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  • The ACLJ calls Arizona's anti-immigration law "sound and constitutional" and "plans to file an amicus brief in support of defending the law."
  • The Family Research Council says there is only one option for Obamacare: Repeal!
  • On a related note, groups that fought abortion coverage in health care reform are now using a provision in the bill to try and limit abortion coverage by private insurers.
  • Along with Fred Barnes, Marco Rubio addressed the Florida Family Policy Council dinner, which also honored Don Wildmon of the American Family Association.
  • Bill Donohue has gotten into a tiff with the National Catholic Reporter, which called him "a buffoonish bully, a carnival barker posing as a defender of the faith."
  • Finally, the quote of the day from Focus on the Family's Glenn Stanton lamenting the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill:  "The arrival of the Pill was supposed to have Andromeda unleashed from her chains, as its proponents told she would be. But maybe the proper analogy is not woman becoming unfettered from the chains of her biology, but rather her trading the God-given power of her femininity for the lie of thinking she will find happiness if she approaches sexuality more like a man."

Right Wing Leftovers

In The Cycle Of Violence, The Right Only Cares About The Christian Victims

Yesterday, the Catholic League sent out an email announcing that Bill Donohue would be taking a short break from tirelessly defending the Catholic Church from any and all criticism regarding the sex abuse scandal in order to protest violence against Christians in Nigeria:

Please join the Catholic League on Wednesday, April 7 to protest recent massacres of Christians and others at the hands of radical Muslims. Bill Donohue will be speaking at the event as well as other religious and secular leaders. The protest will take place at 5 PM at the Nigerian U.N. Consulate.

Among the others who have endorsed this event are Gary Bauer, Harry Jackson, Frank Gaffney, Niger Innis, and Andrea and James Lafferty, all with the mission of highlighting the victimization of Christians in Nigeria:

On Wednesday, April 7th from 4:45 pm on, religious, civic and human rights leaders of many faiths and backgrounds will gather in front of the Nigerian Consulate in New York City to raise their voices of conscience about the continuing massacres of Christians as well as the ongoing barbaric persecution of non-Muslim minorities by jihadists in Nigeria and elsewhere across the globe.

While there are no official figures yet to confirm the numbers killed in the March 7th Massacre of Christians in Nigeria, we do know that many of the victims were children, women and the elderly. They were trapped in nets and hacked to death, slashed as they slept in their beds, beheaded, and set on fire. Those arrested reportedly belong to the Muslim Fulani terror group.

As I explained a few weeks back when Donohue first started commenting on this issue, the cycle of violence in Nigeria has been going on for years: 

If you read this Human Rights Watch report on the recent massacre, it says that hundreds of Christians were murdered by "Muslim men speaking Hausa and Fulani" and that "the attacks appeared to be in retaliation for previous attacks against Muslim communities in the area ... on January 19, more than 150 Muslim residents were killed in an attack on the nearby town of Kuru Karama."

This Human Rights Watch report on the January massacre states that more than one hundred Muslims were killed by Christians in an attack that was set off by either "an argument over the rebuilding of a Muslim home destroyed in the November 2008 violence in a predominately Christian neighborhood" or an "attack by Muslim youth on Christian worshippers in the Nassarawa Gwom district of Jos."

So the current massacre of Christians by Muslims is believed to be retribution for an earlier massacre of Muslims by Christians, all of which is wrapped up in a cycle of violence in which "more than 13,500 people have died in religious or ethnic clashes since the end of military rule in 1999." 

And according to a recent HRW report, the March 7 attack was part of this on-going cycle of violence.  And do you recall Donohue, Bauer, Jackson or any of the others speaking out in January when Christian mobs murdered 150 Muslims?

Witnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch said that groups of armed men attacked the largely Muslim population of Kuru Karama around 10 a.m. on January 19, 2010. After surrounding the town, they hunted down and attacked Muslim residents, some of whom had sought refuge in homes and a local mosque, killing many as they tried to flee and burning many others alive. The witnesses said they believed members of the armed groups to be Christians.

I certainly don't.

It would make sense of Donohue and others were hosting a rally calling for an end to the cycle of religious violence that has killed thousands of people over the last decade. But that is not what they are doing; they are merely protesting the violence against Christians. 

