Right Wing Round-Up

  • PFAW Statement: Senator Cornyn Exposes Right’s Hypocrisy on Judicial Philosophy.
  • Justin Elliot: Souder: I'm Happy That Abstinence Vid With Mistress Now Defines Me.
  • Will Bunch: Beck pushes distorted view of George Washington's Christianity to No. 1.
  • Wonk Room: Tony Perkins: ‘If You Want A Military That Just Does Parades,’ Allow Gays To Openly Serve.
  • Zachary Roth: Far-Right Extremists Gather At 'Liberty Convention'.
  • Crooks and Liars: Sarah Palin attacks Maddow for doing her job and says Rachel was 'prejudiced' against Rand Paul.
  • Raw Story: Arizona governor defends harsh immigration law with frog puppet.
  • Jim Burroway: Scott Lively Initiates Renewed Push To Pass Uganda’s Anti-Gay Bill.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Gary Bauer wants it known that Democrats who cite the Bible are complete phonies and fake Christians.
  • Gary Bauer's wife wants it known that expecting the End Days to come soon is no reason to disengage from politics.
  • Richard Viguerie boldly declares that "recent election defeats of establishment Republicans means congressional Republican leadership will develop backbone, especially in the Senate, and aggressively challenge the entirety of the Democratic agenda ... [and will] now much more aggressively fight Elena Kagan's nomination to the Supreme Court."
  • Cliff Kincaid goes after Rand Paul for his libertarianism.
  • Note to the Associated Press, CAIR "considers" Pamela Geller to be anti-Islamic because Geller is rabidly anti-Islamic. It's not a matter of interpretation; it's a simple fact.
  • Finally, Bryan Fischer declares that Jesus Christ would not only support Arizona's draconian immigration law, but would "sign it so fast it'd give you a nosebleed" if he was the Governor.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Zachary Roth: Tea Party Leader: Allah Is 'Monkey God'.
  • Alan Colmes: Arizona Official Threatens To Shut Off Power To California As Payback For Boycott.
  • David Weigel: Running down the other big GOP primaries.
  • Kevin Drum: Rand Paul, More Than Just Another Nutcase.
  • Steve Benen: The Bart Simpsons of Congress.
  • Finally, Michael Kinsley asks whether Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia can be impartial of if he "is an extremist advocate of the so-called 'Nine Children Agenda.'"

"ALIPAC Withdraws From AZ Rallies Over Nazi Groups & Tancredo"

That is the title of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC's most recent email announcing that it is "withdrawing support for any rallies in Arizona in June to support SB 1070 due to the discovery of racist group involvement and the actions of former Congressman Tom Tancredo".

ALIPAC says they are dropping out because, as One People's Project established, the event is being organized by Dan Smeriglio of Voice of The People USA, who has been "working with skin heads and Nazis":

The video and screen shots of Dan Smeriglio's Facebook account indicates that he has willingly been working with members or racist skin head groups long after he knew their identities and politics. In fact, Dan's Facebook profile, which remains his main way of broadcasting a rally for June 5, promoted one of Europe's most popular neo-Nazi rock groups until a few days ago.


Unfortunately, our plans to get the skinheads out and away from the Phoenix effort was thwarted, when retired Congressman Tom Tancredo, who had self titled himself as the 'key note speaker' at the June 5 event started telling leaders and candidates to come back to the June 5 rally. Tancredo even claimed that ALIPAC's concerns about Dan Smeriglio were false, when he had not reviewed the video and screen shots which we find to be fairly conclusive.

Some fine folks in Arizona took action at the end of last week and assured us that Dan Smeriglio's involvement was being completely removed from the June 5 rally and that we would have no more difficulties from Tom Tancredo.

Unfortunately, we found out yesterday that Dan Smeriglio is still involved with the Facebook effort to support the June 5 event, even though the neo-Nazi rock group and friends and their comments have been sanitized from his Facebook pages. We also found out that Tom Tancredo is continuing to try and persuade leaders to abandon the June 12 event for the 5th event.

ALIPAC will not work with any group or event that is working with or supportive of neo-Nazis or anyone working with them. We do not feel comfortable asking our national network to travel into Arizona at great expense to attend an event that Tom Tancredo is attempting to undermine.


