Bauer: Planned Parenthood Needs The ACORN Treatment

Gary Bauer calls on conservatives to do to Planned Parenthood what they have done to ACORN:

For James O'Keefe, the sequel has been a blockbuster. As almost everyone knows by now, the investigative journalist and a friend secretly filmed themselves posing as a pimp and prostitute while ACORN workers advised them how to obtain a mortgage for a brothel of Latin American sex slaves.

But lost in the deserved attention to the ACORN sting film has been O'Keefe's first release, a 2007 expose of the systemic corruption at another liberal activist organization, Planned Parenthood.

ACORN is losing some of its federal funding in part because of O’Keefe’s video. But the Planned Parenthood story, in which O'Keefe and a friend posing as his pregnant minor girlfriend expose the abortion giant’s willingness to cover up alleged statutory rape, is just as incriminating.

Planned Parenthood deserves the same treatment ACORN is getting and should be stripped of the hundreds of millions of tax-payer dollars it receives annually. For that to happen, the conservative media must give O’Keefe’s debut film another look.

If this effort takes off, we can expect to see a lot more of Lila Rose, who has been doing exactly that for a last several years.

Right-Wing Census Paranoia [VIDEO]

There are many unanswered questions about the tragic hanging death of Bill Sparkman, a US Census Bureau employee, in rural Kentucky. But one thing is clear. Right-Wing leaders like Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and media outlets like Fox News have whipped up hysteria and paranoia over the 2010 Census.

Mr. Sparkman's untimely demise may or may not have been the doing of an anti-government fanatic, but it’s clear that the Right is creating an environment that is hostile to Census workers and the Constitutionally-mandated Census.

A steady stream of conspiracy talk by Beck, Bachmann, and others on Fox News has legitimized and propelled conspiracy theories among many everyday Americans who are now terrified of their own government. Talk of rounding up dissidents into concentration camps and nefarious plots by ACORN to steal Congress has fed anti-government sentiment, which could boil over at any moment.

This should be an important wake-up call to those national outlets that have employed fear in pursuit of ratings.

Here is a video compilation of recent Fox News coverage of the 2010 Census -- featuring Beck and Bachmann among others -- along with three amateur YouTube videos created by Americans who fear the Census:

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Think Progress: Rep. Steve King Says Same-Sex Marriage Is "A Purely Socialist Concept."
  • Sarah Posner: Judging by this past weekend’s marquee event on the conservative calendar, the center of gravity is moving from religious right to Tea Partiers, from homosexuality to taxes. A closer look, however, reveals the growing symbiosis between the two.
  • Wonk Room: Anti-Immigrant Group Bashes ‘Out Of Touch’ Judeo-Christian Movement For Immigration Reform.
  • Good As You: There is a major Catholic push against your equality that is starting to make the Mormon's 2008 efforts look like child's play by comparison.
  • Pam's House Blend: The federal government must investigate NOM's finances.
  • RH Reality Check: Forty Days of Protesting Birth Control.
  • Some eye-opening info about the right-wing folks behind the ACORN videos.
  • Finally, why does Chuck Norris hate America ... or at least our flag?

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Media Matters calls for accountability following omissions during Fox News' ACORN reports.
  • Salon: Meet the man who changed Glenn Beck's life.
  • RH Reality Check: Egg-as-Person State Law Campaigns Attract New Faces, Old Radicals.
  • David Weigel reports on the Federation for American Immigration Reform's "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" event.
  • Good As You has the audio of Tony Perkins speaking at Bangor Baptist Church in Maine following the right wing anti-marriage rally in the state last weekend.
  • Rep. Steve King is defending his colleague Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC), by claiming that  "the President threw the first punch."
  • Finally, Orly Taitz gets laughed out of court, which only proves, of course, that the judge is a tool of Obama. Also, someone even crazier than Taitz is accusing her of trying to get him to give false testimony for one of her Birther lawsuits.

Bachmann and Joe The Plumber Drop By Faith2Action

Today was a big day on Janet Porter's radio program, to say the least.

Just look at this guest list:

The major news of the day was that "Joe The Plumber" was going to be appearing at the upcoming How To Take Back America Conference, where he will be sharing the stage with the likes of Reps. Michele Bachmann, Steve King, Tom Price, Tom McClintock, Trent Franks, and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.

