Right Wing Round-Up

  • Predictably, VA state Rep. Bob Marshall says he was taken out of context for his statement that disabled children are punishment for women who've had an abortion.  You can listen to the statement here and judge for yourself.
  • Utah state Sen. Mark Madsen wants to combine Martin Luther King Day with "John M. Browning State Holiday" to honor the gun manufacturer.
  • Speaking of Utah, a bill passed by the state House and Senate and waiting for the governor's signature will make it a crime for a woman to have a miscarriage.
  • I, for one, do not buy Molotov Mitchell's claim that he has gay friends for a second.
  • Wow, XPAC turned out to be even lamer than predicted.
  • Guess what CPAC-ers don't care about? Fighting marriage equality.
  • The insanity of Orly Taitz knows no bounds.
  • Timothy Kincaid gives some helpful advice to the Alliance Defense Fund.
  • Finally, remember last week when the Right was up in arms over the revelation that there were books about socialism in the White House library? Turns out, they were Jackie Kennedy's.

While AU Asks IRS to Investigate LU, LU Presses For Its Own Polling Place

Back in 2008, we noted several times how Jerry Falwell Jr. sought to do what he could to deliver the state of Virginia to John McCain, from refusing to accommodate local Obama rallies while hosting McCain rallies to registering thousands of Liberty students so that Liberty University "could go down in history as the college that elected a president."

Despite Falwell's efforts, he couldn't deliver the state for McCain but a year later Liberty was able to take credit for delivering a Republican to the House of Representatives.

And now Americans United for Separation of Church and State is asking the IRS to look into Liberty's partisan activities:  

“We have documented a clear pattern of partisan intervention orchestrated by top Liberty officials,” said Americans United Executive Director Barry W. Lynn. “I believe the evidence is clear that Liberty officials have violated the law.”

AU’s letter – the result of more than three months of investigating – makes the following allegations:

• Falwell and other university officials used Liberty Champion, ostensibly a student publication but one that is actually subject to university control, to run a series of articles attacking Valentine and endorsing Garrett.

• University officials twice arranged for a “voter guide” published by the Virginia Family Foundation to appear in the Champion. The guide distorted Valentine’s views and was stacked to endorse Garrett. Copies of the Oct. 27 issue of the newspaper were mailed to all Lynchburg residents.

• On Election Day, Ergun Caner, a top university official, drove around campus with the College Republicans, rounding up voters.

• Falwell and other Liberty officials later boasted that their actions had swayed the election to Garrett. They have vowed to intervene in future elections.

“This is one of the most blatant and dishonest attempts to influence an election by a non-profit religious organization I have ever seen,” Lynn said. “We hope the IRS acts swiftly to stop Liberty’s overt partisan politicking.”

In semi-related news, due to the massive increase in voters in the district due to Liberty's annual registration drives, LU has been pressing the Lynchburg City Council to move the polling place to somewhere that can better accommodate the crowds - i.e., somewhere that Liberty owns, like Thomas Road Church or a local LU-owned shopping center.

But the city council does not appear particularly keen to place the polling place in Liberty U's hands and so, of course, Falwell and LU students are outraged:

Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. is denouncing City Council’s recent rejection of two LU-backed polling place sites as a “travesty” designed to suppress the LU student vote.

“It’s obvious to me the goal was to discourage as many Ward III citizens from voting as possible,” Falwell said, renewing LU’s concerns that Lynchburg First Church of the Nazarene, the current leading contender for the new voting location, is inaccessible and unsafe.

“You have to ask yourself what is the motive of the five Democrats on council in choosing a difficult-to-find church on a residential road that is not equipped to handle this kind of traffic,” Falwell said. “Something smells bad.”


Falwell, who said his students were angry and offended over the way this has been handled, said Nelson’s motion was nothing more than a “little game.”

“It was all designed to kill it (LU’s recommendations) without coming out and saying it,” he said. “It was transparent, and our students see through it.”

“I think you’re going to see much more turnout among the students in May than you would have if they had just chosen a safe, convenient polling place … The site they did choose does just the opposite. It makes it more difficult and more unsafe for people to vote.”

LU’s Student Government Association sent out a notice and set up a Facebook group urging students to attend the hearing Tuesday.

In those messages, the association described the upcoming City Council elections as the most important in LU history and said the “anti-Liberty folks” on council appear to be trying to dilute their influence by choosing a bad polling place to discourage them from voting.

