Dobson: God Prevailed Over "Forces of Hell" To Save National Day of Prayer

Today, James Dobson dedicated his radio program to discussing the upcoming National Day of Prayer.  His guests included his wife Shirley, who is Chair of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, and John Bornschein, who is the organization's Executive Director.

During the program, Dobson and Bornschein remarked on last week's ruling by the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals that the National Day of Prayer is constitutional as proof God answered their prayers when the Day of Prayer came under attack from "the forces of Hell": 

Dobson: We've already had an incredible answered prayer in the National Day of Prayer.

Bornschein: It is something we celebrate. We are so blessed by God's divine hand going over the protection of prayer in America just in the past few months. And on Thursday we celebrated with breaking news a three-to-zero victory in the Seventh Circuit Court to uphold that the National Day of Prayer is constitutional. Actually, just simply echoing the voice of the American public who are saying "yes, we want the National Day of Prayer," according to the Gallup poll and then the judges echoed that and said "yes, the National Day of Prayer is constitutional and it will continue."

And this is right on the heels of a state victory allowing the Governors to continue to write proclamations, as well as a victory in a military installation allowing them to have prayer. And now we have the federal court saying "yes, the nation can recognize a national day of prayer" and the president can sign that proclamation on the first Thursday of every May declaring a National Day of Prayer, that thirty-three of forty-four US presidents have already done throughout our history.

Dobson: One year ago on the National Day of Prayer, there was apprehension over the National Day of Prayer because this ruling had just been handed down. And then the Pentagon would not allow Franklin Graham to come ... it just looked like the forces of Hell were arrayed against this national prayer movement and yet the Lord has answered prayer and brought us through it.

Fischer: Only Difference Between Liberals and Terrorists Is That "So Far [Liberals] Haven't Taken to Killing People"

On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer explained that the only real difference between liberals and Islamic radicals was that "so far [liberals] haven't taken to killing people."  But other than that, they are pretty much the same because both groups hate America, freedom, and God:

There's this odd collaboration between liberals in America and Muslims. Liberals reject the Judeo-Christian tradition just like Islam does and that's where, I think, the linkage is. I mean, you look at Islam, they're going to behead homosexuals; liberals want them coronated; we want them helped. So these are poles apart, so why is it that liberals in America are so fond of and go to bat for Muslims all the time? It makes no sense in any kind of rational world.

But there isn't any rationality in liberalism. It's not rational. It's not logical. It violates everything we know about history, everything we know about logic, everything we know about morality. All of those are violated by a liberal worldview. So what is that they share in common? Well, I think what they share in common, the reason that they bond together, you know the enemy of my enemy is my friend, they both have in common one enemy: the Judge-Christian system of values, the Judge-Christian system of truth claims and values. They both hate the Judge-Christian tradition with equal passion and so that's what bonds them together.

And they hate America with equal passion. And they hate democracy. They hate freedom of speech, they hate freedom of association. So what Muslims and liberals share together is this hatred of the United States, this hatred of classical American values, this hatred of the Judeo-Christian values system.

And the illustration of the way in which Muslims hate democracy just as much as "regressives" do ... I'm not saying "as much" because Muslims are willing to go much further in their opposition to democracy than Democrats are. They'll try to shut you down, they'll try to engage in electoral fraud, they will try to use intimidation, they will try to use the courts, they will try to shout you down, but so far they haven't taken to killing people.

Lapin: Welfare Makes God Cry

A few weeks back, we posted a series of videos taken from David Barton's two-week stint on "Gospel Truth" with Andrew Wommack.  In one of those videos Barton explained how a "Jewish Rabbi friend" helped him understand that the Biblical story about the Tower of Bable was really about how God hates socialism.

Barton's "Jewish Rabbi friend" was Rabbi Daniel Lapin, a Religious Right activist who was deeply tied to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff. 

Today, Lapin was the guest on "Wallbuilders Live" radio program and it became clear why he and Barton are such good friend when he explained that God hates government welfare so much that, in fact, it makes him cry: 

When it's time to vote, I evaluate candidates on the basis of where they see the limits of constitutional government. Do they, for instance, believe that the entire moral structure of charity in the Bible is something that God intends governments to do coercively? That is simply a very false and, dare I say, frequently self-serving explanation of the Bible's view on charity . It's simply not so.

The idea is for individuals to give charity. And, as a matter of fact, I don't doubt for a moment that God frowns upon government coercive charity in the form of Welfare that has now presented us the specter of hard-working American families confronting confiscatory rates of taxation in order to underwrite multi-generational dysfunctionality. If anything brings tears to the eyes of God, in my view, it would be that.

