Bryan Fischer's Countless Hate Crimes

As we noted last week, Bryan Fischer has made it his new cause in life to prove that "the number one class of people who are committing hate crimes today are homosexual activists."

Fischer bases this idea upon a definition of a hate crime that he took off us USLegal.com, which reads:

"A hate crime is usually defined by state law as one that involves threats, harassment, or physical harm and is motivated by prejudice against someone's race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation or physical or mental disability."

Fischer has seized upon the phrases "harassment" and "religion" and is now basically using them to declare anything and everything he doesn't like to be a "hate crime."

Last week it was situation with Peter Vidmar, who stepped down from his position with the 2012 U.S. Olympic team over his support for Proposition 8, and today is it some case involving a doctor in England:

If facing harassment because others have prejudice against your religion is a hate crime, then Dr. Richard Scott of the U.K. is the latest victim of the P.C. police.

He is facing an official sanction from the professional medical body in England, the General Medical Council (GMC) for having the effrontery to suggest to a patient that nurturing his spiritual life might be one part of a holistic course of treatment.

It makes no difference to the Tolerance Nazis that study after study has shown the beneficial health effects of faith in God and prayer, or that Dr. Scott only broached the subject with this patient after a lengthy consultation, and after medical checks had been performed and referrals for further care were arranged.

Nope, the Torquemadas of the left want to put Dr. Scott on the rack and punish him despite his unblemished 28-year record and despite the fact the patient in question is still seeking care at his clinic and so himself is apparently not criminally offended in the least.

This case doesn't even have anything to do with gays, so Fischer is now claiming that it is "secular fundamentalists" who are committing this particular hate crime.

The interesting thing about this new development is that Fischer intentionally overlooks the other elements of the definition of a hate crime, most notably the listing of "sexual orientation."

And given that, in Fischer's view, basically any criticism or pressure put on any conservative or Christian is "harassment" and therefore a "hate crime," let us point out that Fischer and the AFA led the charge to fire Kevin Jennings and impeach Judge Vaughn Walker, solely because they were gay:

AFA calls for resignation of Kevin Jennings, “Safe and Drug Free Schools” head

The American Family Association today called for the resignation of Kevin Jennings, the head of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools in the Department of Education.

“This man is not a good role model for the nation’s children, nor will he fairly represent all Americans due to his spiteful attitude toward evangelical Christians,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon.

Time to impeach Judge Vaughn Walker

Contact your representative today and urge him to start impeachment proceedings

August 5, 2010

Yesterday (August 4), U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn Walker single-handedly overturned California's Prop. 8, which elevated protection for one-man, one-woman marriage to its state constitution.


Judge Walker's ruling is not "good Behaviour." He has exceeded his constitutional authority and engaged in judicial tyranny.

Judges are not, in fact, unaccountable. They are accountable to Congress, which can remove them from office.

Impeachment proceedings, according to the Constitution, begin in the House of Representatives. It's time for you to put your congressman on record regarding the possible impeachment of Judge Walker.

If Peter Vidmar stepping down and some foreign doctor facing possible discipline are examples of "hate crimes," what just what is the AFA prolonged and orchestrated campaign to get two gay public servants fired from the jobs?

And can I point out that Islam is also a "religion" ... and Fischer has been leading a full-blown crusade against Muslims for years now.

So by Fischer's own standard, he is personally guilty of committing hate crimes on a daily basis. 

Fischer: Gay Activists Are "Number One Perpetrators Of Hate Crimes In America"

So far this week, Bryan Fischer has called gay activists Nazis, likened them to Spanish Inquisition and Torquemada, and said they will forcibly brainwash anyone who does not "support sexual deviancy."

So how could he possibly top that?  By seizing on the fact that Peter Vidmar stepped down from his position with the 2012 U.S. Olympic team over his support for Proposition 8 to announce that it is now his goal in life to prove that "the number one class of people who are committing hate crimes today are homosexual activists":

I am convinced that the number one group, the number one class of people who are committing hate crimes today are homosexual activists. They are, by far, the most egregious perpetrators of hate crimes offenses in the United States of America, all the while trying to tell the public that we are the hate mongers.

It's a hate crime if it involves threats or harassment - harassment is part, meets the definition of a hate crime. And is motivated by prejudice against someone's religion. That's a hate crime. If you harass somebody because you are motivated by prejudice against that person's religion, that is a hate crime.

Number one perpetrators of hate crimes in America: homosexual activists, gay activists, the homosexual lobby.

