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Randall Terry Launching Quran-Destroying Campaign Because That Is What Jesus Would Want

When Terry Jones backed down from his plans to burn copies of the Quran on 9/11, Randall Terry stepped up and led a protest outside of the White House where they tore pages out of copies of the Quran because "the charade that Islam is a peaceful religion must end."

Apparently, the event was such a success that Terry and crew are now going to embark upon a Quran-destroying campaign:

On October 6 and 7, Christians (both Catholic and Protestant) will gather in New York, DC, and various cities, holding large posters printed with the words of the Quran, and the words of Muhammad from the Hadith and the Sunnah. The participants will either 1) tear the passages, 2) crumple them up and throw them in a garbage bag, or 3) just laugh at them -- to ridicule the idea that a "Religion of Peace" calls for beheading, murder, crucifixion, etc.

October 7 is the anniversary of The Battle of Lepanto, 1571, in which the Holy League navy defeated the Ottoman Muslim navy. Had the Muslim forces won, Rome would likely have fallen, and St. Peters could very well be a Mosque. (That was the fate of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.)

"Hear Muhammad Speak" Statement of Goals:

I. To ignite national and world-wide debate/dialogue/education on the anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, and at times violent message of the Quran.

II. To focus national and world wide attention on Muhammad -- his words and deeds that are not in the Quran (i.e., Muhammad's words that are in the Hadith and the Sunnah) -- that call for the murder, beheadings, etc. of Christians and Jews, and the suppression of religious freedom.

III. To highlight the suffering of Christians inflicted by Muslims who follow the example of the words and deeds of Muhammad.

IV. To call on Islamic political and religious leaders to "lay down Muhammad's sword;" i.e., to stop persecuting and killing Christians and Jews, as well as "apostates" who leave Islam.

V. To give historic background on the name "Cordoba," and to urge the halting of the Cordoba Initiative at Ground Zero.

VI. To encourage people to fearlessly defy and expose the Hadith, the Sunnah, and Sharia law while our freedoms still permit it.

In an email to supporters announcing the campaign, Terry explains that they are going to be destroying Qurans because it is what Jesus and Mary would want:

“What would Jesus do?” Maybe He would overturn tables, or chase or hit people with a whip; maybe he would call people names like “whitewashed tombs, or “brood of vipers” or “the sons of hell.” Maybe He would speak the truth, not back down, and even die.

“What would Mary do?” Maybe she would give prayers and urgings like she did at the battle of the gates of Vienna to destroy the Muslim army that sought to annihilate Christianity; maybe she would ask her Son for grace and strength to be given to the soldiers and sailors at the battle of Lepanto to destroy the Muslim Navy, and save Rome and all Christendom from the Muslim hordes.

I give these pictures in the fear of God; Jesus and Mary are not afraid of the truth. Jesus and Mary know that the Church militant should be just that, and that at times words and deeds that are not “politically correct” or “tolerant” must be used in the fight against evil, and the culture of death, and those who seek to destroy Truth and the Church.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Richard Viguerie gloats that "Republican leaders are in a panic because they have lost control of the Republican Party. Grassroots constitutional conservatives are inside the Citadel, and are poised to take over."
  • Sometimes a title just says it all, like this one from Accuracy In Media: "An Ecofascist Crescent Moon Near Ground Zero."
  • FRC is hosting an event entitled "Is There a War Between Social and Economic Conservatives?" with Ross Douthat, Lawrence Reed and Bob Patterson later this month.
  • The anti-immigration nuts at ALIPAC have endorsed Sharron Angle.
  • Bob Peters of Morality in Media is outraged that TLC is promoting polygamy.
  • Huh? Randall Terry says that blaming him for any deaths that resulted from riots over his destruction of the Quran "is like saying that a woman who is abused by her boyfriend or husband is guilty of bringing violence on herself because she said or did something that irritated him."
  • The band The New Pornographers will no longer be performing at a Christian college because their name is just too racy.