David Barton Refuses To Debate His Bogus History

One of the things that has allowed David Barton to so successfully peddle his pseudo-history for so long is that he tends only to appear in friendly venues where the hosts and audience eat up his bunk and never challenge him on his claims. 

In all our years of tracking him, we have never seen him appear in a situation where he might actually be questioned about the assertions that he makes by someone who actually knows what they are talking about.

For the last week or so, Warren Throckmorton, an Associate Professor of Psychology at Grove City College, has been writing a series of blog posts about Barton and some of the claims that he has made about Thomas Jefferson.  Not surprisingly, most of Barton's claims have turned out to be utterly misleading if not outright false.

Yesterday, radio host Paul Edwards sought to bring Barton and Throckmorton together on his radio program to debate these issues but, as Edwards revealed, Barton was willing to appear but unwilling to debate and insisted on talking only to Edwards:

This is why I wanted to have the two of you on together but, in the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Barton - at least his Administrative Assistant told us that he would not do that. And it would be better to have the two of you having this conversation instead of me being mediator ... because it's very difficult for me to mediate between these two opinions.

Barton knew that Throckmorton was also going to be on the program and that Throckmorton was well-informed enough to push back against Barton's misinformation, so if he is so confident that his history is accurate, why would Barton refuse to debate the person challenging his claims?

Why would Barton insist on talking only to Edwards, who admits that he does not know enough about these issue to adequately challenge Barton's claims ... oh wait, that is exactly why Barton insisted on structuring it this way.

To Edwards' credit, he did push back on Barton's assertions and take issue when Barton tried to claim the differences between his claims and Throckmorton's were largely semantic. For what it is worth, we managed to record the entire section, so you can listen to both Barton and Throckmorton and judge for yourself:

UPDATE: Throckmorton has put up a new post responding to some of the claims Barton made during the program.

Fischer: Muslims Don't Have To Convert, Just Renounce Islam

A few weeks ago, Bryan Fischer wrote a post declaring that any Muslim "who wants to become an American had best be prepared to drop his Islam and his Qur’an at Ellis Island" and convert to Christianity.

That was too much for the American Family Association, which pulled down Fischer's post and changed it to remove all of Fischer's demands for conversion. 

But, as we pointed out, just because the AFA changed Fischer's post, that didn't mean that Fischer doesn't really believe that Muslims ought to be forced to convert to Christianity if they want to become Americans, because he absolutely does. 

But he won't say that ... so instead he just says that they need to renouce Islam, as he explained on his radio program yesterday:

We need to insist that immigrants to the United States affirm and believe in the superiority of Western civilization in general and the Judeo-Christian system of values and truth claims in particular over alternative value systems such as Sharia law. So you want to come here, you have to renounce Shariah law if you're a Muslim. You got to renounce death for apostates. You got to renounce husbands beating their wives. You got to renounce calling Jews "apes and pigs." You got to renounce the bloodshed of infidels.

So I guess Fischer would also support making any Christians or Jews who want to immigrate to the US renounce the Bible's demands that infidels be stoned, children who curse their parents or rebel must be put to death, that daughters of priests who become prostitutes must be burned alive.  Right? 

Harvey And LaBarbera Accuse LGBT Community And Glee Of Using "Demonic Manipulation" To Make Kids Gay

Linda Harvey of Mission America talked to Peter LaBarbera about Friday’s Day of Silence, a day for students to protest anti-gay bullying and harassment in schools. As detailed in People For the American Way’s report “Big Bullies: How the Religious Right is Trying to Make Schools Safe for Bullies and Dangerous for Gay Kids,” the Religious Right has been leading a campaign against anti-bullying programs, and Harvey is one of the most outspoken critics of bullying-prevention programs. Harvey, who co-hosted the rabidly anti-gay Americans for Truth Academy with LaBarbera, has urged parents to make sure their child doesn’t have gay friends, blamed gay-rights advocates for suicide among LGBT youth, and dubbed the Day of Silence a “Hitler Youth product.”

On LaBarbera’s radio show, Harvey concludes that the acceptance of gay youth will lead to “God’s judgment” and calls on parents to remove their children from public schools immediately. Harvey goes on to claim that gay-rights advocates are using “demonic manipulation” to turn children gay, and LaBarbera said Glee is also promoting homosexuality by featuring a kiss scene between two openly gay characters, asking, “how many young men and boys decided right there that they’re gay?”

LaBarbera: You’re promoting homosexuality to middle school boys. Now, if that can go on in America, without consequence, then it’s over. Then we as a country are going to go straight downhill because you’re getting to the point where you are promoting perversion to boys who should be so innocent still.

