North Carolina Legislator Says State Needs To Ban Same-Sex Marriage To Keep Gay "Agenda" From "Being Normal"

North Carolina state Sen. James Forrester appeared on Concerned Women for America radio Tuesday, along with his wife -- who just happens to be the Associate State Director of CWA’s North Carolina chapter -- to discuss the proposed state constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. Republicans in the state legislature succeeded in getting a referendum on the marriage amendment on the ballot for May of next year.

Earlier this month, Forrester memorably told a town hall meeting that gays “are going to die at least 20 years earlier” than straight people. While proponents of the discriminatory marriage amendment claim that they are only focused on the issue of marriage, Forrester made it clear that there was a much larger goal behind the amendment: to “make it more difficult for the homosexual group to get their agenda recognized as being normal and getting it into schools and things like that.”


Forrester: In some states even though the states have ratified having marriage between one man and one woman in the constitution, activist judges have overruled that, overruled the will of the people, that bothers me too, but if we don’t have it in the constitution there’s a whole lot better chance for them succeeding in what they’re trying to do. So I’m very encouraged that we’re gonna have the opportunity to vote on it, hopefully put it in our constitution, and make it more difficult for the homosexual group to get their agenda recognized as being normal and getting it into schools and things like that. So I’m very, very happy this morning.

LaBarbera Joins Mefferd To Lash Out At "Homo-Fascism"

Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality appeared yesterday on The Janet Mefferd Show, where he fretted about the rise of the gay rights movement. “This is one of the most successful American power campaigns that has ever existed,” LaBarbera lamented. “Consider in sixty years they went from being an aberrant, taboo lifestyle, which was ‘don’t even mention it,’ to now driving society.” He told Mefferd that because the “gay mafia” controls Hollywood and the media, even right-wing author Ann Coulter no longer associates “homosexual activists” with the “liberal mob.” After condemning the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and discussing the impact of HIV-AIDS in the gay community, LaBarbera grieved that the government was “promoting” instead of suppressing “this unhealthy behavior”:

LaBarbera: You know I’m trying to get Christians to understand, look, it’s not about tolerance anymore; it’s about celebrating homosexuality.

Mefferd: Right, well we saw that just this week with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. It was one side of the story, everybody was in the streets rejoicing, everybody was happy, all the sudden the sun has come out, completely ignoring the fact that there were plenty of Americans who were grieving that particular decision.

LaBarbera: Absolutely Janet, that was so sad to see. I was looking at our Chicago Sun Times, two full pages celebrating the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal. The media now pretends that there is no other side in this issue and we have to work around that. But the homosexuals are sort of knowing that they have the media with them, are trying all these techniques, and the gay activists are sending me taunting messages, ‘you’re next Peter!’ This is how bad it is. People don’t understand; we don’t use the term ‘homo-fascism’ lightly.

The CDC just reported that 2 percent of men who have sex with men are responsible for 61 percent of AIDS cases, if it were any other behavior in this culture, wouldn’t we see a mobilization by governments state, local, federal, by private organizations, everybody would be saying, ‘we have to stop this unhealthy behavior.’ But in homosexuality it’s the opposite, we’re actually promoting the very behavior that’s killing people.

It’s a hateful thing to say Peter LaBarbera, Janet Mefferd, these Christians are hateful, that in it of itself is raw bigotry and hatred. Total dominance is what they’re after. It’s not about tolerance it’s about dominance. Yes they’re on a march. This is one of the most successful American power campaigns that has ever existed. Consider in sixty years they went from being an aberrant, taboo lifestyle, which was ‘don’t even mention it,’ to now driving society. Even Ann Coulter is bending to the gay lobby, she joined GOProud, she wrote a book called ‘Demonic’ and it’s about the mob, the liberal mob, and guess which group she happened to leave out? The homosexual activists, who rose to power through a riot in Stonewall, they fought the cops; they threw bottles at the police. If there’s not a gay mafia that controls Hollywood and the media, even the liberals talk about the gay mafia now it’s that powerful, and yet Ann Coulter of all people left it out of the book, because she knew it might threaten her prominence in the media.

Barton: Congress Should Impeach Judges For Rulings It Doesn't Like

When you listen to David Barton on a regular basis, you learn all sorts of interesting things - a lot of them happen to be false and/or terrifying, but interesting nonetheless. 

For instance, on "Wallbuilders Live" today he explained that federal judges are not appointed for life but simply "during good behavior,"  which means that any time any judge issues a ruling that Congress does not like, they simply have to convene a hearing, force the judge to defend the ruling, and then impeach them:

Rick Green: So where is the accountability if a judge is appointed for their whole life.