And ladies and gentlemen, I am going to start calling them on this. I'm going to call it like it is. These are hate crimes. They are threats and harassment motivated by prejudice against somebody else based on their religion and you're not going to stop me from talking about this.

We are now going to brand homosexual activists as the primary perpetrators of hate crimes in the United States of America. That is now my new cause.

Gary Cass: "It Doesn't Get Better"

Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission weighs in on the "It Gets Better" campaign to let young people know that, if you are gay, it does not, in fact, get better ... it actually gets worse:

Cass has also written a piece for his website to accompany this video:

The campaign to legitimize homosexuality in our society is based on lies that are designed to manipulate public opinion and relies upon fraudulent science and suppression of opposing views. (Source: Dr. Jeffrey Satinover, “The Trojan Couch: How the Mental Health Associations Misrepresent Science,” www.NARTH.com <http://www.narth.com/>)

It is a lie that people are born homosexual and that the incidence of homosexuality is unaffected by influences from culture, family, peer socialization, and incremental choices. (Sources: Brad Harrub, Ph.D.,Bert Thompson, Ph.D. and Dave Miller, Ph.D., “This is the Way God Made Me: A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality and the ‘Gay Gene,’” www.trueorigins.org <http://www.trueorigins.org/> , see also www.NARTH.com <http://www.narth.com/> , www.exodusinternational.org <http://www.exodusinternational.org> ) (Långström N, Rahman Q, Carlström E, Lichtenstein P (February 2010). "Genetic and environmental effects on same-sex sexual behavior: a population study of twins in Sweden". Arch Sex Behav 39 (1): 75–80.

It is a lie that homosexual conduct is not a choice. Although same-sex attraction may be involuntary, one’s response to it is completely voluntary. All sex is voluntary except rape. Further, all people have the obligation to resist temptations, no matter how strong, that lead to personal and social harms.

It is a lie that homosexuality is equivalent to heterosexuality. We are all heterosexuals by definition, but each of us has the choice to indulge in any number of types of sexual behavior that deviate from the way we are made. That’s why it is called “sexual deviance.” (Source: Dr. Charles King, "The Meaning of Normal." Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 18, 493-501)

It is a lie that homosexuality is equivalent to race or skin color. General Colin Powell said it best: “Skin color is a benign, non-behavioral characteristic. Sexual orientation is perhaps the most profound of all behavioral characteristics. Comparison of the two is a convenient but invalid argument.” (Source: Colin Powell, My American Journey, 1995, p. 533)

It is a lie that disapproval of voluntary homosexual acts is equivalent to racism. The specious equating of moral disapproval with racism is based on the erroneous and baseless comparison of homosexuality to race.

It is a lie that opposing homosexuality equals hate. The accusation of hate is a cynical tactic designed to intimidate conservatives from speaking the truth about a form of conduct that spreads disease and is linked to numerous physical and psychological disorders. We all have a stake in this issue, and most of us care about homosexuals as people even while opposing their actions, just as we do with alcoholics, bulimics and others who suffer from behavioral disorders. (Source: Dr. Scott Lively, Redeeming the Rainbow: A Christian Response to the “Gay” Agenda, 2009, Introduction)

It is a lie that homosexual parenting is harmless to children. (Source: “Study: Gay Parents More Likely to Have Gay Kids,” AOL News, October 17, 2010)

It is a lie that homosexuality is not linked to pedophilia. (Source: Steve Baldwin, “Childhood Molestation and the Homosexual Movement, “Regent University Law Review, Vol. 14:267)

It is a lie that AIDS is primarily a heterosexual disease. "While CDC estimates that MSM [males who have sex with males] account for just 4 percent of the U.S. male population aged 13 and older, the rate of new HIV diagnoses among MSM in the U.S. is more than 44 times that of other men (range: 522–989 per 100,000 MSM vs. 12 per 100,000 other men)." (Source: www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/docs/FastFacts-MSM-FINAL508COMP.pdf <http://www.cdc.gov/nchhstp/newsroom/docs/FastFacts-MSM-FINAL508COMP.pdf>)

It is a lie that “gay” youth suicide can only be prevented by forcing the rest of society to affirm homosexual conduct. (Source: “Cornell professor: Gay suicide rates not abnormal,”www.studentfreepress.net <http://www.studentfreepress.net/>)

It is a lie that homosexuals are a powerless victim group that needs vast public resources to protect it from its “enemies.” (Source: “The Growing Power of the Gay Rights Movement,” The Atlantic, 12/14/2010)

It is a lie that the acceptance of homosexuality brings harmony and peace to the individual homosexual. (Source: www.exodusinternational.org/resources/real-stories/ <http://www.exodusinternational.org/resources/real-stories/> )

Scott Lively Writes Open Letter To The Gay Community

Scott Lively says that God recently gave him a prophecy that He "would soon use me to lead some homosexuals to Him" and so it seemed like a good time for him to write an open letter to the gay community explaining his history and motivation:

I am Pastor Scott Lively and it has been my mission for 25 years to work against the “gay” agenda. I am probably one of your best-known opponents in this world. Amongst the many hate-mail messages I receive are the occasional sincere requests to explain my motivation. I believe the time has come to do that.