Harvey: Innocent and when you think about Scripture and you think about history, the male culture of any society is the backbone, the strength, the honor, the nobility, the future, the vitality of the society. What are we doing with our young males? It is a symptom, I think its part of God’s judgment on us that we’re doing this and that people are not ripping their kids out of these schools by the thousands daily, they should be. Because there’s no reason for people to be in these schools if you have any other choices at all, not everybody does, but I really recommend it if people have a choice, they get their kids out of these schools.

Harvey: These people are masters at demonic manipulation; I mean I have to put it that way, because that is what the homosexual agenda directed to that age group does. Kids don’t know what they’re going to turn out to be, kids can be secretly wondering and doubting if they are homosexual without a parent ever knowing. Because of A) what they get in schools, and B) what they get on the Internet.

LaBarbera: And then Hollywood, I talked about at our conference about this Glee kiss which is just, as I said at the conference, it shocked my soul. This romantic Glee kiss between two teenage boys depicted on the show, popular characters, one of the most popular if not the most popular TV show that young people watch, and here they had a romantic kiss between two teenage boys, I thought, what, how many young men and boys decided right there that they’re gay?

Fischer: "I Would Never Participate in Interfaith Dialogue With a Muslim"

Like Jerry Boykin before him, the AFA's Bryan Fischer wants it known that he will never engage in any sort of interfaith dialogue with a Muslim and vehemently opposes allowing Muslims to worship in Christian churches, because all it does is allow demon spirits to compromise the building:

I would never participate in interfaith dialogue with a Muslim. You have all these Christians out there, these pastors, wonderful interfaith dialogue. You have pastors allowing Muslims to come in and hold their worship services in their church buildings, which in my mind is just compromising those places spiritually. So there is no way that Christians ought to open their sanctuaries to those that are serving Allah. Allah is a demon God. He's not the true god. You're inviting all of the spirits that are associated with Islam, that further Islam, that promote Islam, you are inviting them into your building and compromising your building spiritually in doing that.

Of course, on the flip side, Fischer has no problem entering a mosque and praying that God will tear it down.

Barton: The Bible Opposes Net Neutrality

David Barton believes that everything should operate under Biblical principles, and according to Barton, the Bible even has a view on rules for Internet service providers like Net Neutrality. Here’s a hint: the Bible opposes it. As noted in People For the American Way’s new report, “Barton’s Bunk: Religious Right ‘Historian’ Hits the Big Time in Tea Party America,” Barton finds that the Bible always has a pro-corporate, pro-GOP message.

Barton and his partner Rick Green hosted Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) [no relation], a vocal foe of Net Neutrality who has received significant contributions from Net Neutrality opponents like Comcast, Verizon and the National Cable & Telecommunications Association. Net Neutrality ensures that Internet service providers can’t charge higher rates for faster delivery of content. The New York Times explains that Net Neutrality allows “Internet users [to] get access to any Web site on an equal basis” and without the policy, service providers can “give preferential treatment to content providers who pay for faster transmission, or to their own content, in effect creating a two-tier Web.”

But David Barton says that the Bible, Ben Franklin and the Pilgrims all opposed Net Neutrality because it violates the rights of huge corporations to charge higher rates and discriminate on content, calling it a “wicked” policy and “socialism on the Internet.” Apparently, the National Religious Broadcasters and the Christian Coalition, two prominent supporters of Net Neutrality, have missed the memo. But, David Barton insists, “'fair' is a word that no Christian should ever use in their vocabulary”:

Rick Green: Today, David a topic we actually haven’t covered that much, it has to do with the Internet, and it’s called Net Neutrality, a wonderful sounding name-

David Barton: But we talk about it today because it is a principle of free market. That’s a Biblical principle, that’s a historical principle, we have all these quotes from Ben Franklin, and Jefferson and Washington and others on free market and how important that is to maintain. That is part of the reason we have prosperity. This is what the Pilgrims brought in, the Puritans brought in, this is free market mentality. Net Neutrality sounds really good, but it is socialism on the Internet.

David Barton: This is the Fairness Doctrine applied to the Internet, and I’ll go back to what I believed for a long time is: fair is a word no Christian should ever use in their vocabulary. Fair has nothing to do with anything. What you want is justice, you don’t want fairness. Fairness is subjective, what I think is fair, what you think, what happened to Jesus wasn’t fair. That’s right, but we needed justice so God did that for us.

David Barton: This is really, I’m going to use the word wicked stuff, and I don’t use that word very often, but this is wicked stuff.

Even though David Barton claims to know that the Bible is decidedly against Net Neutrality, evidently he has no idea what Net Neutrality is, since he is decrying the policy as “redistribution of wealth through the Internet.”

