Alan Keyes

Alan Keyes Just Like Jesus

So claims a Keyes supporter .. or something: "When I talk to people of like mind who I think would be supportive of the presidential aspirations of Alan Keyes, their invariable response is 'I'm familiar with Alan Keyes, I agree with everything he says. But, he can't win.' In response to these objections, Dr. Keyes asks the question, 'Who would you have voted for on the day of our Lord's crucifixion: Jesus or Barabbas?' Barabbas was the favorite, since he had the approval of the most influential portion of the population. But, which person has received the approval of history and, most importantly, which one had the approval of God?"

Keyes In It to Win It

Alan Keyes is blaming "communist style of politics" for his lackluster campaign, but says his strategy "is based on support at the grass roots. I'm running to win."

If a Keyes Falls in the Woods …

Now that Tommy Thompson, Duncan Hunter, Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo, Jim Gilmore, and even Fred Thompson have all dropped out of the race for the Republican presidential nomination, it is good to see that there are some candidates who have no chance of winning but still refuse to let reality get in the way of their personal vanity and desire to seem relevant … and no, we are not talking about Ron Paul, but rather Alan Keyes.

You would be forgiven for not knowing that Keyes is even running, but indeed he is, even though he can’t get into the GOP debates, has no money, and nobody is counting his votes. But to his credit, Keyes remains undaunted by such obstacles and is currently positioning himself for a major breakthrough:

On Tuesday, presidential candidate Alan Keyes began a six-week grassroots tour of Texas, originally his home state. Keyes is a 1968 graduate of Cole High School in San Antonio.

Although Keyes will make excursions outside Texas as needed, and will continue his nationwide radio blitz to counter the media's virtual blackout of his campaign, he plans to camp out in Texas until its primary on March 4. As most pundits agree, if Super Tuesday fails to produce a "presumptive" Republican nominee, Texas becomes all the more important as the last big prize of the primaries.

For all intents and purposes, the headquarters of the Keyes campaign has moved to Texas.

“For all intents and purposes,” the Keyes campaign appears to be a sham, with the majority of its expenditures going to “contribution refunds” which dwarf the $10,000 that has gone to a consulting firm linked to Keyes’ Declaration Foundation and Renew America organizations.  

At this point, Keyes’ only hope of securing the GOP presidential nomination is if every major Republican politician in the nation gets embroiled in a sex scandal, reducing the party to desperately seeking a D-list nobody to serve as a sacrificial lamb – a position for which Keyes is perfectly qualified.

Keyes Gets Some Love

Overcoming past slights, Alan Keyes will be participating in the the upcoming The Des Moines Register Presidential Debate: "Confirmed candidates for the Republican debate on Wednesday, December 12 are: Ambassador Alan Keyes; former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani; former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee; Rep. Duncan Hunter; Arizona Sen. John McCain; Texas Rep. Ron Paul; former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney; Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo; and former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson."

"A Gathering of Eagles"

Pass the Salt Ministries (yes, you read that right) has big news for right-wing activists in Ohio -  a bevy of second and third-tier Religious Right leaders will be gracing their fair state later this month for "A Gathering of Eagles":  

"A Gathering of Eagles" is taking place in Coshocton, Ohio on December 14-15 as some of America's finest Christian leaders are gathering for a Leadership Summit and Biblical Worldview Conference. Dr. Alan Keyes is confirmed as the keyniote [sic] speaker and will be joined by the likes of Rev. Flip Benham, Chaplain E. Ray Moore Jr. , Rev. Rick Scarborough, Peter Labarbera, and Pastor Ernie Sanders and others. This NON-POLITICAL event is designed to educate Christians about the great moral issues facing this country. Learn the truth from the front lines in the cultural war regarding issues such as The Gay Agenda, Abortion, Individual Liberty, Hate Crime Legislation, and the religion of Secular Humanism.