Right Wing Leftovers

  • The ACLJ calls Arizona's anti-immigration law "sound and constitutional" and "plans to file an amicus brief in support of defending the law."
  • The Family Research Council says there is only one option for Obamacare: Repeal!
  • On a related note, groups that fought abortion coverage in health care reform are now using a provision in the bill to try and limit abortion coverage by private insurers.
  • Along with Fred Barnes, Marco Rubio addressed the Florida Family Policy Council dinner, which also honored Don Wildmon of the American Family Association.
  • Bill Donohue has gotten into a tiff with the National Catholic Reporter, which called him "a buffoonish bully, a carnival barker posing as a defender of the faith."
  • Finally, the quote of the day from Focus on the Family's Glenn Stanton lamenting the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill:  "The arrival of the Pill was supposed to have Andromeda unleashed from her chains, as its proponents told she would be. But maybe the proper analogy is not woman becoming unfettered from the chains of her biology, but rather her trading the God-given power of her femininity for the lie of thinking she will find happiness if she approaches sexuality more like a man."

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Tapped: Arizona Governor Signs Bill Banning Ethnic Studies.
  • Crooks and Liars: Buchanan: Obama 'Dummied Down' Supreme Court by Giving Appointments to People Who Are Not the Best and Brightest.
  • Steve Benen: GOP Reconsiders The Importance of Empathy.
  • TPM: Perpetual Money Machine: Conservative PAC Raises Millions In Order To Raise More Millions.
  • Joe.My.God: George Rekers: I Am Getting Spiritual Counseling For My Weaknesses.
  • Towleroad: Laura Bush on Marriage — Gay Couples 'Should Have the Same Rights' as Everyone Else.
  • Alan Colmes: SC Luv Guv Back With Argentine Mistress.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Religious Right leaders Mat Staver, Richard Land, and Samuel Rodriguez are poised to try and sell some form of immigration reform to their allies on the Right who vehemently oppose it.
  • Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, and Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission will honor two men "who lost their life in the line of Christian duty" this weekend, even though local authorities say there is no evidence that the crime had anything to do with religion.
  • In the latest craziness from WorldNetDaily, the website reports that a "purported communist activist [claims] he served as political mentor to President Obama's Senior Adviser David Axelrod."
  • I always assumed that was a news website, not a political organization.  But I guess I was wrong, seeing as it is sponsoring both I Oppose Kagan and Stop Kagan.
  • Finally, the stupidity of ALIPAC seemingly knows no bounds as the group claims that Fox is trying to prevent people from seeing the trailer to the upcoming film "Machete." You can see the trailer here.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Joe.My.God: Iowa Sen. Merlin Bart: Gay Families Don't Deserve To Use State Parks.
  • Mother Jones: The Man Behind Arizona’s Immigration Law.
  • News Hounds: Sarah Palin Lectures Fox News Viewers: Our Constitution Creates Law Based On The God Of The Bible And The Ten Commandments.
  • Crooks and Liars: Head of the St. Louis Tea Party vows to "destroy the left".
  • Texas Freedom Network: Mind Meld at Liberty Institute?
  • Think Progress: The ‘Woodstock’ of Tea Parties planned for 9/11 anniversary.
  • Good As You: The state of NY (by way of CT) happens to disagree.
  • David Weigel: Anti-gay activist Ryan Sorba angles for CNN special.
  • Adam Serwer: Ed Whelan Compares Elena Kagan To A Prostitute.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Americans United: Mat Staver, Closet Separationist: Falwell Lawyer Says Religious Groups Should Not Take Federal Funds.
  • Eric Lach: Iowa GOPer: When I Said Let's Microchip Illegal Immigrants, I Wasn't Advocating It.
  • Wonk Room: Email From Author Of Arizona Law Reveals Intent To Cast Wide Net Against Latinos.
  • Crooks and Liars: Maddow Eviscerates President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform Dan Stein.
  • Think Progress: Arizona Expands Its Discrimination: Teachers With Heavy Accents Can’t Teach English, Ethnic Studies Are Banned.
  • David Weigel: Why Republicans aren't signing the Contract From America.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Cliff Kincaid's America's Survival, Inc has released a "new blockbuster report argues that the admission of open and active homosexuals into the U.S. Armed Forces threatens the lives of our service personnel."
  • The vice-president of the American Family Association of Kentucky, John Brewer, is among the candidates in the Republican primary for the 28th Kentucky House seat.
  • Guess what?  The AFA's Bryan Fischer thinks Arizona's new immigration law is great.  Who ever would have imagined?
  • Ken Cuccinelli "has demanded that the University of Virginia turn over documents related to a former UVa climatology professor at the center of the so-called 'climategate' scandal."
  • Exciting: "Fox News personality and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is in Nashville to record a music project with various country artists. A source close to the sessions, who declined to provide any other details, said it will probably be officially announced in June in conjunction with the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) show in Nashville."
  • Finally, the quote of the day from the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, hailing Rep. Jack Kingston's call for a Congressional investigation into why Perkins and Franklin Graham saw their speaking invitations withdrawn: "I join Congressman Kingston in his call for a thorough Congressional investigation, which will hopefully put a stop to this Administration's efforts to compel the military to do its political bidding. DOD should stand for the Department of Defense - not the Department of Disinvitation of Bible-believing Christians." Ummm ... wouldn't that make it the DODOBBC? 