David Barton: There's groups out there that their business requires a whole lot more bandwidth than, say, you and I do sending emails. I mean, if you're Skype, you got a lot of bandwidth being used. If you're YouTube, you got a lot of bandwidth going with videos. Guess what? You got more bandwidth, you're going to have to pay a little more.

Oh no. That's not fair. That's not Net Neutrality.

Well, if you don't pay more, these broadband providers say "we're going to cut you off because you're using more of our space." Government says "that's not fair, you can't do that."

Rick Green: So when they say "selectively block," what they mean is we're not going to let you choose who you need to charge more to.

David Barton: That's right, that's exactly right. I mean, if Skype uses eighty-five percent of the server space, you can't charge them eighty-five percent of the fees because that would be unfair. And if Skype says "well, we don't want to pay that," and you say "well, you're off our server," no you can't do that. You can't kick them off just because they won't pay.

I mean, this is crazy stuff. This is redistribution of wealth through the internet and it really is redistribution. This is socialism on the internet

Barton: DOMA Loss Will Lead To "The Indoctrination Of Kids"

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins joined David Barton and his co-host Rick Green on WallBuilders Live to discuss the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). After the Justice Department decided to stop defending the discriminatory law, finding it unconstitutional, opponents of marriage equality immediately went on the attack. Perkins said that Barton’s Christian nationalist view of history proves that more fundamentalist Christians need to become involved in politics because “we were the voice in the process as this nation was founded,” and if the courts find DOMA unconstitutional then “religious freedom will be lost.” Barton, who previously maintained that “homosexual indoctrination” is already taking place in schools, later added that a defeat for DOMA in the courts will lead to “the indoctrination of kids.”

Perkins: We’re not new to this game, this is not something we just discovered, that all the sudden we have a voice in the process. We were the voice in this process as this nation was founded. And if we don’t once again exercise that voice, I think, I know David has said it and I know you have as well and I see it, if we don’t exercise that voice now as Christians we’re gonna lose it in the very near future.

This is a prime example, because if DOMA falls, the federal Defense of Marriage Act, that’s the only thing protecting these twenty-nine states that have marriage amendments, thirty-one states have voted on it, twenty-nine have amendments, and if this falls those amendments are in jeopardy. And we have already seen that when this agenda goes forward and same-sex marriage gets taught in our schools, our children would be taught that homosexual marriage is the same as traditional heterosexual marriage and homosexuality being on par with heterosexuality, and religious freedom will be lost.

Barton: Tony’s right on what’s at stake here. If DOMA goes down, this thing affects not just marriage, but it also affects preachers in the pulpit, it affects education, it affects schools, it affects our children, it affects religious freedom. This is a big deal in what it impacts, it’s not just ‘oh that’s alright I’m gonna stay married’ no this is gonna change the whole culture and the indoctrination of kids and everything else, so it really is a big deal.

David Barton Advocates Seven Mountains Dominionism

As we have been noting for nearly a year now, a theology known as "Seven Mountains" has been slowly creeping its way into "mainstream" Religious Right activism. 

Beginning with Janet Porter's "May Day for America" prayer rally on the National Mall last year, this Dominionist theology has become increasingly common place in Religious Right events, ranging from the National Day of Prayer events to Jim Garlow's "Pray and Act" 2010 election effort.

As we have explained before, Seven Mountains dominionism seeks to place Christians in control over the seven forces that shape and control our culture: (1) Business; (2) Government; (3) Media; (4) Arts and Entertainment; (5) Education; (6) Family; and (7) Religion.  The reason for this, as Lance Wallnau, the leading advocate for Seven Mountains theology, explained is that Jesus "doesn't come back until He's accomplished the dominion of nations."  And the way "dominion of nations" is accomplished is by having Christians gain control of these "seven mountains" in order to install a "virtual theocracy" overseen by "true apostles" who will fight Satan and his Antichrist agenda.

In the past we have caught people like Porter teaming up with Seven Mountains advocate Cindy Jacobs and praying for God to give Christians control over the media and government mountains. We've even found David Barton sharing the stage with Jacobs.  In fact, later this month both Barton and Garlow will be joining other Seven Mountain Dominionists/Spiritual Warriors for an event called "Government Transformation Summit For Visionary Leaders" [PDF] in Texas.

But Barton has tended to keep his ties to this movement under wraps and we had never heard him explicitly advocate Seven Mountains Dominionism ... until today on his radio program:

Barton: There's five areas that you have to be able to influence and control if you are going to take a culture and that's media, business, government, education, and pulpit.