This doesn’t really sound like a “non-political” event at all.  In fact, it sounds likes a distinctly political event designed to rally right-wing voters heading into the Republican primaries and general election.  After all, Rick Scarborough has endorsed Mike Huckabee and is currently in the midst of an “all out effort to move Values Voters to vote their values on Election Day '08” while Alan Keyes is currently running for President (though you’d be forgiven for not knowing that.)

As for Pass the Salt, it is the brainchild of Dave Daubenmire:  

[A] veteran 25 year high school football coach, [Daubenmire] was spurred to action when attacked and eventually sued by the ACLU in the late 1990’s for alledgedly [sic] mixing prayer with his coaching. After a two year battle for his 1st Amendment rights and a determination to not back down, the ACLU relented and offered coach an out of court settlement. God honored his stand and the ACLU backed off. Coach’s courageous stand, an inspiration to Americans everywhere, demonstrated that the ACLU can be defeated. As a result of the experience, Coach heard the call to move out of coaching a high school team, to the job of coaching God’s team.

Of course, the claim that ACLU “relented and offered coach an out of court settlement” is accurate only if you ignore the fact that Daubenmire was ordered to stop leading religious activities at school and the school board agreed to pay an estimated $18,000 settlement.

Breaking News: Keyes Wasn't Invited to This Debate, Either

When Alan Keyes announced his latest quixotic campaign, someone might have thought he hit the ground running: He was featured just three days later at the Values Voter Debate alongside real, live presidential candidates. Granted, he may have benefited from the fact that the four Republican front runners all skipped that event, and in the end, he didn’t make too much of an impression, but none the less, it’s nice to be wanted. And he also scored a spot at Tavis Smiley’s black-oriented forum on PBS (although again, the four leading candidates skipped that debate).

But alas, “the Big Mo” would elude Keyes. He was left out of the GOP debate in Michigan; blaming NBC, Keyes called it a “sham.” (On the other hand, it did have those four candidates…) He was also left out of the next debate in Orlando. Worst of all, he wasn’t even invited to speak at the Family Research Council Values Voter Summit.

So at this point, it’s not too surprising that Keyes would be left out of last night’s CNN/YouTube Republican debate. Nevertheless, Keyes campaign chief Stephen Stone (who moonlights as a pro-Keyes editor of Keyes’s RenewAmerica website) is outraged. Stone, in a angry—and long-winded—e-mail exchange with CNN, threatens legal action and insinuates foul play:

How do CNN and YouTube intend to dispel the obvious appearance that their exclusion of Ambassador Keyes from the debate does in fact amount to an attempt to damage the Keyes campaign? In other words, explain why the behavior of CNN and YouTube is not intentionally self-fulfilling — since it presumes in advance that the Keyes campaign lacks viability, and then proceeds to ensure such lack of viability by excluding Dr. Keyes from the nation's consciousness — even though he is the most eloquent and persuasive Republican candidate in the race, a candidate who in 2000 was widely credited with winning the Republican presidential debates and came in third in the primaries, and whose candidacy, therefore, cannot objectively be considered less than viable.

"A Year of Demonstrations and Civil Disobedience"

That is what can be expected coming out of Operation Rescue's 20th Anniversary Convention where Alan Keyes will be the keynote speaker: "This event is the kickoff of a year of demonstrations and civil disobedience designed to put abortion on the front page of this election year's political debate. Our mission is to train and mobilize the next generation of pro-life activists and leaders who bring legalized child-killing to an end."

God Opens a Window

When Alan Keyes decided to run for President, it apparently threw Vision America's "70 Weeks to Save America" Crusade into disarray, but they are now back on their feet: "We are continuing to do the church events, but we are augmenting the local church events with eight major One Day Capitol Steps Crusades, in which we will stand on the steps of various state Capitols and launch state-wide Values Voters registration drives, followed by an all out effort to move Values Voters to vote their values on Election Day '08."