On March 8th of this year I received a message known in charismatic Christian circles as a prophetic “word of knowledge,” which said in essence that God would soon use me to lead some homosexuals to Him, and referenced 2 Samuel 14:14: “For we will surely die and are like water spilled on the ground which cannot be gathered up again. Yet God does not take away life, but plans ways so that the banished one will not be cast out from him.”

In the several weeks since I received that, I have given a lot of thought to the message, and realized that in all of my years of talking about you and “the homosexual issue” generally, I have never spoken to you as a community. I repent of that, and apologize to you.

I know a lot about repentance, because I have struggled with many sins in my life, and have only ever found victory in any of them by “letting go and letting God” take over. I had a terrible family life as a child due to my Dad’s mental illness. I became an alcoholic at 12, a drug addict at 14 and all my life have struggled with addictive behaviors. Today, however, I have freedom in Jesus Christ from all of those things.

Contrary to speculation, I have never struggled with same-sex attraction, but I have recognized in my own sins enough of a similarity to homosexuality to have felt empathy for you. Just as recovering addicts know that a drug is a drug is a drug, mature Christians know that a sin is a sin is a sin. They are different in form, but equal in their effect: separating us from God.

Most of the body of the letter consists of Lively laying out the Biblical case against homosexuality and he concludes by imploring gays to just trust Jesus and "contact Exodus International" ... and wondering if the level infamy he has obtained was all part of God's plan to make him the man he is today:

Frankly, as I sit here at my computer, I wonder whether my entire career against your political and social agenda, and all of the notoriety I have achieve in your community might all have occurred so that I would be a person whose letter you would read today. Because in the end, none of the politics really matter. This earth and everything in it will pass away, perhaps sooner than we think. What matters is where we end up when this short life is over.

Fischer: If Obama Wins in 2012 "We May Run Out Of Time To Save Western Civilization"

Bryan Fischer has just a few "simple" steps that need to be taken in order to save America:

1. No more mosques, period. They are recruiting and training centers for jihad on American soil.

2. No more Muslim immigration to the United States. There is no such thing as moderate Islam. Islam itself is a dangerous infection, and every devout Muslim is a carrier.

3. No Muslims in the United States military. Remember Ft. Hood?

4. No sharia law, anywhere, under any circumstances, in the United States. The foundation of American jurisprudence is the Judeo-Christian tradition, not the Qur’an.

Of course, banning Muslims from coming to the US, building houses of worship, and serving in the military alone are not enough ... we also must get rid of Presdient Obama because he "appears to hate the Christian roots of America while being infatuated with the demonic domination that Islam represents":

Multiculturalism has given us a president who is ashamed of his Judeo-Christian heritage and apologizes for it all over the world, while celebrating the supposed wonders of Islam and its utterly mythical contributions to American culture. He hosts lavish dinners in honor of Muslim holidays, while at the same time giving short shrift to both Christmas and Easter.

Our president appears to hate the Christian roots of America while being infatuated with the demonic domination that Islam represents.

The bottom line here is that if America does not seat someone in the Oval Office in 2012 who is aware of the dark dangers of Islam and who celebrates the superiority of Judeo-Christian culture over the backwardness of Islamic culture, we may run out of time to save Western civilization.

LaBarbera: Clinton Message Against Homophobia Shows US Will "Cheerlead For Perversion"

On Tuesday Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton marked International Day Against Homophobia And Transphobia, demanding “an end to discrimination and mistreatment of LGBT persons wherever it occurs.” She called LGBT rights “universal human rights,” and criticized countries that try to criminalize homosexuality and marginalize gay-rights and its advocates.

Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality was naturally outraged, and told the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow to resist Clinton’s stance against bigotry:

"We are becoming a country [that] not only supports perversion; we cheerlead for perversion," he contends. "A day against homophobia and transphobia -- what they're saying is Judeo-Christian morality is the equivalent of bigotry and irrational fear, and that is a false message."