Now, for twenty years as it turns out - I wasn't even aware of this - way back, Bill Bright from Campus Crusade, when he was still alive, Loren Cunningham, Youth With a Mission, these guys got together back at the same time and really felt like there were seven areas that had to be taken for a culture and these are the seven that they gave: family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business and government. Now we've grouped some of those together and throw some together, but they said those are the seven areas you have to have and if you can have those seven areas, you can shape and control whatever takes place in nations, continents, and even the world.

Green: So it's the same idea, saying "look, every single area of the culture you need to be involved in."

Barton: That's right. Christians got to get involved. And there's a Scripture they used that came out of Isiah 2:2 and it says "Now it shall come to pass in the latter days that the mountain of the Lord's house shall be established on the top of the mountains," so this is now called the Seven Mountain Prophecy, there's a book out by that name.

It says the Lord's house is going to be established on top of the mountains and these are the seven mountains. If you're going to establish God's kingdom, you've got to have these seven mountains and again that's family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business and government.

Now that's what we believed all along is you got to get involved in this stuff. Jesus said "you occupy 'til I come." We don't care when he comes, that's up to him. What we're supposed to do is take the culture in the meantime and you got to get involved in these seven areas.

It was just the other day that Mike Huckabee was saying that all Americans should be forced to listen to Barton's messages - at gunpoint if necessary.  

Is Barton's call to have right-wing Christians take complete control over every aspect of society the message that Huckabee had in mind?

Fischer's Religious Test: Romney's Mormon Faith "Ought To Be An Issue in 2012"

Bryan Fischer generally kicks off his daily radio program with an extended discussion of a particular passage of Scripture, followed by a related prayer.  On Friday's program, the piece of Scripture was "The Resurrection and Marriage" from Luke 21: 27-40 ... but this discussion went on far longer than normal, giving Fischer an opportunity to rail against marriag equality and also to declare that Mitt Romney's Mormon faith "ought to be an issue in 2012" and that Romney ought to be forced to publicly declare whether he embraces Mormon teachings that conflict with the Bible so that voters can decide "whether they want somebody with those convictions sitting in the Oval Office":

The purpose of marriage, ultimately, is children. That;'s it. Now there are other purposes: it's there for pleasure; it's there for companionship, and all of those are celebrated in the Scriptures. But the fundamental purpose of the institution of marriage is the procreation of children. And God has designed that relationship - one man, one woman - that's why we can never call homosexual relationships "marriages" because procreation is impossible. It is a biological impossibility with them. When you have a married couple that wants to conceive and can't, that's a tragedy. Homosexual couples - conception is an impossibility, biologically. And that's why we never should dignify those relationships with the term "marriage" ...

[We were] talking in the first segment about Jesus' teach and the resurrection and about marriage. This is interesting, by the way - remember, Mitt Romney is fully intending to run for the presidency in 2012. I read an article this morning - well, I just kind of scanned it - talking about the fact that his Mormon theology could be a serious problem for him in 2012 and I believe frankly that his Mormon theology ought to be an issue in 2012. I mean, we're talking about the most powerful person in the world.

Religious convictions are out most deeply held convictions. These are the deepest part of us; things we believe to be true about God and God's truth and God's will. And Mitt Romney believes that there will be marriages in Heaven, that you will populate your own planet and will be siring children for all of eternity. This is flatly contradictory to what Jesus teaches. He says quite directly "in the resurrection, they neither marry nor are given in marriage." I mean you can't get any more direct than that - they neither marry nor are given in marriage. And yet the LDS church teaches that people will be married for all of eternity.

So a direct contradiction between Mormon theology and the teaching of Jesus Christ himself and so I think it's appropriate for Mr. Romney to be about the various distinctions of LDS theology, does he believe them. There's no Christian that has to be embarrassed about publicly embracing any of the fundamental elements. You take the Apostle's Creed, the great creeds of the church and you ask any Christian candidate for public office "do you believe in the Trinity?"A Christian has no hesitation to saying "yes." Do you believe in the inspiration of the Scripture? Absolutely. Do you believe in the sinless life of Christ? Absolutely. Do you believe in the resurrection of Christ? Absolutely. Do you believe in the universal church? Absolutely. Do you believe in the second coming of Christ? Absolutely.

No Christian needs to have any hesitation about publicly embracing the fundamentals of Christian theology and I think it's important to ask Mr. Romney, does he embrace the fundamentals of LDS theology and let the American people decide whether they want somebody with those convictions sitting in the Oval Office.

Newcombe: Taking Prayer Out Of Schools Will Make America Akin To Nazi Germany

Jerry Newcombe of Coral Ridge Ministries appeared on WallBuilders Live, the radio program of right-wing pseudo historian David Barton, to promote his new book about how the Constitution was supposedly shaped by the Bible. Speaking to Barton’s co-host Rick Green, Newcombe claimed that the goal of organizations such as People For the American Way, the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation is to arrest and imprison people who pray in public. He points to D. James Kennedy, the founder of Coral Ridge Ministries, to argue that without prayer in schools, America will go down the road of Nazi Germany.

