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What Say You Now, Bill Donohue?

Last month, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League appeared on The 700 Club to promote his new book, "Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America."

During the interview, the question of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church came up when Robertson asked if "all these scandals in the Catholic Church [were] part of this secular agenda to undermine to undermine the moral fabric of the church."  Donohue replied that indeed they were [the section begins around the 3:45 mark]:

There's no question that within the Catholic Church you have a you a left element ... I regard them as termites sitting within, trying to eat away the fabric of the Catholic Church.  So they lie about it in the Catholic Church, they say "oh, we had a pedophilia problem." It's been a homosexual problem all along. It's not my opinion, it's the actual data from the John Jay Criminal Justice System College [sic] here in New York City which looked at the data. I'm not saying homosexuality causes predatory behavior; I'm saying that most of the priests who have been predators have been homosexuals.

What do you supposed Donohue has to say about this?

A preliminary report commissioned by the nation's Roman Catholic bishops to investigate the clergy sex abuse scandal has found no evidence that gay priests are more likely than heterosexual clergy to molest children, the lead authors of the study said Tuesday.

The full report by researchers at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice won't be completed until the end of next year. But the authors said their evidence to date found no data indicating that homosexuality was a predictor of abuse.

"What we are suggesting is that the idea of sexual identity be separated from the problem of sexual abuse," said Margaret Smith of John Jay College, in a speech to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. "At this point, we do not find a connection between homosexual identity and the increased likelihood of subsequent abuse from the data that we have right now."


The bishops commissioned the $2 million study as part of widespread reforms they enacted at the height of the abuse crisis. The scandal erupted in 2002 with the case of one predator priest in the Archdiocese of Boston, then spread to every U.S. diocese and beyond.

Almost 14,000 molestation claims have been filed against Catholic clergy since 1950, according to tallies the bishops have released in recent years. Abuse-related costs have reached at least $2.3 billion in the same period.

At the meeting Tuesday, Bishop Edward Braxton of the Diocese of Belleville, Ill., asked the researchers whether their study indicated that homosexuality should be considered when evaluating a candidate for the priesthood. In 2005, the Vatican issued a policy statement that men with "deep-seated" attraction to other men should be barred from the priesthood.

Smith said: "If that exclusion were based on the fact that that person would be more probable than any other candidate to abuse, we do not find that at this time."

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Pat Buchanan longs for the days when "Eisenhower's America [which] was a nation of 160 million with a Euro-Christian core and a culture all its own."
  • I am fascinated by how Carrie Prejean has managed to turn her egomania and victimization into a career.
  • Gary Bauer says nothing can stop President Obama from "making fundamental, unchangeable alterations in American society."
  • Newt Gingrich is no longer conservative about his religion.
  • Finally, Bill Donohue blasts President Obama for supposedly betraying Catholic Bishops. Apparently, Donohue thinks that even non-Catholics are obligated to do the Church's bidding.

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

Right Wing Leftovers

  • FRC has sent a letter to Senators warning them that the organization will be scoring the vote on David Hamilton's nomination to the 7th Circuit.
  • Bill Donohue says the "War on Christmas" has already begun: "The declared enemy of these cultural fascists is religious speech, and they will stop at nothing to censor it."
  • Phyllis Schlafly says the nominations of Chai Feldblum and Cass Sunstein proves that President Obama supports polygamy.
  • Ed Rollins, who ran Mike Huckabee's presidential campaign, owes more than $1.33 million in state and federal taxes.
  • Finally, Al Mohler: "The resurgence of paganism in our times is not the recovery of ancient traditions simply reasserted in a new age, but a selective New Age embrace of pagan symbols, themes, and practices in order to add "spirituality" to ideological movements such as feminism and the radical ecologists. The gynecological and pantheistic focus of ancient paganism is exactly what Judaism and Christianity rejected in full -- and the embrace of these ancient heresies is further evidence of the widespread rejection of Christianity."

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Dick Cheney will endorse Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign for Texas governor next month.
  • 7 in 10 people say Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President. What are those other 3 people thinking?
  • Bill Donohue does not like the phrase "opposite sex marriage." But then again, is there anything that Donohue does like?
  • Harry Jackson disputes the Washington Post's estimate of the crowd size at his "People's Rally," insisting that there were 2,000 people in attendance, rather than the 150 the Post estimated.
  • Finally, WorldNetDaily is now selling its Birther video for a mere $5, so stock up on gifts for the holiday season.