Apparently, the related slaughter of Muslims by Christians is perfectly okay.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Al Mholer examines the issue of refusing to pay taxes in order to avoid participating in health care reform's coverage for abortion and concludes that to do so is unchristian.
  • Not surprisingly, Fred Phelps was not a very good father.
  • Sen. Scott Brown thanks the National Review.
  • David Barton will be headlining the Iowa Christian Alliance's Eastern Iowa Spring Dinner.
  • Bill Donohue continues to insist that it is "homosexual priests" who are to blame for the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal, declaring "it's time to end the gay cover-up once and for all."
  • Finally, the quote for the day from New Jersey state Rep. Michael Carroll explaining his opposition to marriage equality: "I see no purpose in extending a societal imprimatur – and not insubstantial benefits – to folks whose relationships are of essentially no societal consequence. Taxpayers should not be in the business of subsidizing friendships, however close."

The Catholic League Strikes Back At NYT, Blames Sex Abuse On Gays

Last week we noted that Bill Donohue of the Catholic League was outraged by the New York Times continuing coverage of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church, declaring that the recent article reporting that "top Vatican officials — including the future Pope Benedict XVI — did not defrock a priest who molested as many as 200 deaf boys" was "the last straw."

Today, Donohue struck back ... with an ad in the New York Times:

As indicated in our New York Times op-ed page ad today, the pope is innocent. Indeed, he is being framed. No one has any evidence that he even knew of the case of Father Lawrence Murphy. Indeed, his office didn't find out until 1996 and then it did the right thing by summoning an investigation (it could have simply dropped an inquiry given that the statute of limitations had run out). No matter, the pope's harshest critics are blaming him for not defrocking a man whom he may never have heard of, and in any event was entitled to a presumption of innocence. Or was he? There are not just a few who would deny civil liberties protections to priests.

It is a sad day when al-Qaeda suspects are afforded more rights than priests. That this kind of intellectual thuggery should emanate from those who fancy themselves tolerant and fair-minded makes the sham all the more despicable.

You can see the ad itself here [PDF] in which Donohue tries to blame the entire thing on gays:

The Times continues to editorialize about the "pedophilia crisis," when all along it's been a
homosexual crisis. Eighty percent of the victims of priestly sexual abuse are male and most of
them are post-pubescent. While homosexuality does not cause predatory behavior, and most
gay priests are not molesters, most of the molesters have been gay.

Here's what's really going on. The Times has teamed up with Jeffrey Anderson, a radical lawyer who has made millions suing the Church (and greasing professional victims' groups like SNAP), so they can weaken its moral authority. Why? Because of issues like abortion, gay marriage and women's ordination. That's what's really driving them mad, and that's why they are on the hunt. Those who doubt this to be true need to ask why the debt-ridden Times does not spend the same resources looking for dirt in other institutions that occurred a half-century ago.

Bill Donohue Declares War On the New York Times

Today, the New York Times ran an article reporting that "top Vatican officials — including the future Pope Benedict XVI — did not defrock a priest who molested as many as 200 deaf boys."

And predictably, the Catholic League's Bill Donohue responded ... by attacking the New York Times:

Media requests to deal with this subject make it difficult to provide an adequate response to today's article by Laurie Goodstein. But the time has come to ask some serious questions about why the Times is working overtime with wholly discredited lawyers to uncover dirt in the Catholic Church that occurred a half-century ago. Those questions will be raised in an ad I am writing that will be published in next Tuesday's New York Times; a rejoinder to the article will also be made. All I can say now is that this is the last straw.

Donohue has long asserted that any coverage and/or criticism of the Catholic Church's handling of this issue is itself blatant anti-Catholic bigotry, but now it appears as if Donohue's role as a professional apologist for the Church is reaching an entirely new level as he openly declares war on the New York Times. 

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Steve Benen: Looking Longingly At Joseph McCarthy.
  • Media Matters: Right-wing media eagerly spread absurd claim that Obama plans to "ban sport fishing".
  • Think Progress: Conservative Catholic League President Bill Donohue Defends Beck: Many Of His Critics Are ‘Phonies’.
  • Wonk Room: Girl Suing High School Over Canceled Prom: School Is Saying ‘You Can Be Gay, Just Don’t Be Openly Gay’.
  • Alan Colmes: Neal Horsley Arrested For Terrorist Threat Against Elton John.

The Disgraceful Bill Donohue

Say what you will about Bill Donohue, but the man never misses an opportunity to play the victim, even when the issue has nothing at all do with him or his mission and doing so is in disgracefully poor taste.

Take, for instance, this press release the Catholic League just put out:

According to The Australian, “dozens of bodies lined the streets” of three Christian villages in northern Nigeria. “Other victims of the weekend’s Muslim fury jammed a local morgue, the limbs of slaughtered children tangled in a grotesque mess.” Children were scalped, “most had severed hands and feet,” and “officials estimate that 500 people were massacred in night-time raids by rampaging Muslim gangs.” According to one eyewitness media account, “They then set homes on fire and attacked men, women and children. Many were decapitated.”