Barton: Well, the first part is they're not appointed for life. That's one of the things that people think today and this is one of the great judicial myths that's out there that's absolutely not accurate. If you go back and look at the Constitution, Article III deals with the judiciary; there's nothing in there about judges being appointed for life. They're not appointed for life.

What they did, and what they also did in the federal Constitution, when you read it it says federal judges are allowed to hold their appointments for the quote 'duration of good behavior.' That's not a lifetime appointment - that's as long as you act right you can stay there as a federal judge. But if you don't act right, we're going to take you out.

The best way to know is to go see the guys who wrote the clauses, see what they define as good behavior by who they throw off the court.

There was a federal judge thrown off the court because he cussed in the courtroom. Founding Fathers threw him off the court. Why'd they do that? Because the federal Constitution says "for the duration of good behavior," They said cussing in a courtroom is not good behavior for a judge, you're gone.

Another guy was thrown off the court because he got drunk in his private life. Whoa, it's his private life; had nothing to do with his job. No, it's not good behavior for a judge - you're gone.

Another guy got thrown off the court because he contradicted an act of Congress. Supreme Court does that all the time today. Congress pass something, ah we don't like that act, it's going to be unconstitutional. No, he did that - you're gone buddy.


There have been 97 impeachment investigations across history with judges; you've had 13 impeachments taken off the court. And the more often you have an impeachment investigation, the less often you have to remove a judge because, what Thomas Jefferson says, impeachment is a scarecrow - you sit out there in the middle of the field and that will scare them off.

Green: Because all the other judges are watching that, going 'I don't want that to be me.'

Barton: You betcha. For example, take the judge in California that says, oh no, having 'under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance, completely unconstitutional.

What you do is you convene a hearing in Washington DC, Congress says we want you to come appear before the judiciary committee and explain to us exactly what your thinking is that says we can't acknowledge God when that's in the Declaration and in the Constitution. What are you thinking?

And other judges see him getting called before Congress to be accountable and they go 'oh my gosh, we're not going to touch that.' Exactly!

Linda Harvey Mourns The "Heartbreaking" Repeal Of Don't Ask Don't Tell

Mission America’s Linda Harvey on Tuesday grieved over the certification of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, warning that the military will “be destabilized as a result.” Harvey insists that the repeal is “unfair” to straight and gay soldiers alike, arguing that “because no one has been born homosexual,” gay soldiers should instead have their sexual orientations altered before they are allowed to serve. She said that soldiers will now be coerced to “say yes to deviance” and urged people to pray that gays and lesbians will once again be banned from serving in the military.


The first news is the sad, heartbreaking transformation of our armed forces. This week, homosexuality in the military goes into full effect, permitting people to be openly homosexual or bisexual in the military has been painted in much of the media, it’s not an issue like race where people who are born this way are simply being who they are. No, since no one is born homosexual, it’s an issue of those who’ve chosen to embrace and identify with those feelings and practices, insisting that the over two century’s old military’s rejection of homosexual practice be overturned. And all military personnel are to like it or remain silent. New diversity training is taking place throughout the military to indoctrinate if possible the entire U.S. Armed Forces to say yes to deviance, it’s terribly unfair both to those who object and to those trapped in this sin. No one benefits, and the same-sex living and working environments in the military will be destabilized as a result. We can only hope and pray that under wiser leadership and a new administration the military will be allowed to rethink and overturn these harmful policies.

Tony Perkins Promotes "Only One Mommy"

Last month we noted that Rena Lindevaldsen, the attorney for Lisa Miller, had written a book all about Miller's saga ... or, at least most of it, since there is barely any mention of the fact that Miller ultimately kidnapped her daughter and fled the country, which is odd considering that Lindevaldsen is reportedly teaching young lawyers at Liberty University to recommend just this sort of "civil disobedience" to clients they believe are being ordered to violate "God's law."

The book itself was predictable and, frankly, rather dull but that didn't stop Mat Staver, Wendy Wright, Mike Huckabee, and Peter Sprigg from glowingly endorsing it ... and now we can add Tony Perkins to the list of those endorsing the book:

Every parent's nightmare is losing a child--and Lisa Miller couldn't face the prospect of losing hers. Hello, I'm Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington, D.C. Lisa Miller's child wasn't at risk from a dreaded disease. Or from violence. Or even from kidnapping. No, believe it or not, Lisa faced the prospect of losing her biological daughter because the courts ordered her to turn the child over to another woman. Why? Because she and the other woman were lesbian partners in Vermont when Lisa's daughter was born. The women are no longer together, and their civil union was dissolved. In fact, Lisa's now an ex-lesbian, who's renounced homosexuality and accepted Christ. So instead of giving up her daughter, she disappeared. Rena Lindevaldsen of Liberty Counsel was Lisa's lawyer through all the court battles--but she also became her friend. She's telling Lisa's story in a new book called, Only One Mommy. Anyone concerned about parental rights, the homosexual agenda, and religious liberty should read this book--Only One Mommy, available on Amazon.com.