He Ain't Fringy, He's My Brother

No doubt there were a handful of people scattered among the audience at the Values Voter Summit who supported Alan Keyes for president, or were at least aware that he is a candidate, so it must have ruffled one or two feathers when the M.C. boasted several times that “all 9 major Republican candidates” were speaking. Third-time GOP presidential candidate Keyes, who has appeared at two debates which the frontrunners skipped, was not invited.

Most of Keyes’s erstwhile friends have been silent, but one man has spoken out: Gordon Klingenschmitt, a.k.a. “Chaps,” the discharged Navy chaplain who has gone on tour with Keyes on Rick Scarborough’s “70 Weeks to Save America,” claiming that he was prohibited him from praying in the name of Jesus (though in reality he was discharged for violating rules against wearing his uniform at political or partisan events). “Some of you know I've endorsed Ambassador Alan Keyes for president, because I believe he's the most Christ-like candidate we have in the Republican primary,” Klingenschmitt writes.

Alan bears the political scars to prove his deep commitment to the cause of righteousness and freedom in America. Nobody can dispute his decades-long sacrifice of personal fortune and reputation to fight tirelessly beside pro-life protestors, pro-marriage families, Minutemen border guards, Ten-Commandments judges, tax-cut conservatives, strict Constitutionalists and, yes, chaplains who pray in Jesus' name.

So why did the Family Research Council, or FRC, intentionally exclude Alan Keyes from their "open invitation to all candidates, even Democrats" event this weekend in Washington, D.C.? While giving the prime-time speaking slot to Mitt Romney, FRC not only excluded Alan Keyes from the speaker's podium, even after repeated requests to include him, they didn't even list him as a choice in their straw poll. …

Was Alan's schedule already booked? No, he flew across the country from California to Washington ready to speak at FRC anytime this weekend.

FRC's Perkins Suggests Romney Better Than Huckabee on Religious-Right Issues

In a press call this morning, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins downplayed recent talk about religious-right leaders threatening to bolt the GOP for a third-party presidential candidate. Perkins, promoting FRC’s Values Voter Summit in Washington next weekend, said he was “optimistic” that the GOP field would “solidify” and a candidate acceptable to the Right would emerge out of the conference’s straw poll.

Rudy Giuliani’s decision to participate in the FRC event threatens to deflate this optimism, however. If Giuliani gets significant support from among the FRC members participating in the straw poll—as he has from among the national constituency these leaders claims to represent—then the threats by James Dobson and others to spoil the election could fall flat. “I’m not saying he won’t get some social conservative support,” cautioned Perkins, “but some social conservative support is not enough to win.” Despite Perkins’ claim that Giuliani will receive a “cordial” reception, we can expect many speakers—not just other candidates—to directly or indirectly attack, in Perkins’ phrase, “the pro-abortion rights candidate.”

And while some right-wing activists are hoping that the Religious Right will coalesce around one of their second-tier favorites—such as Mike Huckabee—Perkins seemed to downplay that option, panning them as unacceptable to economic- and foreign policy-oriented Republicans. In fact, Perkins spoke glowingly of Mitt Romney, saying that “in my opinion, [he’s] the strongest on these core social issues”—and not only that, but his “conversion” on wedge issues has been “genuine.” In fact, Perkins said Romney is stronger than Huckabee and the others on such issues.

During the campaign cycle, he has made these issues more front-and-center in his message than I think other candidates who are social conservatives have, I mean that have a track record of social conservatism. I think he has staked out ground on these issues so much so that he would have a very difficult time ever backing away from them; he would lose all credibility. He has really brought emphasis to these issues. And I do think, yes, more than Mike Huckabee and some of the others.

Meanwhile, Alan Keyes can’t get no respect. Despite his wide-open schedule, he’s not on the list of speakers at the Values Voter Summit; nevertheless, FRC’s Charmaine Yoest declared that “we have all of the major GOP candidates.”