Now here is how CNN is reporting the story. “Gangs of machete-wielding Muslims have been blamed for the weekend slaughter of hundreds of Christian villagers in Nigeria, but analysts say it would be wrong to assume the conflict was rooted in religion.” Of course: When Muslims massacre Christians, religion never has anything to do with it.

“Some analysts,” the story continues, “believe the weekend slaughter was a revenge attack for the killing of around 150 members of the Hausa Muslim community by Christian mobs in Kuru Karama south of Jos, in January 2010.” Well, let’s see. Back in January, a U.N. media outlet reported that Muslim and Christian leaders in Kuru Karama, a predominantly Muslim village, “met to make a pact with the police to defend any attacks by outsiders.” But guess what happened? “Several hours later youths armed with machetes attacked the village.” And we know who likes machetes.

Donohue says "it’s time to stop viewing Muslim-Christian violence through the lens of moral equivalency" which apparently means that Muslims killing Christians in Nigeria is far, far worse than Christians killing Muslims in Nigeria.

If you read this Human Rights Watch report on the recent massacre, it says that hundreds of Christians were murdered by "Muslim men speaking Hausa and Fulani" and that "the attacks appeared to be in retaliation for previous attacks against Muslim communities in the area ... on January 19, more than 150 Muslim residents were killed in an attack on the nearby town of Kuru Karama."

This Human Rights Watch report on the January massacre states that more than one hundred Muslims were killed by Christians in an attack that was set off by either "an argument over the rebuilding of a Muslim home destroyed in the November 2008 violence in a predominately Christian neighborhood" or an "attack by Muslim youth on Christian worshippers in the Nassarawa Gwom district of Jos."

So the current massacre of Christians by Muslims is believed to be retribution for an earlier massacre of Muslims by Christians, all of which is wrapped up in a cycle of violence in which "more than 13,500 people have died in religious or ethnic clashes since the end of military rule in 1999."

But to Bill Donohue, it is little more than an opportunity to shamelessly exploit this tragic violence in order to claim that Muslims are bloodthirsty killers of Christians and that the media is somehow complicit in covering up this basic fact.

Donohue: When It Comes to Gays, the GOP Gets All Jittery and Inarticulate

Religious Right activists are predictably upset that Congressional Republicans didn't make more of an effort to prevent Washington, DC's marriage equality law from taking effect:

"I'll be straight with you: I think they could have done more," Brian Brown, executive director of the National Organization for Marriage, said of Republican leaders. "We needed a vote, and we didn't get one."


"I haven't seen any effort by Senator Bennett to push the legislation, or by the Senate [Republican] leadership," said Tom McClusky, senior vice president of the Family Research Council Action.

There are obviously various reasons for why this happened, but Bill Donohue blames it on the fact that Republicans become "jittery" and inarticulate when it comes to speaking out against gays .... go figure: 

William Donohue, the president of the New-York based Catholic League, questioned the party's commitment to a traditional marriage agenda. "They have an inarticulateness about homosexuality that they don't have on economic issues," Mr. Donohue said. "They can talk on and on about the free market, but when it comes to gays, they're jittery."

You know who Republicans could learn from in overcoming their jittery inarticulateness when it comes to attacking gays?  Bill Donohue:

Honestly, is anyone surprised that a conservation between Pat Robertson and Bill Donohue discussing how "intellectually, morally, and spiritually bankrupt" liberals are trying to "tear down society" consists entirely of a five minute rant from Donohue declaring "we're not going to allow gay people to adopt children, that's against nature, it's against nature's god," saying that the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal was due entirely to gays, and finally asserting that those who don't share his views are nothing but "termites" who are "no more Christian than the Man on the Moon"

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Ryan Dobson says the only real difference between him and his dad, James Dobson, is a matter of style: "My dad and I believe virtually identically across the board, I think. Stylistically we have some differences, but as far as political, theological and sociological belief systems, we're fairly identical."
  • Rifqa Bary insists there is no chance of any sort of reconciliation between her and her parents.
  • Marco Rubio seems to have a history of charging personal expenses to the Florida GOP.
  • You know, I don't think Newt Gingrich has ever had a "real job," for that matter.
  • FRC's Tony Perkins says he was uninvited to a prayer luncheon at Andrews Air Force Base because of his opposition to repealing DADT, and Bill Donohue is demanding an investigation.
  • Finally, a related quote of the day from Tony Perkins opposing repeal of DADT:  "People who are HIV-positive are not permitted to enlist in the military. But if someone on active duty becomes infected, they cannot be deployed in combat -- yet current policy also forbids them from being discharged. Since scientists have said that homosexuals and bisexuals are fifty times more likely to contract HIV, it is inevitable that welcoming them into the military will increase both medical costs and the number of personnel who are essentially dead weight within the force."