It is amazing that Perkins says that it is every parent's nightmare to lose a child and then actually mentions the threat of kidnapping in an effort to portray Miller as the victim when it was Miller who literally kidnapped her daughter and fled the country in order to defy multiple court orders and escape law enforcement. 

I guess we probably should not hold our breath waiting for any Religious Right leader to actually step up and suggest that maybe Miller ought to have obeyed the law or, at this point, turn herself in to authorities.

Spencer Claims Liberals And Islamists Are United By Their Shared Loathing Of America

Anti-Muslim activists have been making the rounds in Religious Right media recently, including Frank Gaffney’s weeklong love fest with Rick Joyner, Robert Spencer’s and Pamela Geller’s appearances on Janet Mefferd’s show, and Steve Emerson’s interview with Jerry Newcombe of Truth in Action Ministries. Yesterday, Spencer joined Newcombe on his show Truth that Transforms, where the two conflated progressives’ support for civil rights for Muslims with support for extremism. Spencer told Newcombe that “the left doesn’t really like America or western civilization” so they “see in Islam” an influential “ally.” He made a similar argument on The 700 Club with Pat Robertson, when he asserted that the supposedly liberal media “hate” everything “that’s American, that’s Western, that’s Christian, that’s Judeo-Christian.”


Newcombe: I find it a phenomenon right now in our culture at large if you look at a lot of liberals and so-called progressives and so forth, let’s say even organizations like the ACLU, that supposedly are in favor of women’s rights and so forth, and yet these liberals by and large embrace Islam more than they do historic, traditional Christianity.

Spencer: It is ridiculous but it is very commonplace. I mean what we have really is that the left doesn’t really like America or western civilization and so I think that they see in Islam an another entity that doesn’t like western civilization and so they see it, in it an ally, and that’s essentially what’s going on.

Barton: Laws Of Nature Prove Abortion And Homosexuality Are Immoral

On today's episode of "Wallbuilders Live," David Barton explained that one of the things that makes America so exceptional is that we, as a nation, recognize that there is an objective moral law and that this law can be found both in the Bible and in the laws of nature.

And since these objective moral laws can be found in both places, he doesn't actually need to even cite the Bible to prove that things like abortion and homosexuality are immoral because the laws of nature have already proven it:

There are absolute rights and wrongs That moral law, in the Declaration [of Independence], we call it the laws of nature and of nature's god. There are moral absolutes. You can either find them in the Scripture, which is the law of nature's god, or you can find them in nature itself.

I've talked before, I don't have to have the Bible to show abortion is wrong, because there is no species in nature that kills its young while it is still in the womb. That violates the laws of nature.

I don't have to have the Bible to show that homosexuality is wrong. I can show that when it does exist in nature, it is always an aberration. There is part of nature that exists on homosexuality - it's always an aberration, it violates the laws of nature.

There is a moral absolute established in nature and in the laws of nature and nature's God.

Barber, Harvey Agree: GLSEN "Tacitly Advocated Adult-Child Sex"

Two of the most malicious anti-gay activists in the Religious Right came together on Saturday to smear gay rights advocates for supposedly promoting pedophilia. Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel joined Mission America’s Linda Harvey on her radio show to attack the anti-bullying group GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, and its founder Kevin Jennings. Such claims are nothing new from Barber, who said that “GLSEN tacitly advocates sexual abuse,” and Harvey, who wants to ban gay teachers and once likened GLSEN to the Hitler Youth. Listen as Barber argues that GLSEN glorifies pedophilia and Harvey claim that GLSEN encourages minors to have sex with adults:

Barber: Now let me be very clear for those leftists and sexual anarchists who monitor your program, and you know they do, who are going to try to grossly misrepresent what we’re saying here.

Harvey: Of course they are.

Barber: Are we saying that all homosexuals are pedophiles, of course not.

Harvey: No.

Barber: Are we saying the GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Education Network, is a pedophile, pro-pedophile movement? Well, yes and no. And here’s what I mean by that, look who the founder is, Kevin Jennings, look who his mentor was, Harry Hay, a pedophile activist. Now GLSEN, I have said the terminology that Harry Hay used was that parents and families and friends of gays should be running interference for pedophiles because the best thing for a kid, for young boys was to have sex with an adult man, this is according to Harry Hay.

Now GLSEN is in keeping with that mentality, they have tacitly as you know all too well Linda, they have tacitly advocated adult-child sex through their recommended reading list for kids in the past that portray in very favorable terms and in a favorable light the idea of boys having sex with men, as you mentioned as part of the empowerment and coming to terms with their in-born sexuality. So again, the left, guys you’re without excuse here if you misrepresent what we’re saying here, but GLSEN cannot get away from the fact that they have recommended reading that portrays in a positive light pedophilia.