Newcombe: I think about that statement from George Washington, clearly in the context when he’s talking about Christianity when he uses the word ‘religion,’ and he says, what, of all that habits and dispositions which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. He goes, in vain would that person be able to call himself a patriot who in anyway would subvert those great pillars of human happiness. So in other words, Washington was saying that it’s unpatriotic to undue these pillars.

Well that is exactly what these groups like the ACLU and People For the American Way, and so forth, with all their lawsuits, Freedom From Religion Foundation, whatever, with all their lawsuits. ‘Oh my goodness, this person said a prayer, a principal, oh heavens!’ Not only fire them but send them to prison, there have actually been attempts where they actually try to put people in prison for saying a prayer because they’re a public official.

Green: And it’s just as dangerous I think, especially in this environment with the Tea Party and everything and everybody’s getting involved and studying the constitution and whatnot, but there’s a strong libertarian bent that also leaves out religion and morality and doesn’t want God to come back into the equation, and I’m somewhat libertarian in many ways, but look, Washington said you cannot be a patriot and leave those things out so don’t leave that out. Don’t go to this, this kind of conservative version of the ACLU where we don’t want God in the equation at all, we just don’t want the government spending money, because that’s just as dangerous, isn’t it?

Newcombe: Well I don’t know if it’s just as dangerous, yeah, in the long run, yes, it is, in the long run it is. In fact, as D. James Kennedy once pointed out, in 1935, what was the most educated nation on earth? The answer was Germany. But that didn’t prevent Auschwitz from taking place. So there is such a thing as education, where if it’s devoid of God, it is dangerous.

Bachmann: Obama Is Intentionally Making Americans Poorer

On today's broadcast of "Jay Sekulow Live," Rep. Michele Bachmann called in to talk about the overlap between the Tea Party and the Religious Right.  But toward the end of discussion, Bachmann turned her attention toward President Obama, claiming that he is intentionally making Americans poorer:

I think that the agenda that we have seen - we know that sixty-three percent of all households have seen a major decline in their personal wealth, a decline in their personal income, and an increase in their debt level. That's all attributable directly to Barack Obama's principles. I don't think it's by accident we're seeing people struggling and we're seeing redistribution of wealth. I think Barack Obama is getting exactly the outcome that he hoped for.

All of us, I think are perhaps giving the President too much credit thinking, well, he probably just doesn't understand that liberalism actually makes people poorer. I actually think that this is what the President wants. I believe that he wants to see redistribution of wealth because if you ever notice, the President seems to be angry and irritable and sarcastic about people who have succeeded in the United States and job creators. Those seem to be the two sectors that he most wants to punish.

Santorum: Abortion Responsible For Social Security Shortfall

Rick Santorum on a radio interview today claimed that legalized abortion is the reason that the Social Security system will begin paying out more in benefits than it brings in. Santorum won’t be the first Religious Right leader to blame economic problems on a woman’s right to choose, as Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) and Jim Garlow both tied legal abortion to unemployment. Speaking to the New Hampshire radio station WEZS, Santorum discussed how the “abortion culture” is harming the Social Security system, which he called “a flawed design.”

Agreeing with a questioner, Santorum said that “the reason Social Security is in trouble is because we don’t have enough workers to support the retirees, well, a third of all the young people in America are not in America today because of abortion, because one in three pregnancies end in abortion, so we are depopulating this country.” Pointing to the birthrate in Europe, Santorum went on to say that “these demographic trends are causing Social Security and Medicare to be underfunded.”


FRC Super PAC To Bolster Right-Wing Wisconsin Justice

As part of the Religious Right’s burgeoning anti-union campaign, The Family Research Council’s Super PAC is entering the fight in Wisconsin in the contested Supreme Court race. FRC president Tony Perkins showed his support for the state’s embattled governor Scott Walker, tweeting, “Pro-family voters should celebrate WI victory b/c public & private sector union bosses have marched lock-step w/liberal social agenda.” Walker’s chief ally on the state Supreme Court, David Prosser, is now facing a serious challenge in the judicial election on April 5th. Justice Prosser, a former Republican state assemblyman, is a leading conservative on the court and called the left-leaning chief justice a “total bitch” and told her, “I will destroy you.”