Weyrich Bemoans GOP Candidates Skipping Black Debate

"So we had an evening of second-tier candidates, plus Alan Keyes, entertaining us. I don’t recall how many times Alan Keyes has run for President but I nearly have memorized his speeches."

Alan Keyes Needs a Miracle 

As Alan Keyes’ quixotic vanity presidential campaign moves forward, he’s busy making the rounds at the requisite right-wing venues:

Presidential candidate Alan Keyes spoke before a crowd of students at Liberty University’s Vines Center Monday morning, saying that true victory is only found through faith in God.

Keyes, who announced his candidacy Sept. 14, said Monday he lives his life based on Christian morals, and those who believe must also persevere.

“The truth is not just about what we believe,” he said. “It’s very much about how we live and what we do.”

But no amount of speaking engagements or debate appearances is going to help him overcome this basic obstacle:

The Michigan presidential primary is set for January 15, 2008. The law requires the state Democratic and Republican Parties (the only parties entitled to a presidential primary in Michigan) to submit a list of presidential candidates by September 11, 2007.

Alan Keyes declared for the Republican nomination on September 17, 2007, too late to be included on the Republican Party’s list. Therefore, if he wants to be on the ballot, he must submit 11,569 signatures by October 23, 2007. Any registered voter can sign. The formula is one-half of 1% of the Republican presidential vote in November 2004.

Considering that, to date, only 25 people from Michigan have pledged to support Keyes’ campaign, it is unlikely that he’s going to be able to get the 11,000+ signatures necessary in less than a month.  But who knows - maybe his campaign will be able to convince the Michigan Secretary of State that his handful of committed supporters really are "worth hundreds, if not thousands, of just nominal supporters.” 

The People Have Spoken

In a move that comes as a surprise to absolutely nobody, Alan Keyes has decided that that nation needs him and so he has decided to throw his hat into the ring and seek the Republican Presidential nomination for a third time:

Alan Keyes filed a Statement of Candidacy (Form 2) with the Federal Election Commission--thus officially announcing as a Republican candidate for President of the United States.

Keyes told Janet Parshall, host of a nationally syndicated radio show, that he's "unmoved" by the lack of moral courage shown by the other candidates, among whom he sees no standout who articulates the "key kernel of truth that must, with courage, be presented to our people."

As a result, Keyes said, "We're putting together an effort that's not going to be like anything before, because it's going to be entirely based on citizen action. We're going to be challenging people to take a pledge for America's revival," and elevate them from spectators in the political arena to participants.

The idea that Keyes’ campaign is going to be “entirely based on citizen action” is pretty far-fetched considering that, last time we checked, the petition urging him to run had only garnered 1700 signatures over the course of three months.  Add to that the basic fact that Keyes was behind the entire “draft Alan Keyes” movement from the start and it becomes pretty clear that he is less concerned about the “lack of moral courage” of the other candidates than with his own search for the spotlight.  

But Keyes is in and will undoubtedly put on quite a show when he joins the various other second-tier candidates at tonight’s “Values Voter Presidential Debate,” where he will probably get a warm welcome, seeing as he was one of the founders of the very organization that is sponsoring it.  

Alan Keyes Readying Run for President?

It has now been three months since the launch of the Alan Keyes-backed “We Need Alan Keyes For President” movement and the organization’s petition urging him to run has garnered a mere 1700 signatures  - but that seems to be enough to convince Keyes that he is needed in the GOP primary:

Several Republican presidential hopefuls have committed to be in the Mountain State for the West Virginia Republican Presidential Convention.

A spokesman for the West Virginia GOP says 10 candidates have registered for their February convention.

Among those attending will be Sam Brownback, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, Alan Keyes, John McCain, Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Gene Zarwell.  

More interestingly, it appears as if Keyes might also be participating in the upcoming “Values Voter Presidential Debate” September 17th in Florida.  According to the latest press release: “Seven Republican candidates have confirmed their attendance, but hundreds of encouraging calls are being made to the few remaining unconfirmed candidates.”

