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Right Wing Leftovers

  • For some reason, Mike Huckabee thought it necessary to remind everyone that he is "unequivocally" pro-life.
  • FRC praises VA Gov. Bob McDonnell for making it easier for employers to fire gay employees.
  • Does anybody care what Ted Nugent thinks about Don't Ask, Don't Tell. If so, here you go.
  • Answers in Genesis' Ken Ham delivered his "State of the Nation"address last night.  Guess how he thinks the nation is doing?
  • Gary Bauer calls The Mount Vernon Statement "a seminal document reflecting both the past and the future of intellectual conservatism."
  • The Susan B. Anthony List and dozens of other right-wing groups have sent a letter to President Obama and Minority Leader John Boehner demanding there be no "taxpayer funding of abortion on-demand" in any health care reform legislation.
  •, National Clergy Council, National Pro-life Religious Council, Operation Outcry, Priests for Life, Susan B. Anthony List, Wallbuilders and others are joining forces to launch a series of "Voter Registration Sundays."
  • Quote of the Day from the AFA's Bryan Fischer: "Our first order of business is to identify candidates who will be guided by the moral law of God in forming public policy, whose worldviews align with the value system found in the Judeo-Christian tradition, and help them become our 'ministers of God,' secular priests exercising sacred authority in the public square."

"Scott Brown May Be Another Arlene [sic] Specter"

As I have noted before, the post-election elation regarding Scott Brown's victory is quickly wearing off for the Religious Right and I am committed to tracking just how long it takes before the Right turns on him and posting on it ... especially things like this press release from the Government Is Not God PAC [GING -PAC] that compares him to "Arlene Specter": 

There has been a lot of enthusiasm for Scott Brown from conservatives and some pro-life leaders have stated that his election saved the nation from the pro-abortion "health care reform" plans of President Barack Obama. Social conservatives should not be celebrating because Senator-elect Scott Brown by his own admission is "pro-choice," not "pro-life."

During his campaign Brown avoided the questionnaires of social conservative and pro-life groups. His campaign did not respond to calls from GING-PAC and Brown did not reply to the GING-PAC questionnaire which asks many sharp questions on pro-family issues such as abortion.

GING-PAC is the nation's oldest social conservative political action committee and does not support any candidate who believes Roe v. Wade should be the law of the land.

While conservatives were still shouting for joy after his election to the Senate, Scott Brown flew to Washington, DC where he told Republican leaders that the party could not count on his vote in several areas including on the abortion issue.

Scott Brown's victory came during a special election and he has only two years remaining in the Senate seat that was vacated by the death of Senator Joe Kennedy. That means he literally must start running for reelection now and he will probably move to the left on social issues despite the fact that he ran as a "conservative." Scott Brown may be another Arlene [sic] Specter who will vote with the party most of the time, but neither the Republican Party nor conservatives will be able to count on him as a full time participant in the conservative movement.

Scott Brown's Victory Becomes All Things To All People

The most amazing thing about Scott Brown's Senate campaign is that his victory last week has seemingly become all things to all people and giving right-wing pundits an opportunity to portray their own narrow agenda as central to his win. 

For some, Brown's win was a sign that voters don't like President Obama or Nancy Pelosi, for others it was proof that people oppose health care reform, or abortion, or immigration. 

But Phyllis Schlafly offers a different take, claiming that what voters were really doing in this election was rejecting Martha Coakley because of her feminism

Democratic Party leadership has shown that it cannot or will not stand up to the incoherent, man-hating attitude of feminists like Coakley. For example, after they had a tantrum and demanded that the majority of jobs created by Obama's stimulus be given to women (instead of to shovel-ready jobs), even though most of those who lost jobs in this recession are men, President Obama dutifully acquiesced.

It's no wonder that non-college-educated men voted overwhelmingly for Brown against Coakley by a massive 27-point margin. The Democrats are lucky enough to elect some feminists, but feminists are just too unappealing when running against a masculine man such as Brown.

Brown's driving a 2005 GMC pickup truck (which Obama sneered at) symbolized the elitism of Coakley, who drives a foreign car. While Coakley was sipping wine with drug and insurance company PAC representatives, Brown was shaking hands with the voters.