“It is important you attend this meeting. This outrage must be stopped,” read the e-mail, which noted that buses will be provided to take students to the hearing.

Anyone want to place any bets on whether Liberty decides to use its local voting power in future city council elections to try and take out council-members who won't do its bidding? 

VA Legislator: Disabled Children Are God's Punishment for Women Who've Had Abortions

Last week we noted how Pat Robertson, Jonathan Falwell, and other right-wing activists in Virginia are targeting Gov. Bob McDonnell and other top elected officials to cut off any state funding for Planned Parenthood.

During a press conference unveiling the effort last week, a state legislator declared that God punishes women who have had abortions by giving them disabled children later:

Western Prince William Del. Bob Marshall, R-13th, says disabled children are God’s punishment to women who have aborted their first pregnancy.

He made that statement last Thursday at a press conference to oppose state funding for Planned Parenthood.

“The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically. Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children,” said Marshall, a Republican.

“In the Old Testament, the first born of every being, animal and man, was dedicated to the Lord. There’s a special punishment Christians would suggest.”

Marshall was among more than 20 people, mostly Christian pastors and clergy, who gathered for the press conference in the General Assembly Building ...The press conference was held by a group called Virginia Christian Action. Its members presented a petition calling on Gov. Bob McDonnell, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to stop funding for Planned Parenthood. All three top officials are Republican.

The petition was signed by a number of prominent Christian leaders, including the Rev. Jonathan Falwell of Lynchburg and the Rev. Pat Robertson of Virginia Beach.

UPDATE: It looks like Marshall has quite a history of making outrageous statements.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Hey, guess who else has signed on the The Mount Vernon Statement? The Traditional Values Coalition.
  • It tells you a lot about LifeSiteNew's agenda when it runs headlines like this: "Lisa Miller Safe for Now: Virginia Judge Refuses to Issue Arrest Warrant."
  • Is anyone surprise that Gary Cass and Bill Donohue flipped out over Elton John's comments?
  • The FRC needs money to save DADT and not let "homosexual rights extremists invade the U.S. military and destroy it from within."
  • Finally, Quote of the Day in photo form:

VA: Robertson, Falwell Court McDonnell In De-Funding Planned Parenthood

Changes certainly are afoot in the state of Virginia with the election of Gov. Bob McDonnell, who recently moved to strip away anti-discrimination protections for gays.

Now, in addition to efforts by state legislators to ensure that money raised from the sale of proposed "Respect Choice" license plates do not go to Planned Parenthood, Gov. McDonnell's long time ally Pat Robertson and other right-wing pastors are seeking his promise to defund the organization:

Some of Virginia's most influential Christian leaders asked Gov. Bob McDonnell and other top officials Thursday to block state funding for Planned Parenthood because the nonprofit organization provides abortions.

The Virginia Christian Alliance presented a petition signed by the Rev. Pat Robertson, the Rev. Jonathan Falwell and dozens of others asking Republicans McDonnell, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli to help defund the organization.

The pastors cited what they called the "unethical, immoral and racist practices" of Planned Parenthood, the nation's No. 1 abortion provider.

And according to the Virginia Pilot, McDonnell is going to support the effort:

Virginia's top three elected officials -- all Republicans -- expressed support Thursday for an effort by religious leaders to eliminate any state money that goes to Planned Parenthood, a health care organization that provides abortions.

Here are some responses from their offices:

"Lieutenant Governor Bolling does not believe that public funds should be used to pay for abortions, nor does he believe that public funds should be used to support organizations that provide abortions, such as Planned Parenthood. In fact, in 2007 the Lieutenant Governor cast the deciding vote in the Senate to withhold public funds from Planned Parenthood. His position has not changed."

Ibbie Hedrick, spokeswoman for Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling

"Attorney General Cuccinelli supports withholding state funds for Planned Parenthood. It is Constitutional for state money to go to third party contractors, but just because it is Constitutional does not mean that it is a good policy and state funding of Planned Parenthood is a bad policy. Attorney General Cuccinelli supports the overall goal of this group, but does not plan to sign a petition." Dan Dodds, spokesman for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli

The petition referred to in the response from Cuccinelli's office is a document the religious consortium is circulating.

Among its prominent signatories are Virginia Beach-based religious broadcaster Pat Robertson and Jonathan Falwell, son of Liberty University founder Jerry Falwell.

Another noteworthy public figure who plans to sign the petition is Gov. Bob McDonnell, a spokeswoman for the governor said Thursday evening.