Right Wing Round-Up

Randall Terry on Quran-Burning: "Fire is a Sign of the Judgment of God"

In a move that should come as no surprise whatsoever, Randall Terry not only supports the burning of the Quran but actually argues that it is what God wants, as "fire is a sign of the judgment of God" [PDF] and has been throughout history:

The historical and theological (Judeo/Christian) proof is inescapable: the “sacred” books, images, and locations of false religions – and their false prophets and priests – are destined for the flames of this world or the next.

Let us beware, lest the frenzy of fools cloud our judgment.

Should we condemn St. Paul for burning witchcraft books? Should we condemn Joshua for burning the pagan cities of Canaan? Should we condemn the heroes of the Old Testament for burning pagan chariots and idols and desecrating pagan temples? Should we condemn the Church Militant that conquered the pagan Greco-Roman deities, and then destroyed their idols and plundered their temples?

Should we condemn our spiritual forebears because they did not “show respect” to the religious beliefs and buildings and books of false religions?

And should we – I speak as a fool – condemn God himself for burning Sodom and Gomorrah, for ordering the burning of countless idols and temples, and for sending his enemies into the lake of fire for all eternity?

If Christianity is true, Islam cannot be true. And if Islam is not true, and Christianity’s history and theology repeats itself (as with the pagan religions of Greece and Rome), Delphi and the Roman Forum are the signposts of Islam’s future.

Right Wing Leftovers

Randall Terry is Winston Churchill and Everyone Else Is a Nazi Appeaser

Last week we noted Randall Terry was going after other pro-life groups for their failure to mobilize activists to stop Elena Kagan, accusing them of being frauds and charlatans who collect donations to fight abortion and then do nothing.

Over the weekend, Terry penned another scathing attack, this one directed at Steven Ertelt and his LifeNews.com for claiming that there was a "silver lining" in Kagan's confirmation.

Needless to say, Terry does not agree:

This is one long lie. I repeat, it is a lie, designed to get you and I to fall in line, and get behind the Neville Chamberlains of today – Republican hacks and failed pro-life groups.

How dare any of us – whether Steve Ertelt, or Carl Levy, or a clergyman, or anyone – say, or even imply, that we are winning in the presence of 50,000,000 mangled babies? How dare we say we are winning when we just lost (without almost no fight) to Elena Kagan? This is the same delusional and destructive spirit embodied in Neville Chamberlain, which almost cost England its survival.

We do not need bouncing cheerleaders to swing pom-poms around and tell us we are winning, while we are down by an insurmountable score. This is not high-school basketball. It is a life and death struggle with real victims, and we are losing.


Mr. Ertelt’s article made Kagan’s victory seem like a huge step forward for life and liberty.

I wrote to Mr. Ertelt, and told him plainly (among other things) that his story was “…an evil beyond comprehension. For you to try to do anything other than tell the truth about Kagan's victory - that her confirmation is a huge, horrifying victory for the child-killers - shows that you are a fraud.”

I told him he is a “collaborator with the child-killers…” and that the elevation of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court was akin to the fall of France to the Nazis, and trying to give Kagan's victory a "positive spin" is akin to whoredom.

Randall Terry Sets Off Anti-Choice Civil War

Last week Randall Terry sent out an email essentially declaring war on all the other pro-life organizations, calling them frauds and scam-artists who take money from anti-choice activists and produce nothing of value, targeting Priests for Life and Americans United for Life by name: 

Our team spent a long time talking about the material for this show and preparing for it. So I am not going to spend the time now typing out what I said. If this interests you, please watch the show.

But the essence is this: some LEADERS and MANY CHARLATANS in the pro-life movement are like PRO-LIFE VAMPIRES, living off the blood of babies. The very fact that they DO NOT FIGHT KAGAN is the proof of their hypocrisy and duplicity. And their silence is driven by MONEY; the "tax exempt status."