Wurzelbacher hung around for a good twenty minutes dispensing his wisdom and insights, before he had to leave to make room for Rep. Bachmann.  But before that happened, Porter delivered one of her daily commentaries on the coming end times:

The United Nations’ Conference on Trade and Development has issued a report calling for reconsideration of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. While Russia and China are among the countries that have called for such a change, this is the first time that a major multinational group has made this recommendation.

One of the authors of the report thinks that replacing the dollar with an artificial currency would improve economic stability. The effects of such a move on the U.S. may be hard to predict, but the U.N. isn’t exactly known for always acting in our best interests.

For Christians, this movement toward a global currency is a sign that the last days are coming. Check out Revelation chapters 13 and 18 for some clues about what those end times will be like. Are you ready? How about your friends and family?

Porter then got around to introducing Bachmann, hailing her as a Religious Right hero and a "woman of courage" ... but first declaring that anyone who had ever voted for any candidate that supports a woman's right to choose then "there is a curse on your life":

Finally, Bachmann joined the program and dedicated the majority of her segment to her on-going crusade against ACORN:

You’d think that bringing Bachmann and Porter together like this would generate heretofore unknown levels of right-wing insanity, but unfortunately this meeting only generated the standard right-wing nuttiness.

But we are still holding out hope for next week’s How To Take Back America Conference and expecting everyone involved to bring their “A” game. 

Right Wing Paranoia Knows No Bounds

On September 9th, President Obama delivered his healthcare address to a joint session of Congress. Not surprisingly, security around the Capitol was pretty tight ... but to Janice Shaw Crouse of Concerned Women for America, this sizable security presence wasn't there to protect the President or members of Congress; it was really an effort by "the Left" to intimidate conservatives:

Everything was on hand in preparation for an assault. But by whom?

Were they mobilizing for an attack by jihadists bent on acts of terrorism? No, the State Department has decreed that the bad old days of the Bush Administration’s preoccupation with the Axis of Evil and the War on Terror are over.

Then it came to me.

They are there to ensure that those evil right-wing terrorists who have been running amuck at TEA Parties and town halls all over the country don’t get the idea that they can weaken the grip of Pelosi and company by mounting a disruptive demonstration prior to, during, or after Obama’s health care reform address to Congress. Can’t allow those wicked conservatives to take a page out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals! Can’t allow those wicked conservatives to behave like ACORN or the Black Panthers! It just wouldn’t do.


If the left — with its majorities in both the House and the Senate — has everything nailed down as solidly as “I’ve-got-the-votes” Pelosi claims, why all the frustration, anger, fear, and hysteria that we’re seeing? That much is not merely theatre. Those emotions are real and very hard to hide. You can see them in the eyes and body language and hear them in the tone of voice.

No. What we are seeing is something very real. And it certainly isn’t pretty.

Right Wing Round-Up

It Is Obama Who Needs To Apologize, Not Wilson

That is what Jordan Sekulow, Director of International Operations at the American Center for Law and Justice, says

I understand why Congressman Wilson shouted at President Obama and if I had the guts he did, I'd hope I would have done the same thing. Was it a distraction that hurt the fight against government run health care? We'll see. Was it the "right" thing to do? Probably not. But, do I like the fact that he stood up to the President just like thousands of Americans who stood up to their representatives during the August recess? You bet I did. Why? I was enraged when Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called President Bush a "loser" and when Democrats booed President Bush during his 2005 State of the Union address. President Obama is getting a taste of the tactics used by the DNC, Organizing for America, and ACORN. The gloves have come off and the fight is real. Conservatives can beat this regime at its own game and the President is sweating.