Turns Out Everyone Who Opposed Bob McDonnell Was Right

As we mentioned yesterday, Virginia governor Bob McDonnell recently signed a decree taking away protections for gay and lesbian state workers in Virginia. The executive order, signed by McDonnell on February 5, nullifies a similar order of former governor Tim Kaine, who had specifically included sexual orientation as a part of his non-discrimination policy. 

It would be nice to say that this comes as a surprise, but a measure like this isn’t really a shock when one looks back to McDonnell’s long record of involvement with the far right (to say nothing of his collegiate thesis at Liberty University.) Back in September, Kyle described the thesis as “a blueprint to change what [McDonnell] saw as a liberal model into one that actively promoted conservative, faith-based principles through tax policy, the public schools, welfare reform and other avenues”. Although McDonnell said during his campaign that he regretted much of the language in his work, it seems like it was pretty accurate after all.

Via TPM, Hari Sevugan, Former Governor Kaine’s spokesperson, said.

It says a lot about the Republican party that they would anoint as their 'rising star' someone who in 2010 is actually stripping away from Americans legal protections against discrimination. Bob McDonnell is proving his critics right.


Why Lisa Miller Wasn't Held In Contempt

Yesterday, I wrote a post noting it was a little odd that a Virginia judge had ruled that he could not hold Lisa Miller in contempt of court because nobody knew where she was.  Now the article has been updated with more details which explains the reasoning a bit more:

She's accused of running away with her seven-year-old daughter to avoid sharing custody with her former lesbian partner, but a Bedford County judge has decided not to press charges against Lisa Miller.

The judge could have held her in contempt of court, a charge she's already facing in Vermont, where this legal battle began. But a judge says he can't do the same here, because Miller was never notified of the pending charges, and she's nowhere to be found.


Because officials couldn't locate Miller to notify her of her court appearance, the judge said he couldn't hold her in contempt.

But the most interesting piece of news contained in the update is that it contains the first statement on the case from Mat Staver since Miller disappeared.  Staver, who is apparently still her lawyer, used the court appearance to attack Janet Jenkins: 

While Miller may be the missing party now, her lawyer says it was her former partner who was missing most of Isabella's life.

"[She] never came to watch her at church functions or school activities- in fact refused to come to Lynchburg," Miller’s attorney Mat Staver of Liberty Counsel said.


Staver says he doesn't know his client's whereabouts or knows anyone who does.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • TPM: Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Rolls Back Non-Discrimination Protections For Gay State Workers.
  • Sarah Posner: Conservative Activist Says Tea Party Movement Needs "Reverence to God."
  • Andrew Sullivan: "May The Judgement Not Be Too Heavy Upon Us."
  • Sam Stein: McCain Challenger: Birther Questions Are Legit In Days Of Identity Theft.
  • Eric Boehlert: James O'Keefe and the myth of the ACORN pimp.
  • TFN: How the Far Right ‘Guides’ Voters with Lies.
  • Finally, David Frum weighs in on The Mount Vernon Statement: Conservatives to Voters: We Don’t Feel Your Pain.

VA Senate Restores Planned Parenthood Funding in "Respect Choice" License Plate Bill

Yesterday I noted that efforts to offer "Trust Women/Respect Choice" license plates in Virginia had been been subverted with state legislators in the House passed a bill directing any money raised from their sale to the Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund instead of Planned Parenthood.

Well, the state Senate has now passed its own version of the bill which explicitly rejected that attempt:

The Virginia Senate, controlled by Democrats, has passed a measure that would create a specialty state license plate with the message "Trust Women/Respect Choice." Some of the application fee money paid by drivers who select the plate would go to the Virginia League of Planned Parenthood.

Drivers in Virginia, which loves its vanity plates, already are allowed to select one with the logo "Choose Life."

Today's action put the Senate's bill on the issue in conflict with one passed by the Republican-controlled House of Delegates on Monday. Delegates chose to strip out Planned Parenthood funding and send the application fees for the plate to a state fund to help pregnant women instead.

Democrats in the Senate fended off an amendment to the bill from state Sen. Mark Obenshain (R-Harrisonberg) that would have followed the House's lead, allowing the creation of the plates but without sending money to Planned Parenthood.

Gov. Bob McDonnell has already made clear that he supports stripping Planned Parenthood of any state funding it receives while Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli said he would defend the state if lawmakers refuse to create the plate, so it'll be interesting to see how this plays out.