They are useless; they are collaborators with the baby killers themselves. (I DO NOT perceive Fr. Pavone to be fully in that camp, but he is flirting with the wrong people, and it comes out loud and clear in his letter. His organization has clearly put money ahead of the babies in certain fights; I beg your prayers for him and his organization.)

So, using the words of the Priests for Life letter that just went out, and using the useless, godless letter sent out by Americans United for Life - and signed by other pathetic groups - I am drawing a line in the sand, for the sake of the babies.

If the babies - who are being butchered and thrown in sewers and landfills at the rate of 3,500 souls per day - have these men and women as their advocates and protectors, we shall witness millions more perish because of the treachery, love of money, and love of "respect" that guides these cowards and collaborators with the child-killers.

Terry then went on to continue his attacks on his television program on Friday (skip ahead to the 7:00 mark):

And on Saturday, Terry sent out another email containing the original Priests for Life fundraising email that initially set him, which I want to highlight because it reveals that the organization has nearly $1 million in overdue bills: 

I’ve sent you this urgent email because your mission to end abortion is in serious jeopardy!

For years you have dedicated your life to saving innocent babies from the terrible horror of abortion. Your absolute and unwavering commitment to the youngest members of our human family is beyond question. Your loyal and generous support for the work of Priests for Life proves it.

But Priests for Life is in a huge financial hole. I just met with our finance department and our outstanding payables have reached the critical stage:

* Bills now over 90 days old total $673,379.18
* Those over 60 days are another $175,215.76

That’s $848,594.94 in overdue bills that must be paid … now!

But the only way that can happen is if you click here and rush Priests for Life the largest financial gift you can send … today!

It is critically important that you do this before you go on to your next email.

I’m counting on your help because our financial crisis here at Priests for Life threatens to derail your pro-life mission.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • The ACLJ isn't just opposing Islam at home, they are opposing it abroad as well.
  • The Washington Post has a long profile of Ken Cuccinelli.
  • Peter LaBarbera is still complaining that I accused him and his allies of hating gays ... and then turns right around and calls the Gay Liberation Network a "radical homosexual hate group."
  • Randall Terry blasts Priests for Life and Americans United for Life as "useless; they are collaborators with the baby killers themselves."
  • I will never understand why people who get caught saying something stupid try to claim that they never said exactly what they were caught saying.
  • Larry Klayman has absolutely no reason to believe that the judge in the Arizona immigration case was pressured by the Obama administration, but that is not going to stop him from launching a fishing expedition.
  • Finally, the Liberty Counsel continues to serve as the law firm of choice for woman seeking to keep their former partners away from their children because "Ohio law, like nature, makes no provision for a child to have two mothers."

Right Wing Leftovers

Terry and Crew Beat Effigy of Sen. Graham

Randall Terry and his merry band of anti-abortion zealots have been traveling the country in an RV and protesting outside of the state offices of Republican Senators who are refusing to filibuster Elena Kagan.

When they arrived in South Carolina last week, they planned to "burn, hang, or beat" an effigy of Sen. Lindsey Graham for supporting Kagan in committee:

If a man brings the enemy into your camp, he is helping the enemy; when he helps the enemy, he has become the enemy, and must be treated as such. Mr. Graham has betrayed God and innocent babies; we must treat him as a fraud and a traitor from this moment forth.

Turns out, Terry did not actually burn the effigy of Graham, but they did hang and beat it

A mannequin with a picture of Sen. Lindsey Graham's face taped to the head was hung in effigy in downtown Greenville by a protester.

Randall Terry, a nationally-known pro-life supporter from Washington, D.C., came with three supporters to tape a portion of his television show called, "Randall Terry: The Voice of the Resistance."

The anti-abortion activist filmed two skits while in downtown. One of them involved Randall's employee constructing gallows to hang the mannequin with Graham's picture on it.

The other skit involved a stick and a pinata. The workers hit the pinata, which had a picture of Graham on it, until plastic babies fell out of it.