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Think Progress: Limbaugh suggests Obama is ‘touchy’ about Arizona law because he can’t produce his own ‘papers.’
  • Alvin McEwen: Matt Barber switches from lying about LGBTs to just plain lying.
  • Fort Worth Weekly: Phone Records Raise Questions About Tarleton Being Pressured to Cancel "Gay Jesus" Play.
  • Alan Colmes: Duncan Hunter, Jr. Would Even Deport Some American Citizens.
  • Raw Story: Arizona sheriff won’t enforce law that’s ’stupid and racist’.
  • Steve Benen: Sue Lowden, Still Struggling.
  • Huffington Post: Ken Blackwell, Author Of 'Blueprint,' Tries To Convince Jon Stewart That Obama Is A Tyrant, Fails.
  • Justin Elliot: DeLay Money Laundering Case May Finally Be Headed To Trial.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • PFAW statement: Supreme Court Weakens First Amendment.
  • Sarah Posner: Exposing the Christian Right's New Racial Playbook.
  • Americans United: ADF Lawyer Makes Nice With Florida Radio Extremist.
  • Rachel Tabachnick: Hijacking the National Day of Prayer.
  • Warren Throckmorton: Lou Engle issues statement regarding The Call Uganda and Anti-Homosexuality Bill.
  • The Washington Note: Eugene Delgaudio's Really Weird Rant: Beware the RADICAL Homosexuals.
  • Sam Stein: RNC Accuses Obama Of Shredding Constitution, Nominating Sex-Offender Defenders.
  • Think Progress: GOP congressional candidate: We should put microchips in undocumented immigrants, like we do with dogs.
  • Wonk Room: Following Passage Of Arizona Law, At Least Seven States Contemplate Anti-Immigrant Legislation.
  • David Neiwert: Glenn Beck is outraged by comparisons to Nazi Germany. Who would do such a thing? Besides Glenn Beck, that is.
  • David Weigel: Birthers prepare to march on Washington.
  • Good As You: Giving you $15 lies for free: The one time we *do* wanna use ENDA to put FRC out of business.
  • Truth Wins Out: DC Mayor Honors PFOX’s Regina Griggs.

Early Right Wing Round-Up

  • TPM: Court Martial Charges Brought Against Birther Army Doc.
  • Think Progress: Obama: ‘Irresponsible’ Arizona Immigration Bill ‘Threatens To Undermine Basic Notions Of Fairness’.
  • Crooks and Liars: Republican gubernatorial candidate Tim James tells us, "This is Alabama. We speak English."
  • Raw Story: Gingrich: Tea Party will become ‘militant wing’ of GOP.
  • Steve Benen: Back in the Kitchen.
  • Media Matters: Glenn Beck: A Vatican-approved, "wildly important" warrior against forces of "great darkness"?

Arizona Follows Right Wing Playbook In Passing Draconian Immigration Law

It was not too long ago when Arizona state Senator Russell Pearce was considered an embarrassing crank by the state's Republican establishment, and with good reason:

Russell Pearce, had long been considered a politically incorrect embarrassment by more moderate members of his party — often to the delight of his supporters. There was the time in 2007 when he appeared in a widely circulated photograph with a man who was a featured speaker at a neo-Nazi conference. (Mr. Pearce said later he did not know of the man’s affiliation with the group.)

In 2006, he came under fire for speaking admirably of a 1950s federal deportation program called Operation Wetback, and for sending an e-mail message to supporters that included an attachment — inadvertently, he said — from a white supremacist group.

Not surprisingly, Pearce holds ultra-militant anti-immigration views and has used his position as chair of the Senate’s Appropriation Committee to turn them into law: 

Passage of the law, which would, among other things, allow the authorities to demand proof of legal entry into the United States from anyone suspected of being in the country illegally, testified to the relative lack of political power of Arizona Latinos, and to the hardened views toward illegal immigration among Republican politicians both here and nationally.