VA "Respect Choice" License Plates Won't Actually Respect Choice

Currently, twenty-plus states offer versions of "Choose Life" license plates, the sale of which raises money for anti-choice groups  and "crisis pregnancy centers."

Virginia is one of those states and so it stood to reason that choice activists would press the state to offer a "Trust Women/Respect Choice" license plate for sale which would support organizations that offer reproductive health services.

Both Gov. Bob McDonnell and Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli both opposed any effort to send money from such license plates to Planned Parenthood, and now it looks like Virginia legislators have stepped in to make sure that it nevers happens

In what pro-life advocates are hailing as a brilliant legislative move, Virginia lawmakers stripped Planned Parenthood funding from its own bill to sponsor pro-abortion license plates. The plate bill now sends the proceeds from sales of the plate to a state fund that actually helps pregnant women.

Money generated from the sales of the “Trust Women, Respect Choice" license plates was intended to go to the Planned Parenthood abortion business.

When Democrat Delegate Robert Brink’s brought up the bill, on the House floor in preparation for today's final vote, the legislation said the Virginia League of Planned Parenthood would receive $15 of the $25 plate fee.

In an interesting turn of events, Delegate Todd Gilbert, a Republican, offered an amendment to the bill to change it so all funding would go to the Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund -- a move that the pro-life Family Forum group describes as a devastating blow to Planned Parenthood.

The Virginia Pregnant Women Support Fund was created in 2007 to “support women and families who are facing unplanned pregnancy” and is managed by the Virginia Board of Health. The goals are far different from Planned Parenthood's abortion agenda as it provides funding for ultrasound machines, parenting programs, and other support.

So if you buy the state's "Choose Life" license plate, a portion of the fee goes to support anti-choice pregnancy centers in the state. 

And if you eventually purchase a "Respect Choice" plate, a portion of that fee goes to a fund that does pretty much the exact same thing and in no way actually supports choice at all.

And As An Added Bonus, It Prevents The Apocalypse

It's not everyday that legislators are able to come up with bills aimed not only at protecting privacy, but also thwarting the Devil.  But in Virginia, they have been able to do just that

The House of Delegates is scheduled to vote Wednesday on a bill that would protect Virginians from attempts by employers or insurance companies to implant microchips in their bodies against their will.

It might also save humanity from the antichrist, some supporters think.

Del. Mark L. Cole (R-Fredericksburg), the bill's sponsor, said that privacy issues are the chief concern behind his attempt to criminalize the involuntary implantation of microchips. But he also said he shared concerns that the devices could someday be used as the "mark of the beast" described in the Book of Revelation.

"My understanding -- I'm not a theologian -- but there's a prophecy in the Bible that says you'll have to receive a mark, or you can neither buy nor sell things in end times," Cole said. "Some people think these computer chips might be that mark."


[T]he growing use of microchips has collided with the Book of Revelation. The biblical passage in question is in Chapter 13 and describes the rise of a satanic figure known as "the Beast": "He causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

David Neff, editor of the magazine Christianity Today, said that some fundamentalist Christians believe that bar codes and implanted microchips could be used by a totalitarian government to control commerce -- a sign of the coming end of the world.

"This is part of a larger attempt to constantly read current history in the light of the symbolic language of the Book of Revelation," he said.

That book has been sifted for clues to contemporary events almost since the ink on the parchment dried, and Caesar, Nero, Napoleon, Hitler and some of history's other controversial one-namers have been identified as possible antichrists. Now, it's President Obama's turn, as tea partyers and others warn of federal intrusions into the debate over health-care reform.

Now, the book is giving new life to worries about microchips.

Interestingly, Rep. Cole says his main motivation for the legislation is because "you should have the right to control your own body" ... while his website hails his achievements in having "defended the right to life. "

Right Wing Round-Up

A Horrifying Picture of Life With Christians In the Workplace

Want to know why we shouldn't repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell?  Because all gays are sexual predators who will immediately attack their fellow soldiers - at least that seems to be the message from the Family Research Council which can barely stomach the "horrifying picture of life with homosexual soldiers":