Right Wing Leftovers

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Maggie Gallagher doesn't want gays to be able to get married and she doesn't want straight couples to be able to get divorced.
  • MassResistance is going on vacation ... until the Fall?
  • Randall Terry is launching a "filibuster Elena Kagan/somebody please pay attention to me" tour.
  • Beware of yoga.
  • Concerned Women for America takes a bold anti-stoning women stance .. or at least an anti-Muslims stoning women stance.
  • Finally, if you watch the latest Generals International webcast, you'll see that Cindy Jacobs is also a proponent of the prosperity gospel, promising those who donate to her organization that God will reward them financially for their gift.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Burt Prelutsky used to really love America, but now he doesn't love it quite so much.
  • The Pro-Life Action League is launching its "2010 Face the Truth Tour" where they will travel around the Chicago area displaying "graphic pictures of aborted and unborn babies." Sounds like a fun way to spend the summer.
  • Nobody has really been able to get a good explanation of why Alaska Gov. Sean Parnell went to Focus on the Family headquarters in Colorado and also met with James Dobson and why taxpayers had to foot the bill.
  • Regent University fights back against reports that it is struggling financially.
  • You know, hiring a consultant to round-up volunteers for your campaign and then having that consultant use participants from his c3 nonprofit organization to do volunteer work on said campaign does seem a little fishy.
  • Will Michael Steele still be head of the RNC next week? 
  • Randall Terry is not happy with the tepid opposition to Elena Kagan:

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Think Progress: Rand Paul refuses to say how old the earth is: ‘I think I’m just gonna have to pass on that one.’
  • TPM: Randall Terry Asks: Where Have All The Protests Gone?
  • Dave Weigel: Rick Barber talks about Nazis.
  • Iowa Independent: Huckabee not ready to endorse Branstad.
  • Steve Benen: What Did Thurgood Marshall Ever Do To The GOP?
  • Political Correction: Angle Rejects Abortion For Rape Victims: "Sometimes God Has A Plan".

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Ten Commandments judge Roy Moore finished fourth in Alabama's Republican primary for Governor.
  • Anti-gay Utah State Sen. Chris Buttars had heart surgery, but expects to return to work after the summer.
  • CBN's David Brody profiles Andrew Breitbart.
  • BOND's Jesse Lee Peterson was tossed out of a Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting for protesting the Board's decision to boycott Arizona over the state's immigration law.
  • Randall Terry reports that his television program is being picked up by more carriers.
  • Why does Politico keep giving Gary Bauer space to place these sorts of moronic op-eds?
  • CWA's Penny Nance calls investigative reporter Joe McGinniss, who moved in next to Sarah Palin, a "peeping tom."
  • Finally, if you are going to claim that your father "died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany," it is your fault when people mistakenly think you meant he died fighting the Nazi regime in Germany instead of ten years after World War II ended in California.

GOD TV and Randall Terry Plead For Donations

Earlier this week we noted that GOD TV was desperately seeking donations in order to keep itself on the air, needing to raise more than a million dollars by the end of the week and $4 million by the end of the month.

It doesn't look like things are going very well, as they have sent out another email urgently asking for money:

We can't stress enough how critical the next few days are for the future of GOD TV and the plans God has laid out for this ministry to continue reaching the nations with the truth.

Many precious viewers have given so generously over the past few days, but we are not yet in the clear and must recover our budget shortfall of $4 million by our May 31 deadline!

As a network funded primarily through voluntary donations, the global financial crisis has hit GOD TV hard. We are asking you our faithful viewer to stand with us financially, and in prayer for a financial miracle, so that we can keep GOD TV reaching more than 160 million families worldwide.

Likewise, Randall Terry has sent out a similarly desperate plea for donations, even though having to do so in embarrassing and will only give fodder to those who mock him:

The rent payments for our office and the "St. George Barracks" must be paid; the materials we produce must be paid for; the utilities and phone bills must be paid for; the press releases that we send out -- helping to keep child killing in the news -- must be paid for.

We are on the frontlines in Washington DC, and as the secular press and media will show you, we are fighting our hearts out to save babies from murder, and to create the social tension necessary to help expedite the end of legalized child killing in America.