Harvey: Right, they could not be, like you said, if they weren’t working hand and glove with these folks, and I don’t know that they are.

Barber: Well they have in the past, not GLSEN necessarily but the homosexual activists have worked hand and glove with the pro-pedophile movement for decades before it became detrimental and it was no longer politically expedient to do so.

Harvey: Well I have called GLSEN a child corruption group and I stand by that because when you look at what they recommend, and the fact that they want to cut parents out of the equation, they want to bypass parents and schools and directly interact with even eleven and twelve year old kids and convince them to go for it, go into homosexuality. This is child corruption and if that child has joined the homosexual club, talked confidentially in a safe space to the homosexual teacher or counselor at school, and then is approached by the, ok let’s not make it the dark, trench coated forty-five year old, let’s say it’s a twenty-two year old, but that’s still an adult with a twelve year old. This is perfectly acceptable, it’s all over the homosexual community, and tell me it’s not, it is absolutely out there.

Why The Religious Right Opposes Government Assistance For The Poor

Recently we have been seeing more and more Religious Right activists like David Barton asserting that the government should play no role in assisting those in poverty.  We had been chalking that idea up to the general right-wing hatred of the government and desire to drastically reduce its size and influence.

But on today's broadcast of "Wallbuilders Live," the American Center for Law and Justice's David French explained that the primary reason the Religious Right opposes government assistance to the poor is that it means those in poverty do not need to rely on churches for help:

French: The fact of the matter is that in many circumstances, particularly in this country, poverty is the result of an awful lot of bad choices. A lot of our poverty is the result of behaviors that often require heart-level repentance to change.

Medicare, Medicaid , and food stamps are not going to get you to turn away from behaviors that are destroying your life, but the Gospel will.

Rick Green: Doesn't it make them more dependent on government, which makes them less likely to come to the church that used to be the epicenter of the community where people would come and meet?

French: That's exactly right. It used to be that if you were hungry, if you needed help, you would go to the church and as the church was feeding you, as the church was providing you with the physical sustenance that you needed, it was providing you also with the much more important spiritual sustenance.

And right now what we're doing is we're saying you're going to be able to have the television, all the food you need, the roof over your head, everything that you need without any intervention from the church at all.

For David Barton, Right-Wing Political Advocacy Counts As Charity

On today’s WallBuilders Live, David Barton responded to a Houston Chronicle report that from 2000 to 2009, Rick Perry gave just $14,243 of his of $2.68 million fortune to churches and religious organizations. Barton, who claimed throughout the show that people who support social justice efforts are less likely to support charities, tried to defend Perry by pointing to the fact that the Texas governor has given away all the proceeds from his books:

Governor Perry’s getting his brains beat in because look how little he gave to charity. Time out! There’s another story there. Number one he does not itemize his deductions so you don’t know how much he gave to charity. Number two is he writes entire books and gives 100% of the proceeds to charity which doesn’t show up on his income sheet. He gives millions to charity but because he does not itemize and because he does entire books and signs the rights over there’s a lot going out that doesn’t show.

Which charities have the proceeds of Perry’s books gone to? He donated the proceeds of his first book, about the Boy Scouts, to the Boy Scouts of America. And he declares in his most recent book, the policy blueprint Fed Up!, that “all of the author’s net proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Foundation to support the work of the Center for Tenth Amendment Studies.” The Center for Tenth Amendment Studies is a division of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, a right-wing think tank allied with Perry that was founded by James Leininger, who is now the group’s Chairman Emeritus.

Leininger is one of Perry’s biggest political bankrollers – he has donated and loaned millions of dollars to Perry’s political campaigns for over a decade and just so happens to be a close business partner of the governor. Columnist Molly Ivins dubbed Leininger “God’s sugar daddy” because of his prolific financial support for Religious Right activists and the Texas Restoration Project, including an Austin “Pastors’ Policy Briefing” to celebrate Perry’s reinauguration in January of 2007. The Texas Restoration Project was a pet project of Perry’s – Wayne Slater of the Dallas Morning News notes that “the governor helped create a network of ‘patriot pastors’ in Texas called the Texas Restoration Project, which worked for passage of the gay-marriage ban in 2005 and Perry's reelection a year later.”

Most recently, Leininger hosted a summit to introduce Religious Right leaders to Perry shortly after he announced his candidacy for president. Notable guests at Leininger’s ranch included James Dobson, Richard Land, Harry Jackson, Jim Garlow, Rick Scarborough… and, of course, David Barton.

