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Dominionism on Parade at FRC-Cindy Jacobs 2012 Launch

As Kyle and Brian have reported, the Family Research Council is teaming up with "apostle" Cindy Jacobs' Generals International in a major push to influence the 2012 elections. In Washington, DC, last night, the FRC, Jacobs and other “apostles” affiliated with the New Apostolic Reformation launched “Fast Forward,” a year-long “prayer and action” campaign designed to influence the GOP caucuses and primaries as well as the November presidential election.  The launch event, “A Gathering of Eagles,” was held at a Baptist church in northwest Washington. It featured plenty of prophecy and lots of rhetoric about the 2012 elections as war – a spiritual battleground against demons, marriage equality, and the Obama administration.  

We are sorting through video and will be posting highlights and analysis over the next couple of days, but the entire three-plus hours should be required viewing for any reporter or pundit who has downplayed the goals or influence of Christian dominionists in American politics.  Jacobs said the Lord had told her that 2012 is the “do or die” year for bringing America back to a “biblical worldview.”  She “decreed” that separation of church and state would be pulled down.  Jacobs was joined by the Family Research Council’s Pierre Bynum, who spoke wistfully about a time in America when you couldn’t hold public office without believing in Jesus Christ, heaven, and hell.   

It featured Jacobs and others demanding that angels deliver Bishop Harry Jackson the half-million dollars he said he needs to defeat marriage equality in Maryland.  But the evening was dominated by Dutch Sheets, another NAR apostle, whose presentation focused on the need for Christians to get away from a sheep-like focus on pastoral care, and start becoming an army of warriors prepared to take their rightful dominion and rule the earthly part of God’s kingdom.

Just a taste – more to come.

FRC Teams with Cindy Jacobs to Target 2012 Elections

Last week, Cindy Jacobs was at Chuck Pierce's church in Texas "giving the word for 2012" where she related several other miracles that she has performed, much like how she once reversed a hysterectomy.

Speaking last week, Jacobs warned that while God had urged them to prepare for crisis, God will also provide them with all the provisions that they need and recounted, for example, the time that she, Chuck Pierce, and Dutch Sheets managed to feed three thousand people with just three loaves of bread and still have bread left over. 

She then related a more recent example where she and her husband Mike when to the bank to deposit $13,000, which miraculously increased by $5,000 when it was counted by the tellers:

As Brian noted last week, Jacobs latest project is a prayer and mobilization effort aimed at electing "pro-biblical value candidates." She is currently in Washington, DC to kick off this effort where she will be joined tonight by representatives of the Family Research Council, including FRC president Tony Perkins:

FRC Hosts Michael Brown to 'Explain the Homosexual Agenda'

The Family Research Council today announced a Family Policy Lecture with author and radio show host Michael Brown next month where he will address the “the homosexual agenda” and “a clear and Christian response,” because “if we don’t do what is right today, we will have to apologize to our children and grandchildren tomorrow.” “Forty years ago, most Americans said they didn't know anyone who was homosexual and claimed to know little or nothing about homosexuality,” the FRC said in a statement, “Today, there’s hardly a sitcom without a prominent gay character and even school children are learning the meaning of ‘Gender: Queer.’

Brown’s hostility to gays and lesbians will surely be welcomed by the aggressively anti-gay group, as he previously claimed that “gay activism” was to blame for the brutal murder of the openly gay California teenager Lawrence King and “hypersensitive” gays intend to throw Christians “in jail.” Hopefully, FRC will show the trailer to his book, A Queer Thing Happened to America, where a young boy enters the nightmarish world of having same-sex parents:

The FRC urges attendees to leave “retreat mode” and “stand up and be counted”:

At a time when it is more important than ever for Christians to stand up and be counted, many of us seem to be in retreat mode. We do not want to sound offensive or be considered "irrelevant." But retreat spells defeat, and when we willingly shut ourselves out of public debate, we reward intimidation.

The public debate about marriage and the homosexual agenda continues. But if we don't do what is right today, we will have to apologize to our children and grandchildren tomorrow.

Join us at noon on Thursday, January 5th as author, professor, and radio host, Dr. Michael Brown explains the homosexual agenda and motivates to a clear and Christian response.

Forty years ago, most Americans said they didn't know anyone who was homosexual and claimed to know little or nothing about homosexuality. Today, there's hardly a sitcom without a prominent gay character and even school children are learning the meaning of "Gender: Queer."

Dr. Brown's recent book, A Queer Thing Happened to America, chronicles the amazing transformation of America over the last 40 years and addresses the question, "Is there really a gay agenda, or is it a fiction of the Religious Right?"

Rick Perry's Gay-Baiting Ad Lauded by Anti-Gay Leaders

Rick Perry’s desperate ad attacking openly gay service members and criticizing President Obama’s purported “war on religion” has quickly become one of the most disliked videos on YouTube, but it has found a few unsurprising fans: anti-gay zealots in the Religious Right. The ad even divided Perry’s own campaign staff with one pollster calling it “nuts”:

But vilifying gay soldiers and stoking fears about the administration’s supposed hostility to religion is common currency in the Religious Right.

