Mogahed, appeared on a British television show hosted by a member of an extremist group to talk about Shariah law. Miss Mogahed said the Western view of Shariah was "oversimplified" and that the majority of women around the world associate it with "gender justice." Does she really think that Shariah is the ideological bastion of gender equality?

In the end, it seems to me we have a choice to believe that Shariah law is, or is not, a pro-Islamic system of civic, religious, moral and social laws, which is being used to run other countries and governments but is not being (nor ever will be) invoked to run ours, based upon the belief that our constitutional republic and Bill of Rights is inferior.

Fischer Goes Too Far…Again: AFA Removes And Edits Post Demanding Immigrants "Convert To Christianity"

On Friday Right Wing Watch reported that Bryan Fischer, the Director of Issue Analysis for the American Family Association, urged the U.S. to require immigrants, Muslims in particular, to “convert to Christianity.” At some point after it was posted, the AFA removed Fischer’s article from their website and he then rewrote the three paragraphs RWW highlighted so that now the article argues the exact opposite of what he originally said:

In the original article, Fischer said:

Allowing Muslims to immigrate into the United States, a Christian nation by origin, history and tradition, without insisting that they drop their allegiance to Allah, Muhammad, the Qur’an, and sharia law, is to commit cultural suicide. We believe in freedom of religion for Muslims like we do for everybody else. But if they insist on clinging to their religion, they will need to exercise their freedom of religion in a Muslim country which shares their values: death for those who leave Islam, the beating of wives by their husbands, and the labeling of Jews as apes and pigs.

Immigration is a privilege, not a right, and our policy should be to admit to our shores only those with a commitment to a full assimilation to American culture, adopting our faith, our heroes, and our history. Someone with a Muslim background who wants to become an American had best be prepared to drop his Islam and his Qur’an at Ellis Island.

So ancient Israel offers a paradigm of what a sensible and sane immigration policy looks like. It’s simple: don’t break the law (that is, come in through the front door instead of breaking in through a window), convert to Christianity, fully assimilate (become an authentic American, not a hyphenated American), and support yourself. If you commit to those things, you are welcome here. If you don’t or won’t, perhaps it’s best for you to stay home.

Now, the three paragraphs read:

Does this mean that folks need to convert before they immigrate? No, but at a minimum, it would mean making sure that immigrants to the United States affirm and believe in the superiority of the Judeo-Christian system of values and truth claims over alternative value systems such as sharia law.

Immigration is a privilege, not a right, and our policy should be to admit to our shores only those with a commitment to a full assimilation to American culture, adopting our values, our heroes, and our history.


So ancient Israel offers a paradigm of what a sensible and sane immigration policy looks like. It’s simple: don’t break the law (that is, come in through the front door instead of breaking in through a window), fully assimilate (become an authentic American, not a hyphenated American), and support yourself. If you commit to those things, you are welcome here. If you don’t or won’t, perhaps it’s best for you to stay home.

This wouldn’t be the first time the AFA censored their chief spokesman, as the group in February scrubbed Fischer’s article where he said that Native Americans were rightfully expelled from their land and are punished with poverty and alcoholism for not converting to Christianity. Just last week, Fischer removed and altered his piece claiming that African Americans “rut like rabbits.”

Unfortunately for Fischer, we saved a version of his original post:

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