Alan Keyes Staffer Claims Gay Trend Is "Sex with Infants"

Truth Wins Out is calling attention to an interview given by Guy Adams on an Internet radio show. Adams, who is the deputy national grassroots director for Alan Keyes’ Renew America, asserts that the latest “trend” among gays is “sex with infants.” You can listen to the show here [link broken--see below].

Keyes himself is no stranger to wild anti-gay rhetoric. In 2004, when Keyes was the Republican candidate for Senate in Illinois—and when Guy Adams served as his bodyguard—he claimed that incest is “inevitable” for children of gays and called Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter a “selfish hedonist.”

UPDATE: The link to the radio show's web site has been removed. You can listen to the program here.

A Right-Wing Double Standard

Some on the Right are hailing a court decision in Kansas that will allow candidates running for court seats to talk about their views and responds to questionnaires.  

Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said the decision in Kansas is another in a series of victories for free speech in state judicial elections from around the country.

"Judicial candidates who have desired to talk to the voters have been intimidated into silence by the fear of being branded 'unethical,' " he said. "And judicial activists don't want to talk to voters."

Hausknecht said it is only activist judges who fear accountability to voters who will not rejoice at this decision.

"Judicial activists hate being 'smoked out' by questionnaires and voting guides on their judicial philosophies," he added, "and they've hidden behind bar associations and ethics committees and used ethics canons as smokescreens to keep voters from finding out who they really are."

The suit was filed by Kansas Judicial Watch after some candidates refused to answer the organization’s questionnaire [PDF] – among the things Judicial Watch wants to know is whether candidates believe

The unborn child is biologically human and alive and that the right to life of human beings should be respected at every stage of their biological development.

When it comes to local judges who hold limited terms, it seems that the Right wants to know all it can about a candidate.  But when it comes to judges being considered for lifetime appointments, the Right seems to be a lot less concerned.    

During the hearings on John Roberts’ nomination, the Right was unified in its belief that he couldn’t and shouldn’t say anything at all

It seems as if Republican senators are more than willing to let Roberts decide for himself when, and if, he’ll answer any of the questions posed to him. Sen. Jon Kyl insisted that “not every question that a senator might think of is legitimate" and went on to declare that “it is not appropriate for a senator to demand a nominee's view on issues that are likely to come before the court.” Sen. Orrin Hatch sounded a similar theme, saying “Nominees may not be able to answer questions that seek hints, forecasts or previews about how they would rule on particular issues.”

Considering that just about any issue could potentially “come before the court,” it is difficult to imagine just what sort of questions Roberts could answer without violating the Republican members’ vague standard.

The Right added its own voice to the calls for silence, with Concerned Women for America demanding that "senators' unjustified demands” not be “allowed to subvert the confirmation process … Senators should restrain themselves from demanding comments from Judge Roberts on political issues or potential upcoming cases."

During his hearings, John Roberts refused to answer more than a hundred questions regarding his views on crucial issues. Perhaps he did so out of fear that his right-wing views would have been, in Hausknecht’s words, “smoked out.”   

Robertson Sees Bolsheviks in West Virginia Hills

The Harrison County, West Virginia school board is facing a lawsuit over a large portrait of Jesus Christ that hangs in a public high school—at issue is whether the state is improperly endorsing a religion and whether the school is infringing the parents’ freedom of religion in raising their children, both First Amendment claims. But according to Pat Robertson, these First Amendment-filers “hate America” and are launching a “Bolshevik or Marxist takeover.”

Speaking on his “700 Club” program—which is run twice a day on ABC Family Channel and, according to Robertson’s network, is available in “95 percent of the television markets across the United States”—Robertson said,

The so-called progressives, ladies and gentlemen, have launched an all-out assault on all the foundational principles of our nation. And we found our liberties on the strength of our religious belief—that’s what the Declaration of Independence says. And the idea is, if you hate America, you will strip America of its religious values. And those who are doing this, let’s face it—this was a Communist plan some decades ago to undermine America, break up families, and break up religious belief and then the country would be subject to a Bolshevik or Marxist takeover. Well Marxism is in the ash-bin of history, but some of the Marxist followers in today’s world are still carrying that agenda forward.

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