President Obama, you should apologize to the American people for the lies and deceptions you and your party continue to preach.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Day Gardner says she is "baffled at the audacity of Barack who insists on speaking at this graduation even if graduating students don't want him there. President Obama doesn't get it. His ego is so big that he has no problem forcing himself on the students and faculty of Notre Dame." I too am baffled ... by Gardner's argument.
  • When Gary Cass and Bob Knight team up to discuss hate crimes legislation, you can guarantee that the information is going to be both accurate and informative.
  • FRC's Peter Sprigg says there has been no softening on their opposition to a gay SCOTUS nominee, saying "the chances of finding a highly-qualified judge who [has experienced same-sex attractions, but who also respects judicial restraint and the original intent of the Constitution] are probably about equal to the chances of a camel passing through the eye of a needle."
  • Al Mohler says Christians are "called to love and respect Muslims [but] not Islam" because it is a false religion.
  • The always timely Sarah Palin has now issued a statement in defense of Carrie Prejean ... days after everything had been settled.
  • And speaking of Republican embarrassments, two of the biggest are teaming up, with Michael Steele backing Michelle Bachmann's attacks on ACORN.
  • Finally, Pat Robertson says he's not surprised that President Obama bowed to King Abdullah ... because Obama has a Muslim name.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Steve Benen congratulates one of the few conservatives who have the courage to at least suggest that perhaps Rush Limbaugh is not the face the Republican Party needs if it ever hopes to regain its relevance.
  • Sarah Posner smartly points out that "only 33 percent of white evangelicals thought it was proper for Obama to speak at [Notre Dame] -- that's about half of those who think torture can be justified."
  • Good As You got Focus on the Family to admit that the claims in the Cornerstone poll are "not accurate."
  • Finally, several things from Media Matters: Glen Beck suggesting that ACORN may kill him for his coverage of them; a good collection of conservative media figures saying that marriage equality will lead to "triads," interspecies marriage, and pedophilia; and Pat Robertson saying he'll support marriage equality "when two men get together and make a baby"

Right Wing Leftovers


Sen. Orrin Hatch says he spoke with President Obama, who "assured me that he would not be picking a radical or an extremist for the court that he was very pragmatic in his approach and that he would pick somebody who would abide by the rule of law.” Hatch also speculates that the White House could announce its nominee as soon as this week.

Following Arlen Specter's defection, Sen. Jeff Session has been chosen to take over his position as ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committe in a move that is being welcomed by right-wing groups:

“He is someone who has a tremendous amount of experience with legal policy issues that the committee has to involve itself in,” said Leonard Leo, the executive vice president of the Federalist Society, an organization of conservative lawyers ... Jay Sekulow, the chief counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice, expects changes under Sessions.

“I assume he will bring in some conservative staff,” said Sekulow. He called Sessions’ elevation on the committee “good for Republicans.”

Phyllis Schlafly has now gotten around to weighing in with her latest column, accusing Souter of flipping "from presumed conservative to liberal as soon as the media began ridiculing him" and attacking President Obama and several of his nominees, including David Hamilton:

We would also like to know if Obama's Supreme Court nominee is cut from the same cloth as his first judicial nomination, David F. Hamilton. He's a former fundraiser for ACORN and a former leader of the Indiana chapter of the ACLU.

Ed Whelan starts the opposition research, announcing "one [possible nominee] whose candidacy I take seriously and whom I have previously written very little about is Seventh Circuit judge Diane P. Wood. I will address her record in this and subsequent posts" and concludes that "her course of conduct signals the dangers of judicial lawlessness that inhere in Obama’s badly misguided standard for judging."

Right Wing Leftovers

  • The Thomas More Law Center has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Department of Homeland Security seeking answers about the recent report on right-wing extremists.
  • Gary Dull and his nascent Faith and Freedom Institute received some press coverage for their participation in a "tea party" rally yesterday, declaring "stop taking our freedoms away from us."
  • Bill Donohue opposes efforts to bring marriage quality to New York state, declaring "once you allow two men to marry there's nothing left. You can't stop three men from getting married. You could not stop Sam and Sally for that matter if they wanted to have an incestuous relationship granted by the state."
  • The Christian Anti-Defamation Commission warns that hate crimes legislation is on its way, saying that "if this bill passes it lays the foundation for censoring Christians."
  • The Judicial Confirmation Network's Wendy Long pens an attack piece on judicial nominee David Hamilton in which she repeats the discredited claims about his ties to ACORN.
  • The Susan B. Anthony List declares that Gov. Sarah Palin's decision to speak at the Vanderburgh County Right to Life Banquet in Indiana tonight proves that she is "authentic" and reflection of "her values and true persona." I'd argue that her refusal to follow to state law in filling an empty Democratic seat in the state Senate is a better reflection of her values and persona.

Why Read It Yourself When You Can Take The Right's Word For It?

Back in February and March, we wrote a series of posts about how the Religious Right was trying to get a supposedly "anti-Christian" provision stripped from the stimulus legislation, screaming and yelling about discrimination and threatening lawsuits only to utterly fall silent about it after the legislation containing the provision at issue was signed into law.