And he points out that Clinton made a statement at the event that decried the cycle of hate.

"What they're saying essentially is if you are a Christian...a Muslim or a Jew, and you oppose sexual perversion or gender confusion, you are a hater; you are a bigot," LaBarbera assesses, adding that "this is the liberal message."

So he is urging "Americans...to stand up and say 'no,'" because that message is "a lie."

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Right Wing Round-Up

Turek: Gays And Radical Muslims Have United To Destroy Western Civilization

Speaking with Bryan Fischer, fellow American Family Radio host Frank Turek argued that gays and Muslim extremists are allied in their plot to destroy America. Turek, the host of CrossExamined and a motivational speaker for businesses, previously joined Tony Perkins, Jerry Boykin and Rick Joyner in announcing a Spartan-like 300 to get more Christians involved in politics.

Turek tells Fischer that “the homosexual community and Muslim community [are] joining together” pass laws banning ‘hate speech’ in America in order to bring about “totalitarianism” by “shutting up the opponents.” Turek says that the two groups are collaborating because “they both hate Western Civilization” and “hate Judeo-Christian natural law values.” Turek’s views appear to reflect a new theme among conservatives like Newt Gingrich and Rep. Louie Gohmert who believe that progressives and radical Muslims are in an anti-American alliance. Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber last month claimed that progressive and radical Muslims are trying to “unite together to destroy Christianity” over their allegedly shared hatred of God.


Fischer: Anybody who speaks out against Islam in the United States just gets hammered by voices on the left trying to censor them, silence them, intimidate them, the only thing they are lacking right now is the club of a law that will punish them for telling the truth about Islam.

Turek: Well that’s on the way and I’ve mentioned on my show there are strange bedfellows politically in our country today that is the radical left and the radical right in terms of Islam. You have, for example, the homosexual community and Muslim community joining together to try and call any criticism of their behavior or their religion ‘hate speech’ which would make it illegal, if they could get these laws passed, to criticize homosexuality or to criticize Islam. See it isn’t about truth here, it’s about totalitarianism, it’s about a way to silence the opposition. You can win the debate by just shutting up the opponents here.

So it’s really strange to me how these two disparate groups can be in concert together, maybe it’s because they both hate Western Civilization, maybe it’s because they both hate Judeo-Christian natural law values that our Constitution and particularly our Declaration of Independence were founded on, ‘we hold these truths to be self-evident,’ maybe they just hate that both those groups hate those values so much that they’re in bed together. But I can tell you one thing, if the Muslims ever takeover, the first people they’re going to go after is the folks on the radical left.

Fischer: Centuries of Inbreeding The Reason Muslims Are Stupid

Last year, Bryan Fischer wrote a post asserting that that Muslims are dangerous, violent, and stupid because of centuries of inbreeding ... and that is position he continues to espouse, as he did yesterday on his radio program:

I've talked here before about the consequences in Islamic cultures of inbreeding, because of the practice of marrying first cousins. Now you can get away with that for once or twice, but Muslims have been doing this for fourteen hundred years and because this is what Muhammad did, they always will do this, they will always defend it, they will always practice it. And this kind of inbreeding results in an enormous cost in intellectual capacity, intellectual quotient among the Islamic people. It's just a plain fact. You can't argue with it, it's just simply the truth. And you get hammered for saying it, but that's because the truth has now become hate speech, the truth has now become bigotry.

Ken Cuccinelli Hosting Concerned Women For America Fundraiser

The Religious Right’s favorite Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is the “honorary host” of a Virginia fundraiser for Concerned Women for America. Cuccinelli won plaudits from right-wing activists for using his Virginia post to challenge anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation, attack scientists who believe in climate change, undercut health care reform, and censor the official state seal over nudity.

It makes sense that Cuccinelli is hosting a fundraiser for a group which believes that health care reform violates the Ten Commandments, gays are discriminatory bullies who hate democracy, climate change science is a duplicitous effort to wreak havoc on the poor, and that President Obama wants communists to control America’s children.

Maybe when Cuccinelli is with the CWA leadership he can fulfill his law enforcement duties by asking them if they know kidnapper Lisa Miller’s whereabouts, seeing as the group was one of Miller’s most ardent advocates and offered clues that they know where she is.

But somehow I doubt it.