Commentary about Brown's appeal to women is diversionary -- it was male voters who overwhelmingly pulled the lever for him. Men are fed up with the feminist mindset and delivered a clear message in the Massachusetts election: give us a candidate who stands up to the feminists, and we will cross over from Democrat and independent to elect a Republican.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Think Progress: SC Lt. Gov. compares people getting gov’t help to ‘stray animals’ who ‘breed’ because they don’t know better.
  • Steve Benen: The way forward on health care reform in 2010.
  • Towleroad: Tim Tebow Defends Participation in Super Bowl Ad for Evangelical Anti-Gay, Pro-Life Group Focus on the Family.
  • David Weigel: Tea Partiers and FreedomWorks Craft a 2010 Agenda.
  • Minnesota Independent: Bachmann to be part of Quist’s health care forum (that would be this Quist.)
  • RH Reality Check: "Personhood" the Priority at American Life League's Training Conference.
  • Finally, Rickrolling takes on an ingenious new form.

Is This How Elections Work?

I'll admit that the inner workings of Congress can be rather confusing, but I didn't realize that every piece of legislation that had been passed by the Senate had to be revisited so that a newly elected member could vote on it, which is pretty much what the American Center for Law and Justice is demanding in this email they just sent out:

With Sen. Brown's victory, it's reported that the Senate may not vote on the health care bill, and instead have the House approve the measure - leaving incoming Sen. Brown without an opportunity to vote on health care reform.

But any attempt to shut out Sen. Brown from the legislative process circumvents this election and clearly denies the will of the people.

It's time to put a stop to the flawed government-run, pro-abortion health care program that's been on a fast-track since Day One. Congress must respect the outcome of this pivotal election and let incoming Sen. Brown vote on health care ... NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Really?  Is that how things work?  Newly elected candidate must be given an opportunity to vote on things that happened before that person was even elected or else it "denies the will of the people"? 

If that is the case, can we go back and vote on the confirmations of Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito now that Democrats have a sizable majority in the Senate? 

And, for what it is worth, the ACLJ is also warning that it has a "team of lawyers" ready to pounce  should their be any delay in seating Brown

We’ve assembled a team of lawyers to determine what legal action could be taken should Democrats refuse to recognize or delay the outcome of this election. We have produced a legal memorandum that focuses on election law in Massachusetts for the special Senate election.

Elections have consequences and the Democrats must understand that the consequences of a Sen. Brown victory mean it’s time to put a stop to the flawed government-run, pro-abortion health care program that’s been on a fast-track.

The Alice-in-Wonderland Universe of Ralph Reed

Am I the only one who finds it absolutely amazing that Ralph Reed, a man who saw his own political candidacy was ruined by his deep ties [PDF] to jailed lobbyist Jack Abramoff and who is still so radioactive that John McCain could not be seen with him, is somehow still dispensing political advice on television, at tea parties, and in campaigns with his new Faith and Freedom Coalition?

I mean, a right-wing activist who can't even get himself elected thanks to his own ties to corrupt lobbyists probably shouldn't be telling Democrats how to respond to Scott Brown's victory ... but he is anyway

When millions of average Americans poured into the streets to protest Obama’s out-of-control spending at “tea parties” beginning last April, the White House and its liberal allies denounced these protesters as “astroturf,” “tea-baggers,” “evil,” and even compared them to Nazis. House Majoirty Leader and FreedomWorks chairman Dick Armey organized opposition to Obama’s policies, so White House allies pressured his DC law/lobbying firm to dump him. I saw Dick at a rally opposing Democratic health care reform the weekend it happened, and he joked: “They made a big mistake. Now I can spend all my time fighting them.”

With each defeat and setback, the Obama political team and the Democrats engaged in spin, finger-pointing, leaks to an adoring press corps, all the while ignoring the warning signs. As late as yesterday, while the Democratic establishment hung black crepe and mourned the impending loss of “the Kennedy seat,” a Democratic official was telling Politico with a straight face that Organizing for America—Obama’s campaign political operation now housed at the DNC—“is a winner” in Massachusetts, “that’s clear, win or lose.” Win or lose? Only in Alice-in-Wonderland universe in which the Obama political team lives is someone who suffers an historic defeat proclaimed a winner. So I suppose Obama should have gotten a gold medal for flying all the way to Copenhagen on bended knee before the IOC, even if Chicago did lose the Olympics.

