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More Trouble with Minuteman Finances: Keyes Group Overseeing Vigilantes Suspended

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has been under scrutiny from The Washington Times and others recently for its finances – for example, the largest portion of its 2005 budget went to unspecified “professional services.” Times reporter Jerry Seper has written in the past about the close association of the Minutemen with a variety of consulting groups associated with Alan Keyes, who is also the head of the Declaration Alliance. The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps bills itself as “a project of” the Declaration Alliance, and MCDC president Chris Simcox has defended the ties as adding credibility to his group.

Now Seper reports in The Times that the Declaration Alliance and its associated Declaration Foundation are having their own credibility problems:

The Declaration Foundation … was fined $6,500 in August and prohibited by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations from soliciting donations until it becomes "properly registered."  The Aug. 18 "agreement and order," signed by Declaration Foundation Executive Director Mary Parker Lewis, a top Minuteman adviser, acknowledged that the charity made false statements in seeking to solicit donations, failed to properly administer money it had collected, and withheld documents sought as part of an "investigative subpoena."

According to the bureau, the Declaration Foundation failed over a four-year period to submit audited financial statements, gave false information when it said it did not share revenue with other nonprofit or tax-exempt groups, and misstated the truth when it said none of its officers or employees was tied to any vendor providing services or goods.

The bureau said the Declaration Foundation improperly shared revenue with the Declaration Alliance, another tax-exempt charity founded by Mr. Keyes, which also has been active in overseeing the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC).

As more questions are raised about the financial management of the border vigilante group, it seemed telling that yesterday the Minutemen announced the creation of a new project – Minuteman attorneys:

[United States Justice Foundation] and MCDC have set up a joint project called the Minuteman Protection Program (MPP) to provide legal assistance to Minuteman members and insist on the enforcement of state, local, and federal laws relating to the illegal immigration issue.

"If you are an attorney, or if you know an attorney, wishing to help in these issues, please contact, or have them contact, us," the e-mail appeal says.

Alan Keyes speaking at Minuteman rally

Keyes: Abortion, Gay Marriage Same Issue

Texas “Patriot Pastors” organizer Rick Scarborough has been holding rallies across Missouri this summer, featuring Alan Keyes, to build opposition to the state’s upcoming vote on stem cell research. At the recent “Values Voter Summit” in Washington, D.C., Scarborough said that Missouri wasn’t the only state he was worried about: if voters in Missouri approve stem cell research, and voters in South Dakota reject a total ban on abortion, then “we may have stepped over the line with” God.

So Scarborough and Keyes are taking their act on the road again, with a series of rallies across South Dakota this week. They also feature Laurence White, a Houston pastor who founded the Texas Restoration Project. In Rapid City on Monday, speakers railed against both abortion and same-sex marriage, although only the former is on the ballot. According to Keyes, the former presidential and senatorial candidate, the two defining issues of the modern Religious Right are inseparable because they are “one and the same issue.” “Abortion does at the physical level what homosexual marriage does at the institutional level,” he explained.

And yesterday, Scarborough told a crowd in Aberdeen that the referendum is “both a promised blessing” as well as “a certain assurance of a curse” – if voters do not approve the ban. White said that approval of the ban would augur “the beginning of a new awakening in America.”

'Patriot Pastors,' Keyes Rally for South Dakota Abortion Ban

Texas “Patriot Pastor” organizers Rick Scarborough and Laurence White will join Alan Keyes in three-day campaign; Scarborough has warned unsuccessful ban may “step over the line” with God.

Anti-Stem Cell Rally in Missouri Revisits Clones, Slaves

Texas “Patriot Pastor” organizer Rick Scarborough is continuing his campaign against a referendum to allow stem-cell research in Missouri, with his latest rally in Kansas City. Once again, guest speaker Alan Keyes – a former Republican presidential candidate and talk show host – compared stem cell research to slavery. And as Scarborough writes in an e-mail to supporters, they continue to argue that the amendment – which allows whatever research the federal government allows, in order to counteract a Right Wing state legislature – is “endowing scientists with a constitutional right to clone to kill,” as Scarborough said at the St. Louis rally. From the e-mail:

Proponents of Amendment Two, which they refer to as the Missouri Cures Amendment, deny that they are proposing the cloning of human beings, but as Dr. Chang so succinctly proves from science, that claim is a factual lie.  Increasingly now, the proponents of this devilish idea are retreating to rhetoric that in effect says, “but the embryo is so small and early that it really doesn’t matter,” an argument which taken to its inevitable conclusion so devalues human life that men of Christian character must oppose it…and we are!

This is certainly a counterintuitive claim, given that the first requirement listed in the text of the amendment is “No person may clone or attempt to clone a human being.”

Scarborough’s next rally “against this all out assault on the unborn” – which he promises will be the “biggest rally yet” – will be September 21 in Springfield.

Watch Vision America’s clips from its previous rally in St. Louis.

Alan Keyes Again Compares Stem-Cell Research to Slavery

At another Missouri rally. “Patriot Pastor” Rick Scarborough: “This is a hill worth dying on.” More.

Will They Let Him Bring Alan Keyes as his Date?

Keyes.bmp After leading criticism of George Bush for speaking at Bob Jones University  and  “not repudiating the schools anti-Catholic teachings or policy banning interracial dating”, likely presidential candidate, John McCain, “left the door open for a visit” should an invitation come to him from BJU.
McCain said he'd have to look at the school's latest policy statements. "I understand they have made considerable progress," he said. "I can't remember when I've turned down a speaking invitation. I think I'd have to look at it."