Connecting The Dots With Bill Donohue

You know, I must be stupid because I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this Catholic League press release:

Catholic League president Bill Donohue speaks to the Omnibus Spending Bill just passed by the Senate:

The Congress is now officially on record approving a bill that tells mothers in Washington, D.C. that if they decide to take their baby to term, and elect to send their child to a private school—just like the one that President Obama and his wife have chosen for their own children—they can do it on their own dime: the successful voucher scholarship program that 1,700 poor kids were enrolled in is now dead. But if these same mothers decide to abort their babies, the same government will rush to pay their bills.

Most of those affected are black. The bill will soon be signed into law by America’s first black president. Is there anyone so stupid not to understand what is going on?

President Obama hates school vouchers? Or black babies? Or mothers of black babies who might one day use school vouchers?

I'm utterly confused.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • The right-wing anti-Jennings crusade gets covered by Fox News, which shoots down some of the unfounded allegations while giving the likes of Peter Sprigg and Peter LaBarbera an opportunity to sound off.
  • On a related note, MassResistance is taking credit for a myriad of the Jennings-related smears.
  • Al Mohler says it is his prayer that someone "can reach Tiger Woods with the Gospel of Jesus Christ" while Wendy Wright blames the saga on Nike's "Just Do It" slogan.
  • Peter LaBarbera hails Bill Keller ... yes, Bill Keller.
  • Bill Donohue takes credit for killing the remainder of the "His Dark Materials" film series.
  • A gaggle of right-wing leaders are calling on the Senate to reject the nomination of Louis Butler.
  • Sen. Jim DeMint says he couldn't support a gay or lesbian president: "“It would be bothersome to me just personally because I consider it immoral.”
  • Finally, I suspect that if we had posted this sort of photo of Dick Cheney, the Family Research Council would have had a fit: 

"Americans are Being Terrorized into Banishing Christmas"

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about the Liberty Counsel freaking out over this ad campaign from the American Humanist Association:

Liberty called the campaign a "temper tantrum" ... but the only ones throwing a temper tantrum are those on the Right, as the Texas Freedom Network points out by highlighting this statement from In God We Trust:

The national advocacy group In God We Trust today condemned efforts of national atheist organizations and left-wing legal groups aimed at terrorizing Americans into not celebrating Christmas.

“Americans have become accustomed to the whining and calls for censorship of anti-religion activists during the Christmas season,” says In God We Trust’s Chairman Bishop Council Nedd. “However, this year opponents of the holiday are escalating their ‘War on Christmas’ to a whole new level. Their goal is harass, mock and scare people into censoring themselves and hiding their Christmas celebrations.”

“Americans are being terrorized into banishing Christmas from public life,” Nedd warns. “The hate and venom spewing from some of these anti-religious groups is so great that some jurisdictions are tearing down even secular Christmas displays as fast as they can.”

And of course, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League is weighing in as well, blaming mean-spirited secular elitists for ruining Christmas ... and urging people to sue: 

Disputes about Christmas displays, he charged, are “contrived by elitists of a secular mindset.” They are “bringing forth every possible secular holiday that might fall in December and trying to give it equal billing with Christmas.”

According to Donohue, many Jews will acknowledge that Hanukkah is a minor holiday. He added that the Hindus he knows celebrate Christmas as part of being Americans.

“Now in the workplace, in the schools, we have to be ever-conscious of offending people who are not Christians,” he charged.

Donohue blamed this situation on the “language police” and diversity consultants, whom he claimed to be part of a $1 billion industry active in the private and public workplace.

“These people are the ones selling the propaganda that non-Christians are offended by Christian symbols in December. There is no evidence to this,” he said, reporting that about 96 percent of Americans do not object to Christmas displays or greetings.

He blamed Christmas disputes on “a very small percentage of mean-spirited people year after year.”

He suggested Catholics respond to the suppression of Christmas displays by filing lawsuits or showing up at town hall meetings and school board meetings when the displays become an issue.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • The Baltimore City Council has passed a measure requiring all crisis pregnancy centers to display signs stating they do not provide abortions or birth control referrals.
  • Rick Santorum continues to test the waters in the 2012 presidential pool.
  • Bill Donohue is mad at Chris Matthews ... and says Irish Catholics are rude.
  • The Eagle Forum wants everyone to thank Rep. Michelle Bachmann for being so awesome.
  • Finally, apropos of nothing: did you know that James Bopp's résumé is 38 pages long [PDF] and includes extracurricular activities from high school and college, the fact that he’s a longtime season ticket holder for Indiana University basketball, his birthday, and his marital status?

