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  • Sen. John Ensign is resigning from office.
  • Everything you could want to know about Birtherism.
  • Speaking of which, suddenly Donald Trump doesn't want to be asked about his Birtherism.
  • Glenn Beck fires back at Mike Huckabee for firing back at Beck for attacking him.  Fun!
  • Finally, Alan Keyes: "Obama's use of language that overtly employs the enslaving logic of the income tax system ought to be a warning to all Americans still loyal to the constitutional liberty of the people. It warns against Obama's embrace of the communistic logic that overturns the unalienable rights of property in order to assert collective, government ownership of the income and assets of all the people. But it should also warn against the assumption that this logic is simply a function of the Obama faction's leftist ideology. The problem is not just with Obama, or with this or that communist, socialist or liberal faction of our leadership. The problem is that we are already living with the consequences of establishing institutions, like the income tax, that weave into the fabric of our daily lives a communist-style assault against the unalienable right to private property."

AFA Video Uses Fake Quote From John Quincy Adams To Prove "The Biblical Foundations Of Government"

The American Family Association is promoting the lecture series “Biblical Foundations of Government with Erich Pratt,” a graduate of Pat Robertson’s Regent University and a conservative activist with Gun Owners of America. The group advertises that “the Bible tells us that all governing authorities are instituted by God and are responsible for the reward of good behavior and the punishment of evil,” and by watching the series “you’ll gain a strong, scriptural understanding of the basis of American civil government and your role as a citizen.”

But the one minute trailer prominently features an uncorroborated quote attributed to John Quincy Adams, “The highest glory of the American Revolution was this: ‘It connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.’”

But where did Pratt find this unsubstantiated quote of Quincy Adams?

It was included in pseudo-historian David Barton’s America’s Godly Heritage series, one of the many examples of Barton misquoting or selectively editing the words of the Founding Fathers.

Ed Brayton writes that “the quote, to be blunt, is a fake”:

This is another textbook example of what happens when quotes are simply passed along and repeated without anyone bothering to check the original source to see if it's accurate. This is why, in scholarly documents, footnotes are used to provide specific documentation of the source of a quote. Let's follow the trail backwards and see where it leads. The quote is used by David Barton, who is nearly always the modern source of false quotations from the founding fathers. We'll see an example of another one below. Barton did not get it from the original documents, he got it from another book of quotations by William Federer called America's God and Country: An Encyclopedia of Quotations. So Federer got it from the original, right? Wrong. Federer's footnote is to a book by John Wingate Thornton from 1860. The Thornton book is full of quotations and footnotes locating the source of those quotes. But these words, attributed to John Quincy Adams, are not in fact a quote at all. The words belonged to Thornton. The words are not in quotation marks and there is no footnote giving a source. And no one has ever located an original source from Adams that contain those words, of even a similar sentiment to it. The quote, to be blunt, is a fake. Adams never said it. But this is an excellent example of what passes for historical scholarship among the Christian Nation proponents - the truth doesn't matter so long as something can be made to appear as supporting their position.

Barber Claims Isabella Miller Will Become A "Trophy Child" For "The Gay Agenda"

As Kyle just posted, new developments in the kidnapping of Isabella Miller point to the possible complicity of Mat Staver’s Liberty Counsel, whose lawyer Rena Lindevaldsen is representing Lisa Miller. According to the FBI affidavit, Miller is living in a house owned by the father of Staver’s administrative assistant. Matt Barber, Liberty Counsel’s Director of Cultural Affairs, has consistently attacked Miller’s former partner Janet Jenkins and the courts. Staver, Lindevaldesn and Barber are all also professors at Liberty University School of Law.

Earlier this week, Barber said that a recent ruling in Louisiana that upheld the state’s refusal to issue a birth certificate including both of the names of the two men who were adopting a child born in the state would bolster Miller’s case. Referring to Jenkins, who was awarded custody of Isabella, Barber said that Liberty Counsel is attempting to protect Lisa and Isabella Miller “from this homosexual activist woman who wants this trophy child to hold up as an advancement of the gay agenda.”


So this is great in the court, in ruling on this, said ‘the full faith and credit clause does not oblige Louisiana to confer particular benefits on unmarried parents contrary to its law.’ My hope is that the Virginia Supreme Court, as we continue on with our case with Lisa Miller, that eventually they will look to this federal ruling. I think this gives cover to other federal judges as we continue fighting on behalf of Lisa and Isabella Miller, to protect them from this homosexual activist woman who wants this trophy child to hold up as an advancement of the gay agenda.

FBI Affidavit Reports Lisa Miller Living In Home Owned By Father of Mat Staver's Admin Assistant

It was over a year ago that Lisa Miller kidnapped her daughter and disappeared in order to avoid a court order to hand over custody to her ex-partner, Janet Jenkins.