Under this administration, the new policy seems to be ordering the military to disobey the rule of law--the very thing they've been sworn to protect. Richard Black (U.S. Army-Ret.), former chief of the Army's Criminal Law Division, explains why that's an irresponsible and potentially dangerous decision. In today's Washington Times, Black paints a horrifying picture of life with homosexual soldiers that would only worsen once gays and lesbians are empowered to flaunt their sexuality. "...At Fort Sill, Okla., in 1991, two homosexual recruits caught a lone soldier showering at night. They violently sodomized the soldier, forcing him to submit by strangling him with a bath towel. At the time of trial, the victim was hospitalized under psychiatric care... Recruit training is especially problematic. Male recruits had to physically subdue one homosexual drill instructor at an Army base to keep him from raping a male recruit as that recruit struggled to escape out a second-story window... At Marine Corps Base Quantico, a company gunnery sergeant sexually attacked a young officer candidate who had stayed back at the barracks while his platoon was out training." The other side drones on about "political correctness" but says nothing about the safety forfeited to achieve it.

Apparently, a few isolated, decade-old instances is sufficent proof that all gays are a sexual menace. 

And so, using that logic, I hereby demand an end to the practice of allowing Christians to work at Religious Right organizations ... 

A former Focus on the Family radio-ministry employee has been sentenced to five years of intensive probation for attempting to lure an underage teen into having sex with him.

... or universities ....

A judge has granted $25,000 bond to a Liberty University professor accused of a sex crime with a student. Joshua Young Moon is charged with object sexual penetration by force.

... because they are all sexual predators

Court records show the McPhersons manipulated the teens into submitting to fondling, kissing and other sex acts. They cited Bible verses that they said justified the abuse and, afterward, would pray together for God's forgiveness.

On Wednesday, the McPhersons admitted in separate hearings in Virginia Beach Circuit Court to committing the crimes. Stephen McPherson, a former assistant dean at Regent University, pleaded guilty to taking indecent liberties with two of the girls; his wife pleaded guilty to taking indecent liberties with the third.

Stephen McPherson, 40, already is serving a 16-year sentence after being convicted of similar charges in Chesapeake. He pleaded guilty in January to forcible sodomy and object sexual penetration stemming from incidents involving two of the girls in his Chesapeake home.

Clearly, this horrifying picture of life with Christians in the work place will only worsen if we don't act now to end this abomination.

Or would that kind of offensive smear job be wildly unfair?

Huckabee Climbs Aboard The Tea Party Bandwagon

It seems that Scott Brown's victory in Massachusetts has turned Mike Huckabee into a Tea Party true believer. 

A few months back, when tea party activists were making the Doug Hoffman/Dede Scozzafava the proving ground for ideological loyalty, Huckabee was conspicuously absent until the very last minute when he jumped in over after Scozzafava had dropped out.

Similarly, in the Brown race, Huckabee basically sat on the sidelines, but in the wake of his win, Huckabee is suddenly climbing aboard the tea party bandwagon, first claiming that members of Congress "should be tarred and feathered as the original tea partiers would have done" and now declaring that "The Tea Party Movement is Changing America" and that he is thrilled to be a part of it:

The 21st century Tea Party movement is changing America. That’s not an overstatement, it is a fact.

The original Tea Party happened on December 16, 1773, when 5,000 patriots gathered at the Old South Meeting House, a site used for both worship and politics. Our Tea Party ancestors tossed the tea overboard to protest “taxation without representation” because they weren’t permitted to elect a member to the British parliament.

Today we have seen our government turn a deaf ear to the people, pushing through bailouts and stimulus spending without representation. For months they’ve tried their best to push through a health care bill that few wanted, only to be stopped again this time by the Massachusetts Tea Party and the election of Scott Brown on January 19.

But mark my words: Congressional Democrats and President Obama haven’t given up.
Now we are hearing rumors that the Senate may try to use reconciliation to get around the filibuster. Just another procedural maneuver to thwart the will of the people. Every member of Congress knows in their heart that the American people don’t want the health care bill that Congress has before it and yet they continue to push for it out of arrogance.

The Tea Party movement was started by Americans insisting on fiscal responsibility in government, limited government based on the Constitution, and the free market system. They played a large role in the town hall meetings in August, at which lawmakers got an earful, they helped propel Republicans to victory in Virginia and New Jersey in November and again this month in Massachusetts. Now it’s time for the Tea Party patriots to step up again and help raise the pressure on Congress to bury Obama-care once and for all. I know they will. And I will step up with them.

More Right Wing Track-Covering in Lisa Miller Case

As a follow-up to our earlier post on Liberty Counsel quitely trying to wash its hands of Lisa Miller, it looks like they are not alone.