Missouri Stem Cell Rally Predicts Dystopian Future, Clone Slavery

Rick Scarborough held his second rally to oppose a Missouri ballot initiative on embryonic stem cell research. At the first, former talk show host and presidential candidate Alan Keyes compared the anti-stem cell campaign to the civil rights movement. In a Cape Girardeau high school gymnasium last night, Keyes suggested the amendment would lead to the creation of an army of slave clones. From the Southeast Missourian:

Speakers at the Christians Against Human Cloning rally painted the proposal as the next step in a satanic onslaught, using promises of cures to promote tyranny and death.

Alan Keyes, the keynote speaker, said embryonic stem-cell research is the moral equivalent of Nazi medical experiments on the inmates of death camps during World War II.

And despite wording in Amendment 2 imposing harsh criminal penalties on anyone attempting to create a living human clone using the stem-cell research techniques, Keyes raised the possibility of an industrial effort to produce clones.

The result, he said, would be "new legions of humans to be enslaved and brutalized."

While Keyes envisioned the clone legions, Scarborough claimed that supporters of the amendment “are leveling their howitzers at the prayer army” composed of his followers.

Rally in Cape Girardeau
(Don Frazier, Southeast Missourian)

Alan Keyes Staffer Claims Gay Trend Is "Sex with Infants"

Truth Wins Out is calling attention to an interview given by Guy Adams on an Internet radio show. Adams, who is the deputy national grassroots director for Alan Keyes’ Renew America, asserts that the latest “trend” among gays is “sex with infants.” You can listen to the show here [link broken--see below].

Keyes himself is no stranger to wild anti-gay rhetoric. In 2004, when Keyes was the Republican candidate for Senate in Illinois—and when Guy Adams served as his bodyguard—he claimed that incest is “inevitable” for children of gays and called Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter a “selfish hedonist.”

UPDATE: The link to the radio show's web site has been removed. You can listen to the program here.

Rally in Missouri Compares Fight Against Stem Cell Research to Civil Rights Struggle, Nazis

Dallas-based right-wing organizer Rick Scarborough and former presidential candidate and talk-show host Alan Keyes "kicked off a church-based campaign" yesterday to defeat a Missouri ballot initiative on embryonic stem-cell research, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Scarborough, a figure instrumental in building a network of "Patriot Pastors" in Texas willing to mobilize their churches around far-right causes and candidates, is using the stem-cell issue to recruit a similar network of "Patriot Pastors" in Missouri. Scarborough is promoting the controversial Keyes as the keynote speaker in these "Patriot Pastor" rallies in much the same way that Keyes was featured in Scarborough's "War on Christians" conference earlier this year.

Yesterday's rally at a Baptist church in Jefferson City was described by the Post-Dispatch as the first shot in a "three-month holy war" planned by Scarborough -- the first of at least five church rallies.

Scarborough and Keyes didn't pull any punches before the "capacity crowd," as the newspaper reports:

Keyes equated the effort to protect embryonic cells with the struggle for equality among African-Americans. And he likened the movement in favor of embryonic stem cell research to the Nazi effort to preach the inferiority of certain forms of humans.

"We have sacrificed blood and treasure to bring (that thinking) to an end," he said. "Shall we now vote to legalize it in Missouri?"

Stem-Cell Research and Missouri "Patriot Pastors" Update

As we reported before, Texas "Patriot Pastors" pioneer and full-time activist Rick Scarborough is looking to spread the model to Missouri, where votes will decide a stem-cell research ballot measure. And, with a six-figure budget, he's bringing right-wing superstar Alan Keyes for a series of rallies across the state. Now Scarborough's Vision America has the details:

Stem-Cell Research and Missouri "Patriot Pastors" Update

In an e-mail to his supporters, Texas activist Rick Scarborough, president of Vision America, decries the upcoming Senate vote on stem-cell research:

The Senate is debating stem cell research and cloning, for the first time since Dolly, the cloned sheep appeared.  This debate is long overdue and will allow Christians to know who the true pro life legislators are.  At the heart of the debate on stem cell research and cloning is the issue of who originates life and who can decide when life is expendable.  Will little “gods” replace the Lord God in America?

I am saddened that Senator Dr. Frist betrayed his longstanding commitment to the sanctity of life when he embraced embryonic stem cell research. To date, there is no evidence that embryonic stem cells are the magic cure all that is being touted while adult stem cells have produced many encouraging advances toward curing diseases.  It is never right to exploit a life for the advancement of another life and that is what embryonic stem cell research is in essence.

Scarborough is an influential figure in the “Patriot Pastor” movement in Texas, and as he pointed out in a fundraising e-mail last month, he is working on spreading the model to Missouri around a state referendum on stem-cell research. The Pathway reports on five upcoming rallies, including one with far-right luminary Alan Keyes.

Texas “Patriot Pastors

Rick Scarborough, an influential Religious Right advocate whose Vision America has been trying to organize “Patriot Pastors” in Texas to mobilize their congregations at the ballot box, is now setting his sights on Missouri. In an e-mail to supporters, Scarborough writes that “God has chosen to bless and anoint our efforts” to build up “Patriot Pastors” – who were critical in the passage of an anti-gay marriage amendment last year and are poised to play a similar role in Gov. Rick Perry’s re-election campaign.

Much of what we have been able to do so quickly can be attributed to a small number of large donors who have been gracious to assist our efforts.  But what Vision America needs now more than ever, are hundreds of small, but faithful Patriot Partners, who will invest a minimum of $1 a day, to help solidify our base operations so we can function without facing the ups and downs of one time large gifts.

“During the next five months we will be focusing most of our efforts on the state of Missouri,” he writes, “where the next major battle for the soul of America is being waged” in the form of a referendum on stem-cell research, which Scarborough describes as “allowing human cloning for the first time in American history,” a characterization disputed by supporters of the bill. Writes Scarborough:

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