Right Wing Leftovers

  • I, for one, can't wait for Ken Hutcherson's follow-up column: "I think Christians are the new Negro – but that's an issue for a follow-up column."
  • CafePress has decided to remove all Psalms 109:8 designs for its website.
  • The full text of Rick Scarborough's remarks at the anti-hate crimes legislation rally has been posted on his website.
  • You want a fight? Bill Donohue will give you a fight
  • Finally, this, amazingly, is not a joke:

What Say You Now, Bill Donohue?

Last month, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League appeared on The 700 Club to promote his new book, "Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America."

During the interview, the question of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church came up when Robertson asked if "all these scandals in the Catholic Church [were] part of this secular agenda to undermine to undermine the moral fabric of the church."  Donohue replied that indeed they were [the section begins around the 3:45 mark]:

There's no question that within the Catholic Church you have a you a left element ... I regard them as termites sitting within, trying to eat away the fabric of the Catholic Church.  So they lie about it in the Catholic Church, they say "oh, we had a pedophilia problem." It's been a homosexual problem all along. It's not my opinion, it's the actual data from the John Jay Criminal Justice System College [sic] here in New York City which looked at the data. I'm not saying homosexuality causes predatory behavior; I'm saying that most of the priests who have been predators have been homosexuals.

What do you supposed Donohue has to say about this?

A preliminary report commissioned by the nation's Roman Catholic bishops to investigate the clergy sex abuse scandal has found no evidence that gay priests are more likely than heterosexual clergy to molest children, the lead authors of the study said Tuesday.

The full report by researchers at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice won't be completed until the end of next year. But the authors said their evidence to date found no data indicating that homosexuality was a predictor of abuse.

"What we are suggesting is that the idea of sexual identity be separated from the problem of sexual abuse," said Margaret Smith of John Jay College, in a speech to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. "At this point, we do not find a connection between homosexual identity and the increased likelihood of subsequent abuse from the data that we have right now."


The bishops commissioned the $2 million study as part of widespread reforms they enacted at the height of the abuse crisis. The scandal erupted in 2002 with the case of one predator priest in the Archdiocese of Boston, then spread to every U.S. diocese and beyond.

Almost 14,000 molestation claims have been filed against Catholic clergy since 1950, according to tallies the bishops have released in recent years. Abuse-related costs have reached at least $2.3 billion in the same period.

At the meeting Tuesday, Bishop Edward Braxton of the Diocese of Belleville, Ill., asked the researchers whether their study indicated that homosexuality should be considered when evaluating a candidate for the priesthood. In 2005, the Vatican issued a policy statement that men with "deep-seated" attraction to other men should be barred from the priesthood.

Smith said: "If that exclusion were based on the fact that that person would be more probable than any other candidate to abuse, we do not find that at this time."

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Pat Buchanan longs for the days when "Eisenhower's America [which] was a nation of 160 million with a Euro-Christian core and a culture all its own."
  • I am fascinated by how Carrie Prejean has managed to turn her egomania and victimization into a career.
  • Gary Bauer says nothing can stop President Obama from "making fundamental, unchangeable alterations in American society."
  • Newt Gingrich is no longer conservative about his religion.
  • Finally, Bill Donohue blasts President Obama for supposedly betraying Catholic Bishops. Apparently, Donohue thinks that even non-Catholics are obligated to do the Church's bidding.

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

Right Wing Leftovers

  • FRC has sent a letter to Senators warning them that the organization will be scoring the vote on David Hamilton's nomination to the 7th Circuit.
  • Bill Donohue says the "War on Christmas" has already begun: "The declared enemy of these cultural fascists is religious speech, and they will stop at nothing to censor it."
  • Phyllis Schlafly says the nominations of Chai Feldblum and Cass Sunstein proves that President Obama supports polygamy.
  • Ed Rollins, who ran Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign, owes more than $1.33 million in state and federal taxes.
  • Finally, Al Mohler: "The resurgence of paganism in our times is not the recovery of ancient traditions simply reasserted in a new age, but a selective New Age embrace of pagan symbols, themes, and practices in order to add "spirituality" to ideological movements such as feminism and the radical ecologists. The gynecological and pantheistic focus of ancient paganism is exactly what Judaism and Christianity rejected in full -- and the embrace of these ancient heresies is further evidence of the widespread rejection of Christianity."
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