Spencer Suggests The Media Are "Getting Some Money" To Positively Portray Muslims

Robert Spencer joined Janet Mefferd on Friday to discuss a new pamphlet he co-authored with David Horowitz called Islamophobia: Thought Crime of the Totalitarian Future [pdf], which claims that “‘Islamophobia’ is a hoax comparable to The Protocols of The Elders of Zion.” While speaking with Mefferd, Spencer alleged that the term “Islamophobia” was created in order to criminalize any criticism of Muslims, and maintained that “the media is getting some money” to represent Muslims in a positive light and smear anti-Muslim activists like himself. Spencer’s ally Pamela Geller made a similar case to Mefferd last week, ranting that groups monitoring anti-Muslim activists are trying to make her into “a big ole cow.”

He also stressed that freedom of religion shouldn’t be “considered absolute,” arguing that Islam is both a religion and “a political ideology” and “the political ideology is what is dangerous to Americans.”


So I don’t know why nowadays freedom of religion is considered absolute especially since, as you point out Janet, we’re talking about a political ideology here and the political ideology is what is dangerous to Americans because it impinges upon our freedoms, our freedom of speech, our freedom of conscience, the idea of equality of rights of all people before the law and so on. That is the only reason why anybody is concerned about Islamic law. So if those political aspects were restricted then there would be no problem. And I don’t think it would restrict the freedom of religion to restrict the political aspects of Islam.

See they had a big public relations disaster on 9/11. They’ve turned it around with amazing skill and I can’t help but think that maybe media is getting some money for this, maybe there’s some other explanation for why everyone is in the tank and has accepted this manipulation.

Turek Intensifies His Attacks on Gays and Lesbians

Frank Turek continues to claim that he keeps losing consulting jobs simply because of his opposition to marriage equality, without noting that he is a hard line anti-gay activist who closely works with ultraconservative groups like the Oak Initiative and the American Family Association. Turek says that his social beliefs have nothing to do with his role as a workplace “team-building” speaker, even though he offers stinging criticism of workplace diversity programs.

While speaking with Janet Parshall on In The Market yesterday, Turek went on another anti-gay tirade after a caller named Andy asked him whether people were born gay and about homosexuality and bisexuality among animals. Turek said that animal sexuality wasn’t pertinent, asking, “There’s a lot of animals who eat their young, should we do that as well?” He went on to criticize the “born this way” mentality, saying, “We’re all born with an orientation toward bad behavior.” Turek claims that in the same way society shouldn’t tolerate someone born with the predisposition for gay bashing, we shouldn’t help gays and lesbians who want the right to marry.


Turek: First of all they haven’t found a gay gene but even if they had, are you saying that animal behavior should be the standard for human behavior? If so Andy, there’s a lot of animals who eat their young, should we do that as well?

Parshall: Let me go back to the point Andy, because I think what happens is sometimes things get picked up and they get folded into the secular press and the next think we know we think it’s inspired in ex cathedra and its absolute truth. Frank let’s clear the air about this idea of the discovery of the gay gene, there has been no substantiation that there has been the discovery of a gay gene, correct?

Turek: No but even if there was it would be irrelevant. We’re all born with an orientation toward bad behavior, but because I’m born with an orientation toward bad behavior that doesn’t mean I ought to engage in that behavior. If I’m born with a predisposition to anger and I start bashing gays and a gay person says to me, or a person who wants to engage in homosexual acts says to me, ‘well you ought not do that’ and I say ‘don’t blame me I just have the anti-gay gene.’ What would they say? They would say ‘no you must resist that.’

We all have things we ought not act on, we all have desires that we ought not act on. The worst thing we can do is say, look I was born with this desire or I learned it as a child and even though I know it leads to destructive behavior I ought to do it and you have to not only accept that you have to endorse it by taking my behavior and enshrining it by government endorsement by calling it marriage.

Endorsing Candidates From The Pulpit Does Not Make You Dietrich Bonhoeffer

As we noted a few weeks ago, Jim Garlow has become the face and leading activist on behalf of the Alliance Defense Fund's "Pulpit Initiative," which encourages pastors to speak out on political issues and even endorse or oppose candidates during their sermons in a direct challenge to the IRS.

Yesterday, Garlow was a guest on James Dobson's radio program where he outlined just what sort of sermon he plans to preach on "Pulpit Freedom Sunday" to urge his congregation not to vote for candidates that do not share his values and then compared the effort to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German theologian who resisted the Nazis and was ultimately put to death:

Garlow: But here's the kind of phrasing that I would likely use on that Sunday. I would say the following candidates have the following positions as ti relates to abortion, as it relates to the definition of marriage, as it relates to their view of that national debt - because the national debt is a moral issue, thou shall not steal from future generations. And, that being the case, here's the following candidates that hold these various views of these three and perhaps many other topics.