The over-arching theme of those posts was a sense of amazement that the Right fully knew that everything they were saying about this provision was blatantly untrue yet they continued to repeat it regardless.  In fact, it seemed as if most of those screeching about it didn't even bother to read the provision itself or do any basic research ... presumably because doing so would have only undermined their ability to keep lying about it.

I am getting the same impression regarding the Department of Homeland Security report that has become the focus of the Right's outrage over the last few days. The fact that DHS has issued a statement explaining that the report is part of "an ongoing series of assessments to provide situational awareness to state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies on the phenomenon and trends of violent radicalization in the United States" doesn't matter. The fact that it was commissioned under the Bush administration and overseen by a Bush appointee does not matter either.  Nor does the fact that the report obviously is not an attack on conservatives, veterans, or Christians, as they are claiming, which is something they would know if they bothered to actually read it [PDF].

But they don't care:

Call Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, to demand an apology for the outrageous DHS memo disparaging America's veterans and pro-lifers

Barack Obama's Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security is stubbornly refusing to apologize to our nation's veterans for issuing a DHS intelligence assessment which disparages veterans as possible terrorist threats. The report also defamed peaceful pro-lifers.

Roberta Combs, president of the Christian Coalition of America said: "I agree with the Democrat chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, Congressman Bennie Thompson, when he said he was "dumbfounded" that such a report would be issued. Veterans and pro-lifers should not be targeted as terrorist threats by the Obama administration. This partisanship must stop."

And, just as with the stimulus provision," the ACLJ is among those taking the lead in generating faux outrage once again, sending out an email to supporters blasting this "unconstitutional report":

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has labeled you, a member of the pro-life community, THE MOST DANGEROUS DOMESTIC TERRORIST.

The DHS warning entitled: ''Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment'' is so troubling that at first, I actually didn't believe that Homeland Security could issue such a document.

But it's true. We've verified it. And make no mistake, this unconstitutional report raises serious questions about the leadership and direction of the agency charged with protecting Americans in the ongoing battle against terrorism.

And why don't they care?  Because they can use as part of their fundraising efforts:

Today, federal employees whose salaries we pay are issuing reports from the Department of Homeland Security that say some conservatives are a grave threat to America. Why? Because we oppose abortion and the massive growth of the federal government. Do they no longer see Al Qaeda or the Taliban as the greatest threat to Americans' liberty? Apparently they are now targeting us. I remind DHS and all who read this that we oppose all violence or lawbreaking. But speaking out is an American right we will not give up!

Parents with children are bearing the brunt of this administration's drive for ever greater control--control of our checkbooks, control of the schools, control of our communities, control of our churches, population control, gun control, environmental control. Control is the common thread.


Will you help Family Research Council (FRC) fight excessive government and defend your rights with a donation today?


What's their strategy in this new campaign to undermine America 's Judeo-Christian heritage and moral foundation?

* Money to silence your voice. Billions set aside for ACORN and other radical coalitions committed to creating a permanently left-wing government by whatever means necessary--including voter fraud which ACORN has committed.

* Money to teach immoral behavior in schools. New spending means more federal interference in local schools, loss of parental rights, and forcing our children to learn about immoral behavior.

* Money for abortion and a culture of death. Top abortion advocates get hundreds of millions of new federal subsidies from their liberal allies in Washington.

The one common thread to all of this "outrage" from the Christian Coalition, the Family Reserach Council, and others (aside from the lying) is that they don't provide a link to the actual DHS report itself, despite the fact that it is widely available.

If this report is so outrageous and offensive, why aren't these right-wing groups providing links to it so that their activists can read it for themselves?

Maybe because a) they haven't read it themselves or b) they have read it and know that it doesn't say what they are claiming it says and are hoping that their activists will just take their word for it and start sending in the checks.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • How good is Fox News?  As Think Progress notes, it is so good that it is capable to covering events that happened before it even existed.
  • John Nichols takes on the Right's incessant ACORN-related fear-mongering.
  • As Steve Benen explains, sometimes a blog post is just a blog post and not a sign of a vast conspiracy.
  • You know Glenn Beck's show is spinning into absolute absurdity when Crook and Liars says it is cutting back on its coverage of him.
  • John Aravosis has a good post contrasting Concerned Women for America with Coretta Scott King on the importance of gay rights to the overall civil rights struggle.
  • Finally, there were lots of posts responding to the Telegraph article on James Dobson's farewell address to Focus on the Family that we mentioned last week, including reactions from Good as You, Steve Benen, Andrew Sullivan, Marc Ambinder, and Crooks and Liars.