Right Wing Round-Up

What Do You Expect From Donohue and Robertson?

Honestly, is anyone surprised that a conservation between Pat Robertson and Bill Donohue discussing how "intellectually, morally, and spiritually bankrupt" liberals are trying to "tear down society" consists entirely of a five minute rant from Donohue declaring "we're not going to allow gay people to adopt children, that's against nature, it's against nature's god," saying that the Catholic Church's sex abuse scandal was due entirely to gays, and finally asserting that those who don't share his views are nothing but "termites" who are "no more Christian than the Man on the Moon":

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Janet Porter's "nuclear option" is really rather pathetic.
  • A resolution has been introduced in the House of Representatives to honor anti-abortion demonstrator Jim Pouillon, who was killed in Michigan earlier this month.
  • Sarah Palin's book will be entitled "Going Rogue" and is set to be released in mid-November.
  • Bill Donohue is not amused by International Blasphemy Day.
  • Finally, the Family Research Council released its anti-ENDA testimony, in which it claims that "homosexuality is [not] biologically determined" and "'transgender' people have a mental illness."

It's An Honor Just To Be Nominated

Catholic San Francisco reviews Bill Donohue's latest book, "Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America" and I have to say there is a sense of pride in finding out that we rank among the groups and people that he hates:

About saboteurs, for whom he uses “extremists,” “radicals” and “nihilists” as synonyms, Donohue writes, “The goal is not reform: it is an attempt to gut core beliefs and practices. And to a disturbing extent, the secularists have succeeded in turning things upside down and inside out.”

Among those he views as “the radical secular activists out to disable America” are the American Civil Liberties Union, Anti-Defamation League, People for the American Way, National Abortion Rights Defense League, Catholics for Choice and the Democratic Party. Lawyers and Hollywood are named, too. Regarding the latter, he uses films such as “Priest,” “Dogma,” “The Golden Compass” and “The Da Vinci Code,” and refers to the short-lived 1997 TV show “Nothing Sacred.” That chapter also includes an examination of the controversy that surrounded “The Passion of the Christ.”

Religious Right Demands Sanctions on Iran

Every once in a while, Religious Right leaders take a break from railing against abortion and gays and czars and death panels and whatever to weigh in on foreign policy issues, like back in 2007 when a group of them released a statement demanding that the US remain in Iraq, or last year when another group demanded a meeting with Barack Obama to discuss their ideas on how to defeat terrorism.

Now a similar group is back with a new letter demanding sanctions on Iran:

In a remarkable ecumenical and bipartisan display of unity, Christian leaders representing over 28 million evangelicals, Roman Catholics, and other Christians have sent a letter to Congress today and other key world leaders calling for urgent action to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. The letter urges a total arms embargo and a cut off of exports of refined petroleum products, including gasoline, as a firm yet peaceful measure against the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.


The leaders include Pat Robertson of Christian Broadcasting Network, Southern Baptist Convention chairman and pastor Johnny Hunt of First Baptist Church of Woodstock, Charles Colson of the Prison Fellowship Ministries, Richard Land of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, Tom Minnery of Focus on the Family, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, , Dr. Michael Youssef of Leading the Way, Dr. James Merritt of Cross Pointe Church, Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America, Gary Bauer of American Values, and Dr. John Hagee of the Conerstone Church in San Antonio.

I'm not sure what is so "bipartisan" about this, since just about every person who signed their name to this appears to be a right-wing activist.  

But there was one interesting revelation among the signatories: 

Manuel Miranda, President, The Iraq Society

Presumably, that is this Manuel Miranda.

So Miranda is not only an expert on judges and immigration, but also on Iraq now?  Who knew?