Last year, we wrote a post about something called the Protect Isabella Coalition which was founded by Liberty Counsel in conjunction with Concerned Women for America, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), and the Thomas Road Baptist Church and sought to pressure Virginia legislators to prevent Miller from having to grant access to her daughter to her former partner.

They even produced this TV ad:

Well, guess what?  The Protect Isabella Coalition's website seems to have completely disappeared:

Lisa Miller Given Another Month to Run

Lisa Miller has already been missing for at least three weeks with her daughter, having disappeared before being required to transfer custody to her former partner due to her consistent refusal to abide by court-ordered custody arrangements.

Today, a hearing was held in Vermont on whether Miller should be held in contempt of court for going missing with her daughter and for some reason the judge decided to give her another 30 days to show up:

A judge is giving a Virginia woman at the center of a lesbian custody dispute 30 days to appear in court with her 7-year-old child or face a contempt of court finding and possible arrest.

Vermont Family Court Judge William Cohen made that ruling Friday in the long-running custody dispute between two women who were once joined in a civil union.

Janet Jenkins, of Fair Haven, had asked Cohen to hold in contempt Lisa Miller, of Forest, Va., her former partner, for not turning over the child, Isabella, to her on Jan. 1, as she had been ordered.

The couple broke up in 2003, and Miller moved to Virginia, renounced homosexuality and became an evangelical Christian.

Miller's lawyer says she doesn't know where Miller and Isabella are.

It Was Only A Matter of Time

In addition to serving as president of the right-wing fringe group Public Advocate - which is known primarily for engaging in "humorous" street protests in the vein of Randall Terry's antics, though typically with less "success" - Eugene Delgaudio is also on the Board of Supervisors in Loudoun County, Virginia.

And so, to anyone familiar with him, his antics, or his views, it should come as absolutely no surprise that he's now gotten himself in trouble:

Advocacy group Equality Loudoun this week denounced Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio's reaction to the addition of an equal opportunity amendment to the county's policy handbook, extending employment rights to gay, lesbian and transgender residents.

During discussions over the addition in a Jan. 5 board meeting, Delgaudio (R-Sterling) called the plan "freaky, bizarre and fruity."

He also used the word "it" during the meeting and in his electronic newsletter to describe transgender individuals.


In his newsletter Delgaudio wrote: "The board votes six yes, Waters and Delgaudio 'no,' with York abstaining, to add 'sexual orientation' and 'gender identity' to the hiring of employees which means if a man dressed as a woman wants a job, you have to treat 'it' the same as a normal person."


Delgaudio said he stands by the statement he made in the Jan. 5 meeting when he referred to the amendment as "freaky, bizarre and fruity."

The language, he said, was aimed at what he described as a militant group of individuals.

"It's freaky because most don't think about homosexuals," Delgaudio said. "It's bizarre because they want us to think about homosexuals."

And check out this news report on controversy in which Delgaudio tries to claim that the "it" he was referring to in his email was "the action of hiring" and was not meant to be a derogatory attack on transgendered people:

Out of all the humorous stunts Delguadio has pulled over the years, I have to say that this pathetic defense is the only one that has ever made me laugh.

You Say You Want a Revolution

I have to say that the right-wing reaction to Scott Brown's victory is pretty remarkable, even for them.  Not only does Brown's victory signal an end to things like health care and immigration reform and Democratic dominance in Washington, but it is apparently the first shot in a "second American revolution," as the Christian Defense Coalition.

Indeed, the idea that Brown's win is the start of some sort of revolution seems to be the right-wing talking point of the day - from the Family Research Council:

"For a Senate seat considered to be in the left-hand column into eternity, the results of the Massachusetts race are nearly revolutionary. President Obama's desperate visit to the Bay State made it clear that this race was a referendum on his liberal agenda. While the individual candidates were important, it was the respective banners they marched under that were decisive. Martha Coakley marched under the banner of the President's big government agenda embroidered with healthcare reform. Sen.-elect Brown marched under the opposing standard - and won.

"President Obama's defeat yesterday is the culmination of the town halls, tea parties, and other efforts of the millions of Americans who continue speaking out against the takeover of our health care system. Many social conservatives held back criticism of Scott Brown's social views and in some cases openly supported him because they believe a Brown win fulfills a short term goal of blocking President Obama's abominable health bill.