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer said that the ad’s hostile reception on YouTube proves that Perry is a good candidate for Christian conservative voters: “Perry’s ad had triggered an astonishing 637,738 dislikes to just 19,792 likes by 10:53 Eastern time this morning, clearly stamping him as the candidate the vengeful, hate-filled, vitriolic homosexual lobby wants to destroy,” Fischer wrote today. “If you’re looking for your values candidate, conservatives, you may have just found him.” On his radio show last week, Fischer even said that AFA founder and chairman emeritus Don Wildmon, who led The Response prayer rally with Perry, called the ad “the best political ad he’s ever seen.”

Wildmon’s son Tim, the current head of the AFA, agreed with Todd Starnes of Fox News that the ad might help Perry consolidate support among conservative voters and propel Perry to the top of the polls. Starnes predicted “that we are going to see a bump in the poll numbers as the result of this ad, they may not give this ad credit but if you see a rise in the numbers I think it is because of this ad,” saying that it “articulated” how evangelical Christians in America feel:

The Family Research Council even promoted the ad to members and dismissed concerns that it would backfire on the Texas governor, whom they claim is in touch with “everyday Americans”:

Rick Perry's latest ad was intended for Iowa, but thanks to the national media, it's airing on every network in America. A number of pundits are panning the spot for its bold social conservative themes, which they insist will hurt the Texas Governor's chances. "I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Christian," Gov. Perry says, "but you don't need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there's something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can't openly celebrate Christmas or pray in school." The ad is called "Strong," and that's the kind of message it sends on issues like religious freedom. "As President, I'll end Obama's war on religion. And I'll fight against liberal attacks on our religious heritage." True, Gov. Perry probably wouldn't win the media's vote with that kind of platform--but he does stand to benefit with everyday Americans who are tired of seeing their values in the line of fire under this administration.

As Gingrich Courts The Religious Right, Perkins Waves Red Flags

Today, Newt Gingrich sent a letter to Iowa Religious Right leader Bob Vander Plaats detailing his commitment to fight gay rights and reproductive rights, and also taking a vow to stay faithful to his wife Callista, his third wife and former mistress. After vowing to fight against gay and lesbian couples’ right to marry, Gingrich said he would “pledge to uphold the institution of marriage through personal fidelity to my spouse and respect for the marital bonds of others.” Vander Plaats has previously floated supporting Gingrich, who leads in the Iowa polls, and publicly announced that his organization has narrowed its choices to Gingrich, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum.

But Gingrich’s problems winning over Religious Right activists despite his best efforts were exhibited in an interview Family Research Council president Tony Perkins gave on Friday with radio talk show host Janet Mefferd. Perkins told Mefferd that Religious Right voters may be viewed as hypocritical if they pick Gingrich over right-wing candidates who, unlike Gingrich, also have both “their personal lives and their professional lives in order” like Bachmann, Santorum and Perry in the Republican primary. However, Perkins said it would not at all problematic for Christian conservative voters to back Gingrich over President Obama if he is the party’s nominee.


Mefferd: My question is, Tony do you buy this idea that if Newt Gingrich does end up being the nominee and Christian conservatives end up getting behind him because they want to vote out Barack Obama, which we all do, that that somehow will ruin the reputation of Christians? Are you buying that connection?

Perkins: No, I think the question that does have some legitimacy is in—right now, where it stands, you’re still four weeks away from the vote in Iowa, and there are still solid conservative candidates in this race. You have Michele Bachmann, a strong Christian woman who I know very well and is completely in line with us, Rick Santorum, another close friend again who is perfectly in line with us, as well as Rick Perry, who is in line with us on all the issues. So I think for Christian conservatives to come out now and say, ‘alright well we’re going to support Newt Gingrich,’ when you still have people that have their personal lives and their professional lives in order, I do think that then rings kind of like, ‘well we just want to be with a political winner,’ so I think that charge would stick now.

Family Research Council Prays Against LGBT Rights Effort

Yesterday Family Research Council senior fellow Peter Sprigg attacked the Obama administration’s call to protect LGBT people abroad from violence as an “unconscionable” promotion of “the radical ideology of the sexual revolution.” Today, the FRC is now even asking people to pray that God will urge Congress “to reject this Obama directive and all who carry it out,” citing the biblical story of Sodom (Gen 19:4-7) and Gibeah’s Crime (Judges 19:21-28). The group also encouraged Republicans to stop the reappointment of Ambassador Mari Carmon Aponte because she penned an op-ed in support of gay rights:

Exporting Homosexuality by Extortion -- Senate Republicans say they will block the reappointment Mari Carmen Aponte as Ambassador to El Salvador because of her insensitive public promotion of homosexuality in a nation whose culture rejects the practice. Yesterday, President Obama issued a directive making official what insiders say is already been the norm in practice -- using foreign aid to advance the homosexual agenda in all countries that reject the practice. Insiders say the State Department has privately been withholding aid from countries that will not go along with the LGBT agenda (Obama Directive, Aponte).

May Congress step up to reject this Obama directive and all who carry it out (Gen 19:4-7; Judges 19:21-28; 1 Kg 14:24; Pr 4:14-17; Ec 8:11; Is 57:20; Eze 22:6-12).