The Great and Powerful ACORN - Part II

Last month, when I wrote a post about the Right's opposition to President Bush's first judicial nominee, David Hamilton, I took issue with their attempt to tie him to ACORN by pointing out that his "ties" to the organization consisted entirely of a one-month stint as a canvasser some thirty years ago.

I didn't bother explaining at the time the back story about the Right's hatred of ACORN because a) it is already well-known and b) it would have been a time consuming project to compile all the smears against the organization.

Fortunately, Media Matter has now released a report chronicling the countless examples where right-wing commentators and members of the media have used ACORN as a whipping boy and debunking the various lies about their work which includes, among other things, this list of the the various times Hamilton's "ties" to ACORN were mentioned: 

  • NBC deputy political director Mark Murray, in a March 17 post to the blog First Read

  • The Chicago Tribune's David G. Savage, in a March 17 post to its blog The Swamp

  • USA Today's Mark Memmott, in a March 17 post to its blog The Oval

  • Wendy Long, in a March 17 post to the National Review Online blog bench memos

  • Fox News Supreme Court reporter Shannon Bream, during the March 18 edition of Special Report

  • Co-host Pat Robertson on the March 18 edition of the Christian Broadcasting Network's The 700 Club

Media Matters has done a great job of showing how ACORN has been blamed or otherwise mentioned in connection with a wide range of issues including the financial crisis, voter fraud, the Minnesota Senate recount, the economic recovery legislation, SCHIP legislation, the 2010 census, and the election of Barack Obama and setting the record straight on right-wing attempts to smear the organization. 

Be sure to check it out.

Malkin Takes the ACORN Bait

In the post I wrote earlier today about the Right’s incessant use of the fact that David Hamilton worked as a canvasser for ACORN for one month some thirty years ago, I gave credit to obsessive ACORN-hater Michelle Malkin for refusing to take the bait and make a big deal out of the supposed connection.

Of course, just twenty minutes after my post went up, guess what was posted on Malkin’s blog?

This teaches an important lesson: the next time I am inclined to give Malkin credit for anything, I just need exhibit a little patience and wait for her to demonstrate that she doesn’t deserve it.

One Judicial Nominee In, The Battle Has Already Begun

Last week we noted how, right out of the gate, one of the Right’s primary talking points in justifying its immediate opposition top President Obama’s first judicial nominee, was that he was a fundraiser for ACORN and that his nomination was “payback” to the organization.

Of course, as it turned out, Hamilton’s “ties” to ACORN consisted entirely of a one-month stint as a canvasser for the organization thirty years ago.

But that hasn’t stopped Hamilton’s supposed ties to ACORN from becoming a central focus on the Right’s mounting opposition, as it is working its way into Fox News’ coverage of his nomination and continues to be cited, with Robert Stacy McCain predicting that it is only a matter of time before the ACORN-obsessed Michelle Malkin learns about it, saying we’re in “gasket-blowing countdown mode [before] Mt. Malkin erupts.”

To her credit, Malkin has yet to take that bait, as far as we can tell, but the same cannot be said for Ed Messe, Tony Perkins, David McIntosh, TK Cribb, and Alfred Regnery, who issued a joint statement opposing Hamilton’s nomination which placed his “ties” to ACORN at top of their list of objections:

Judge Hamilton is committed to an extreme political agenda.

  • Hamilton is a former ACLU leader who lent his legal skills to the far-left special interest group.

  • He was a fundraiser for the liberal activist group ACORN, the sponsor of the most comprehensive criminal voter fraud campaign in American history.

It seems pretty clear that Hamilton’s short-lived, age-old ties are going to remain a centerpiece of the Right’s opposition to his nomination – opposition that is becoming nearly universal among right-wing groups who work on the issue, judging by this article on Focus on the Family’s website:

Curt Levey, executive director of the Committee for Justice, called that a bad sign.