Is the Obama team still in denial? One wonders. Does Obama have the capacity to listen to the voters, call an audible, and adjust his policies and trim his ambitions? I doubt it. Obama has always struck me as a committed liberal, a true believer, and he will try to salvage health care and get whatever extreme policies he can passed before the 2010 elections. If other Democrats watch their careers go up in smoke and suffer the loss of their offices as a result, so be it. We shall see ... But after last night, Obama is not looking like a political savior anymore. In fact, he looks like the kiss of death. Massachusetts was opening volley of the 2010 elections, and Democrats are bracing for more defeats of historic proportions.

Only in Alice-in-Wonderland universe can a man whose own ties to rampant corruption have utterly destroyed his own political aspirations still make a living dispensing political advice to others.

The Single Most Important Election In American History

I was fully prepared for conservative gloating in the event that Scott Brown won the special election for the Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy.  It was, after all, a significant victory ... but according to the early commentary from right-wing analysts, it was not only an impressive upset but rather the single most important election in the history of America, ever - an election which signals the complete and utter downfall of everything from health care to immigration reform, and the end of President Obama and the (still sizable) Democratic majorities in Congress:

The Christian Defense Coalition:

Let me be clear. Tonight a second American Revolution has begun in the great state of Massachusetts. It is a revolution fueled by passion and the belief that the voice of people matters more than the narrow views of the political elite.

"A republican win in Massachusetts for the seat held by Senator Ted Kennedy for over 40 years was unthinkable even a few months ago.

"What changed?

"The American people have become angry and frustrated by the policies of President Obama and Speaker Pelosi and the arrogant way they have completely disregarded the voice of the people.

"You cannot promise to be transparent in the health care debate and ensure it is shown on television and then try to hammer out closed back room deals and expect the American public to sit idly by.

"President Obama has been tone deaf when it comes to the desires, wishes and dreams of the American people.

"For example, 71% of the American people oppose public monies being used to pay for abortions yet President Obama has ignored this fact and pressed forward with this flawed health care reform.

"Tonight is a clear signal that hope and change has turned into anger and frustration and the revolution has begun.

"Bring on November 2010."

Concerned Women for America:

Today's vote in Massachusetts was as much about the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime as it was to select a new senator. The voters in the bluest of states rejected the candidate who supported the latest power grab of ObamaCare.

"Massachusetts' citizens know what ObamaCare would be like -- their state passed oppressive health care 'reform' that subsidizes abortions. They're paying the high prices and getting less health care because of it.

"But that doesn't mean President Obama, Sen. Reid or Rep. Pelosi will listen to this extraordinary message. They never quit -- they just get sneakier.

Deacon Keith Fournier:

On the day before the anniversary of the swearing in of President Barack Obama, the people of blue collar Massachusetts have sent a strong message. They showed that there is a growing angst in the US electorate over the economy, unemployment, bailouts, deficits and the expansion of the power and role of the federal government.

This special election in Massachusetts will be the subject of continuing speculation among the pundits for months. Already, the finger- pointing has begun in efforts to assess blame. Whether it will spark a wave of retirements among Democrats whose seats are up this year and whether it signals a national trend against the Democratic Party are just two of the many topics which will serve as fodder for talking heads in the days ahead.

However, there is no doubt that Senator Elect Brown’s significant victory is a wake up call to the current national leadership of the Democratic Party. Several media personalities who not only disparaged Scott Brown but ruthlessly savaged him will be eating a lot of crow. Their commentary will most certainly be played over and over again as the pundit class smells blood in the waters.

What is also clear is that the election in Massachusetts signals a major shift in the sentiment of US voters. It is not a sign of a new partisan movement, but a movement away from many of the big government approaches of the current administration. The emergence of the Independent voter in the two Commonwealth States of Virginia and Massachusetts will become the story of the campaigns of 2010 and 2012.

Susan B. Anthony List:

"On the heels of last fall's victories by Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie, Scott Brown's victory is just the beginning of the consequences Congressional incumbents will face this November. Anyone who votes to advance health care legislation that funds abortion on-demand should consider themselves on notice.