The FRC’s Faith Family Freedom Fund now plans to air radio ads on thirty-four stations defending Prosser and criticizing his main rival, JoAnne Kloppenburg, along with “liberal special interests.” FRC says that the hyper-partisan Prosser is a vote to “keep politics out of the Supreme Court”:

"Union bosses want to use the Wisconsin Supreme Court to advance their liberal agenda and also recall any elected official who stands in their way. Faith Family Freedom Fund will advocate for these duly elected officials and work to protect the courts from judicial activism," said Connie Mackey, chairwoman of the Faith Family Freedom Fund.

The ad script follows:

"What is happening in this Supreme Court election is outrageous. Liberal special interests want to turn this election into a referendum on the governor. But what's really at stake is what kind of Justice should be on the Wisconsin or any Supreme Court?

"Joanne Kloppenburg does not have the experience. Liberals see her as their best hope to advance their political agenda and strike down laws passed by a legislature and governor elected by the people. Justice David Prosser has the experience that Wisconsin needs in these turbulent times. His experience and qualifications aren't matched by his opponent.

"He believes in judicial restraint and deserves another term on the Supreme Court. A vote for Prosser is a vote to keep politics out of the Supreme Court. Send a message on Election Day - April 5th. Vote for Judicial Restraint. Vote for Justice David Prosser."

Santorum: It Is Our "Obligation" to Make Our Civil Laws "Comport With God's Laws"

Last week we noted that Rick Santorum had filled in for Tony Perkins as co-host of "Today's Issues" with the American Family Association's Tim Wildmon. During the program, Santoum attempted to explain how Shariah law is incompatible with western civilization:

Jesus said "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's" and that huge piece of wisdom has really set the course for western civilization where you have civil laws and have civil penalties - we exact justice in a civil fashion - and then we have higher laws, we have God's law. Now our civil laws are supposed to comport with God's laws but sometimes they don't, and so it is always the obligation of those, for example, the issue of abortion - the civil law does not comport with God's law, in my opinion and I think the opinion of many people in this country and it is our obligation to continue to try and change that law. We have to live under the civil law, we have to obey that law because it is the civil law but we need to continue to try to change it to make sure that these laws, the laws our country, comport.

In the Islamic world, that is not the case. Mohammad did not say "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's" because the civil law in Islam and the sacred law are one in the same. Shariah is both a civil code and a religious code.

So let me get this straight: Muslims want civil laws to comport to the dictates of their holy book, the Quran, so that the civil law and the religious law are one in the same.  And that is incompatible with western civilization ... because Religious Right activists are too busy operating under the principle that "our civil laws are supposed to comport with God's laws" as laid out in the Bible? 

What exactly is the difference between Santoum's assertion that is the obligation of Religious Right activists to make sure our laws comport with God's law and Shariah, which says the nation's civil laws and religious laws are to be one in the same?

Religious Right Dream Team Joins Dobson For Discussion on Marriage

Today's broadcast of "Family Talk With Dr. James Dobson" featured an all-star Religious Right line-up of leaders in the fight against marriage equality, including Bishop Harry Jackson, Dr. Jim Garlow, Dr. Ken Hutcherson, Gary Bauer & Tony Perkins.

This was actually just part one of a two part series that will conclude tomorrow and I have edited down the program to its key soundbites.

As you would expect, each one was greatly alarmed by push for marriage equality and vowed to dedicate their lives to doing everything they can to fighting it, with Jackson, who has walking pneumonia warning, warning that that it is the nation that has walking pneumonia that will turn fatal if left untreated, while Garlow asserted that secularists hate democracy as Bauer attacked the elites for promoting the bizarre idea of men marrying men and Perkins warned that children will be "indoctrinated into the ways of homosexuality":

Jackson: I think the nation has walking pneumonia and if we don't stop it, this thing could become fatal.

Garlow: Well, for one, we're not going to give up; we're going to press forward. It is true that it seems the secularists do really hate democracy, they don't like it when the people speak out so they try to get a judge or judges to try to take away the consent of the governed.

It's shocking to me that anybody would be attacked for standing up the family or standing for marriage or that a child needs a mommy and a daddy. Who would think that we'd be in such a condition that somebody would be attacked for that? But we just do not believe that somehow the power of the enemy is going to breakthrough and totally destroy the definition of the family. We're going to stand firm. The social science is on our side, overwhelmingly so, the practical implications are on our side, and the Biblical data is on our side.

Bauer: And what are the liberal elites of our country doing, whether it's the media elites or even the president or our judicial elites, etc., the people in Hollywood? Instead of devoting their energy to trying to stop this destruction of the American family and do something to make sure our children have mothers and fathers, they're all spending their time promoting instead men marrying men and women marrying women, which will guarantee that more children will have either not fathers or mothers. It is just a bizarre concept.