The bill makes it a state crime for immigrants not to carry authorization papers, requires the police “when practicable” to check the immigration status of people they reasonably suspect are in the country illegally and allows people to sue cities and counties if the law is not being enforced.

Just as we predicted in our recent Right Wing Watch In Focus, "(P)reviewing the Right-Wing Playbook on Immigration Reform," supporters of this draconian legislation engaged in a variety of standard right-wing strategies for justifying the need for the bill, from portraying immigrants as terrorists to accusing them of "invading" America:  

But supporters of the bill pointed out the problems caused by illegal immigration. Republican Senator John Huppenthal, a sponsor of the bill, says he’s seen evidence of neighborhoods that have been “nuclear-bombed by the effects of illegal immigration.” Republican Senator Al Melvin pointed to the murder of an Arizona rancher last month, possibly at the hands of an illegal immigrant, and the federal government’s failure to act on illegal immigration as the reasons for his vote; and another senator cited 40 murders committed by illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration was called an “invasion” several times on the Senate floor.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Washington Independent: Arizona Legislature Advances Tough Immigration Bill.
  • RH Reality Check: Virginia Governor Signs Bill Creating Pro-Choice License Plate.
  • Truth Wins Out: Nation’s Pediatricians Criticize Counterfeit Christian Group’s Letter to Schools.
  • Alan Colmes: Theological Scholar Forced To Resign After Supporting Evolution.
  • HRC Back Story: Openly Gay Mayoral Candidate Wins in Gainesville, Florida.
  • Steve Benen: Mississippi County Faces Desegregation Order.
  • Finally, poor WorldNetDaily gets no respect despite the fact that they consider themselves a valid news organization: "I think it’s a slight to both Les [Kinsolving] and WND. He’s treated like a pariah in the association. He’s treated like a pariah by his colleagues at every briefing. Half the time he’s standing there with his hand up, and the guy from the AP will just close down the briefing. He’s treated with disrespect by journalists. It’s really sad because it’s not uniform, or universal, that they disrespect elder statesmen of the press corp, because Helen Thomas is treated like a queen. She asks questions that are just as bizarre as Les, but because her ideological leaning is to the port side, she’s treated like a queen. And Les Kinsolving, who is not much of an ideologue, to be honest with you, but his association with World Net Daily pigeon holes him, and he’s treated with disrespect."

Republican Congressmen Joining May Day Prayer Rally to Establish a "Virtual Theocracy"

Last month, we posted a video of Janet Porter speaking at the Convergence 2010 conference during which she prayed that God would had control of the media over to Christians so that they could take dominion over the nation:

She followed that up a few days later by explaining that this was part of an effort to "to take dominion in every area" in order to "occupy until Jesus comes."

When Porter says that it is her goal to "take dominion" over every aspect of American culture, she is entirely serious, as this is a key part of a movement to capture the "7 Mountains" and is going to be a central feature of her upcoming May Day prayer rally:

7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. - Every hour will generally feature times of prayer and proclamation, including words from the Constitutions of all 50 States, as well as a number of our Presidents and American patriots. Prayer times will include both corporate and personal silent prayer. Prayers of repentance will be offered about each of the "Seven Mountains of Culture," which are: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion. A number of leaders have been asked to offer prayers of repentance in each of these areas and subcategories, such as the military and our court system.

This 7 Mountains theology was started by Bill Bright, Loren Cunningham, and Francis Schaeffer back in 1975 and aims at quite literally having Christains defeat "the enemines of the Gospel" in order to  gain complete control over every aspect of American life:

When it comes to government, the goal of the movement is to install a "virtual theocracy" overseen by "true apostles" who will fight Satan and his Antichrist agenda

All governments suffer from corruption, a built-in sabotage that guarantees their eventual implosion. The only government that will never have any corruption is the theocratic Kingdom of God. Here on earth, there will always be something less than a perfect government. We can (and should), however, insist on high ideals, principles, and individual character—people who can help manifest a form of government that is a blessing to a nation. We cannot instill a theocracy in a human government because theocracy is transcendent to humanity. The Kingdom of God can be superimposed on people through influence, but only God Himself can be “theo.” Therefore, any attempt to establish a physical theocracy is ill-conceived unless it is reinterpreted as something other than what it actually means. (-cracy—government, theo—of God). A government can potentially function as a virtual theocracy, but only as the individuals in power allow themselves to be puppets (i.e. servants) of the theocracy (God’s rule and reign). The goal is to bring the influence of heaven to bear on whatever political machinery that exists