"The election of Scott Brown is no accident. This election is about more than parties or candidates. The election is just one more sign of the overreach of the President and Congress. The American people have spoken tonight.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC:

"The Brown victory not only breaks the Democratic 60 vote hold on the U.S. Senate needed for cloture votes, but it sends a clear message that voters prefer pro-enforcement candidates instead of pro-amnesty candidates." said William Gheen, president of ALIPAC. "We will be working hard to defeat the Amnesty legislation filed in Congress and to repeat the Brown-Coakley scenario in hundreds of races this November."


"Americans are sick and tired of politicians who are servants of powerful special interests, instead of the American public." said Gheen. "A political revolution has begun in America, illegal immigration is a core issue fueling that revolt, and a lot of politicians are about to join the unemployment lines."

Fred Barnes:

Oh, yes. The health care bill, ObamaCare, is dead with not the slightest prospect of resurrection. Brown ran to be the 41st vote for filibuster and now he is just that. Democrats have talked up clever strategies to pass the bill in the Senate despite Brown, but they won’t fly. It’s one thing for ObamaCare to be rejected by the American public in poll after poll. But it becomes a matter of considerably greater political magnitude when ObamaCare causes the loss of a Senate race in the blue state of Massachusetts.

Then there’s the House, where Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists some version of ObamaCare will be approved and soon. She’s not kidding. She’s simply wrong. At best, she has the minimum 218 votes for passage. After the Massachusetts fiasco, however, there’s sure to be erosion. How many Democrats in Republican-leaning districts want to vote for ObamaCare, post-Massachusetts? Not many.

And finally Joseph Farah:

I hate to say it, but I really did tell you so.


This is just the beginning.

It's not the Republican Party that made this happen.

It was an awakening by the American people.

They don't want to live under socialism.

They don't want to live under tyranny.

They don't want to live in a nanny state.

They don't want to live in misery.

They don't want to live under government's thumb.

They want to be free.

So let's celebrate today. Let's smile and rejoice. Let's take comfort in what appears to be a second chance for America.

Right Wing Round-Up

Liberty Counsel Remains Silent on Lisa Miller's Disappearance

It has now been nearly a week since Lisa Miller disappeared with her daughter Isabella rather than abide by a court-order transferring custody to her former partner and still her lawyers at the Liberty Counsel remain silent.

You'd think that if your star client went AWOL with her child in violation of the law, you might have some comment to make about it.  But apparently that is not the case with Liberty Counsel, though they do have plenty to say about health care reform, judging by two press releases they have issued so far this week.  

Since Mat Staver and everyone else at Liberty Counsel are obviously back from vacation and presumably available for comment, maybe some reporter ought to call them up and find out what they have to say about Lisa Miller's disappearance ... especially since the longer she is missing, the more trouble she will find herself in:

A court order filed Monday in Bedford County requires that a 7-year-old girl at the center of a custody battle involving a Forest woman be surrendered to the woman’s former lesbian partner in Vermont.

Rebecca Glenburg, the Virginia American Civil Liberties Union attorney for Janet Jenkins, confirmed that the Bedford Juvenile and Domestic Relations court filed the order. She said it ensures that the Vermont court order requiring Lisa Miller to surrender the couple’s daughter, Isabella Miller-Jenkins, is enforceable in Virginia.

“We expect Virginia law enforcement to take whatever actions they can to locate the child and make sure the custody order is complied with,” Glenberg said Wednesday.

Miller’s whereabouts are unknown and her lawyer, Mathew Staver, of Lynchburg-based Liberty Counsel, has been unavailable for comment on the case.

I'm pretty sure that if the roles were reversed and it was Jenkins who had disappeared with Isabella, Staver and everyone else at Liberty Counsel would have something to say about it.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Is anyone surprised that Joseph Farah has joined those claiming that President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize is unconstitutional?
  • Family Research Council President Tony Perkins headed down to Senator Mary Landrieu's office in Baton Rouge to deliver a letter asking her to oppose health care reform, but couldn't get in because her office was closed for the holidays.
  • I'm sure someone on the Right will find some way to complain about this.
  • Mike Huckabee has endorsed Andre Bauer's bid for Governor of South Carolina.
  • Finally, Rep. Steve King continues to prove that he is one of the most unhinged members of Congress, declaring that the ACORN "scandal" will be bigger than Watergate.