"Family Research Council and the thousands of families we represent hope this repudiation of President Obama's Leftist policies will resonate in the halls of Congress. Liberals in Congress can no longer ignore the American people who are outraged by a health care bill that will force every American to support Planned Parenthood in the killing of unborn children, saddle families with higher insurance premiums, raise our taxes and deny our parents and grandparents the essential health care they need."

The point is echoed by Liberty Counsel:

A new revolution is unfolding in America

"The people of Massachusetts fired a shot heard ‘round the world,” said Mathew Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law. Staver continued, “We are witnessing a new revolution in America. It is a revolution of ideas and values. President Barack Obama misread his election victory to be a referendum on radical liberalism. It was not. The radical policies of Obama, Reid and Pelosi have been rejected. The tax and spend, big government, anti-life agenda has been pushed back. ObamaCare has been derailed. It is dead. If, after this election, the liberal wing of the Democratic Party tries to resurrect this Frankenstein called ‘healthcare’ and does not drastically change course, then the Massachusetts election will be a microcosm of November 2010.”

Republican Scott Brown won an historic election last night in Massachusetts by defeating Democrat Martha Coakley to fill the Senate seat once held by Ted Kennedy for 47 years. Brown becomes the first Republican elected to the United States Congress in Massachusetts since 1972. More importantly, this election breaks the Democratic stranglehold on the 60-vote majority in the Senate.

Staver continued, “Reality is stranger than fiction. How ironic it is that the person who replaced Ted Kennedy could be the deciding vote that kills government healthcare.” Staver concluded, “Democratic and liberal pundits are pointing fingers at Martha Coakley as the reason for this historic shift in the election. In Virginia they tried to explain the defeat of liberal policies to a lackluster candidate. In New Jersey, they said Jon Corzine had too much baggage. Liberal Democratic leaders suffer from the same disease as alcoholics. Until they admit that the problem is their radical policies, they will continue to self-destruct.”

The Single Most Important Election In American History

I was fully prepared for conservative gloating in the event that Scott Brown won the special election for the Senate seat held by the late Ted Kennedy.  It was, after all, a significant victory ... but according to the early commentary from right-wing analysts, it was not only an impressive upset but rather the single most important election in the history of America, ever - an election which signals the complete and utter downfall of everything from health care to immigration reform, and the end of President Obama and the (still sizable) Democratic majorities in Congress:

The Christian Defense Coalition:

Let me be clear. Tonight a second American Revolution has begun in the great state of Massachusetts. It is a revolution fueled by passion and the belief that the voice of people matters more than the narrow views of the political elite.

"A republican win in Massachusetts for the seat held by Senator Ted Kennedy for over 40 years was unthinkable even a few months ago.

"What changed?

"The American people have become angry and frustrated by the policies of President Obama and Speaker Pelosi and the arrogant way they have completely disregarded the voice of the people.

"You cannot promise to be transparent in the health care debate and ensure it is shown on television and then try to hammer out closed back room deals and expect the American public to sit idly by.

"President Obama has been tone deaf when it comes to the desires, wishes and dreams of the American people.

"For example, 71% of the American people oppose public monies being used to pay for abortions yet President Obama has ignored this fact and pressed forward with this flawed health care reform.

"Tonight is a clear signal that hope and change has turned into anger and frustration and the revolution has begun.

"Bring on November 2010."

Concerned Women for America:

Today's vote in Massachusetts was as much about the Obama/Reid/Pelosi regime as it was to select a new senator. The voters in the bluest of states rejected the candidate who supported the latest power grab of ObamaCare.

"Massachusetts' citizens know what ObamaCare would be like -- their state passed oppressive health care 'reform' that subsidizes abortions. They're paying the high prices and getting less health care because of it.

"But that doesn't mean President Obama, Sen. Reid or Rep. Pelosi will listen to this extraordinary message. They never quit -- they just get sneakier.

Deacon Keith Fournier:

On the day before the anniversary of the swearing in of President Barack Obama, the people of blue collar Massachusetts have sent a strong message. They showed that there is a growing angst in the US electorate over the economy, unemployment, bailouts, deficits and the expansion of the power and role of the federal government.

This special election in Massachusetts will be the subject of continuing speculation among the pundits for months. Already, the finger- pointing has begun in efforts to assess blame. Whether it will spark a wave of retirements among Democrats whose seats are up this year and whether it signals a national trend against the Democratic Party are just two of the many topics which will serve as fodder for talking heads in the days ahead.