Perkins: As soon as same-sex marriage is rolled-out, the curriculum is changed to aggressively promote homosexuality on par with heterosexuality. There is complete intolerance in those pushing this agenda in our schools. And so this goes back to the question "how will this affect my marriage"? It will affect your family because your children will be taught that this is normal and it will be aggressively taught to them and they'll be indoctrinated into the ways of homosexuality.

Camenker and LaBarbera Say Christians Can't Support "Evil" Marriage Equality

Brian Camenker of MassResistance joined Peter LaBarbera to brag about his work in Maryland, where a marriage equality bill in the House of Delegates was pulled off the floor after it lacked the votes to pass. Camenker laughed at Christian delegates who backed the bill, and said calling marriage equality “civil rights” is “complete nonsense and idiocy.”


Camenker: That’s something that really surprised, continues to surprise me Pete, is the complete nonsense and idiocy that these guys will believe. Some of these arguments from the gay marriage side were just so stupid, you know the “civil rights” argument for instance it was just I mean, how could anybody believe this nonsense? And they were just marching right in step; the cold water of anger from their constituents, boy that had an effect.

LaBarbera: You said “watching Bible-believing legislators repeat the “civil rights” platitudes was unbelievable,” so they’re being deluged with propaganda.

Camenker: Yeah, there was one guy in the Washington Post, one of the legislators, who said yes “I’m a Church-going, Bible-believing Christian, but I’m not going to let my religion interfere with my vote for civil rights.”

LaBarbera: “I’m not going to let my Christianity interfere with my pursuit of an evil agenda!” Oh brother.


Franks and Santorum: Obama Is Literally Destroying America

A few times a week, FRC's Tony Perkins co-hosts the radio program "Today's Issues" with the American Family Association's Tim Wildmon.

Today, Perkins was unable to fulfill his hosting duties so Rick Santorum filled in for him and toward the end of the program, Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) called in and the two discussed how, for the first time in their lives, they literally fear for the future of the country:

Franks: For the first time in my life, when Barack Obama became elected, for the first time in my life, I am actually afraid that America may diminish to a point where it's just unrecognizable. Not just on the economic front, but where he puts people on the Supreme Court that have no fealty or loyalty to the Constitution and weakening our country to the extent that we may see nuclear terrorism, not in our childrens' generation, but in ours, in the near future. And any one of those could destabilize our country to the extent that it would not be the great beacon of freedom for the planet.

Santorum: I'm someone who believes that the core of that is Obamacare and if Obamacare is actually implemented in this country and we now addict Americans on government healthcare, on "free" healthcare, in a large segment of our society that America as we know it will be no more.

David Barton's Anti-Islam Expert Is Disgraced Former FBI Agent

On today's broadcast of "Wallbuilders Live," David Barton and Rick Green discussed the "Islamic Flood is Coming to the United States " with former FBI agent John Guandolo whom, as Barton explained, was forced out of the Bureau after it was taken over by those with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood:

Barton: John used to be the guy who briefed the FBI on terrorism and radical Islamic terrorism and so many Islamic folks worked their way into the FBI, they got him thrown out. They said "he keeps speaking bad about Islam, he keeps saying bad things about radical Islam, you need to get rid of him." But he's part of Team B and he's the guy who keeps bringing out and bringing to light stuff, so John, we thought he'd be a good guy to have examine this because he is a national expert, he did brief the FBI until the Islamic folks kind of took him and got rid of him.

I mean, this is the kind of level of ignorance that is a real problem and that's why John is really good at what he does. And you can understand why [Eric] Holder and others in the FBI wouldn't want Guandolo around there. These are the kind of people they are chasing off because you're starting to see the Muslim Brotherhood actually get in to some of our institutions.

Green: Unreal.

Now that is one way to explain how Guandolo suddenly left his position with the FBI in December 2009. Another way would be to speculate that he resigned when it was discovered that he had been sleeping with a key witness in the corruption case against former Congressman William Jefferson. As reported by The Times Picayune:

As the corruption case against former Rep. William Jefferson was about to go to trial in June, prosecutors learned from their star witness that she had had a sexual relationship with the undercover FBI agent who drove her to all the meetings where she secretly taped and delivered cash to the New Orleans Democrat.

But according to court documents unsealed last week, the FBI and its Office of Professional Responsibility knew at least as far back as last December that the agent, John Guandolo, "had had an intimate relationship with a confidential source that he thought could damage an investigation."

Apparently, the Muslim Brotherhood is so powerful that it managed to get Guandolo to sleep with the key government witness he was supposed to be protecting in order to discredit him and stop him from exposing their plot to take over the United States.

* This post was updated on 4/18/11.

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