Freedom Federation Resurfaces, Still Opposed to Health Care Reform

Back in June, a new right-wing supergroup was formed.  Known as The Freedom Federation, the coalition paired several established Religious Right groups with various several lesser known organizations in an effort to unify the movement for greater political gain.

In August, the coalition announced its opposition to health care reform, but that was the last we had heard of them, until today when it announced, again, that it still opposes health care reform (note also the inclusion of Lou Engle in the press release.  It seems as if Engle is now a bona fide Religious Right political leader): 

Mathew Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, remarked: "Abortion is not healthcare. The Senate bill forces the American people to conspire with the federal government in murdering innocent children. This is morally unacceptable."

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Hispanic National Association of Evangelicals, said: "We vehemently and unequivocally oppose any and all healthcare legislation that funds abortion directly or indirectly, explicitly or implicitly without exception. Abortion is not health care. We oppose any and all legislation, language or compromise that surrenders this core value on the altar of political expediency. Any and all statements, endorsements or commentaries outside the canopy of the aforementioned commitment hereby stand rectified. As an organization serving 25,434 congregations, we seek to facilitate a multi-ethnic firewall against the Spirit of Herod and the Culture of Death. Once again, we say to Senator Reid and the leadership in the Senate -- Life cannot be compromised."

Deacon Keith Fournier, Editor in Chief, Catholic Online, said: "Abortion is the taking of innocent human life. Killing is not - and will never be - health care. It is always and everywhere wrong to kill our innocent neighbors. To use federal funds to do so is an egregious violation of fundamental human rights and must never be considered healthcare."

Tony Perkins, President of Family Research Council, commented: "A federal government run health care system will create a nationwide abortion network funded by government dollars resulting in the greatest abortion expansion since Roe v. Wade. Senators Ben Nelson and Robert Casey gave mere lip service to protecting the most innocent among us by placing their stamp of approval on government funding for abortion coverage in direct conflict with longstanding policy. I ask them to reverse course."

Lou Engle, Founder and President of The Call to Conscience, said: "The shedding of the blood of our most innocent citizens, the unborn, can never be a solution to the great social problems of our day. We reject and renounce Sen. Reid's bill being pushed through the Senate, including Sen. Casey's and Sen. Nelson's compromised amendments."

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Sen. Tom Coburn said the American people should be praying that a Senator couldn't make it to cast a vote on health care reform, while a conservative blogger hopes that Sen. Robert Byrd dies.
  • Michael Steele says Democrats are "willing to basically flip the bird to the American people" in passing health care reform.
  • Rep. Bart Stupak's office has been coordinating attacks on the Senate bill with Republicans and Religious Right groups.
  • Media Matters names Glenn Beck its "Misinformer of the Year."
  • PolitiFact names Sarah Palin's "death panels" claim it's "Lie of the Year."
  • Finally, congratulations to Good as You's Jeremy Hooper and his husband Andrew Shulman for being the first same-sex couple to be featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Not surprisingly, right-wing groups are not happy with Sen. Ben Nelson or the Senate's health care bill.
  • On a related note, Mike Huckabee headlined a hastily organized anti-health care reform rally in Nebraska where he compared Sen. Nelson to Judas.
  • Ralph Reed has big plans for his Faith and Freedom Coalition as he launches its Georgia chapter.
  • Dick Cheney has been named Human Events' "Conservative of the Year." What an honor.
  • On a similar note, I can't wait to find out who will win Peter LaBarbera's "Gay Grinch of the Year Award."
  • Finally, anti-choice groups are outraged that activist Lila Rose was supposedly "attacked" by a Planned Parenthood, though said "attack" seems to have consisted of having anti-choice literature knocked out of her hand.

Porter Calls for Prayer and Fasting to Stop Health Care Reform, Brownback Vows to "String This Thing Out"

Janet Porter was not involved in the Right Wing "prayercast" earlier this week, so she is issuing her own call to prayer and fasting to stop health care reform because "we are literally in a battle for our lives and our freedom":

Faith2Action, founded by Janet (Folger) Porter, is today issuing a national call to prayer, fasting and action until Christmas Day.