Fischer: President Obama Hates America and White People

Yesterday, Bryan Fischer weighed in on the utterly ridiculous "controversy" over the rapper Common's appearance at the White House for a poetry event.  But, of course, Fischer didn't think the controversy was absurd at all ... in fact, it was just further proof that President Obama hates America and white people:

And by the way, he [Common] was part of Reverend [Jeremiah] Wright's church. I mean, he's cut from the same bolt of cloth as Barack Obama. Where did he get all of this racist hatred, this racist resentment? Where did he get that? This distaste for America, for American values? Well, he got it from his preacher, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Remember that Jesus said every disciple, every pupil, when he is fully trained, will be like his master. That is why President Barack Obama nurtures this hatred for the United States of America and, I believe, nurtures a hatred for the white man. Where did he get that? He got that from Jeremiah Wright.

AFA Writer Condemns Christians Who Practice Yoga

Writing for the American Family Association, Marsha West is insisting that Christians stop practicing yoga. West defends Albert Mohler of the Southern Baptist Convention and Douglas Groothuis of the Denver Seminary, who drew controversy for criticizing Christians who practiced yoga, lamenting that “we have blended into the dishonest, destructive and debase culture so thoroughly that it's near impossible to tell the difference between Christians and heathens!” West calls Buddhism and Hinduism “evil” religions and argues that yoga is “diametrically opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ”:

These people need to buy a Bible — and read it.

The professing Christian who practices yoga as a way to keep fit should heed the words of Mohler and Groothuis who both agree that yoga, even if it's labeled Christian, is diametrically opposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Many Christians practice yoga for "relaxation and exercise" without realizing that classical yoga is intended to put you into an altered state of consciousness. Yoga is not "just exercising." Participants are being swept into a counterfeit religion. According to God's Word, pagan religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, are evil. The Bible clearly says that God's people are to have nothing to do with wicked customs. (Deuteronomy 18:9-14) Believers are instructed to, "Hate what is evil; cling to what is good." (Romans 12:90) Ever noticed how professing Christians are no longer uncomfortable in the face of evil? The reason is that we have been desensitized!

Sadly, Christians have become worldly. Instead of being beacons of light in a dark world we have become world-minded. In fact, we have blended into the dishonest, destructive and debase culture so thoroughly that it's near impossible to tell the difference between Christians and heathens!

Gallagher: "People Are Afraid To Say What They Really Think About Marriage"

Back in March, Maggie Gallagher wrote a column attacking the idea that marriage equality could be a way to foster economic growth for states and today she was the guest on "Wallbuilders Live" to discuss it.

To kick things off, hosts David Barton and Rick Green mocked the idea, calling it "wacko on steroids" while Barton, of all people, demanded that we be "logical" about this before asserting that the Disney corporation lost money year after year when it supported gay rights and, once it reversed course, became profitable:

Barton: So everything is about economics now and suddenly you get this really ... I don't know what say ...

Green: Wacko is the only way ...

Barton: No, I am looking for something stronger than wacko - wacko on steroids - I mean there are some terms that come to mind, but you've got this proposal that says 'hey, we've got economic problems and here's part of the economic development solution and that's promoting gay marriage.' Wait a minute, run that by me again?

Green: I don't even know how to respond to that.

Barton: States are proposing this ... It doesn't pass the smell test. It sure doesn't pass the logic test. And I hate to say this, but let's be logical for a minute. Let's just look at what works.

Why don't they think about asking Disney how well promoting gay stuff helped their economics. You remember Disney, when they were being boycotted for doing all the gay stuff people stopped going there, they didn't want to be a part of that. And so while every other entertainment venue in the country was making money, Disney went fifteen out of sixteen quarters, as I recall, losing money. Finally got rid of [Michael] Esiner, got the whole philosophy turned around and now they're making money again.

Then Green interviewed Gallagher, who claimed that marriage equality advocates are so accustomed to "getting a pass" from the media that they can now just make absurd and embarrassing arguments before going on to assert that she does not believe national polls showing that a majority of Americans support marriage equality, saying instead that people are just being intimidated into saying they support it:

Gallagher: It's just an absurd argument for someone to make. Gay marriage advocates are just getting so used to getting a pass in the mainstream media from any kind of rational scrutiny, it's just embarrassing to go out in public and make a claim like this. I don't really understand how they think they can get away with it.


So I don't believe those polls. One of the things that's happening is that people are afraid to say what they really think about marriage, which is kind of extraordinary. That's power of a kind, but they are not persuading people; they are trying to shut down this debate.

Will Money Help Gingrich Win Over The Religious Right?