Miller quickly became a hero to the Religious Right, thanks largely to the Liberty Counsel's long crusade to make Miller out to be the victim of a capricious legal system ... a crusade that abruptly came to an end when Miller disappeared and everyone started trying to cover their tracks.

Since her disappearance, bits of information have trickled out suggesting that Miller disappeared several months before the court imposed deadline and had help fleeing the country.

Today it was reported that a man named Timothy David Miller has been arrested for helping Miller and her daughter flee the country. And the criminal complaint [PDF] contains a wealth of information ... most notable for our purpose an assertion that Miller and her daughter are staying at a home owned by a man named Philip Zodhiates and that Zodhiates' daughter just so happens to work at the Liberty University Law School: 

66. Sarah Star, an attorney who represents Janet Jenkins, has told me that she received a call on or about June 21, 2010. The caller provided the following information:

a. Philip Zodhiates is a wealthy man and a "Liberty Leader" who has a beach house in Nicaragua. Lisa Miller and Isabella Miller have been staying at the home of Zodhiates.

b. Victoria Hyden is the daughter of Zodhiates. Zodhiates asked Hyden to disseminate a request to get Lisa Miller supplies.

67. The "Faculty/Staff Directory" listed within the Liberty School of Law website lists "Victoria Hyden" as an "Administrative Assistant" within the "Admissions and Financial Aid" section.

68. A website printout dated July 7, 2010 from the website lists Philip Zodhiates as the owner of a vacation rental in Nicaragua.

And indeed she does - that is her in the front row, third from the left:

It is quite a conicidence that Mat Staver, head of Liberty Counsel, happens to also be Dean of the Liberty School of Law and that Rena Lindevaldsen, Miller's attorney at Liberty Counsel, is also an Associate Professor of Law at LU, don't you think?

And why is it that every employee listed on this Liberty Law School "Faculty/Staff Directory" has a link to their own individual biography page ... except for Victoria Hyden?

How it is that Liberty Counsel's most high profile client kidnaps her daughter and flees the country and the organization insists for more than a year that it has no idea where she is ... only to have it turn out that she is reportedly living in a home owned by the father of an admin assistant in Staver's very own office? 

Creationists Warn That Teaching Evolution Leads To "Homosexual Indoctrination"

The Creation Studies Institute is warning members that, like the Nazis, gay-rights activists are using public schools to indoctrinate students. While many Religious Right groups have alleged that safe-school and anti-bullying programs lead to “homosexual indoctrination,” the Creationist Studies Institute claims that the “gay agenda” has taken over schools because schools have “fully embraced Darwinian Evolution.”

“Indeed, the rampant teaching of evolution in our schools that is effectively undermining belief in God and absolute moral standards is not only creating an atmosphere of ‘tolerance’ for homosexuality, but for just about anything,” writes Tom DeRosa, the organization’s founder and executive director, who adds: “Of course, in a purely evolutionary world, homosexuals would naturally be bred out of existence.” DeRosa goes on to compare homosexuality with polygamy and pedophilia, and asks members to purchase Focus on the Family’s Secure Daughters, Confident Sons booklet:

Those who hold godless ideologies have long understood that the best way to transform societies and change the way people traditionally think is by indoctrinating children from the earliest stages of education. In the last century, this methodology was effectively employed by those who held the atheistic ideologies of Nazism in Germany and Communism in countries such as the Soviet Union, where the state assumed total control of the educational system—even to the extent of turning children against parents. Of course, both of these worldviews fully embraced Darwinian evolution as a way to justify their actions and nullify the beliefs of their largely Christian populations. While U.S. federal government does not have that kind of authority in our school system (not yet, anyway), is it any wonder that those who lack a biblical worldview in our country, including those with a gay agenda, have seized upon our primary schools as the main vehicle of transforming our nation more to their liking?

In America, the adoption of evolution in our schools has paved the way for the introduction of the gay agenda. Those pushing it understand that nothing will more thoroughly and quickly undermine the traditional biblical foundations of our country than the normalization of homosexuality among our nation’s school children, regardless of their parents’ beliefs. Currently, under the banner of “tolerance” or “equal rights,” states like Massachusetts, New York, California, Wisconsin and Minnesota are actively implementing a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) curriculum in their public schools. But those behind the effort to legitimize LGBT lifestyles won’t be content until this kind of curricula is taught in all of our nation’s schools. So what is being taught, you might ask, that should concern those of us in the creationist community?

From the patriarchal days of Sodom and Gomorrah to the Law of Moses to the New Testament, God’s Word consistently declares that homosexuality is sin and warns of the condemnation it brings to the individuals who practice it and to societies that promote it. Indeed, the rampant teaching of evolution in our schools that is effectively undermining belief in God and absolute moral standards is not only creating an atmosphere of “tolerance” for homosexuality, but for just about anything. As the truism goes, “Without God, everything is permissible.” So, in reality, there’s nothing to prevent the same rationale being used today to justify homosexuality and homosexual marriage from being used tomorrow to sanction polygamy or pedophilia or… As one very honest evolutionist wrote a while back (a piece that quickly disappeared from public view), if evolution is true, then rape is a very valid and/or efficient way for a man to spread his genes. After all, why not? It’s the survival of the fittest. Of course, in a purely evolutionary world, homosexuals would naturally be bred out of existence, as well. But you won’t hear that from pro-evolution advocates.