Those “remaining unconfirmed candidates” just happen to be the top four Republican hopefuls, each one of which has declared that they won’t be attending:

The festivities, however, look likely to go off without a marquee name. Queried yesterday by The New York Sun, the McCain campaign cited a scheduling conflict. "We are not attending," a spokeswoman for Mr. McCain, Brooke Buchanan, replied by e-mail. "It's the last day of the No Surrender tour — we will be in South Carolina."

Likewise, the Romney campaign's Florida spokeswoman, Gail Gitcho, told the Sun that the former Massachusetts governor had "declined due to a scheduling conflict."

Mr. Thompson's press office also is citing "another event on his calendar that day."

The Giuliani camp didn't even bother with the scheduling-conflict ruse, providing the Sun with the text of a letter the former mayor's campaign manager, Michael DuHaime, sent to the debate's organizers on Friday. "Thank you for your kind invitation for Mayor Giuliani to attend a presidential debate hosted by Values Voters," Mr. DuHaime wrote. "Unfortunately Mayor Giuliani will be unable to accept your invitation."

A WorldNetDaily article announcing that WND’s own Joseph Farah will be moderating the event, lists only six confirmed participants: Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback, Ron Paul and John Cox.  But since the Values Voter press release says that seven have agreed to participate, could Keyes be that final “candidate?” It is entirely possible, considering that an earlier version of the very same WorldNetDaily article listed Keyes as participating, as does the most recent Rick Scarborough Report.

Perhaps Keyes should hurry up and decide if he is indeed running because a presidential campaign would almost surely raise some concerns about his continuing participation in Vision America’s supposedly non-partisan70 Weeks to Save AmericaCrusade, not to mention concerns about the fairness of the Values Voter debate considering that Keyes was one of the founders of the very organization that is sponsoring it..  

Two Booths for Keyes

As if it wasn’t enough to have Newt Gingrich lurking around next weekend’s Republican straw poll in Ames, Iowa, look out for Alan Keyes trying to crash the party.

When we last checked in with the “We Need Alan Keyes for President” campaign, its organizers were soliciting donations to set up a booth at the Ames event. Now, the group reports, its plans are “coming together remarkably well,” and indeed, supporters of the far-right activist and occasional candidate will have not one, but two booths. Unlike Gingrich, Keyes won’t be making a personal appearance – but he will be present in spirit by way of “continuous videos.”

“We Need Alan Keyes” Gears Up for Iowa

Since the unveiling of the Alan Keyes-backed “We Need Alan Keyes for President” movement back in early June, the effort hasn’t made much progress, with only 1100 or so people signing the petition urging him to run.  At this rate, it’ll take Keyes nearly 4700 years to generate enough support to match the 62 million votes President Bush garnered in 2004. 

But all hope is not lost for the Draft Alan Keyes movement, as they have a secret strategy to make a strong showing in the upcoming Iowa Straw Poll – not by winning it mind you, because Keyes can’t participate since he’s not a candidate.   

But they have a plan:

[The] straw poll [is] a unique opportunity to get literature into the hands of a large number of the state's voters, many of whom are already very supportive of the possibility of a Keyes candidacy (since Alan got 14 percent in the 2000 Iowa Caucus and is still remembered fondly by grassroots Iowans, we keep hearing from reliable sources).

To distribute literature, we're required to reserve a table — so we're lining one up in the best location still available. We'll use our table as a base of operations for our volunteers.