However, there is no doubt that Senator Elect Brown’s significant victory is a wake up call to the current national leadership of the Democratic Party. Several media personalities who not only disparaged Scott Brown but ruthlessly savaged him will be eating a lot of crow. Their commentary will most certainly be played over and over again as the pundit class smells blood in the waters.

What is also clear is that the election in Massachusetts signals a major shift in the sentiment of US voters. It is not a sign of a new partisan movement, but a movement away from many of the big government approaches of the current administration. The emergence of the Independent voter in the two Commonwealth States of Virginia and Massachusetts will become the story of the campaigns of 2010 and 2012.

Susan B. Anthony List:

"On the heels of last fall's victories by Bob McDonnell and Chris Christie, Scott Brown's victory is just the beginning of the consequences Congressional incumbents will face this November. Anyone who votes to advance health care legislation that funds abortion on-demand should consider themselves on notice.

"The election of Scott Brown is no accident. This election is about more than parties or candidates. The election is just one more sign of the overreach of the President and Congress. The American people have spoken tonight.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC:

"The Brown victory not only breaks the Democratic 60 vote hold on the U.S. Senate needed for cloture votes, but it sends a clear message that voters prefer pro-enforcement candidates instead of pro-amnesty candidates." said William Gheen, president of ALIPAC. "We will be working hard to defeat the Amnesty legislation filed in Congress and to repeat the Brown-Coakley scenario in hundreds of races this November."


"Americans are sick and tired of politicians who are servants of powerful special interests, instead of the American public." said Gheen. "A political revolution has begun in America, illegal immigration is a core issue fueling that revolt, and a lot of politicians are about to join the unemployment lines."

Fred Barnes:

Oh, yes. The health care bill, ObamaCare, is dead with not the slightest prospect of resurrection. Brown ran to be the 41st vote for filibuster and now he is just that. Democrats have talked up clever strategies to pass the bill in the Senate despite Brown, but they won’t fly. It’s one thing for ObamaCare to be rejected by the American public in poll after poll. But it becomes a matter of considerably greater political magnitude when ObamaCare causes the loss of a Senate race in the blue state of Massachusetts.

Then there’s the House, where Speaker Nancy Pelosi insists some version of ObamaCare will be approved and soon. She’s not kidding. She’s simply wrong. At best, she has the minimum 218 votes for passage. After the Massachusetts fiasco, however, there’s sure to be erosion. How many Democrats in Republican-leaning districts want to vote for ObamaCare, post-Massachusetts? Not many.

And finally Joseph Farah:

I hate to say it, but I really did tell you so.


This is just the beginning.

It's not the Republican Party that made this happen.

It was an awakening by the American people.

They don't want to live under socialism.

They don't want to live under tyranny.

They don't want to live in a nanny state.

They don't want to live in misery.

They don't want to live under government's thumb.

They want to be free.

So let's celebrate today. Let's smile and rejoice. Let's take comfort in what appears to be a second chance for America.

The First Annual Freedom Federation Summit

I have to say that I have not been overly impressed with the efforts of the right-wing supergroup known as The Freedom Federation.  After making a big splash when it announced the formation of the coalition last summer, the group hasn't done very much outside of releasing a few statements opposing healthcare reform.

But that doesn't mean the group doesn't have big plans, but apparently they do, which is why it is hosting a two-day summit in April at Liberty University

The Freedom Federation announces its first annual Freedom Federation Summit to be held on April 15-16, 2010. The Freedom Federation is a federation of some of the nation’s largest multiracial, multiethnic, and multigenerational faith-based and policy organizations. The Summit will bring together national leaders and activists to address social, economic, domestic, and national defense concerns.

The Summit will be held on the beautiful campus of Liberty University, which is nestled in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Liberty University is the world’s largest Christian university, with 12,000 students on the Virginia campus and more than 50,000 worldwide.

The Freedom Federation Summit will include plenary speakers and briefings on social, economic, national defense, and foreign policy issues facing our nation. Participants will be able to choose from several different tracks, including, but not limited to, training to run for public office, managing a campaign, and building a grassroots organization. Other tracks will focus on social, economic, and national defense topics.

Mathew Staver, Founder of Liberty Counsel and Dean of Liberty University School of Law, remarked: “There is a groundswell of concerned citizens rising up in America who are tired of government policies that disrespect human life, expand government, tax and spend, and undermine national security at home and abroad. The Freedom Federation is a unique federation of organizations and leaders, representing people of all races, ethnic origins, and generations. We are united by core values and are determined to work together to build a better America.”

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