November 2011

Moore Abandons Presidential Bid, Announces Campaign To Return To Supreme Court

After his presidential campaign never gained traction, former Alabama Supreme Court chief justice Roy Moore announced that he will seek his old job that he lost after he was removed for snubbing a court order to move his Ten Commandment monuments out of the courthouse rotunda. Moore ran for governor in 2006 and 2010, both times failing to secure the Republican nomination. He then set out to campaign for president by touring Iowa, telling The Iowa Republican, “I legitimately feel like I can win this race.” When not campaigning for office, Moore used his Foundation for Moral Law to push an extremist agenda, including personhood laws and the removal of three Iowa justices who backed marriage equality, calling gay rights a “moral meltdown.”

The Montgomery Advertiser reports that Moore will try to seek his old post. Ironically, his campaign adviser described Moore as a judge who “will rule on law and uphold the state and federal constitutions”:

Roy Moore, standing in front of the State Judicial Building where he last stood eight years ago as chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court before being removed from office, announced Tuesday that he is running for another term as chief justice.

Moore was removed from office in 2003 for refusing to follow a federal judge's order to move a more than two-ton monument that included the Ten Commandments from the State Judicial Building. "There is no question I know this job, and I believe the people of Alabama know exactly what I stand for," Moore said.

When asked how he thought people might perceive him running for chief justice after he was removed from that same position, Moore said, "I hope they realize what I was removed for was wrong."

"I have always acknowledged God and will continue to do so," he said. Moore finished fourth in the 2010 Republican primary for governor.

Moore has served for the last eight years as president of the Foundation for Moral Law, which has its headquarters in downtown Montgomery. He said the foundation has written hundreds of briefs for cases pending in state and federal courts regarding issues such as religious rights and the right to bear arms.

In a Tuesday email, Zachery Michael, who said he worked for Moore's 2010 gubernatorial campaign and his presidential exploratory committee from 2009 to 2011 as a strategist and adviser, said he was endorsing Malone because "it is time to elect a judge that will rule on law and uphold the state and federal constitutions."

"Controversy and fame is not in Judge Malone's heart, however: service, justice, and a strong devotion to law is his passion," Michael wrote.

New Anti-Gay Group Calls Marriage Equality Unconstitutional, Discriminatory

David Usher, president of the Center for Marriage Policy, a right-wing group founded last month with the blessing of Phyllis Schlafly, argues in a column yesterday that marriage equality is unconstitutional because same-sex marriage is tantamount to polygamy, with the third partner being the government. He argues that the National Organization for Women is trying to use marriage equality to “to convert marriage into a feminist-controlled government enterprise and subordinate the rest of America to entitle it.”

Usher claims that by legalizing same-sex marriage, women regardless of their sexual orientation will marry other women in order to collect government benefits in an “arrangement of government-sponsored economic polygyny,” placing what he calls an unconstitutional and discriminatory social and economic burden on men. “Sexual orientation does not matter when two women marry and become ‘married room-mates,’” Usher writes. “They can still have as many boyfriends as they want, and capture the richest ones for baby-daddies by ‘forgetting’ to use their invisible forms of birth control.”

Forget the terms “same sex” and “gay” marriage. These are victim-based marketing ploys invented N.O.W. to send us off into a heated debate about homosexuality and equal rights — distracting us from seeing their real goal of establishing “feminist marriage”.

Feminists made “feminist marriage” their top long-term goal twenty-five years ago, and invested tremendous resources in it, because they intend to convert marriage into a feminist-controlled government enterprise and subordinate the rest of America to entitle it.

Feminist marriage is a marriage between any two women and the welfare state. It constitutes a powerful feminist takeover of marriage by government, and places the National Organization for Women in the position of dictating government policy as a matter of “feminist Constitutional rights”.

Feminist marriage will be far more attractive to all women than heterosexual marriage. Sexual orientation does not matter when two women marry and become “married room-mates”. They can still have as many boyfriends as they want, and capture the richest ones for baby-daddies by “forgetting” to use their invisible forms of birth control. On average, a feminist marriage will have at least four income sources, two of them tax-free, plus backup welfare entitlements.

Feminist marriage is government-sponsored serial-polyandry, uniquely enriched by one or more substantial income sources not available to the other two planned subordinate classes of marriage.