Thus, they are asking for volunteers and, more importantly, donations so they can print up fliers to hand out and maybe even t-shirts, all of which will “boost our national movement and possibly give Alan the kind of support he needs to announce his candidacy:” 

Besides funds for the Iowa Straw Poll, we need seed money to get our movement fully off the ground. All of us are volunteering our time and effort — but like any political movement or campaign, we have a significant list of things we'd like to utilize in order to be effective. This includes high-tech servers for our website; state-of-the-art computer programming; professional guidance with FEC rules compliance; improved press release capability; means for advertising, mailings, literature, and travel expenses; supplies of bumper stickers, T-shirts, DVD's, and other gear — and everything else normally used by a political movement or campaign.

Of course, as we noted last time, the donation page carries a disclaimer explaining that if Keyes decides not to run, all the money raised gets handed over to an organization deemed “consistent with the vision and Declarationist ideals of Alan Keyes” by the organizers of the effort – both of whom happen to work for Keyes’ own RenewAmerica organization. 

All in all, a very novel fundraising scheme. 

But that it not to say there is nothing in it for those who agree to volunteer at the Iowa Straw Poll:

The GOP candidates will have tents for giving out free food, so there should be plenty to eat.

Alan Keyes Backs “Draft Alan Keyes” Movement

Try and follow this if you can:

An organization calling itself "We Need Alan Keyes for President" has launched a website to press the former Reagan administration diplomat to enter the field of Republican presidential contenders.

According to a statement at the website -- -- the organization's purpose is to "determine and rally support for a presidential candidacy by Dr. Keyes."

The statement adds, "We Need Alan Keyes for President, Inc., is a political action committee . . . not managed by Alan Keyes."

The effort is spearheaded by several individuals at RenewAmerica, a grassroots organization affiliated with Keyes.

Stephen Stone, president of RenewAmerica, said, "At this point, Alan has not indicated that he will run.  In fact, he has said that he would run only if enough people at the grassroots come forward to say they want him to run.  Our job is to give them a chance to do so."

Added RenewAmerica's legal counsel Steven Voigt, chief of staff to the draft Keyes movement:  "Alan believes that the American people, themselves, are the key to restoring the values that are essential to the future of our nation.  He has therefore stressed that it's ultimately up to grassroots Americans to decide who they want in the arena.  If enough moral conservatives want him, he's indicated he will run."

So the president and legal counsel of RenewAmerica - an organization that just so happens to have Alan Keyes as its chairman - have spontaneously decided to launch a draft Alan Keyes movement? 

Keyes has apparently told Stone and Voigt that he’ll only run if “enough people at the grassroots come forward to say they want him to run” and so they have set out to generate such support via the website – a website that just so happens to be registered to Alan Keyes Enterprises:

            Alan Keyes Enterprises, Inc
            c/o Network Solutions
            P.O. Box 447
            Herndon, VA 20172-0447 was initially the site for his radio show. It then became a site for his 2000 presidential bid, and then went on to become a redirect to the RenewAmerica site, before becoming Alan Keyes Weblog, and then evolving into We Need Alan Keyes for President.

It should also be noted that the bio of Keyes on the draft Keyes website is nearly word-for-word identical to the bio of Keyes that is posted on the RenewAmerica website.  And those inclined to donate to this new effort should probably be aware that their money will, in all likelihood, end up in Keyes' hands one way or another:

Your donation will be used by We Need Alan Keyes for President, Inc., to advance a potential candidacy by Alan Keyes for President of the United States. If Alan does enter the race, your donation will thereafter be used to advance his campaign. Should Alan decide not to enter the race, your donation will be used to support one or more organizations that are consistent with the vision and Declarationist ideals of Alan Keyes, as selected by the principals of We Need Alan Keyes for President, Inc. By donating, you understand and consent to the use of your contribution for such an alternative purpose, should Alan choose not to enter the race.

Considering that the two principle figures in We Need Alan Keyes for President are both employed by Keyes’ RenewAmerica, it doesn’t require much imagination to figure out just what organization “consistent with the vision and Declarationist ideals of Alan Keyes” they plan on funneling the donations to, should Keyes not run.