Right Wing Leftovers

  • I'd imagine that Penn and Tell might have some sort of objections to the Catholic League posting an entire episode of their Showtime program on their website.
  • In related news, Bill Donohue is hawking his latest book to the National Review.  The interview is every bit as insightful as you'd imagine.
  • Is Sarah Palin's upcoming speaking gig in Hong Kong an elaborate prank?
  • FRC says that fact that gays didn't rush to get married in Vermont proves that gays don't want to get married.
  • The Archdiocese of Washington wades into the effort to stop marriage equality in Washington, DC.
  • The Liberty Counsel is asking the Supreme Court to get involved in the organization's battle against the Florida Bar Association.
  • Finally, a Baptist pastor distances the church from the ravings of Steven L. Anderson.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • The Washington Post got its hands on Robert McDonnell's master's thesis from Regent University and TPM posts some of the highlights.
  • Alan Colmes: George Roeder has pleaded “not guilty” in the killing of abortion provider George Tiller, and has told the AP that the killing was justified to “save the lives of the unborn.”
  • Bill Berkowitz takes a look at the new right-wing supergroup, The Freedom Federation.
  • Bill Donohue warns that “militant, dogmatic” atheists are “out to get” Catholics and dismantle American society.
  • Finally, various pieces of NOM-related news: Justin McLachlan examines the organization's 2007 990 tax form; authorities in Iowa are questioning the group over potential violations of campaign finance laws; the organization is positively giddy over the Washington Post puff piece last week; and Jamison Foser adds several important details that were left out of that article.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Bill Donohue says Randall Terry’s threat not to pay taxes is a "recipe for anarchy."
  • Al Mohler is not impressed by Jimmy Carter's decision to sever his ties with the Southern Baptist Convention.
  • Focus on the Family really seems to be getting behind The Civility Project.
  • Oral Roberts University has signed an agreement with the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference that will position ORU as the exclusive educational strategic partner for the NHCLC.
  • The Alliance Defense Fund has filed suit against Wisconsin's Domestic Partnetship law, claiming it violates the marriage amendment passed in 2006.
  • You just can't win against WorldNetDaily: "The announcements of Barack Obama's birth printed by two Hawaii newspapers in 1961 do not provide solid proof of a birth in the Aloha State."
  • Finally, Jesse Lee Peterson weighs in on the arrest of Henry Louis Gates:
  • "Henry Gates and Al Sharpton are abusing police while black," said Rev. Peterson. "Their false allegations say to young blacks that they too can abuse police and cry racism. Gates was abusive and disorderly and the police dealt with him accordingly--where's the racism? This is a case of black males gone wild."


    Rev. Peterson said, "What's regrettable is that the city of Cambridge and the police have allowed themselves to be intimidated by a race hustler like Al 'The Riot King' Sharpton. The race card has once again been used to unjustly smear law enforcement and thwart justice. This is Tawana Brawley all over again!"

Hagee and Donohue Together At Last

As far back as 2007, Bill Donohue of the Catholic League had been calling John Hagee a "veteran bigot" for statements he had made about the Catholic Church, calling it, among other things ""The Great Whore," an "apostate church," the "anti-Christ," and a "false cult system."

When John McCain received Hagee's endorsement last year, Donohue was livid and demanded that McCain reject the endorsement, which McCain eventually did. But in the months in between, something odd happened: Hagee and Donohue became friends.

Hagee apologized to Donohue and Donohue was quite pleased with himself with how he had managed to make Hagee grovel:

It’s been going on for weeks. A lot of Catholic activist friends of mine and some evangelicals have been powwowing with [Hagee] in Washington. They asked me to meet with Hagee and I said no several times. I’m not interested in meeting with him until I get what I want, a public statement and apology that’s complete and speaks specifically to these black legends about Catholics-Jewish relations, and the Holocaust in particular. And once that’s accomplished, I’ll be glad to meet with him. Now that’s going to happen on Thursday.

Quite frankly, I didn’t think that I would get something this complete. What I did not want to get was this “If you’ve been offended, I’m sorry.” I wanted something more specific. There’s no substitute for personal interaction, when you have people sitting down with you and explaining how you’ve been hurtful. Now we can bury this hatchet. It’s rather dramatic….

What really got me offended was the idea of “I’m the purist Christian on the block” when he’s talking to Jews—“I’m not out there persecuting the Jews like all these Catholics.” I’m sure we’ve seen the last of that.

But once Donohue had been placated, the two became fast friends and alies.  And now Dan Gilgoff reports that Hagee is working closely with Donohue to expand the scope of his Christians United for Israel:

CUFI has recently stepped up outreach to Catholics. What precipitated that , and how is the effort going so far? What are your goals for that outreach?