But frontline soldiers still need a supply line.

Right now, we need about $30,000 just to get current. In the grand scheme of what various ministries and pro-life organizations take in economically, $30,000 is not a lot of money. But for us it is.

This $30,000 is to pay printing bills (we produce a lot of material), press release bills (we get a lot of press), to reimburse travel costs, and other normal expenses.

I would ask you to step back and to consider how much this tiny band of warriors has accomplished in the last year - with minimal resources - beginning with our efforts at Notre Dame to expose and confront Obama and Notre Dame’s treachery.

If we could raise $5,000 in the next few days, we could pay some pressing, overdue bills.

Right now, we have less than $250 in the bank. We have no savings account, no credit cards, no hidden resources that we can use. We go from hand to mouth... from God's hand and your hand… to the immediate need and pressing battles we face.

Let me finish by giving a word of defiance to our adversaries and critics.

One of the reasons I hate being this honest is because a few people will mock us; a few others – “pro-lifers!” - will be happy that we are in difficulty. We embarrass them by our tenacity and our tactics; and we make them look bad because of our small successes.

But please note, I did NOT say; “We will close our doors without your help!!!”

I DID NOT say: “We cannot continue our life saving work without your help!!!” Or, “We have huge plans – plans that could change the world – and I cannot launch them without you!!!”

That type of hype and charades disgusts me.

I testify before God and men and angels:

We will stay in this fight, regardless of our resources.

We will struggle along; we will not quit;

We will not shrink back from battle during times of want.

We will fight on.

Right Wing Leftovers

Randall Terry TV: Comedy, Music, and Politics as Performed by Stephen Colbert, Rush Limbaugh, and John the Baptist

mentioned that Randall Terry has created his own television show yesterday but I didn't really know how to describe it ... so we'll just let Terry describe it himself

Randall Terry, Founder of Insurrecta Nex and OverturnRoe.com, is launching a five day per week half-hour television show, originating from Washington DC called "Randall Terry: The Voice of Resistance." The show premieres on Monday, May 10, 2010.

"The show will be a combination of news, comedy, songs, skits, and of course...leadership training for culture warriors. Think of a hybrid of Stephen Colbert, Rush, and John the Baptist. And of course, we will torment our adversaries, just because we can." -- Randall Terry

Terry says his show has been picked up by two stations so far: WQXT in St. Augustine FL and WCKV in Clarksville, Tennessee.

Here's the trailer again ... just because it is awesome

I Want My RTV!

Everybody get ready for the comedy and musical stylings of Randall Terry TV

We begin Broadcasting on May 10 on Two TV Stations and an On-Line Network. Watch the Clip to see Samples from the Show.

We have been working morning, noon, and night - late into the night! - to get this show ready to air.

People are giving us "two thumbs up" on what they see thus far.

I am REALLY excited, and really nervous...

This show will be funny, hard hitting, and it will call the righteous to battle in the culture wars. Beyond the call, we will TRAIN people how to fight in the epic struggle for the soul of our nation.

God bless you, and make His Face shine upon you.

Again, I beg your prayers.

Randall Terry

Randall Terry Now Focusing His Antics On the Archdiocese of Washington, DC

Last week, the Catholic League told Randall Terry to cram it and stop demanding that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi be excommunicated from the Catholic Church and that Archbishop Wuerl of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC stop allowing her and others to take Communion, saying "it's not the job of Randall Terry, or anybody for that matter, to lecture the bishops on what they should or shouldn't do."