One of the primary roles of future government leaders will be to instruct in righteousness. The more God’s judgments are poured out on earth, the more explicitly will they be able to give that instruction


We need to fill the entire mountain with children of the Kingdom who know why they are there: to allow the Lord’s house to be exalted. This mountain has many niches and grooves and many ways to approach it. Some may be called to go after unjust laws as their arena of action. Others may be called to formulate foreign policy or push for budget reform. The more significant the repercussions of those laws and policies, the higher the mountain level represented. However high we go, enough grace will be provided because this is our Promised Land


A new model of national leadership will develop as God exalts His mountain above all other mountains. There will be Joseph-type presidents of nations who will carry great spiritual authority and great civil authority. At various times, these presidents will need to step back and forth between those roles and address the concerns of each. There will be times to address the nation and say, “I will now speak to you outside of my civil authority but in my capacity as a minister and servant of God.” One can then address the moral and righteousness issues of the nation and speak out of the spiritual authority God has given him or her.

Among those listed as participating in Porter's May Day prayer rally are dozens of Religious Right leaders including James Dobson, Rick Scarborough, Mat Staver, Wendy Wright, Harry Jackson, and David Barton, as well as several Republican members of Congress: 

Randy Forbes (Virginia)

Trent Franks (Arizona)

Louie Gohmert (Texas)

Steve King (Iowa)

Cliff Stearns (Florida)

Isolated, Unsolved Murder in Arizona All President Obama's Fault

When we released our latest Right Wing Watch In Focus, "(P)reviewing the Right-Wing Playbook on Immigration Reform" a few weeks back, one of the tactics we highlighted that the Right has used in that past to oppose any effort to reform our immigration laws is to try and "portray immigrants as criminals and terrorists":

An important part of the far right's anti-immigrant rhetorical tactics during previous immigration debates at both local and national levels was portraying undocumented immigrants as criminals responsible for new waves of crime (a persistent portrayal not backed up by crime statistics) or as potential terrorists. Rep. Steve King, for example, has called "illegal immigration" a "slow-motion Holocaust," and a "slow-motion terrorist attack on the United States."

To see this tactic in action today, one need look no further than the recent murder of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, who was shot to death while tending his land on Saturday.  Nobody has been arrested and authorities have no idea who may have killed Krentz, though various theories are floating around:

One, a drug cartel scout. The Chirachua mountains in southeast Arizona are 11,000 feet tall, rugged and remote. It is a popular drug corridor and the killer may have been clearing the way for a load of drugs moving north when Krentz surprised him.

Two, the suspect belonged to a band of thieves terrorizing the remote ranches spattered around the area — an idea supported by other ranchers.

"Two days earlier a 9mm and a 9mm Glock had been stolen from a home in Portal," said rancher Roger Barnett. "There is no way to know for sure it was the murder weapon. But the bullet the killed Rob and his dog was a 9mm."

Three, retaliation. The day before the killing, Krentz's brother Phil stopped a caravan of illegal immigrants carrying 280 pounds of marijuana. All eight were arrested by the border patrol and the pot was impounded.

But just because nobody has any idea who killed Krentz or why, that is not stopping anti-immigration activists from blaming President Obama:

Tom Tancredo happened to be visiting Cochise County (Arizona) when the shooting occurred on Saturday. Longtime rancher Robert Krentz was found shot to death in his all-terrain vehicle, with the engine still running. Investigators believe he was attacked by a single perpetrator, probably an illegal immigrant.

Tancredo, who now serves as chairman of The Rocky Mountain Foundation, believes the border is clearly not secure.

"Anybody that tells you that is a liar," he contends. "And the people who have been ignoring this problem for now years have blood on their hands."

The Foundation chairman says several things must be done, including resuming work on the border fence that President Obama halted.

The former U.S. lawmaker suggests that "a layered barrier -- a fence, a road and another fence" be constructed. "That's a strong barrier. Not just vehicle barriers -- that's all they've got around on the Krentz ranch. This guy wasn't driving a car. He was walking, and he killed Bob Krentz. We need a physical barrier, and we need the National Guard," Tancredo urges. "It's a war zone. People are dying."

Tancredo adds that now that Obama and Napolitano are talking openly about pushing a new amnesty program, the border invasion has resumed.