The two reasons for this urgent call, one week before Christmas, are (1) the pending cloture vote in the U.S. Senate on government-run healthcare, and (2) the last-minute attempts to reach a global agreement as the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference comes to an end.

“Even though Christmas is less than a week away, we are literally in a battle for our lives and our freedom," states Faith2Action President Janet Porter. "If the Senate votes to put the Government in control of our life-saving treatment options, we are all in grave danger. This lethal legislation includes abortion funding and the denial of treatment needed to save our lives. We are also in danger of surrendering our Sovereignty to global governance," added Porter. "Please pray that God will intervene to block a treaty from being signed in Copenhagen that would sign away U.S. sovereignty and issue unprecedented taxes and control over our lives and businesses.

"Please join us for a time of prayer, fasting, and action all the way to Christmas--calling on our Senators to vote against Cloture on the government takeover of health care," Porter added. "Please also pray that Senator Ben Nelson will continue to stand strong against forced funding of abortion on demand and vote against cloture which would bring the government-run healthcare bill to the floor for a vote. If he doesn't, Americans would be forced to violate their consciences in funding abortions through their tax dollars for the first time in 30 years.

"All I want for Christmas is my life and my freedom. But it's going to take prayer, fasting, and action to achieve that." Porter emphasized.

And for good measure Sen. Sam Brownback, who was a featured participant in the "prayercast," appeared on Porter's radio program yesterday to discuss the Republican effort to stop health care reform, promising that they would do everything possible to "string this thing out" and make sure that this "monstrosity" does not pass and agreed with Porter when she declared that "our very lives are on the line":

Everything You Need To Know About the FRC "Prayercast"

Rachel Maddow expertly summarizes the recent anti-health care reform "prayercast":

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Prayercast: Jim Garlow

Pastor Jim Garlow explains how health care reform legislation violates just about every one of the Ten Commandments: 

Right Wing Leftovers

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Interesting info: Mass Resistance started up in 1993 in Cardinal Bernard Law's residence with a bunch of people from around the state. It was mostly clergy and other related people who wanted to talk about issues having to do with the culture wars and after a series of months, Mr. Camenker was elected to run the group in late 1993. In 1994, they named themselves the "Interfaith Coalition." Later, after same sex marriage became law in the state, a blogger in the group set a up a site called "Mass Resistance," and the group changed the name. Right before that, they were known as the "Parent's Rights Coalition."
  • You know what the White House needs?  Someone with "Divine Integrity."
  • For some reason, the Washington Post thought it was a good use of space to let Sarah Palin write an op-ed about Copenhagen and climate change.
  • Anti-immigration hero and Hazleton mayor Lou Barletta is mounting yet another challenge to Rep. Paul Kanjorski.
  • It looks like Gov. Mark Sanford will escape impeachment.
  • Business Insider: Health insurance industry trade groups opposed to President Obama's health care reform bill are paying Facebook users fake money -- called "virtual currency" -- to send letters to Congress protesting the bill
  • Have you always want to see Sen. Orrin Hatch sing about Hanukkah. Well, here you go.
  • Finally, Chico The Car Guard is just like the shepherds to whom the angles announced the birth of Christ!

Nelson Amendment Voted Down: The Right Responds

Yesterday, the Senate rejected the restrictive anti-choice amendment Sen. Ben Nelson sought to add to health care reform legislation.

Not surprisingly, the Religious Right is not pleased.

Concerned Women for America:

"Nelson-Hatch was a reasonable amendment that does one thing: ensures federal funds are not spent on elective abortions. What the government funds, we get more of. Without this amendment, the health care bill will violate two of Pres. Obama's promises: that the bill will not fund abortion and that he will work to reduce abortions.

"Since abortion costs less than delivery of a baby, it is not unlikely that bureaucrats, facing pressure to reduce costs, will sign off on paying for abortion but not for the health care that pregnant women and their babies need. This could lead to women being coerced into abortion by their own government.

"The Senate bill is now at odds with the House version, which prohibits funding of elective abortions.

"Federal funding of abortion will increase the number of abortions and lead to higher health care costs for women who suffer complications, such as hemorrhaging, infection, subsequent premature births, and psychological issues.

"If more children are aborted, who will pay for this massive government entitlement when it balloons in 20 years?"