Having said that, here's what the Scripture teaches specifically about that. And, after I go through that, as fully-devoted followers of Jesus Christ, we would not want to elect individuals - given the fact that the Bible has a great deal to say about economic, or life principles, or the definition of marriage in a scriptural context - we would not want persons who are in defiance of God's will in positions of authority over us. What fully devoted follower of Christ would want to defy God's will for how national and community life is to be ordered according to the Scripture?

Dobson: It essentially comes down to "use it or lose it," right? we've had rights in the past and we were willing to allow the IRS and the government to silence us and we didn't complain. Or not enough complained. Or not enough defied the order, which is just unconscionable when you consider we're drawing our information for our understanding and interpretation of the Scripture and the somebody in Washington can tell me that I can't say that? That's what happened in Sweden, it's what's happening in Canada and in other parts of the country. This is a movement that threatens the very life of the church. And, man, I'm preaching it now Jim and I'm not even a pastor.

Garlow: April the ninth, 1945, a man was stripped of all his clothes, taken outside and hung by a piano wire. His name was Dietrich Bonhoeffer. We celebrate how great that man was and what an incredible human being he was and the martyr he became. Why do we celebrate his life? It is because he was a man of God who refused to succumb to the powers of the government that tried to control what he would do and say in the pulpit and in his ministerial and pastoral life. And so we're attempting to see, before it's too late, before it's too late in America, to raise up a generation of Dietrich Bonhoeffers.

Fischer Wants Departments of Education, Transportion, Agriculture, and HHS Eliminated

On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer argued that the next President must take a stand for limited government by vetoing any budget that contains any spending that Fischer's believes falls outside the parameters of Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution.  Claiming that the government "no moral authority" to do anything about schools or roads or pretty much anything else, Fischer called for the wholesale elimination of the Departments of Education, Agriculture, Transportation,  and Health and Human Services as well as the Federal Housing Administration:

Once government does anything that is outside of the parameters of Article 1, Section 8, it is doing something that is immoral, it is doing something that is wrong, it is doing something that it has no moral authority to do.

And I believe one of the things we challenge our next president, next President of the United States, is you get a budget, Congress sends you a budget and it's got any expenditures on there that are not authorized by Article 1, Section 8, you veto that puppy and you send it back.

Article 1, Section 8 defines what he have authorized our central government to do. Government does anything outside ... there's nothing in there about eduction - Department of Eduction is out of here. There is nothing in there about agriculture - Department of Agriculture is out of here. There's nothing in there about transportation - Department of Transportation is out of here. Nothing in there about overseeing the nation's health industry - Department of Health and Human Services, out of here. Nothing in there about managing the housing industry, so the Federal Housing Administration, it's out of there, it's gone. Nothing in there about education - Department of Education is gone, it's out of there. Why? Because our central government has not constitutional moral authority to be engaged, involved in those activities.

Harvey: Progressives, Gays And Lesbians "All Hate Jesus Christ"

Mission America’s Linda Harvey used her “Remembering 9/11” program to do what she does best: attack gays and lesbians, feminists, progressives and Muslims. Harvey, who once lauded radical Islamists for their fanatical anti-gay views, said on her radio show that progressives are “aligned” with Muslim extremists out of their shared hatred of “the West,” “freedom” and “Jesus Christ.” She went on to say that feminists and gays and lesbians have also allied with radical Muslims “because they all hate Jesus Christ and His followers.”


Harvey: How in the world can the Left be aligned with these folks? Well there’s a real simple answer I think, in that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. They all hate the actual Judeo-Christian heritage and those who uphold it, they hate the West, and of course we are not perfect we can look around and see some of our own problems, but they hate the ideology, they hate the freedom. It’s a spiritual thing, they hate Jesus Christ. This is why you have the homosexual and pro-abortion feminists remaining silent or actually being apologists for radical Islam. Hello, they would be the first people that in an Islamic state that would come under some level of oppression, why wouldn’t they be afraid of these people? No, because they all hate Jesus Christ and His followers.

Perkins, Wildmon: God Will Judge America For Legal Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage

Yesterday on American Family Radio’s Today’s Issues, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins and American Family Association head Tim Wildmon agreed that God is going to judge the U.S. over the issue of abortion and marriage equality. “God is going to hold us accountable for the death, the destructive policies of this country that have devalued human life and are redefining marriage,” Perkins said, and Wildmon concurred that as long as abortion continues to be legal in America “we will be judged and held accountable for it, as a country.”


Perkins: You and I Tim as Americans have been given a very unique role in the history of mankind to be a part of that process and choosing our leaders, but with that opportunity comes a responsibility and an accountability. I think we’ll give an account for who the leaders of this nation, who the leaders are, and the policies that they adopt. We can’t simply wash our hands and say ‘oh just because we have a pro-abortion president, a Democratic president, we don’t have anything to do with that.’ No my friends, we do. When only fifty percent of the church-going population is registered to vote and only half of them are actually voting, I have some really somber news: I believe God is going to hold us accountable for the death, the destructive policies of this country that have devalued human life and are redefining marriage.

