Camenker and MassResistance Push Scott Lively For Governor

Last month we noted that Brian Camenker of MassResistance had been invited to speak at a local Tea Party rally in Massachusetts, only to see the entire rally collapse after other speakers backed out when they learned that he was be participating.

He's been complaining about it ever since and lashing out at the "RINOs" who are trying to keep social conservatives like him out of the movement instead of recognizing the real reason, which is that his organization is listed as an anti-gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center

Which makes this new email from MassResistance all the more interesting, as Camenker is urging activists to write in Scott Lively for Governor:

This week we are urging people to write in Scott Lively for Governor, against Charlie Baker.

Scott Lively lives in Springfield and is known as a major pro-family figure not only in the U.S. but internationally. He is an attorney, pastor (with a PhD in theology), pro-family activist, and author of several books. He also spent time as an international consultant on family issues with more than twenty years of ministry opposing the "gay" political agenda around the world.

Dr. Lively is founder of Abiding Truth Ministries, the Pro-Family Law Center,, and most recently the Redemption Gate Ministry Society in Springfield, Mass.. Over the past 20 years he has also lectured and consulted on pro-family strategies in more than 30 countries.

Like Glenn Beck, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, the Tea Party Movement, MassResistance, and many more, Scott Lively has been demonized by the far-left Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a "hate group" - a disgusting tactic meant to marginalize effective conservatives. For his beliefs and activism he has withstood pressure that would overcome most people.

Lively is everything that Charlie Baker is not. He is principled, pro-family, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-2nd-amendment, pro-religion, pro-parents' rights, and utterly fearless.

Send a clear message to the RINO establishment

There's nothing quite like voting for someone you actually support, rather than the lesser of two (or three) evils.

And by thousands (we hope!) of people voting for Scott Lively as a write-in candidate in the September 14 Republican Primary, a very strong statement will be made to the RINO Republican establishment, especially since relatively few people vote in most primaries. Don't assume you own us. What you're selling, we're not buying. The people running the Massachusetts Republican Party love to use social conservatives to do the grunt work on campaigns, but they arrogantly see themselves as above "dirtying" themselves with the principled issues that conservatives care about.

That's right: the head of one Massachusetts based SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group is urging his supporters to support the head of another Massachusetts based SPLC-certified anti-gay hate group for governor. 

In the same email, Camenker brags that he has been invited to speak at a South Boston Tea Party rally at Fort Independence on August 22 with Don Feder and others. 

Unlike the other cowardly Tea Party activists who didn't want anything to do with Camenker, "South Boston Tea Party president Susan Long invites everyone to come and make a statement: If Tea Partiers upset the Left and the political establishment, well -- so be it."

Will they still feel that way about letting Camenker participate when then learn that he wants to see someone like Lively elected Governor? 

Barton On Beck, Bodyguards, and Bulletproof Vests

David Barton was on "Today's Issues" on American Family Radio yesterday, which is a program hosted by American Family Association President Tim Wildmon and AFR General Manager Marvin Sanders, discussing a range of issues, including how he managed to get hooked up with Glenn Beck.

Barton explained that God brought them together, as Beck had been praying about who he should get to teach the faith aspect of his American history lessons when two different people approached him in church and told him to read Barton's books.  Barton also reveals that Glenn Beck has a massive security detail and has to wear a bulletproof vest when out in public:

Wildmon: How'd he get your name? How did you guys get hooked up?

Barton: He said that he had read books that I had written years ago and as he was at church, really the Sunday before he made the decision, that two people came up to him and both on that day gave him some of our books and said you really need to read this stuff. And he thought that was the Lord speaking to him, in the mouth of two or three witnesses He establishes it. So that was kind of the thing that was the spur; he was praying about who should I get to present the faith aspect of this and then two people walked up to him and made the same recommendation, not knowing he was praying about it and so that's how it kind of tied together.

Wildmon and Sanders: That guy is under siege. He has replaced Rush Limbaugh as the most hated man in America. Why do you think that is David?

Barton: Just to kind of affirm what you're saying before I get to why: he asked me to go over and do a Broadway event with him ... There we were on Broadway and I reached over, we prayed together, and I reached over to give him a hug and he's wearing a bulletproof vest. I find out that that is typical for him. He doesn't go anywhere without lots of security. I think that particular night the FBI had alerted him that they had a very credible threat than an attempt would be made on him and so it was much like being with the Secret Service and the President. I think there were like 15-17 bodyguards that night, there was one at every exit. As he was up on the stage speaking, there were guys down in the front of the stage doing nothing but watching the crowd, one from each side of the stage, I mean it looked exactly like a Presidential detail and that's the kind of he and his family have to live with.


Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Ben Quayle has now admitted "that he did, in fact, post comments on, a website devoted to chronicling the trashy side of the Scottsdale nightclub scene."
  • Benny Hinn says that he did have a "friendship" with Paula White but that there was "no immorality whatsoever" and now it is over.
  • Billy Graham says your atheist friend might seem like a good person, but they aren't "because a true atheist has no real reason to believe in right and wrong or to behave sacrificially toward others."
  • I can only imagine that this campaign again birth control and "transhumanism" will be a huge hit for the anti-choice movement.
  • Finally John Stemberger, President of the Florida Family Policy Council, wants people to follow him on Twitter. So I did ... and then he blocked me:

Random Book Blogging: How Chuck Pierce And Company Caused An Earthquake

It is time for another episode of "Random Book Blogging," highlighting interesting passages from Chuck Pierce's book title "The Future War of the Church: How We Can Defeat Lawlessness and Bring God's Order to the Earth."

In this post, we take a look at how Pierce, along with Peter Wagner and his wife Doris, caused an earthquake in Turkey.  As Pierce explained, they believe that "we must use the power of breakthrough prayer to smash the vicious cycle of unbelief and declare a breaking of the enemy's scheme" and so they decided to the city of Ephesus, Turkey on the grounds that it was once an important stronghold for the early Christian church:

In 1998, I joined Peter and Doris Wagner of Global Harvest Ministries in spearheading a mission project called Operation Queen's Palace. The primary focus of this project was to pray that the demonic entity know as the Queen of Heaven would let loose her grip over the region. The central focus of our prayer was the city of Ephesus.


So in 1998 we began an organized thrust to pray for this region of the world, a thrust that was to culminate with Celebration Ephesus in October 1999. In preparation for Celebration Ephesus we sent 16 prayer teams throughout Europe and Turkey to pray breakthrough prayers for the area. Our last team was still in Istanbul when one of the greatest earthquakes ever recorded hit the region on August 17, 1999, killing thousands. They eyes of the world turned toward Turkey, and hearts were filled with compassion.

Almost immediately the love of God was poured out on the people of that nation! The Turkish people saw the love of Christ manifested through His people responding to their need and bringing relief. A TV reporter in Turkey quoted that proverb "A Turk has not friend but another Turk." He then stated "but with the outpouring of foreign aid, that proverb is no longer true!"

Perhaps because of this tragic event and the love of Christ that was experience in this nation as a result, thousands upon thousands will turn and come to know the Lord's saving grace.


Could it be that prayer can actually effect such a dramatic change in the spiritual atmosphere over a region that it visible and unalterably affects the natural environment on a similar level? ... I believe informed intercession is like an arrow, penetrating a region and creating change so that the gospel can advance ... When there is such a spiritual breakthrough that angelic forces come down from the heavens and visit the earth in any region, creation responds to this visitation and the natural order is rearranged. This often produces the change necessary for the gospel to advance throughout the region.

This earthquake reportedly killed some 18,000 people, so if an army of prayer warriors suddenly show up in your neighborhood with the intention of freeing your region from Satan's clutches, you might want to stock up on supplies.

Fischer: "We Ought to be Done with the Building of Mosques in the United States of America"

Yesterday we noted that the AFA's Bryan Fischer was demanding the end to the construction of all mosques on the grounds that "each Islamic mosque is dedicated to the overthrow of the American government."

He made the same case on his radio program, at first talking about the "Ground Zero Mosque," but then issuing a call for a blanket ban on the construction of any new mosques anywhere in the country:

I have said this thing should not be built. I have appealed to every construction firm in the city of New York not to take a dime of tainted money to build this thing. It's going to be a memorial to the Muslim martyrs. It's going to be a memorial to the conquest of Allah and Islam on 9/11. That's what this whole thing is about. And even worse, I believe, it's going to be a terrorist training center. It's going to be a center for the inculcation of jihadist ideas.

Permits, in my judgment, should not be granted to build even one more mosque in the United States of America. Not one! We ought to be done with the building of mosques in the United States of America. I'm not saying go out and tear down the ones that are there. I'm saying we should not issue building permits for a single additional mosque in the United States of America.

I particularly like how Fischer makes clear that he's not calling for the destruction of existing mosques, because that would be going too far.  So you can see how reasonable he is.

Colson: We Must Stop SCOTUS From Unleashing Gay Marriage "Cultural Armageddon"

Last week we noted how Chuck Colson had come up with a plan, in the wake of the Prop 8 ruling, to prevent the Supreme Court from ruling in favor of gay marriage: build a groundswell of opposition to the idea for the sole purpose of convincing that Supreme Court that any ruling recognizing the right to marriage equality will not be accepted by the people.

And that is exactly what he is setting out to do, saying in this new video that "of course, the Justices will listen to legal arguments, they'll weigh the precedents, but in the final analysis they will not approve gay marriage if it goes against an overwhelming public consensus":

So you can forget all about the Right's supposed commitment to the idea that cases must be decided on the merits and rulings must be based on foundational Constitutional values and principles because, according to Colson, the role of the Supreme Court is to simply issue decisions that reflect the will of the majority. 

And that is why Colson is on a mission to mobilize right-wing activists so as to convince the Supreme Court that any decision recognizing gay marriage will lead to "cultural armageddon." 

CA Christian School Fires Catholic Employees For Not Being "Born Again"

How do you think the Religious Right would react to a scenario in which several Christian teachers and employees were fired from a school for not holding the proper views?  Most likely, they'd scream "discrimination."