Susan B. Anthony List:

"Tonight Senator Reid invoked Henry Clay, posing as a great compromiser even as he denied the consciences of the majority of Americans. Yet Clay himself would have never blanched at Nelson's amendment, a commonsense proposal backed by 61% of America. You can't find greater common ground than the decision to restrict government funding for abortion on-demand. With his actions tonight, Harry Reid has effectively tabled the common ground.

"Senator Reid's tabling of the pro-life Nelson Amendment is just the latest reason why incumbents like Harry Reid are becoming top political targets: the disconnect between their words and actions inspire a rising populist opposition. Senator Reid calls himself pro-life, yet he continues to advance the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade at taxpayers' expense.

"As it stands today, there should be no question about opposing the Senate health care bill. If you call yourself pro-life and genuinely care about preserving true common ground, you cannot possibly vote for this bill. Pro-Life senators - the sponsors of Nelson's amendment included - must oppose this legislation.

"As the debate continues, on behalf of the 280,000 pro-life Susan B. Anthony List members and activists nationwide, I call on Senator Casey to follow the unyielding leadership of his father, former Governor Bob Casey. Senator Casey and his Democratic colleagues now have the opportunity to honor the consistent pro-life ethic of his father."

Focus on the Family:

“Today, the U.S. Senate failed to protect the preborn and ignored the will of the people they represent.

“Although 67 percent of Americans oppose the use of federal money to pay for abortion in any government-run healthcare, Senators nevertheless rejected the Hatch-Nelson amendment. Their vote would compel Americans who have moral and religious objects to abortion – and who now make up the majority of the country – to fund it. This is what Thomas Jefferson described as ‘tyrannical.’

“Focus on the Family continues to oppose the health care bill because it fails to protect the most vulnerable among us – the preborn. We will keep working diligently to ensure that this faulty legislation does not pass by giving a voice to the millions of Americans who oppose the use of federal funds to pay for abortion.”

Priests for Life:

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director of Priests for Life, commented on the Senate's vote on the Nelson Amendment to the health care bill. "Those in the Senate who rejected this Amendment have voted to let their attachment to the abortion industry interfere with health care reform in this country. These Senators could have listened to their constituents and opposed abortion funding. Instead, they are allowing this effort at reform to be hijacked by abortion extremists."

American Center for Law and Justice:

“The vote reflects a callous disregard for the protection of innocent human life,” said Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the ACLJ. “It is clear most Americans do not want abortion classified as a mandatory health care benefit. The House understood this in passing the Stupak-Pitts Amendment. Sadly, the Senate chose to ignore the concerns of the American people and refused to approve an Amendment that would have put into place much-needed pro-life protections in the Senate's version of health care reform. Rejecting this Amendment is disappointing, but not surprising.”

“With this vote, we now call on pro-life Democrats - including Sen. Nelson, co-sponsor of the Amendment, to follow through with the promise to reject the Senate's health care measure because it fails to exclude abortion funding,” added Sekulow.

“The battle over health care reform is far from over. We will continue to oppose the Senate's health care bill and continue to work to ensure that a final version of health care to be considered at some point by Congress includes the pro-life protections so many Americans demand.”

Terry Kicks Off Anti-Communion Tour

Randall Terry converted to Catholicism a few years ago and that apparently gives him the clout to set off on yet another nationwide tour, this time aimed at getting Bishops to deny Communion to any Catholic member of Congress who doesn't share his right-wing views:

Beginning Wednesday, December 9, Insurrecta Nex team members will travel to 13 Cathedrals in 9 states to hold vigils and press conferences. The tour will finish at the Boston Cathedral, the seat of Cardinal O'Malley, the site of decades of scandal with the Kennedy and the Kerry families.

They will ask Catholic Bishops: "Your Excellency, if any Catholic US Senator from your state, or member of the United States House of Representatives from your diocese votes to fund the murder of children by abortion in any 'health care reform' bill, will they be denied Communion?"

Randall Terry, founder of Insurrecta Nex, States: "Child-killing in 'Healthcare' may be the biggest battle for Catholic Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy in US history. It is certainly the fiercest battle for Babies Lives since Roe versus Wade.