Yes, we are reaching out to Catholics. These efforts started last year, during the presidential campaign, when Bill Donahue of the Catholic League claimed that I had slighted the Catholic Church while teaching from the Book of Revelation. He was mistaken on this point. But he and I handled this disagreement the way that Christians should. We met. We had fellowship. We learned from one another. A few months after the controversy, he came to our Washington, D.C., Summit as my guest. When I recognized him during my keynote address, he received a rousing ovation from our CUFI audience. I consider him a friend.

Bill and I decided that we should turn our personal reconciliation into a broader reconciliation. We decided to try to bring Catholics and Protestants together on behalf of Israel. Some of Israel's best friends and strongest defenders are devout Catholics. They should be a part of this movement.

Interestingly, Hagee insists that he and Donohue buried the hatchet after he explained that Donohue was "mistaken" about what he had said about the Catholic Church, whereas Donohue insisted that they did so after Hagee had abjectly apologized for his past statements. 

So which was it?  I'd like to know.

Not that I'll ever find out, mind you, because I am undoubtedly among those whom Hagee insists "believe some of the lies that were told about me during the campaign [who were] probably not my friends to begin with."

Bill Donohue Attempts to Distance the Hate Crimes Bill from...Hate Crimes

It is no surprise that Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League, is displeased with the Hate Crimes bill that is making its way through Congress. It's also no surprise that he labeled Eric Holder a "master of demagoguery" after the Attorney General supported the bill and cited the recent murders of Dr. George Tiller and Stephen Johns, the fallen Holocaust Museum security guard, to show the hatred that still exists in our society.

What's troubling is Donohue's attempt to sever the connection between the actions of Scott Roeder and James von Brunn and the radical, hateful beliefs that they held. He claims that Roeder wasn't propelled by an extreme anti-abortionist viewpoint and that von Brunn didn't storm the Holocaust Museum due to anti-Semitic views. Rather their actions were solely prompted by possible mental illnesses:

Roeder was never involved in any pro-life organization, and von Brunn is an old man who was as much anti-Christian as he was anti-Semitic. In other words, it is nothing if not demagogic for Holder to exploit these two recent tragedies—committed by madmen, not political activists.

Obviously, the facts directly counter Donahue's claim. Roeder had been in contact with Operation Rescue prior to Dr. Tiller's death and was arrested in 1996 for having the ingredients to make a bomb in the trunk of his car. He was a regular member of anti-abortion rallies in Kansas and a member of the Freeman, a radical anti-government group.

Von Brunn is an anti-Semitic white supremacist whose views were known by federal authorities. The day of the Holocaust Museum shooting, police found a note in his car which undeniably portrays von Brunn's ideals and motive:

"You want my weapons; this is how you'll get them," von Brunn wrote in a note he had signed, according to the arrest affidavit.

"The Holocaust is a lie," the note read. "Obama was created by Jews. Obama does what his Jew owners tell him to do. Jews captured America's money. Jews control the mass media."

Roeder is an anti-abortion fanatic who killed Dr. Tiller for a political purpose. Von Brunn is an anti-Semitic white supremacist who chose the Holocaust Museum for a reason. Therefore, it is baseless for Donahue to label Holder a "demagogue" for simply explaining the need for hate crimes legislation by logically citing two very timely examples of political hate crimes.

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Any bets on how long it'll be before Sen. John Cornyn apologizes to Rush Limbaugh?
  • The Thomas More Society is calling on Notre Dame to drop trespassing charges against two protesters arrested during events surrounding President Obama's speech while Alan Keyes court appearance stemming from his own arrests has been pushed back to June 3.
  • Focus on the Family actually has some praise for the White House after participating in a meeting on how to better serve the needs of kids in foster care.
  • Liberty University is going to be filing its own complaint against Americans United in response to AU's request that the IRS review Liberty's tax-exempt status.
  • If there is ever an opportunity for the Alliance Defense Fund to push its way into legal fights over marriage equality, you can rest assured that that is what it will do.
  • Are La Raza and The Federalist Society even remotely similar?
  • Bill Donohue says he's quietly rooting for Sotomayor, while William Gheen, president of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC, is not, judging by the fact that he is calling her a "Hispanic supremacist."