Ken Blackwell likewise dedicated his latest column to the topic, using the murder as a justification to blame the Democrats and oppose their efforts at reform:

The tragic murder of Robert Krentz shows just how abysmally the federal government has failed us all in this regard. Secretary Napolitano needs to admit that the system did not work. And President Obama had better drop the hyper-partisanship to address immigration in a way that meets Republican demands to uphold the rule of law and not reward illegal behavior.

This is not the time for far-left pandering or promises of amnesty in the galling hopes of political gain. Nor is this the time for cramming through a law instead of beginning a long, slow, deliberate conversation with the opposition party and the American people. This is the time for addressing a serious problem for this country, a problem that quite clearly includes a deadly threat to our citizens.

Let me note again that nobody has any idea who committed this murder or why ... except those on the anti-immigration Right, who already know that it was an illegal immigrant and it was all Obama's fault.

Anti-Immigration Groups Going Out of Business?

Today, the American for Legal Immigration PAC sent out an email desperately seeking a meger $30,000 in donations to keep the organization afloat, saying it needed $11,000 in the next six days to avoid a potential shutdown, which is what has reportedly happened to the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps:

Only six days remain for us to reach our minimum safe fund raising goal of $30,000. While ALIPAC has never failed to reach our goals, the last few funds drives have been like pulling teeth.

If you want to see Americans for Legal Immigration PAC continue our mission as one of the largest national organizations in America fighting against illegal immigration and against Amnesty on your behalf, then please get your donation on the way now!

Due to many factors, including the bad economy and shifting interests, over 40 smaller groups and organizations in our coalition have folded in the the last year.

Today, we say farewell to ALIPAC's ally known as the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps headed up by Chris Simcox and Carmen Mercer. Citing a lack of adequate funding, the group has sent out a national release announcing their permanent closure.

This leaves ALIPAC as the only major national group formed since 2004 to still be in operation.

We need a very strong response to THIS EMAIL request to make sure ALIPAC does not join the growing organizational casualty list.

We only have SIX DAYS LEFT to raise almost $11,000. Should we fail to reach our minimum operations budget, we will use your donations to keep the main site operational as long as possible during a phased out shutdown.

This was the first we had heard about the Minutemen shutting down, but it looks like that is indeed the case:

The Arizona-based Minuteman Civil Defense Corps that was a border watch group comprised of private citizens has decided to disband.

Minuteman president, Carmen Mercer, says she and the board's two other directors voted to dissolve the group after a five-year run over concerns that her recent "call to action" would attract the wrong people to the Arizona-Mexico border.

Mercer sent an e-mail on March 16 urging members to come to the border "locked, loaded and ready." She proposed changing the group's rules to allow members to track illegal immigrants and drug smugglers instead of just reporting the activity to the U.S. Border Patrol.

Janet Porter Goes 9 for 9

You know how yesterday I was marveling at the fact that there it was seemingly impossible for any right-wing activist to be considered so radical that Republican members of Congress would refuse to be seen anywhere near them? 

Allow me to follow that up with this simple observation that, over her last nine radio program, Faith 2 Action's Janet Porter's has had nine different Republican members on Congress on as quests:

March 9 - Guest: U.S. Senator Mike Johanns (R-Nebraska)

March 10 - Guests: Senator John Barrasso (R-Wyoming)

March 16 - Guests: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)

March 17 - Guests: U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas)

March 18 - Guests: U.S. Rep. Todd Akin (R-Missouri) and U.S. Rep. Trent Franks (R-Arizona)

March 19 - Guests: U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minnesota) and Rep. Tom Price (R-Georgia)

Do I really need to recount all of the crazy things Porter has said?

And yet multiple Republican members of Congress have been making time to appear on her radio program on a regular basis. 

Straight Out of the Right-Wing Playbook

Yesterday when we posted the link to our new Right Wing Watch In Focus on the Right's playbook for stopping immigration reform, one of the strategies we highlighted was the effort to "Portray Immigrants and Their Supporters as Invaders, Conquerors, Enemies of the U.S."

Today, NPR ran a story about the immigration reform rally taking place in Washington, DC this weekend which featured exactly that sort of attack

Republican state Sen. Russell Pearce defends Arizona's reputation as one of the most unwelcoming spots for undocumented workers in the U.S. He says those headed to the nation's capital are promoting anarchy.

"These folks who march with no respect for the law, have no regard for the victims of crime and the damage and cost to America," Pearce said. "Shame on them. Shame on them! They're as treasonous and as un-American as anyone I know."

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