The Wall Street Journal today features an extensive profile on Newt Gingrich’s vast network of political organizations, including American Solutions, Renewing American Leadership (ReAL), and Gingrich Productions. The paper reports that Gingrich’s “network has amassed more than 1.7 million voter and donor contacts and raised $32 million between 2009 and 2010—more than all his potential 2012 rivals combined.” Gingrich also helped steer $150,000 to American Family Association Action to help defeat three Iowa State Supreme Court justices that ruled in favor of marriage equality. Along with ReAL, which is led by anti-gay activist Jim Garlow, and his support for the AFA, Gingrich has made overtures to other Religious Right groups and leaders including John Hagee, Bryan Fischer, Janet Porter, Liberty University, Liberty Counsel, The Family Leader and the Minnesota Family Council.

But will Gingrich’s financial influence, religious documentaries and appeals to prominent Religious Right figures translate to real support from activists who might be wary of backing a thrice-married adulterer? Fischer remains a skeptic, but Iowa’s Bob Vander Plaats, who coordinated the anti-judge campaign, is still grateful for Gingrich’s significant monetary aid:

Mr. Gingrich hasn't run a truly competitive campaign in 21 years. He is given to public gaffes, most recently criticizing President Barack Obama for failing to back the rebels fighting Col. Moammar Gadhafi, only to reverse himself after Mr. Obama ordered U.S. planes into Libya. He resigned from Congress in 1998 under an ethics cloud, after his party suffered a historic midterm loss. It was later revealed that he was having an affair with a congressional aide.

Even groups that have allied with him, such as the conservative American Family Association, aren't poised to back him, citing his two messy divorces and three marriages. "He is brilliant, and has much to offer. But he isn't what we need in the Oval Office," said the AFA's director of issue analysis, Bryan Fischer.

Wearing an array of organizational hats, he has met repeatedly with pastors, trained local candidates, consulted with doctors on his proposed health-care innovations and met with local refiners to tout ethanol. After raising money through one of his groups, Mr. Gingrich funneled $150,000 in seed money to a successful campaign last fall to oust three Iowa Supreme Court judges who supported gay marriage.

"Newt's role was quiet and very low key, but it was pivotal," said Bob Vander Plaats, a well-known Iowa conservative who led the anti-judges campaign.

The heavy emphasis on religion is part of his long push to atone for his multiple divorces, according to people who know him. "He was very direct about this," said Rev. Brad Sherman, a prominent Iowa evangelical leader, recounting a session Mr. Gingrich had last year with a small group of Iowa religious leaders. "He said he had deep regrets, and asked our forgiveness."

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Hate Watch: David Barton – Extremist 'Historian' for the Christian Right.

David Barton Lies To Jon Stewart On Sharia Law Views

As Miranda noted yesterday, David Barton raised eyebrows when he told The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart that religious law, including Sharia law, is compatible with the Constitution if a locality or state wanted to implement it, as he has a long track record of promoting vehement anti-Muslim views. Julie Ingersoll of Religion Dispatches also pointed out that Barton has consistently criticized “the threat of Islam taking over the country by imposing ‘Sharia Law.’”

But when Stewart asked if Barton was “all right with Sharia law and the whole business” in a Muslim-majority city in America, Barton replied, “Sure, sure.”

However, Barton made the exact opposite point in an interview with anti-Muslim activist Brigitte Gabriel of ACT! for America during his WallBuilders Live radio program.

Discussing a federal judge’s injunction that blocked an Oklahoma law which banned Sharia law, Barton told co-host Rick Green that Sharia law was incompatible with the Constitution.

Barton criticized the judge, saying, “how you can not let [the law] stand when you take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, that’s the only oath you’ve taken to uphold, how you gonna throw Sharia in there and make it equal with the Constitution it’s nuts to me.” He went on to allege that secular people like Joy Behar hate Judaism and Christianity and support Sharia law because they want an oppressive, authoritarian government:

Barton: But I love the fact that she points out that 21 states are considering what Oklahoma did, and 11 are likely to pass it this next session. So it’s going to be really significant to see what the federal judge does with that thing, whether he’s gonna let it stand or not. And how you can not let it stand when you take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, that’s the only oath you’ve taken to uphold, how you gonna throw Sharia in there and make it equal with the Constitution it’s nuts to me. But we’ve seen judges do nutty things so that’s not unusual.

Green: And I’m thinking long term strategy on this thing because this will probably take several years to play out in the courts, but its good that these other states are gonna do it too because we’d like to see this come up through several courts of appeals—

Barton: And get an overwhelming thing. You know, the other thing that I found really interesting listening to Brigitte and talk about her life and stuff that was going on and how strong she is. I find it so strong that you can take all these militant, anti-Christian—Joyce Behar—she’s got the cable news program, she’s on The View, you remember O’Reilly goes on there and makes a comment about Muslims being terrorists and she walks off the program in a rage. She is all the time berating every Christians out there. She’s smashing—

Green: And defending the terrorists.