Bill Donohue: The Gay Divorcee

Today, the New York Times profiles the Catholic League's Bill Donohue and he is loving life right about now.  Donohue has seen a lot of "anti-Catholic," behavior in recent weeks which means he’s spent a lot of time talking to the media about how “outraged” he is ... and that is exactly how he likes it:

It has been a busy week for Mr. Donohue, a contentious and unofficial enforcer of Roman Catholic sensibilities who can grate on enemies and friends alike with his immense ability to be offended on behalf of his church.

In the 16 years since he took the reins of the Catholic League — an organization that claims to have 50,000 paying members nationwide but has no formal connection to the church and no spokesman except Mr. Donohue — he can recall few moments that have so thoroughly tapped his well of combativeness.

With the movie “Angels and Demons” opening on Friday, he has been issuing public broadsides and giving interviews on radio and television by the fistful, pounding at what he says are historical distortions about the church’s history in the book’s plot. “They even have a scene where rats eat a bunch of cardinals,” he said. “Can you imagine any other religion where this would not be viewed as rank religious bias?”

On Sunday, the University of Notre Dame is set to give an honorary degree to President Obama, a supporter of abortion rights, and Mr. Donohue has been vociferous in his criticism. “Not so much against Mr. Obama, but Father Jenkins for inviting him,” he said, referring to the university president, the Rev. John I. Jenkins. “Here is a Catholic priest, bestowing an honor on someone who supports selective infanticide.”

And Mr. Obama’s appointment of Harry Knox, a gay human-rights activist — “an anti-Catholic bigot who has called the pope a liar” — to the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships had Mr. Donohue in overdrive.

“This is fantastic,” said Mr. Donohue, 61, with a gap-toothed smile that he rarely shows on television. “I can’t get enough of it.”

Donohue describes himself as "the Marine forward unit of the church," seeking out the enemy and destroying them ... and by “enemy” he means anyone who says anything critical of Catholics, the Catholic Church, or the Catholic Faith, as determined entirely by him. As Donohue sees it, "if an offense is committed against the communal institution of Catholicism, it is an offense against every individual Catholic.”

But there is nothing that riles him up more than apostasy, especially from Catholics who support reproductive choice: “I hate them," he admits.

Which makes this little nugget all the more interesting:

Before taking up the cause, Mr. Donohue, a divorced father of two grown children who lives in Mineola, on Long Island, was a sociology professor at La Roche College, a Catholic college in Pittsburgh.

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Good As You smartly notes that at least some marriage equality opponents are now "coming out and admitting the truth: That rallies designed to keep gay folks from legally marrying are NOT 'protect marriage' rallies -- they are ANTI GAY RALLIES!"
  • A new Media Matters analysis finds that in the week following Justice David Souter's retirement announcement, significantly more Republican members of Congress, especially on Fox News, participated in daytime cable news discussions about or touching on the Supreme Court than did Democratic members of Congress and Obama administration officials.
  • Also via Media Matters, we have to wonder just what the deal is with Bill O'Reilly's obsession with "interspecies marriages."
  • Rob Boston tells Bill Donohue to calm down because "Angles and Demons" is only a movie.
  • Eric Boehlert chronicles how, since switching parties, Arlen Specter has been getting a taste of the GOP Noise Machine.
  • Finally, I have to say that I am rather surprised that the Illinois Family Institute actually issued a correction after Box Turtle Bulletin pointed out that they were wrong about the APA's definition of "sexual orientation."

Right Wing Round-Up

  • Our latest Right Wing Watch In Focus in now available, entitled "Right Wing Follows Deceptive Script On Supreme Court."
  • Media Matters catches Bill Donohue saying that Notre Dame giving President Obama an honorary degree "would be like Howard University giving David Duke a degree in racial politics."
  • Pam reports that the right-wing campaign against Pepsi continues.
  • Tips-Q reports that the Alliance Defense Fund is now claiming that Cleveland’s domestic partner registry is unconstitutional.
  • Steve Benen plainly explains what Judge Sonia Sotomayor meant when she said appeals courts are "where policy is made."
  • Via Think Progress, we get this clip of RNC Chair Michael Steele embarrassing himself once again.
  • Finally, the video we shot of Marion Barry at Harry Jackson's anti-marriage rally last week showed up on The Daily Show:

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