Of course, Terry has no intention of stopping, which is why he and his crew are protesting outside of the Cathedral of Saint Matthew, demanding that Archbishop Wuerl stop granting communion to "people who have literally participated in the murder of babies":

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Randall Terry Posts Archive

Kyle Mantyla, Monday 02/27/2012, 5:51pm
Last week we noted that Ann Coulter would be headlining a fundraiser for anti-abortion zealot Randall Terry when he brings his loophole-exploiting presidential campaign to Oklahoma. Today, Coulter was interviewed by KRMG's Dan Potter about her upcoming appearance and asked whether she supported some of Terry's more outrageous stunts and statements, like his statements regarding the murder to Dr. George Tiller. Clearly uncomfortable, Coulter hedged a bit before declaring that "violence will break out" when the Constitution is trampled upon and stated that the "current score... MORE >
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 02/22/2012, 2:57pm
As we've noted before, anti-abortion zealot Randall Terry is currently running a Potemkin presidential campaign for the sole purpose of exploiting a loophole that allows him to air graphic anti-abortion ads on television under the guise that they are campaign ads. Terry's quixotic campaign has been relegated to the fringes as he's constantly struggled to even raise the money needed to run many ads.  But perhaps his effort will be getting a boost, as he is reporting that none other than Mitt Romney supporter Ann Coulter will be headlining a fundraising rally for him: Best Selling author... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Thursday 01/05/2012, 2:00pm
Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry has been running for the nomination of the Democratic Party in order to exploit a loophole that allows him to run graphic ads against abortion rights, and as we have previously reported, one of his followers, David Lewis, is even running in the Republican primary against Speaker John Boehner as a “Tea Party candidate.” Lewis claims he is running because Boehner withdrew a measure that would have defunded Planned Parenthood, and now he wants to run graphic ads opposing abortion rights during the Super Bowl: "Mr. Boehner is a Washington... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 12/14/2011, 6:05pm
Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry appeared on The Steve Deace Show on Monday where he discussed his strategy of running for the Democratic nomination for president in order to use a legal loophole that allows him to run graphic ads against abortion rights. Terry told Deace that voters shouldn’t trust Obama on any issue because of his support for abortion rights, saying that Obama both “supports murder” and “supports slavery,” and will have you in his “slave labor force for his federal plantation.” He also informed Deace, a fierce critic of Mitt... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 11/09/2011, 1:30pm
Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, is trying to raise $100,000 to run explicit advertisements on abortion against President Obama in Iowa and New Hampshire. Terry announced that he is running against Obama in the Democratic primary in order to use an election law loophole that would allow him to run graphic advertisements showing aborted fetuses. In the ads, Terry compares Evangelical Christians who voted for Obama to Judas Iscariot and says that Catholics who backed Obama committed a “betrayal of the faith.” Terry asked supporters to donate to him rather than the... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 11/02/2011, 1:25pm
Anti-choice zealot Randall Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, is keeping his promise to recruit his followers to run as candidates for office in order to use a loophole in election law that allows them to air lurid ads against abortion. After running a delegate candidate in Washington D.C. last year, Terry recruited a primary challenger to Speaker John Boehner and is himself running against President Obama in the Democratic presidential primary. Now, Terry acolyte Gary Boisclair has announced a primary challenge to Minnesota Democrat Keith Ellison. Andy Birkey of the Minnesota... MORE >
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 09/29/2011, 5:27pm
Michele Bachmann will be speaking to Ralph Reed's Faith and Freedom Coalition "Presidential Series National Tele-Town Hall" next week. Fortunately for CAIR, Herman Cain will never become president. Randall Terry needs money. So does the Family Research Council. And Gary Bauer is asking for donations to "help us defend normal marriage" despite the fact that his organization doesn't seem to ever really do much of anything. Finally, can someone explain to me how the Obama administration is playing politics by refusing to release the photos of... MORE >
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 09/19/2011, 10:56am
Last week it was announced that a "pro-life/Tea Party activist" named David Lewis would be launching a primary against John Boehner. Since then, most of the press coverage has focused on the "Tea Party" aspect of Lewis' campaign and ignored the "pro-life" part ... even though it is the anti-choice activism that is really driving the campaign. Back in 2010, anti-choice zealot Randall Terry discovered that he could get graphic anti-abortion ads to air on television by exploiting a loophole that prohibits broadcasters from refusing to run or censor campaign... MORE >