Barton: Now, this is what’s kind of interesting to me. Secular people do not like religion, but they do like Islam. So maybe Islam is not a religion, maybe it is a way of life. Because why is it that secular people who hate Judaism, who hate Christianity, they love Muslims? It’s because of the tyrannical control over lives. This is what these guys want to do through government and they want the same kind of control, so Sharia that’s a great way to control.

Green: It fits right into their way of thinking things some work.

Barton: It does, their view that we ought to be control. It’s just crazy.

Fact Checking Barton Part II: Constitution Explicitly References Religion

In the second part of the televised interview on The Daily Show, David Barton claims that the Constitution contains “four references to God” in Article VII. Article VII reads: “The Ratification of the Conventions of nine States, shall be sufficient for the Establishment of this Constitution between the States so ratifying the Same.”

That’s it.

Barton is presumably referring to the following line: “Done in Convention by the Unanimous Consent of the States present the Seventeenth Day of September in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty seven and of the Independence of the United States of America the Twelfth.” As noted in People For the American Way’s Barton’s Bunk, “Barton claims that this passing reference to the Declaration of Independence incorporates that document and its reference to rights endowed by a Creator into the U.S. Constitution, making the Constitution a religious document that reflects and requires a national acknowledgment of God’s hand in our founding, history, and prosperity.”

Barton dodges Stewart’s question about presidential oaths. As Stewart rightly claims, the oath outlined in the US Constitution does not specify the use of the Bible. Moreover, Article II even allows Presidents to make an “Affirmation” rather than an Oath: “Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation: — ‘I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.’” In fact, Franklin Pierce decided to affirm rather than swear during his inauguration, John Quincy Adams “took the oath upon a volume of law,” and Teddy Roosevelt didn’t use a Bible in his rushed inauguration.

Barton has also repeatedly asserted, including in Wednesday’s WallBuilders Live radio program, that the Bible was used as the basis for republican form of government (Exodus 18:21), the separation of powers (Jeremiah 17:9), and the three branches of government (Isaiah 33:22).

So let’s check his citations:

Exodus 18:21 You should also look for able men among all the people, men who fear God, are trustworthy, and hate dishonest gain; set such men over them as officers over thousands, hundreds, fifties and tens. (Barton: Republican government)

Jeremiah 17:9 The heart is devious above all else; it is perverse — who can understand it? (Barton: Separation of powers)

Isaiah 33:22 For the Lord is our judge, the Lord is our ruler, the Lord is our king; he will save us. (Barton: Three branches of government)

Now, if the Bible was the foundation for republican government, where the citizenry and not a monarch occupy the power of government, then what does Barton have to say about all the prominent monarchies in the Bible, like King David and King Solomon?

In addition, where in Federalist Numbers 47 and 51, which many historians point to as the basis for the separation of powers and the three branches of government, does James Madison cite Jeremiah or Isaiah, let alone any Biblical passage? In Federalist No. 47, Madison frequently cites Montesquieu, but not the Bible; Madison also doesn’t use the Bible or any theological explanation in Federalist No. 51.

While Barton can find passages in the Bible that may reflect a similar opinion or sentiment of the Founding Fathers, he is consistently unable to demonstrate how the Founders specifically used the Bible or “Biblical principles” to develop the Constitution.

American Family Association: Bin Laden Death Shows We Are Intimidated By Terrorists & Maybe College Students Don't Hate America

During AFA Report on the American Family Association’s American Family Radio, the hosts discussed how the handling of the mission to kill bin Laden shows America’s continued weakness under President Barack Obama. Fred Jackson, the AFA News Director, and co-hosts Buster Wilson and Teddy James, a writer for AFA Journal agreed that the mission and the burial showed that the US was “intimidated” by terrorists.

Jackson and James said that since the military had upset a number of Islamic scholars who were angry at the burial of bin Laden’s body at sea within 24 hours; the US was actually appeasing them by burying the body in a way that offended certain clerics. James suggested that instead of being politically correct (again, U.S. forces are facing criticism criticized by some clerics for not adhering to proper tradition); the country should go back to the days of Japanese internment, asking two days after bin Laden’s death, “What have we done lately for the protection of the country at large?”

Jackson, who confuses Obama with bin Laden, and Wilson were also surprised that young people, particularly students from The George Washington University, were celebrating the news outside the White House. Wilson asserted that the majority of college students are liberals who mostly believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories and blamed the United States for the terrorist attacks, comparing them to weak-willed followers of Christ.