Liberty Counsel, Family Research Council Enraged by Move to Consider Gay Rights in Foreign Aid

That was fast.

Just moments after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the United Nations in a historic address that the United States that the United States is committed to protecting LGBT people overseas from persecution and discrimination, and will use foreign aid as an instrument to defend their rights, Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber attacked Clinton and President Obama for having an “obsession with the radical homosexual activist agenda.” Clinton called out abuses such as violence against the LGBT community, including “corrective rape,” along with the criminalization and demonization of homosexuals.

But that was too much for Barber, who earlier this year joined Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver in blasting the Obama administration for withholding aid to Malawi because the country outlaws homosexuality. Barber told the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow that the Obama administration is “trying to force nations to adopt America’s immoral positions on issues of sexuality” while supposedly ignoring “real human rights abuses”:

The announced policy, according to Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel Action, "displays the arrogance of the Obama administration."

It is "frankly offensive," says the attorney, that President Obama "feels compelled to export American culture's decline in morality, and export that immorality to other nations that are trying to adhere to traditional principles relative to human sexuality."

Barber also notes that the administration is apparently ignoring the fact that foreign nations -- like the United States -- are sovereign countries. He adds that the U.S. is "using essentially blackmail and the purse strings" of the nation to force countries to change their moral principles.

"What about nations where Christians are driven out of the nation or executed?" he asks. "And this Obama administration, instead of focusing on real human rights abuses, is trying to force nations to adopt America's immoral positions on issues of sexuality."

Barber believes there is an "obsession with the radical homosexual activist agenda that seems to drive this Obama administration."

UPDATE: Family Research Council senior fellow Peter Sprigg also denounced the new policy to defend LGBT rights abroad, lashing out at the administration for “imposing an alien ideology on other countries”:

"It is startling that President Obama is prepared to throw the full weight and reputation of the United States behind the promotion overseas of the radical ideology of the sexual revolution. If he did the same on other issues, his own liberal allies would undoubtedly accuse him of cultural imperialism. Threats to withhold foreign aid from poor countries unless they conform their laws to the views of Western radicals are unconscionable.

"The United Nations, like the United States, remains sharply divided on the issue of whether special rights should be granted on the basis of sexual conduct, sexual orientation or gender identity. No treaty or widely accepted international agreement has established homosexual conduct as a human right, yet the Obama administration's actions seem guided by this fiction.

"President Obama should increase efforts to defend human rights that are widely recognized, such as religious liberty, rather than appeasing his domestic allies by imposing an alien ideology on other countries."

Paul Blair Warns That "The Devil" Is Behind Gay Rights, Culture

Oklahoma pastor Paul Blair joined Family Research Council president Tony Perkins today on Washington Watch Weekly to discuss his plans to run for office after speaking out against a proposal to add protections for sexual orientation in Oklahoma City’s anti-discrimination policy. Blair has tried to frame himself as a pastor who just happened to become involved in politics after he allegedly received threats after he denounced the measure, but as Kyle notes, he has a long history of working with anti-gay zealots like Sally Kern, Janet Porter and Perkins.

While speaking with Perkins, Blair claimed that American “culture is under attack” as “we’ve gone from True Grit to Brokeback Mountain.” In his discussion of the anti-discrimination proposal, Blair asserted that “the Devil” is leading the attack on the “realms of the home and the church” through the government.


Our culture is under an attack. Just think in our lifetimes we have gone from an Ozzie and Harriet generation to a Desperate Housewives generation, we’ve gone from True Grit to Brokeback Mountain. Who’s supposed to stand for morality in our culture?

As Christians have abandoned the God-established realm of government, the Devil has been more than happy to fill that vacuum and now he is using government to attack the other realms of the home and the church. And we certainly are under attack.

Rep. Hartzler Says Government Shouldn't Accommodate "Fringe Religions" Because "Christianity is the Main Religion"

Back in November, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins charged that the Obama administration “has been the most hostile toward religious freedom” and particularly “hostile toward Christianity.” However, apparently the freedom of religion for non-Christians is not important for Perkins, who today was joined by Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) on Washington Watch Weekly where they condemned the Air Force Academy for allowing self-identified pagans to build and pray at an outdoor worship grounds. As Air Force Chaplain Maj. Darren Duncan told the Los Angeles Times, “We’re here to accommodate all religions, period,” noting that Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu cadets also have worship spaces on campus.

The Air Force Academy spent $3.5 million to build the Cadet Chapel, but Perkins and Hartzler were outraged that the Academy spent $80,000 on the pagan worship center. Perkins said that it shows government “promotion” of “fringe religions” and Hartzler called the move “crazy.” Hartzler went on to say that “Christianity is the main religion in our country” and the government should not be “facilitating or accommodating fringe religions.”

While Perkins and Hartzler say they speak for the freedoms of people of faith, they clearly lack any respect for the freedoms of Americans, even service members, of minority religions:

Perkins: Do you see this as a part of a growing trend that we see that there is really kind of a marginalization of Christianity and almost a promotion of other forms of, I would have to say, fringe religions?

Hartzler: I agree, I think so. Christianity is the main religion in our country and as a policy for the Department of Defense we need to defend the practice of religion but we do not have to obligate taxpayer funds to facilitate or accommodate it or pay for it.