Now how do you think the Religious Right would react to a scenario in which several teachers were fired from a Christian school for not holding the proper views?  Most likely, they'd say the school has the right to set its own religious requirements and to determine who it hires and fires accordingly.

So I am genuinely curious about how they will respond to this story in about a Christian school firing a bunch of Catholic employees for not being "born again": 

Four teachers and seven other workers at a Southern California religious school have been fired because of differences in biblical interpretation and incompatible beliefs.

Most of the dismissed workers were Roman Catholics whose beliefs conflicted with those of Corona's conservative evangelical Crossroads Christian Schools, which last year lost its autonomy and came under the umbrella of the 8,000-member Crossroads Christian Church next door.

"To me, it feels like religious cleansing," said the Rev. John Saville of St. John's Episcopal Church, where fired elementary teacher Marylou Goodman is a parishioner.

The fired employees had been told a year ago of the school's closer relationship with the church and a requirement that they attend a "Bible-believing church," meaning born-again.

The employees had reportedly signed a "statement of faith" which summarized Crossroads' beliefs and saw nothing with which they disagreed, but authorities at the school believed that these employees "weren't living out" the statement, in part because they have not received the proper baptism:

Crossroads is not anti-Catholic, said the Rev. Chuck Booher, senior pastor of the church. But some fundamental Catholic beliefs and practices -- such as praying to saints and the belief that the wine and wafer in communion become Christ's blood and body -- are not in line with Crossroads' teachings, he said.

In addition, Crossroads views only full-body-immersion baptism as valid, based upon interpretations of Biblical verses. Most of the 11 dismissed employees had not undergone baptism by immersion, Frobisher said.

Booher said some dismissed employees did not know why the church required immersive baptism.

"The fact we had teachers who didn't understand that shows we (the church and school) weren't in alignment," Booher said. "We want teachers in our school with a strong enough understanding that we wouldn't have to explain that to them."


One teacher who had been raised Lutheran was rehired for the new school year after she underwent a full-immersion baptism, Long said. She now attends Crossroads.

Focus Seeks to Capitalize On Tim Tebow, Will Now Run Ads During Denver Bronco Games

Man, Focus on the Family really, really loves Tim Tebow.

Just because they are laying off people left and right as they struggle to stay within its shrinking budget, it doesn't mean that they can't start running statewide ads during Denver Broncos games:

Focus on the Family denies that the crossover appeal of religious rookie quarterback Tim Tebow is the sole reason the conservative Christian ministry has, for the first time, bought statewide TV ads to air during Denver Broncos games.

But it didn't hurt.

The Colorado Springs-based family-counseling ministry said it got a good package deal with Colorado CBS affiliates, including Denver's KCNC-Channel 4, on ads that will run during more than a dozen games, beginning with this weekend's preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Focus on the Family bought a Super Bowl ad featuring Tebow and liked the results.

"We saw from our Super Bowl advertising experience that, for a family-help organization like ours, football is a perfect place to advertise," Focus vice president Gary Schneeberger said. "The Broncos are a real family tradition here on the Front Range."


The ads are a logical extension of the Focus campaign to raise brand awareness among a new generation of young families that began with the Tebow ad, Schneeberger said.

He wouldn't disclose specifics about the new campaign, except to say the ads won't feature Tebow.

"They're not political ads. They're not religious ads," Schneeberger said. "They will make people aware of the services Focus offers to help families thrive. They will make statements on social values and touch on the sanctity of life, but it would be a leap to say the ads will address family issues from a controversial standpoint."

Rep. Lamar Smith: No Impeachment of Judge Vaughan Walker

Though the Religious Right was universally outraged by Judge Vaughan Walker's ruling striking down Proposition, only the American Family Association went so far as to demand his immediate impeachment:

Judge Walker's ruling is not "good Behaviour." He has exceeded his constitutional authority and engaged in judicial tyranny.

Judges are not, in fact, unaccountable. They are accountable to Congress, which can remove them from office.

Impeachment proceedings, according to the Constitution, begin in the House of Representatives. It's time for you to put your congressman on record regarding the possible impeachment of Judge Walker.

Yesterday, Rep. Lamar Smith, ranking Republican on the House Judiciary Committee, was the guest on Bryan Fischer's radio program and Fischer wanted to know if they had any plans to try and impeach Walker and Smith told him flat-out that it wasn't going to happen:

Fischer: Judges are in fact accountable to Congress, they have the power of impeachment, they serve only during good behavior. It's my opinion that this is bad behavior. Is there any sense in which the House of Representatives would consider this an impeachable offense for a judge?

Smith: We have done a lot of research on that subject, since I'm the ranking member of the Judiciary Committee, the senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee, and quite frankly this doesn't rise to the normal level of impeachment, as much as we might disagree with the opinion. Ultimately, of course, the solution is to elect presidents who will appoint federal judges who do not legislate from the bench and who do not engage in judicial activism. But I do not think that we would be successful in an impeachment move, but it doesn't mean that we can't do something about it by way of a resolution, by way of making elections about these kinds of appointments.

I guess I should point out that Walker was nominated to the federal bench by President Ronald Reagan.