Later, Wilson blasted Obama for taking credit for the successful mission because he used words “I” and “me” in his address to the nation.

Jackson: The American government apparently took the body into custody, did some DNA testing on it, took some pictures which we probably will never see or as somebody said this morning until Wikipedia releases it at some point. But then the body was taken to a US warship somewhere and that body was thrown overboard; the American government is saying it did that to honor Islamic tradition. Islamic clerics are already upset because they say [in] Islamic tradition the head of the corpse needs to be pointed towards Mecca and they feel that probably didn’t happen, which raises a couple of questions here. We are continuing to signal, TJ, to the Islamic world that we are intimidated by them. That causes me great concern. The United States is the most powerful nation in the world, but, and I’ll use the language that is often used, the small group of Islamic terrorists continue to intimidate us.

James: Well, we’re afraid. Our government is afraid of offending the small group and that’s what I’m not understanding. There’s a small amount of people who are radical Islamists who like this guy, who is already clamoring about Osama’s head may have not been lined up with Mecca. And yet we are so afraid of offending them that we hurry through our own procedures, we quickly do things, we do things sloppily at times, and it’s all in an effort to neglect the 99% and to appease the 1%.

Jackson: I’ve never seen this kind of thing before. I mean, this country has faced foes before but we have not been intimidated by them. But, I think maybe its some of the element of reasoning here has to do with political correctness in the world that we live in.

James: Well what amazing is this in World War II we were absolutely politically incorrect. We had the Japanese, the Nisei, in our own types of camps. I wouldn’t call them concentration camps, but we had them sequestered off, we had them quarantined, because of the fear or rather the protection of the larger group. You can debate the right and wrongness of that all day long, but the point is they threw political correctness out the window for the protection of the country at large. What have we done lately for the protection of the country at large? I believe that holding on to this idea of political correctness as tightly as we’ve held on to it, it’s put the larger group in a great amount of danger.

Jackson: Another aspect of this reaction to this last night, Buster, the networks were switching to cameras that they had out in front of the White House. And what you had there was quite a throng of young people, I think, some were identifying as students at George Washington University. And it surprised me, and maybe it should not have surprised me, that these young people were acting in a very patriotic way. It was, hollering “USA! USA! USA!” and they were waving American flags. And I thought: these are university kids, and maybe again I allowed myself to stereotype many of the university kids particularly from a university that is quite liberal, that they would be cheering the death of even a terrorist. And it struck me as somewhat odd, given what we hear the ideology of today’s typical university student particularly from a liberal university, and I began to think about that, and were they really celebrating the victory of Osama bin Laden [sic]? Because we know from 2008, and still the polling shows, he enjoys great support from young people. And so was it because they felt Osama bin Laden had scored, pardon me, President Barack Obama had scored a major victory here. And they were willing to celebrate the death of a terrorist?

Wilson: I have to admit that I am, if you’re cynical I’m cynical too, because I thought the very same thing as I watched that unfold on television last night, what is it that they’re cheering? These are the same people who, its almost like what you saw in the life of Christ where on Palm Sunday they were cheering him on shouting Hosanna putting their cloaks down for his donkey to walk over and then five days later the same crowd was shouting “Crucify him! Crucify him!,” this crowd is usually the crowd that is saying “9/11 was an inside job!” This is usually the crowd that’s saying, “The Bush Administration actually caused 9/11!”

Jackson: Yeah, the Bush Administration caused the Islamic world to hate us and that’s why they attacked us.

Wilson: Oh, this is the crowd that’s saying, “America’s chickens have come home to roost!” You know, now they’re over there, “USA! USA!” and saying the Star-Spangled Banner. I was impressed with the speech of President Obama last night, as he was making the announcement; how many times he actually used the word “God” in his speech, it was quite impressive. But there was something else that makes me think maybe; maybe they were celebrating him as opposed to the destruction of this man who caused so much harm. ’Cause when you look at his speech, there is no doubt about it that the President has taken absolute, personal responsibility for this happening. He says “shortly after taking office I directed Leon Panetta to make the killing or the capture of bin Laden the top priority of our war,” that’s been the top priority for the last ten years, “then last August after painstaking work by our intelligence community I was briefed,” and it goes on, he says, “today, at my direction the United States launched a targeted,” it just goes on and on and on about “I,” “me,” “I,” “I directed,” “it’s my direction,” “I did,” “I did,” and so it may be the Obama supporters simply cheering him on.

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