Perkins: Is it the government’s role to try to put all religions on the same plane?

Hartzler: No, it’s not their role at all. Their role is to facilitate basic policy for our country and to not to try to lift up one religion over the other, they should be defending the basic rights that we have, that freedom of religion here, and certainly not facilitating or accommodating fringe religions, it’s crazy.

CPAC And The Religious Right Kiss And Make Up

A few weeks back we noted that, after several years of growing antagonism between the Religious Right and the organizers of the annual CPAC conference, it appeared as if the relationship between the two sides was on the mend with the announcement that Mike Huckabee would be a keynote speaker at next year's event.

Now CBN's David Brody is reporting that the Family Research Council's Tony Perkins, who had publicly boycotted the event in the past, will also be speaking at the conference and that the gay conservative group GOProud will not be participating:

The Brody File has learned that Family Research Council President Tony Perkins will speak at CPAC’s 2012 conference. FRC, one of the most influential social conservative public policy organizations in the country will also be one of the co-sponsors of the event. FRC, along with other notable social conservative leaders and organizations boycotted CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) last year over concerns that conference leaders had strayed away from conservative principles by opening up the affair to groups who were not true to conservative principles. One of those groups, GOProud championed gay rights. They will NOT be at CPAC this year.


[ACU chairman Al] Cardenas says the following about the Perkins announcement: “Tony Perkins is one of the conservative movement’s key advocates on faith, family and freedom issues in the public policy arena and court of public opinion. Many Americans of faith across the country have looked to his leadership as the Obama Administration continues its war on our traditional values.”

Tony Perkins tells The Brody File the following: “Like restaurants, political organizations can win back customers under new management. Under CPAC’s new management the organization is committed to unifying the core of the conservative movement rather than dividing it and I am eager to help in this effort.”

Perkins: Gays And Lesbians Will Never Have "Fulfillment" Until They Leave "The Destructive Path That They're On"

On yesterday’s broadcast of Today’s Issues, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said that the Religious Right is under attack in schools and in government and must “stand up to this,” declaring, “I think it’s time for us to occupy.” Citing the Oklahoma City pastor who claimed to have received death threats after denouncing a plan to include sexual orientation in the city’s non-discrimination policy, Perkins claimed that the Right’s opponents are trying “to intimidate us into silence.”

Perkins also had a stern warning for gays and lesbians. “Those in the homosexual community that are looking for fulfillment, that are looking for the approval that they are trying to get by forcing society to embrace homosexuality, they will never get it that way,” Perkins said. “They’ll only get it when they come to grips with the truth, that they are created in the image of God and God has a plan for their lives, and it’s not the destructive path that they’re on”:

I think it’s time for us to occupy. Not going down and setting up tents out in front of city hall, but it’s time for us to be gainfully involved in boldly proclaiming truth and not backing down in the face of intimidation, whether it be from a school principal, kids if you’re listening obviously talk with your parents first, and parents, don’t be intimidated by school officials, don’t be intimidated by the ACLU. Pastors, I’m gonna have a pastor hopefully on the program maybe this week or next week from Oklahoma who spoke out at city council and now he’s gotten death threats, well you know what, we’ve got to stand up to this. We cannot allow this to go on, allow them to intimidate us into silence.

Should we be angry? No. But we should understand that it is the truth that sets people free and those in the homosexual community that are looking for fulfillment, that are looking for the approval that they are trying to get by forcing society to embrace homosexuality, they will never get it that way. They’ll only get it when they come to grips with the truth, that they are created in the image of God and God has a plan for their lives, and it’s not the destructive path that they’re on.

Perkins To Obama's Christian Supporters: "Repent"

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins said yesterday that Christians who supported President Obama in the last election cycle must begin “repenting” and vote for his opponent in 2012. Perkins’ remarks came after his appearance on James Dobson’s My Family Talk where he said, as first reported by Right Wing Watch, that Obama “has a disdain for Christianity” and is creating “an atmosphere that is hostile toward Christianity.”

In an interview with the Christian Post, Perkins accused Obama of trying to curtail freedom of religion and railed against the administration’s decision to rescind Bush-era rules allowing health workers to refuse medical care that they claim would violate their religious beliefs, such as providing birth control. Perkins used this an example of the administration’s purported “extensive record of hostility toward Christianity,” claiming that the Obama administration “has been the most hostile toward religious freedom” in US history:

Perkins told The Christian Post that the administration has coined a new term called “freedom of worship” which is distinctly different from the “freedom of religion” that the constitution guarantees.

“There is a huge distinction between the two. Freedom of religion is the ability to live your life based upon your religious teachings. Freedom of worship is what constitutes 9 to 11 am in most Churches on Sunday morning.”

Perkins went on to explain that the Obama administration is taking away a citizen’s right to live based on religious teachings and that it is evident in recent court cases as well as the military. For example, the health care overhaul mandates Catholic institutions provide health insurance to cover contraceptives.

“That’s strictly against their doctrine,” Perkins said.

“Any Christian that voted for Obama in 2008 should be repenting [and voting differently] in the next election. This administration has been the most hostile toward religious freedom.”