Joyner: An Earthquake Is Coming So Stockpile Bibles

Ever since the earthquake in Japan, Rick Joyner has been incessantly warning that is a sign that the United States is going to be struck by a massive earthquake of its own, based on prophecies received by Joyner's colleagues over twenty years ago.

And today he was at it again, warning that this earthquake is "imminent" and urging Christians not only to stock up on food and water but also to stockpile Bibles and Bible study materials because, when the quake comes it'll knock out the power grids and people will be unable to watch TV and will need reading material.  As such, this looming disaster will "be one of the greatest opportunities for harvest ever" ... the harvest that comes "at the End of the Age":

Barber: Obama And Democrats Are "Anti-God"

Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber is aghast that Harry Reid said the phrase “one nation, indivisible,” to mark the anniversary of the Civil War. The words “under God” were added to the Pledge of Allegiance in 1955 and were not part of the original pledge. Reid did not recite the entire Pledge, just the one phrase. Speaking to Shawn Akers on Faith and Freedom, Barber said that President Obama and Reid are both “secular socialist[s]” who are “anti-God” and seek to eliminate “any reference to God, to religion, to a Creator.” As Kyle previously noted, Religious Right figures are consistently and falsely accusing Obama of deliberately removing mentions of God in his speeches, and Newt Gingrich even wrote a book about “Obama’s Secular-Socialist Machine.”


Shawn, President Obama is a secular-socialist. Harry Reid is a secular-socialist. They have a secular-socialist agenda. Socialism encompasses Marxism. What is part and parcel of Marxism? Anti-religion. The removal of Christianity, particularly any reference to Christianity, but the removal of the state to any reference to God, to religion, to a Creator. It is inherently atheist, that socialism is inherently atheist, or secular. The policies that these men are pushing, and other liberals in Congress and around the country, are secular-socialist policies. We shouldn’t be surprised that when the very policies they push are anti-God, are hostile toward our Judeo-Christian founding and seek to recreate, to fundamentally transform America as President Obama has said, to a secular-socialist nation in their own self-image. We shouldn’t be surprised that they are brazenly, overtly removing reference to God from our founding documents and from our pledge of allegiance.

Iowa GOP Tries To Impeach State Supreme Court Over Marriage Equality

After the Religious Right’s successful campaign, with massive funding from Newt Gingrich, to remove three state Supreme Court justices in the 2010 elections who backed marriage equality, now the Iowa GOP is pushing for the impeachment of the remaining justices. Bob Vander Plaats, the anti-gay activist who led the drive to remove the Justices and heads The Family Leader, has previously called for the resignation of the entire Supreme Court and advocated for their removal over the marriage equality ruling in Varnum v. Brien. He is also building ties with likely presidential candidates as Gingrich, Tim Pawlenty, Michele Bachmann, Rick Santorum, Ron Paul and Herman Cain have either addressed or plan to speak during The Family Leader’s “presidential lecture series.”

Despite the heightened activism of the state’s social conservatives, Lynda Waddington of the Iowa Independent reports that the impeachment resolution faces an uphill battle:

Iowa House Republicans drew an immediate negative reaction late Thursday when they filed four articles of impeachment, one for each remaining member of the Iowa Supreme Court that participated in an April 2009 decision that struck down a legislative ban on same-sex marriage as a violation of the state’s equal protection clause.

The four House resolutions target Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Cady (HR 48) and Justices Brent Appel (HR 47), Daryl Hecht (HR 49) and David Wiggins (HR 50) for “malfeasance in office” specifically for their ruling in the Varnum v. Brien case, saying that each justice “exercis[ed] functions properly belonging to the legislative and executive departments.” …

The articles of impeachment drafted and filed by the five legislators were also immediately attacked by Justice Not Politics, a nonpartisan group that formed in advance of the 2010 retention election in hopes of bolstering support for the three justices on the November ballot and to stress the non-political nature of the Iowa Judicial Branch.

Opposition to retention was led by Bob Vander Plaats, who formed Iowa for Freedom following an unsuccessful GOP gubernatorial primary bid. The ouster movement was well financed by out-of-state anti-gay interest groups. Currently, Vander Plaats is employed as head of The Family Leader organization, which has traveled the state in hopes of “building on the momentum” of the November ousters.

The three ousted justices were replaced by Gov. Terry Branstad in February, following a winnowing of candidates by the State Judicial Nominating Commission.

Although Republicans hold a majority in the Iowa House, it remains doubtful that the articles of impeachment will live beyond their referral to the Judiciary Committee.

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