Wildmon: Folks keep in mind the overarching principle here we need to look at is a Biblical one, in that it is immoral, it is evil, it is wrong in the eyes of God to kill unborn babies.

Perkins: And as long as it’s happening in the United States we’re a party to it.

Wildmon: We’re a party to and we are being and we will be judged and held accountable for it, as a country.

Barton Threatens Defamation Lawsuits Over Allegations He Spoke To Anti-Semitic Groups

One thing that has dogged David Barton for years are allegations from the Anti-Defamation League that he had spoken at events hosted by racist and anti-Semitic groups:

On at least two occasions, Barton has delivered his revisionist presentation in the meeting halls of the racist and anti-Semitic extreme right. In July 1991, Barton addressed the Colorado summer retreat of Scriptures for America, the Identity Church group headed by firebrand Pete Peters. He was advertised as "a new and special speaker" who would "bring the following messages: America's Godly Heritage -- Was it the plan of our forefathers that America be the melting pot home of various religions and philosophies? ..." Barton's fellow-speakers at the retreat included the virulently anti-Semitic Virginia stockbroker-polemicist Richard Kelly Hoskins; "Bo" Gritz, the 1992 presidential nominee of the far-right Populist Party and a self-described "white separatist"; and Canadian Holocaust-denier Malcolm Ross.

On November 24, 1991, Barton appeared at another Identity gathering, presenting the second annual Thanksgiving message to Identity preacher Mike Watson's Kingdom Covenant College in Grants Pass, Oregon. In a subsequent edition of The Centinel [sic], Watson's publication, Barton was described as a "nationally acclaimed speaker" who "has introduced many Americans to their godly Christian heritage.

On today's episode of "Wallbuilders Live," Barton and Rick Green addressed these allegations, but did so in typically Barton-esque manner in which they didn't actually address the specific claims. 

Instead, Barton and Green asserted that there may have been people in the audience who held such views, but that there was no way that Barton could be held responsible for that and saying that Barton has been forced to file defamation suits to prevent people from spreading these claims:

Green: Just because you might have a crazy sitting in the audience at one of the events you've spoke at - and you've done, I don't know, ten thousand where you've spoken over the last twenty years - somehow that makes you associated to a Nazi. I could go find a nutcase in any audience in America anywhere.

Barton: And that's assuming that I knew they were there to start with. You know, I walk up and there's a crowd already sitting there, I talk to the crowd, I walk off, leave and go to the next event. I don't know who has the time to go through and find a nut somewhere that's a racist or anti-Semitic and say "oh, Barton spoke to an anti-Semite "... well, yeah, that's real possible. I don't know who else I spoke to either because I don't have an FBI background check on every person that comes to an event.

Green: And somehow they take that and extrapolate ...

Barton: And by the way, I'm not even sure they're accurate in that anyway. That's what they claim and I don't think it makes a difference whether it's truthful or not; that's designed to scare people off from us.

Green: And the only reason I assume there is someone like that in every audience is there's probably someone like that in every church audience.

Barton: That's human nature.

Green: But to take that and then label you with it, as if you're now the anti-Semite, you're the one that's a Nazi, you're the one that's a white supremacist, it's unbelievable.

Barton: I speak at white supremacist rallies, even.

Green: But I know why they do it. They do it because they know that by throwing out that label, now all of a sudden that supposedly puts you in this box and people won't listen to what you really believe and what you really say.

Barton: And that's one of the things where you do what to try to defend your reputation some ...

Green: And, in fact, you've had to do it. You've had to file defamation suits against people who are saying this stuff because it's so blatantly false.

Barton: And, by the way, I'm considered a public figure. I mean, we do this, I speak everywhere publicly, I'm seen on national TV, etc ... So for me to even think about doing a defamation suit is really way the heck over what most people would be able to do anyway.

Staver Outraged Nobody Will Condemn "Bombastic Rhetoric"

Today's installment of Liberty Counsel's "Faith and Freedom Radio" program was dedicated to promoting next month's Values Voter Summit, which Liberty Counsel is co-sponsoring along with the Family Research Council and the American Family Association.

During the broadcast, Matt Barber said that this year's gathering was more important than ever because conservatives must stand together as Liberals are realizing that their hold on government is about to disappear and, as such, are engaging in outrageous rhetoric and pointed to the recent remarks by James Hoffa as evidence.