Perkins urges the public not to be fooled by Obama’s campaign rhetoric which will probably ramp up its pro-Christian language just in time for the election.

“Whether you vote Democrat or Republican, disregard the (candidate’s) rhetoric and look at the record. This administration has an extensive record of hostility toward Christianity.”

FRC Warns Against "The President's Perverse Agenda"

The Family Research Council in yesterday’s Washington Update pounced on language in the Defense Authorization bill “repealing the military's sodomy ban” following the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. “While liberals couldn't be bothered to consider amendments protecting religious liberty or marriage, they did find time to advance the President’s perverse agenda,” the group told members, “If the bill passes, our troops will have Congress’s approval to introduce sodomy in the ranks.”

The group also alerted members of a purported attempt by Democrats to “sneak an amendment onto the Defense bill to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).” However, a spokesman for the repeal bill’s chief sponsor Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) told Metro Weekly’s Chris Geidner that “it is not true that Sen. Feinstein is ‘threatening to attach [DOMA repeal] to the Defense Authorization Bill.”

The fiscal year may have kicked off on October 1, but the Senate is just now getting around to funding its departments. After the Armed Services Committee approved the Defense Authorization bill back in June, our sources tell us that Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) could bring the spending measure to the floor as early as this week. Unfortunately for our troops, the bill hides a lot more than appropriations. Buried deep in the Pentagon's budget is one major change in Defense policy. As part of the mark-up, the Senate included language repealing the military's sodomy ban. That's right. While liberals couldn't be bothered to consider amendments protecting religious liberty or marriage, they did find time to advance the President's perverse agenda. If the bill passes, our troops will have Congress's approval to introduce sodomy in the ranks.

There's also a distinct possibility (as we mentioned last week) that Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) could try to sneak an amendment onto the Defense bill to overturn the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). While there's no confirmation that she'll go through with it, Feinstein would have to scrounge up 60 votes just to attach the anti-marriage bill onto the final legislation. That's a tall task in this Senate climate where many incumbent Democrats don't want to be seen voting for sodomy and against marriage!

Rep. Bill Johnson Claims Obama Is Hostile To Christianity And America

Last week on American Family Radio’s Today’s Issues, Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council hosted Rep. Bill Johnson (R-OH) to discuss a bill he wrote that would compel the Department of Interior to include a prayer from Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the World War II Memorial. After Wildmon lashed out at the Obama administration’s supposed hostility to Christianity, the freshman congressman told Wildmon and Perkins that Obama and his administration are “not only hostile to the Christian faith; they’re hostile to America, period.” Johnson went on to say that Obama has “a different view than any American that I know about what makes this country great” and is “out slamming America every time he gets an opportunity.”

Just last week, Perkins said that Obama “has a disdain for Christianity.” In July, Wildmon and Perkins agreed that Obama is “the worst president this country ever had.”


Wildmon: Can President Obama do any more, to be hostile to the Christian faith?

Johnson: They’re not only hostile to the Christian faith; they’re hostile to America, period. You heard just within the past week President Obama saying that America’s been lazy about investing and creating business opportunities in the Pacific region, he simply has a different view than any American that I know about what makes this country great. Instead of being about creating jobs and balancing the federal budget and holding Washington accountable, he’s out slamming America every time he gets an opportunity.

Religious Right Groups Ask God To Thwart Occupy Wall Street

While Religious Right leaders lauded tea party groups for taking to the streets, now they are asking for the government, and God, to crush the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Earlier this week, the Family Research Council asked members to pray against “these raucus [sic] groups” and “ideological anarchists,” asking for God to “harvest souls for Christ among them”:

The expanded Wall Street Occupation is endorsed by labor unions, liberal mayors, governors, the White House, the American Nazi and Communist parties, ACORN, Hollywood enertainers [sic] and a long list of supra-liberal and liberal groups, not the least of which is the liberal media. Encampments in major cities, including Washington, DC, are not only a nuisance, a health hazard and an embarrassment [sic] to thinking Americans, they are increasingly becoming violent. Ideological anarchists intimidate and abuse bystanders, damage automobiles, jump on and in front of moving vehicles, urinate and defacate [sic] on private and public property, go naked and perform sex acts in public, produce tons of garbage that taxpayers have to collect and haul away, etc. Yet the mainstream press, which villainized [sic] the Tea Party movement, after long ignoring it, flagrantly idealizes the Occupiers and ignores the damage and ugly crimes happening in most places where an occupation is in progress. Fortunately the movement is "losing its bloom," and beginning to die out. The honeymoon among these diverse activists may be coming to an end.

May the movement simply fizzle. May God protect those who live nearby and must encounter these raucus [sic] groups. May God harvest souls for Christ from among them just as He did discontented youth in the Jesus Movment [sic] of the 60's and 70's (1 Sam 22:1-2; 2 Chr 15:4-7; Ps 18:40-50; Is 42:14-18; Lk 19:39-40; Rom 8:15-16; 10:20).