Since We Need Alan Keyes for President is not in any way being “managed by Alan Keyes,” it sure was generous of Keyes to allow the president and legal counsel of his organization to take time out of their schedules to try and gin up support for his own presidential campaign.  And it was even more generous of him to hand over his website to help them in their effort.  

Scarborough Takes on 'the Left' with 'Non-Partisan' Church Tour through Election Day

Vision America head Rick Scarborough, a Texas religious-right activist and pioneering organizer of politically-oriented “patriot pastors,” is continuing to plan out his 2007-2008 campaign, “Seventy Weeks to Renew America.” In recent years, the “patriot pastor” model has been closely tied to partisan electoral efforts, most notably Ken Blackwell’s bid for governor of Ohio in 2006; Scarborough’s effort that year in Missouri was at least nominally limited to opposing a referendum on stem-cell research, although Republican Sen. Jim Talent was no doubt aided by Vision America’s church events. (The amendment passed and Talent lost.)

But this far before November, 2008, there’s neither a clear issue at stake nor a presumptive candidate for Scarborough to support, making his “major effort to enlist 100,000 Values Voters, 10,000 key leaders, 5,000 Patriot Pastors and 5,000 women - who will pray for national renewal and who will vote their Christian values on election day 2008” a seem somewhat nebulous. Nevertheless, a “Patriot Pastor”-driven political machine as Scarborough hopes to build would be nothing to sneeze at, no matter who wins the Republican presidential nomination.

Vision America’s PR firm has uploaded this video segment to GodTube, in which Scarborough offers a preview to church audiences of his “One Day Crusade to Save America.” Appearing with Scarborough will be Gordon Klingenschmitt, the former Navy chaplain who declared himself a martyr cut down by the military policy of non-sectarian prayer at certain types of events, and former presidential and senate candidate Alan Keyes (who is pictured arguing that the Constitution forbids Congress from preventing the establishment of religion). “You’re the greatest fear of the left: a church united and mobilized,” shouts Scarborough.

Also available from Vision America are a sample program and press release:

___________________________ (church) will serve as the local host church for the national ONE DAY CRUSADE TO SAVE AMERICA rally led by Dr. Rick Scarborough of Vision America located in Texas. The rally will be held _________________ ( date) at _________ (time).

The mission of the rally is to motivate and train Christian men and women to enter the public square and articulate their Christian faith, to vote their values, and to be salt and light in their communities. The rally is non-partisan in nature and purpose.

Alan Keyes Decries Supreme Court Upholding 'Partial Birth Abortion Ban'

An “abominable affirmation” of Roe and Casey decisions.

The Unsatisfied Right

It has been well-documented that the GOP’s right-wing base has been less than impressed with the crop of candidates seeking the party’s presidential nomination. 

While some of the candidates have garnered support from a few right-wing leaders of varying status here and there, the recent controversy regarding General Peter Pace’s statement that homosexuality is immoral offers a telling example of the dilemma the GOP frontrunners are facing in trying to secure the Right’s support.  

Following Pace’s statement, right-wing organizations unleashed full-throated defenses and accolades for Pace, yet the Republican nominees, with the notable exception of Sen. Sam Brownback, universally declined to come to his defense. 

And that has not gone unnoticed by Vision America’s Rick Scarborough:

Senator John McCain declined to express an opinion, other than to say that the don’t-ask-don’t-tell policy is working. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who claims to be a convert to the pro-family cause, said Pace should “show more of an outpouring of tolerance.” It has nothing to do with tolerance, but our government officially condoning evil.

The general response to Pace’s comments is the latest sign of this nation’s ongoing moral decline. Even a decade ago, it would have been unthinkable for a presidential candidate to openly contradict the Bible, by declaring an act condemned therein “not immoral.”

America is sadly in need of renewal. Pray that there’s at least one candidate on the 2008 ballot who unabashedly embraces and represents Biblical values.