"If this was just one extreme liberal among a bunch of moderate picks that would be OK," he said. "The problem is that the administration is touting this as an example of how moderate their picks will be. If this is what the Obama administration considers 'moderate' then I think the nation is in trouble."

Wendy Long, counsel for the Judicial Confirmation Network, agreed Hamilton is no moderate.

"Hamilton appears, from our initial study, to have made rulings that show his willingness to bend the law to reach outcomes that would be favored by the ACLU, which are inconsistent with the proper role of a judge," she said. "If this is an example of what the White House thinks is a 'moderate judge,' I would shudder to think of what they think a 'liberal' judge looks like.

"If (Obama) continues in this vein, I think there will be a political price to pay in 2010."

Ed Whelan, president of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, said that people need to understand Obama's agenda.

"It's a radical agenda that would dramatically restrict American citizens' power to self government," he said. "What people need to do is wake up … because if not the courts are going to be transformed in the direction of liberal judicial activism, and the courts will be governing everything in this country."

Hamilton has the support of both of his home-state senators, including Republican Richard Lugar, as well as the support of the president of the local chapter of the Federalist Society, but that apparently doesn’t matter as right-wing judicial activists are committed to waging a battle over judicial nominations, beginning with the very first nominee.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • We can only pray that this is true: "Ann Coulter said that she will probably stop writing books, citing increasing taxes on the rich by the Obama administration." Of course, it is probably not because nothing Coulter says is ever true.
  • Focus on the Family says that evangelicals are "disappointed in Obama." Shocking, I know.
  • Fox's Megyn Kelly asks an ACORN spokesman some really smart questions, including "you're going to send child rapists out to conduct the census?"
  • The Traditional Values Coalition is leading the charge against a Virginia Islamic school's plans to expand.
  • The American Family Association gets in on the whole right-wing "Tea Party" thing.
  • Tony Perkins voices his opposition to the "Responsible Education about Life" (REAL) Act, saying it is designed to create "a new generation of abortion customers."
  • Brent Bozell is mad, again, at "South Park."
  • Finally, the Family Research Council urged the Senate to reject Elena Kagan's nomination to be Solicitor General, as well as David Hamilton's nomination, saying they "provide disturbing evidence that President Obama will foster a philosophy of judicial activism and hostility to sound jurisprudence on issues of life and religious liberty." Unfortunately for them, Kagan was confirmed by a vote of 61-31.
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As Brian noted earlier, Live Action has finally gotten around to releasing its hoax video attack on Planned Parenthood, despite the fact that Planned Parenthood had already reported the "potential sex trafficking" to law enforcement officials. And despite the fact that Live Action's Lila Rose got her start working with James O'Keefe and that this new video heavily resembles O'Keefe's own notorious ACORN smear job, Religious Right are already lining-up behind Rose and using the video as an excuse to attack Planned Parenthood: Marjorie Dannenfelser - President, Susan B.... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 02/01/2011, 2:27pm
As Brian noted earlier, Live Action has finally gotten around to releasing its hoax video attack on Planned Parenthood, despite the fact that Planned Parenthood had already reported the "potential sex trafficking" to law enforcement officials. And despite the fact that Live Action's Lila Rose got her start working with James O'Keefe and that this new video heavily resembles O'Keefe's own notorious ACORN smear job, Religious Right are already lining-up behind Rose and using the video as an excuse to attack Planned Parenthood: Marjorie Dannenfelser - President, Susan B.... MORE
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It appears that Lila Rose’s group Live Action was behind the covert actions that led to an FBI probe of a possible prostitution ring after all. Planned Parenthood wrote to the FBI about a pattern of incidents where men would travel to their offices across the country and describe their role in illegal sex trafficking, warning that while the pattern could be part of an elaborate hoax, the FBI should investigate the potential lawbreaking: Last week, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Cecile Richards wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder summarizing the visits and... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 02/01/2011, 11:09am
It appears that Lila Rose’s group Live Action was behind the covert actions that led to an FBI probe of a possible prostitution ring after all. Planned Parenthood wrote to the FBI about a pattern of incidents where men would travel to their offices across the country and describe their role in illegal sex trafficking, warning that while the pattern could be part of an elaborate hoax, the FBI should investigate the potential lawbreaking: Last week, Planned Parenthood Federation of America president Cecile Richards wrote to Attorney General Eric Holder summarizing the visits and... MORE
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