Writing for Rick Joyner’s Oak Initiative, Lloyd Phillips asserted yesterday that Occupy Wall Street is about to become violent and referred to the economic justice movement as the “FLEA Party,” or, “For Lawlessness en’ Anarchy”:

While the “Occupy” group is not even a large group at this time, it is interesting— in a historical context—that they call themselves the 99%. This is the same tactic that was used by Vladimir Lenin in the Russian Revolution when he called his movement the “Bolsheviks,” which means “the majority.” His revolution was successful in a similar violent fashion as the French Revolution. I find it interesting that just as the TEA Party demonstrations call upon the ideals of the American Revolution, many “Occupy” protestors continually refer to the French Revolution. Numerous calls for violence have been published from various “Occupy” locations and thousands of arrests have been made across the country. In NYC alone, violent crime, including the murder rate, has soared during the time of the protesting (although this is not being widely covered by the media outlets). In a widely distributed speech, one protestor openly called for violence as with the French Revolution and called Mahatma Gandhi “a tumor” because he preached non-violent civil disobedience, which the speaker said created a nation full of poor people where wealth is distributed unevenly. This of course ignores the fact that India actually has the largest middle class of any nation on earth, and it is rapidly expanding.

It is interesting to make note of some of the groups and nations that have endorsed the “Occupy” protests: Iran and Communist China, the Communist party of the USA, the Nazi party of the USA, David Duke the KKK leader, George Soros, SEIU, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), Key Democratic leaders, and our President, to name a few. If one can tell anything from the friends one keeps perhaps this should tell us something important about the “Occupy” protests. Because of the look and dress of many of the “Occupy” protestors, some people have taken to calling them the Flea Party. The acronym for FLEA is “For Lawlessness en’ Anarchy.”

Not to be outdone, Cindy Jacobs prophesied today that God will contend with an emerging and dangerous “spirit of anarchy,” which she has previously said controls the Occupy Wall Street Movement:

For the Lord says the United States is fast approaching her "tipping point". I am ready, says God, to reach out and balance but even if tremendous prayer is poured out, it will only steady the nation for a season unless there is a heart-felt turning back to the Lord.

There are hidden plots being hatched on many levels that need to be uncovered. Plots of anarchy on various levels from minor to large. The Spirit of Anarchy will try and manifest to hold captive and terrorize the cities and this must be turned in prayer. Terrorists are moving behind the scenes to hit more than one target out a time to strike terror into the hearts of people.

However, one will put a thousand to flight and two, ten thousand! I will expose and uncover those who plot together with unlikely partnerships if my people pray! There are some nations who are saying they are at peace with the United States but it is only a ploy. Intercede for exposure of these alliances.

Religious Right Reacts To DOMA Repeal Vote

Yesterday, the Respect for Marriage Act, legislation that will repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act, passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on a 10-8 vote, naturally spurring outrage among Religious Right activists. The vote was not a surprise to conservative groups, who told activists to be ready to fight the bill on the floor of the Senate.

Focus on the Family’s political arm CitizenLink blasted the “ironically labeled the ‘Respect for Marriage Act’” and the Thomas More Society warned of the “great legal problems, great confusion” and the “actual human beings who will be hurt” if DOMA is no more.

Family Research Council president Tony Perkins told activists that if the Respect for Marriage Act passes, “your tax dollars go to pay for the federal benefits and subsidies of gay couples” because liberals wanted to “award” marriage “to a small, vocal and already well off special interest group” and consequently cause “harm to society”:

Today the Senate Judiciary Committee passed S.598, Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) bill that would completely eradicate the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and the protections it affords taxpayers and the majority of state’s voters who have decided to define marriage as between one man and one woman.

The misnomer medal of the month might have to be awarded early! S.598, the misleadingly titled “Respect for Marriage Act” not only disrespects American’s across the country who want to protect traditional marriage--and have done as much in the 31 states which have passed statewide referendums in favor of marriage--it will also require your tax dollars go to pay for the federal benefits and subsidies of gay couples, irrespective of where they live, who have gotten “married” in 6 states that allow it.

Marriage is not some prize that liberals can award to a small, vocal and already well off special interest group. Marriage between one man and one woman was created prior to the formation of any governments and is given benefits by governments because it uniquely contributes to a productive society. Trying to change the definition to fit some misguided concept can only cause harm to society.

Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum lamented that if DOMA is repealed, states that don’t legalize same-sex marriage will be “forced to recognize and subsidize another state’s objectionable definition of marriage,” urging activists to make sure the Respect for Marriage Act isn’t another “item from the radical liberal wish list” that is attached to the National Defense Authorization Act:

As you might have heard, the liberal Senate Judiciary Committee passed a bill shamefully misnamed the "Respect for Marriage Act" (H.R. 1116, S. 598), which would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), today by a straight party line vote. All 10 Democrats voted Yes and all 8 Republicans voted No.

Now that six states have legalized same-sex marriage, in many cases by judicial or legislative fiat, overriding the express will of the people of those states, DOMA is more essential than ever to ensure that states choosing to protect traditional marriage are not forced to recognize and subsidize another state’s objectionable definition of marriage.

We are hearing some reports from Capitol Hill that liberals in the Senate are considering introducing the bill as an amendment to the Department of Defense (DOD) Authorization Bill.