Scarborough’s anger over this might be cause for concern among those seeking the GOP nomination, especially since, as we noted last month, Scarborough and Alan Keyes are gearing up to launch a “Seventy Weeks to Renew America” project which seeks to “enlist 100,000 Values Voters … who will pray for national renewal and who will vote their Christian values on election day 2008.”  As Scarborough stated in his previous update:  

On March 19 I will convene a meeting with several key pastors from across the nation to discuss and pray for this national project.

That meeting must have been a rousing success, because the number of voters they are looking to mobilize has now doubled:

On July 4 of this year Vision America will embark on its biggest challenge to date, in an effort to move 200,000 Christians to vote their values in elections all across the nation. I believe that Christians need to be reminded that it is a sin not to vote, and that the absence of a clear moral leader at the top of the ticket is not an excuse to withdraw. Far too many Christians look at the magnitude of the problems in America and shrink back, thinking that there is nothing that can be done. We will be reminding Christians through our campaign - which we are calling "Seventy Weeks to Save the Nation" - that our duty is not to be pawns of a political party, but to be faithful to the Lord Jesus. We are working now to enlist 70 churches to host a "One Day Crusade to Save America" in their church.

Scarborough and company are apparently so pessimistic about their chances of getting a “clear moral leader at the top of the ticket” that they have all but given up and intend to simply “concentrate on local issues where our efforts can make an immediate and measurable impact.” 

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Conservative leaders are continuing to rally opposition to a proposed plan to end the national ban on gay members in the Boy Scouts of America with warnings about pedophilia and “indoctrination.” Family Research Council vice president Rob Schwarzwalder told Janet Mefferd yesterday that fathers cannot trust their sons to be around gay people. Mefferd called gay rights advocates “totalitarian” for opposing the ban and lamented that the “violins are playing full blast” in the media when they cover stories about gay youths kicked out of the Boy Scouts. Mat... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Friday 08/24/2012, 3:30pm
Religious Right activists seem to be keen on outdoing each other with their over-the-top defenses of Todd Akin and his comments on “legitimate rape.” The latest comes from Alan Keyes, who in his latest column “What really drives the GOP's anti-Akin lynch mob?” warns that the “elitist mobocracy” was just “waiting for an excuse to hang Todd Akin from the yardarm.” Given what Todd Akin went on to say, this is quite clearly the meaning he had in mine, since he was specifically referring to the violent trauma involved in "forcible sexual... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Friday 11/18/2011, 12:10pm
Alan Keyes today blamed increasing acceptance of homosexuality for the potential cover-up of child abuse at Penn State University. Writing for WorldNetDaily, whose editor Joseph Farah already blamed gay rights for the scandal, Keyes said that acceptance of homosexuality may have been the reason that claims of child molestation and rumors floated by sportswriter Mark Madden of child prostitution were not reported to the police. Keyes suggests that the “almost religious promotion of homosexuality” created a culture of “political correctness” that prevented people from... MORE >
Brian Tashman, Thursday 08/18/2011, 11:37am
A secretive ‘Super PAC’ tied to an Ohio political operative is planning to aid congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign after working to defeat South Carolina congressman John Spratt in the last midterm election. Chris Cillizza writes that “Citizens for a Working America, as the group is known, will be chaired by former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. Ed Brookover, a longtime political consultant and adviser to Bachmann, will be involved as will conservative lawyer and economist Marc Nuttle.” Ken Blackwell’s ties to the Religious Right... MORE >
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 08/12/2011, 5:02pm
Alan Keyes is not impressed with Rick Perry and doesn't seem to think he is a very sincere Christian. But Keyes is an anomaly, as lots of other Religious Right leaders really love Perry. S&P makes clear that it was the fact that a minority of "people in political arena [that] were even talking about a potential default" that led to the downgrade.  Can you guess who they are talking about? James Robison is still worked up about living in a "secular theocracy." Finally, Gary Cass explains that it is okay to outlaw drugs and prostitution... MORE >