At Mat Staver was absolutely outraged by this sort of "bombastic rhetoric," not to mention the fact that nobody is willing to condemn it:

You know, one of the things I am concerned about - and it really has gone on for quite a while and it gets even more and more escalated - and that is this rhetoric that people use within the political arena. Instead of really trying to deal with differences and try to understand each others differences and ultimately confront them, there's this bombastic rhetoric. And this rhetoric by Hoffa in regards to his idea, they've never been condemned by people in leadership and they should be. It's just completely uncalled for, the kind of rhetoric that he was dealing with.

Let us just point out that Staver has accused President Obama of seeking to become a global dictator who seeks to destroy America and who has made this nation so immoral that that Liberty Counsel has had to declare its independence from the "abusive and lawless regime in the Executive Branch and in the United States Congress."

At the time he said this, Staver was seated across from Matt Barber, who asserts that all gays are pedophiles who seek to poison the minds of children and want to put Christians in jail and who openly states that Liberalism is rooted in hatred of God.

Not to mention that Liberty Counsel is co-sponsoring the Values Voter Summit with the organization that employs Bryan Fischer and that Fischer will be given a key speaking slot during the conference.

If Staver really wants to see people step up and condemn the "uncalled for" rhetoric people are using in the political arena, maybe he ought to start looking a little closer to home.

Geller: Criticism Of Me Is "The Enforcing Of The Sharia"

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs joined Janet Mefferd on Friday to promote her new book “Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide To The Resistance.” As a columnist for WorldNetDaily, which also published her book, Geller has publicized her ‘investigation’ into the “full extent of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration in the Department of Justice and its brazen pro-Muslim activities.” While speaking to Mefferd, Geller said that President Obama and the Department of Justice were both “aiding and abetting the restoring the universal caliphate”:

During her last appearance on Mefferd’s show Geller called herself a victim of a ‘blood libel,’ so it was no surprise that today she spent most of the program lashing out at her opponents. Geller told Mefferd that criticism of her is “the enforcing of the Sharia” and its “blasphemy laws.” “So while in Muslim countries you’re executed, non-Muslims are executed for blasphemy, here in America you’re not assassinated but you’re character is assassinated,” Geller said. “The people are cowed, cowed, that’s what they want you to be, they want you to be a big ole cow”:

In this book I address how you can fight the mosque-ing of your neighborhood, how you can fight the mosque-ing of your workplace, how you can fight the mosque-ing of your public school. You must speak up. You must not be cowed. And by the way when you speak up you will be called a ‘racist, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim bigot.’ And why is that? Because that is the enforcing of the Sharia. Under the Sharia if you speak candidly about Islam, if you speak critically about Islam, you are a ‘racist, Islamophobic, anti-Muslim bigot’ because it is blasphemy. These are blasphemy laws. Do not insult Islam, do not defame Islam, do not speak candidly about Islam. So while in Muslim countries you’re executed, non-Muslims are executed for blasphemy, here in America you’re not assassinated but you’re character is assassinated. This is how they shut people up. This is how they make—the people are cowed, cowed, that’s what they want you to be, they want you to be a big ole cow.

Anybody that speaks about these things gets criticized for it. look, I was on Fox & Friends yesterday for three minutes discussing my book and immediately the leftist shills and Islamic apologists like Media Matters, which is a Soros financed organization, went nuts that Fox is mainstreaming hate and radicalism because that’s the one thing they must achieve is a blackout. A blacklist of voices of freedom and voices of truth.

Boykin: "Persecution" Of Christian Soldiers, Politicians A Sign Of The End Times

Boykin: Persecution Of Christian Soldiers A Sign Of The End Times Former Lt. General Jerry Boykin has emerged as a Religious Right hero as a leading opponent of civil rights for American Muslims, fervent critic of President Obama, and a rigid supporter of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Boykin also presents himself as the victim of anti-Christian persecution when he was reprimanded after he delivered a speech in uniform during which he said he was part of an “army of God” fighting “Satan,” and that the Muslim warlords he fought worshipped an “idol.”

Yesterday, in an interview with Janet Parshall, Boykin argued that the “persecution” of Christian soldiers and public figures was actually a sign of the End Times:

Boykin: Jesus tells us in Luke 21 that before all the signs of His return ultimately are completed that they will take us before kings and rulers and persecute us in His name. And that is, just scripture, that’s prophesy, and I think we’re seeing that persecution now of Christians, particularly of Christians in uniform, Christians that are prominent Christians, Christians that are in the public eye. That persecution is going to increase as we come closer to the time of Jesus’ return.

Boykin has consistently warned that Christians like himself were encountering discrimination and that religious soldiers will be negatively impacted by the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, telling the Christian Broadcasting Network that the “presence of people who are homosexual has a divisive effect” on the military as “one person who would demonstrate what I consider to be aberrant behavior can really tear up the integrity of the organization.” Now, it appears that this supposed persecution signals the Second Coming.

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