As outrageous as this sounds, it is becoming a liberal tradition. This would be the third consecutive year that the liberal Senate has attached an item from the radical liberal wish list to this bill that is so important to our nation's defense, knowing that our legislators respect our military and don’t like to oppose defense-related authorization bills. Last year, they attempted to attach a repeal of the 1993 law prohibiting homosexuals from openly serving in the military, and the year before that, liberals attached a federal “hate crimes” bill to the DOD Authorization Bill.

William B. May of Catholics for the Common Good said that repealing DOMA will ultimately harm children:

It was disgusting to see adults trivialize marriage by bickering about benefits for gay couples while the rights and interests of children in the marriage of their mothers and fathers were being thrown under the bus.

Children have a right to know and be cared for by their mothers and fathers, and government has an obligation to promote the recognition of that right by encouraging men and women to marry before having children. But "marriage equality" says it should be discriminatory to promote marriage between a man and a woman as having any unique value or benefit for children and society. That is a lie.

Today, Senator Feinstein and the other 9 Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee made a statement that the government has no interest in the only institution that not only unites a man and a woman with each other, but with any children born from their union.

But that can't happen unless we are willing to make sacrifices, change our personal priorities, and roll up our sleeves to build the army needed to take back marriage and family. This is not like any other army because this is an army of love, walking with Christ, in solidarity with the increasing number of children who are deprived of marriage mothers and fathers, and young people who are receiving a corrupted understanding of love and sexuality. This undermines their ability to form healthy stable relationships that lead to marriage as the foundation of the family. This is a crisis that is effecting almost every family.

Perkins: Obama "Has A Disdain For Christianity"

Today on Family Talk, James Dobson hosted Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, Alan Sears of the Alliance Defense Fund and Gary Bauer of American Values to discuss the purportedly perilous state of Christians in the U.S. Perkins, who has called President Obama “the worst president this country ever had” and said that his reelection could spell doom for America, told Dobson that President Obama is to blame for many of the problems Christians allegedly face. “The President has used his bully pulpit” to create “an atmosphere that is hostile toward Christianity,” Perkins claimed. He even argued that Obama “has a disdain for Christianity” and that the judiciary and the military are pushing his supposedly anti-Christian policies.


Perkins: I have no doubt, as you look back over the last two and a half of years of this administration, that the President has used his bully pulpit, he has done public policy but beyond the public policy that he’s pushed for, its created an atmosphere that is hostile toward Christianity. And we’re seeing this played out all across this culture and the courts have been emboldened by this and now you see the military doing it as well. There’s no end to this as long as you have someone who is the Commander-in-Chief who is the president of this country that has a disdain for Christianity.

Personhood Initiative Defeated, "Satan Wins"

Mississippi Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, who was elected as governor yesterday, also co-chaired “Yes on 26,” the campaign to pass a “Personhood” amendment in the state, and said on Election Day that the fight over Initiative 26 was “a battle of good and evil of Biblical proportions” and warned that “Satan wins” if the initiative fails. Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, which heavily funded the “Yes on 26” effort, warned that the country would face God’s judgment if Initiative 26 lost and urged voters to “choose life lest the flickering flame of our liberty be extinguished forever.”

But the initiative did indeed fail, with a whopping 58% of Mississippi voters rejecting the extreme personhood law.

Along with Personhood USA and the American Family Association, Religious Right groups including the Family Research Council, Faith 2 Action and Liberty Counsel all backed Initiative 26.

Hours after the initiative was trounced at the polls, anti-choice activists are already blaming Planned Parenthood, the media, and Satan for the defeat.

Personhood USA’s Keith Ashley pledged to bring the personhood initiative back to the Mississippi ballot:

Personhood USA firmly believes that our campaign fell victim to the outright lies of our opposition, and because of their lies, children will continue to be murdered in Mississippi.

We recognize that the right time to end abortion in Mississippi is now, and that is why the citizens of Mississippi will attempt a personhood ballot measure again—and again, if necessary—until every person’s life is protected.

Brad Prewitt, the executive director of “Yes on 26,” likened the personhood fight to the struggle against slavery, and Gualberto Garcia Jones of Personhood USA blamed the media and the “culture of death” for the defeat, in interviews with the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow:

"It's easy to look at things in a linear fashion, but we know that God's provision is not easily discernible by us in terms of his will -- and we have to await his will," he tells OneNewsNow. "And in the meantime, we have to be committed to biblical truth."

Meanwhile, Prewitt stresses the pro-life movement is not on life support in Mississippi. "There has been and there will continue to be a pro-life movement in Mississippi," he assures. "William Wilberforce started the anti-slave movement in England [in the late 1700s] and it was a 20-something year process. So if you have to start somewhere, I think it was a productive dialogue to have."

A spokesman for Personhood USA say advocacy groups for personhood learned a lot from the campaign. "I think definitely the lies that were put out there by Planned Parenthood definitely took their toll on the people of Mississippi, and a lot of them believed them," says Gualberto Garcia Jones.

He laments that that misinformation converted to no votes on Election Day, even among pro-life residents.

"One of the things that was very telling to me was that the media, even in a conservative state such as Mississippi, was incredibly negative," Jones notes. "We had to battle uphill the whole time. They just carried the water for the opposition at every level.

"It's an indicator of how deep the culture of death has taken root of our nation.