"Will Catholic Bishops truly defend babies -- not with mere lip service, but with true valor -- and hold pro-death Catholic Congressmen accountable? Or will they turn a deaf ear to the cries of innocent blood, the pleas of the faithful, and the canons of the Catholic Church that obligate them to withhold communion from Catholic politicians who promote the murder of babies by abortion?"

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Michele Bachmann Iowa: Slams marriage equality in speech to The Family Leader (Politico, 4/11). Religious Right: Wins straw poll at Liberty University's The Awakening 2011 (Freedom Federation, 4/11).  Budget: Refuses to endorse budget compromise (NPR, 4/11).  Haley Barbour Background: Experience as a lobbyist may make problems for campaign (AP, 4/12). New Hampshire: Traveling to Republican events in New Hampshire this week (Boston Globe, 4/11). Herman Cain South Carolina: Talks about the "ultimate destruction of the IRS" at Furman University (CSBT, 4/9). ... MORE
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Former Pennsylvania Senator and likely presidential candidate Rick Santroum continues court Republican activists around the country, and yesterday addressed a GOP fundraiser in Colorado. Santorum, who previously claimed that the recently passed health care reform law intends to “addict Americans on government healthcare,” not only likened guaranteed health insurance to drug dealing but also said that it would have grave spiritual implications. He went on to say that there is “statistical proof” of American exceptionalism and that Republicans must be “ready to... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 04/06/2011, 5:27pm
I honestly cannot believe that NOM is actually quoting Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall. Speaker John Boehner and the GOP will probably cave on defunding Planned Parenthood ... but apparently he is still an anti-choice hero. Newt Gingrich's Renewing American Leadership is starting its own prayer alert network. FRC thinks its work was so vital to one anti-health care reform lawsuit that it is getting involved in another. Finally, Bryan Fischer says there are too many questions about repealing DADT that are being left unanswered: "... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 03/23/2011, 5:45pm
PFAW Edit Memo: The Lesson From One Year of Health Care Reform—Pay Attention to the Courts. George Zornick @ Think Progress: Gingrich Criticized Obama For Not Intervening In Libya, But Now Criticizes Him For Intervening In Libya. Kevin Drum: The New Media Rules. Sarah Posner @ Religion Dispatches: Graham’s Muslim Brotherhood Conspiracy Theory Not New. Ryan J. Reilly @ TPM: O'Keefe Says He Racked Up 'Major Credit Card Debt,' Needs To Raise $50K. Steve Benen: Ron Johnson's wrong -- and offensive -- health care attack. Chris Rodda @ Talk... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 03/22/2011, 9:26am
Michele Bachmann History: New Hampshire politicians take jabs at Bachmann's history blunder (Politico, 3/17). 2012: Deep roots in conservative movement bolster her campaign prospects (TNR, 3/17). Haley Barbour Campaign: Expanding campaign and presence in early state (NYT, 3/22). Mississippi: State taxpayers paid for $300,000 of his out-of-state traveling costs (Clarion Ledger, 3/21). Foreign Affairs: Calls for reducing troop level in Afghanistan (CBS News, 3/16). Mitch Daniels Book: Signs book deal with conservative publisher (AP, 3/21). 2012: Wife raises doubts about potential run (... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 03/14/2011, 4:45pm
It seems that Rod Parlsey has taken a page out of Glenn Beck's playbook, as last week he dedicated two of his programs to exposing the nefarious conspiracies behind both the health care reform legislation and the "genocide" being carried out against African Americans in the form of abortion, complete with chalkboards and props. In the health care program, Parsley was joined by former Senator Mike DeWine as he exposed the conspiracy to funnel billions of dollars to Kathleen Sebelius so she could promote her pro-abortion agenda, which had the support of people like the late Dr. George... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 03/14/2011, 11:48am
As we noted last month, despite his long history of unabashed bigotry, leading Republicans continue to appear on Bryan Fischer's radio program. At the time of that post, Fischer had been joined Sen. Roger Wicker, Sen. Jim Inhofe, Sen. Jim DeMint, Rep. Lamar Smith, Rep. Alan Nunnelee, Rep. Raul Labrador, and presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty. Since then, Fischer has also hosted Mike Huckabee and now we can add Rep. Steve King to the list: The interview itself as rather dull, focusing mostly on the issue of funding for health care reform and Planned Parenthood in any Continuing Resolution, but... MORE