Susan Tyrrell of Lou Engle’s Bound4Life wrote that it was a victory for “the kingdom of Satan”:

When push came to shove Tuesday night, Mississippians voted that the unborn could not be defined as people according to the proposed personhood amendment.

The kingdom of Satan is united, which is why, for this season, it’s successful. Eventually the church will be united. At the end of the age we will be a powerful, praying church that stands for the only definition of justice that exists: the Jesus one. But right now we’re not there. I don’t want to be cynical. I know many wonderful praying people of all denominations who stand for LIFE and the word of God. We are advancing, but tonight, once again, we have let the kingdom of darkness advance ahead of us.

FRC Slams Conan O’Brien For Officiating Same-Sex Wedding

In an email to members last night, the Family Research Council attacked Conan O’Brien for planning to officiate a wedding for a same-sex couple on his late night comedy show. O’Brien announced last week that he will marry a longtime staffer and his partner in New York’s Beacon Theatre. Without failing to use scare quotes, FRC noted that O’Brien is “taking advantage of the state's new law by ‘marrying’ two of his male staffers.” The anti-gay group said that the wedding will “help our movement highlight what a sham same-sex ‘marriage’ is,” and used the event to attack the Respect for Marriage Act, the Senate bill which would repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act.

If Conan O'Brien thinks hosting a same-sex "wedding" on his show will help its popularity, the joke's on him. To celebrate the funnyman's one-year anniversary on TBS, "Conan" is broadcasting this week from his old neighborhood in New York City. And in a desperate move for ratings, the host is taking advantage of the state's new law by "marrying" two of his male staffers on the program. Thanks to a free online certificate from the Universal Life Church, he can even officiate. While Conan might grab a few headlines from the ceremony, the irony of a comedian performing the ceremony--along with his joke of an ordination--is notable. If Hollywood wants to help our movement highlight what a sham same-sex "marriage" is, then late-night television is the perfect medium! O'Brien's camp insists that the ceremony isn't a "publicity stunt."

You can expect the same fictitious claim in the U.S. Senate. There, liberal Democrats are doing their best to steal the spotlight on marriage by introducing a bill to redefine it. Sponsored by a former San Francisco Mayor, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), the deceptively-named "Respect for Marriage Act" would topple the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and open the federal floodgates to same-sex unions. Like us, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) shakes his head at the bill's title. "George Orwell would have marveled at that name. A real bill to restore marriage would restore marriage as it has been known: as between one man and one woman," Grassley said. "That is the view of marriage that I support. This bill would undermine, not restore, marriage by repealing the Defense of Marriage Act."

The Judiciary Committee is set to consider the bill tomorrow (though it could be delayed a week), and given the committee's Democratic majority, it will almost certainly pass. Enter the liberal media, which will bombard Americans with a wave of news about the progress of the same-sex "marriage" movement. Don't buy it. The Judiciary Committee is widely considered the most partisan of all committees, and its 10 liberals do not represent the values of the broader Congress--or the country. Its Democratic members include: Sens. Pat Leahy (Vt.), Herb Kohl (Wisc.), the bill's author, Dianne Feinstein (Calif.), Chuck Schumer (N.Y.), Dick Durbin (Ill.), Sheldon Whitehouse (R.I.), Amy Klobuchar (Minn.), Al Franken (Minn.), Chris Coons (Del.), and Richard Blumenthal (Conn.). Not one of them scored higher than a zero percent on FRC Action's Vote Scorecard. How's that for extremist?

FRC: Pray Against Same-Sex Parents Adopting Children

Earlier today, Concerned Women for America’s Janice Shaw Crouse attacked legislation that would end discrimination against gay and lesbian couples in the adoption and foster care process by warning that children of same-sex parents will be used as “guinea pigs.” Now, the Family Research Council is also going after the “Every Child Deserves A Family Act” by asking members to pray for its defeat. The FRC adds on their patented scare quotes to describe “children in LGBT ‘families’” and “LGBT ‘parents’” and warns that the bill will “subject foster and adoptive children to the homosexual indoctrination and behavior of LGBT ‘parents.’” The group goes on to pray, “May God intervene and stir Americans to resist and stop this effort to advance the radical homosexual agenda and literally to possess our nation’s children.”

Homosexual Adoption -- Building upon Congress' passage of a pro-homosexual federal hate crimes law, the overturn of the law against homosexuality in the military, and the legalization of homosexual marriage in her home state, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) has introduced the Every Child Deserves A Family Act. The Act would end all federal funding for adoption agencies that refuse to place children in LGBT "families." It will punish public and private agencies that act on their view that traditionally married couples are the best candidates to adopt. It will trounce on adoption agencies in the 31 states that have passed marriage amendments. It will put some Christian groups that take federal funds out of business altogether. Moreover, it will subject foster and adoptive children to the homosexual indoctrination and behavior of LGBT "parents"

May God intervene and stir Americans to resist and stop this effort to advance the radical homosexual agenda and literally to possess our nation's children. May God open our eyes! (Gen 1:26-28; 2:21-24; Lev 18:22-30; Dt 26:7-8; Pr 28:4; Lk 17:1-2; Acts 5:29; Eph 5:31-6:4)
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