Male-male marriages cannot reproduce naturally (a primary factor in Constitutional case law). They can acquire children only by artificial means, and at great expense, by adoption or renting a womb. Most men in these marriages will still have regular sexual encounters with women.

Some men in these “marriages” will want to have children. These men will have even more illegitimate children with women in (or contemplating) feminist marriages, most often without informed reproductive consent. “Reproductive fraud” will become the norm in the United States over time.

The longitudinal impact of feminist marriage on reproductive and marital choices of unmarried individuals will be profound. Women who are presently on welfare will be propelled to marry each other, leaving unmarried men already sidelined by the welfare state machinery doubly-disenfranchised. Women who are not married can enter the welfare state by having a child out-of-wedlock, and then double their entitlements by marrying another woman on welfare.

Feminist marriage directly violates 14th Amendment protection against sex discrimination, and the 5th Amendment is violated at the Federal level.

The Constitution cannot accept a structure of three-party marriage establishing an arrangement of government-sponsored economic polygyny as a protected, superior class of marriage under any rational-basis test. Secondly, the Constitution cannot accept any marital arrangement structurally establishing three classes of marriage, where the classes are crisply defined and either rewarded or discriminated against because of the natural reproductive capacity one sex is born with that the other sex does not have.

Corporations supporting the repeal of DOMA are making a tragic mistake supporting feminist marriage. Feminist marriage will demolish men’s drive to be successful, motivated workers. It will also further weaken the American job market and harm women’s employment opportunities. Our “Competitiveness Gap” with marriage-based Asian economies will expand as men’s productivity and educational attainment continues to decline, while growing social problems, violence, and higher taxes stimulate businesses to move jobs overseas.

Porter Says She Has The Votes To Pass The Heartbeat Bill

Janet Porter has announced that she has the votes in the Ohio State Senate to pass her extreme ‘Heartbeat bill,’ which already passed the House, but just needs the leadership to put the bill to a vote. In a message over the weekend to Valley Harvest Church, Porter said, “the votes are there, we have been lobbying five months in the Senate and we’ve counted them, the votes are there to pass it.” She urged the congregants to partake in “one last push” to encourage the Senate to put the bill up to a vote.

Porter’s prized legislation would “eliminate virtually all abortion,” and has won the support of leading Republicans such as Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann. After it passed the House, she organized an ad campaign and a prayer rally to urge the Republican-controlled Senate to allow a vote on the bill, telling Senate leaders that “when the Heartbeat bill becomes law” America “will be once again in a position where God can bless us.” The blatantly unconstitutional legislation has created divisions in Ohio’s anti-choice lobby – the Ohio Right to Life Society refuses to back Porter, and the Republican State Senate president has yet to say whether the bill will be assigned to a committee.

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Iowa's The Family Leader rules out Ron Paul, Herman Cain, and Mitt Romney for possible endorsement.
  • VA state legislator Bob Marshall has filed "personhood" legislation for the upcoming General Assembly session.
  • Why does Michele Bachmann keep meeting with Donald Trump?
  • In the end, they always cave.
  • "Ten Commandments Judge" Roy Moore is running to get his old seat back.
  • Finally, the American Family Association warns that Gay-Straight Alliance clubs in schools "could potentially put students in contact with adult homosexual predators."

Part II: The Right Wing Playbook On Occupy Wall Street

This is the second part of our five-part series on right-wing attacks against Occupy Wall Street.

Even as the Right slams Occupy Wall Street as a communist movement bent on revolt, they also claim that the demonstrators are lazy, jobless complainers who don’t have political goals.

Strategy Two: Call The Protesters Bums

The Washington Times mocked the movement, calling the protestors “the Wall Street whiners,” “losers” and “crybabies,” and teasing that “[t]hese products of the most left-wing institutions in America have discovered that expensive degrees in useless fields don’t deliver instant wealth.” Rush Limbaugh slammed the protesters as “perpetually lazy, spoiled rotten, 99 percent white kids who don’t have anything else to do except sit around and be told how rotten their lives are.”

Concerned Women for America president Penny Young Nance said that the protesters are people simply looking “to panhandle,” writing, “It occurs to me that perhaps they would have a better grasp on the American dream if they simply got out of bed.” Star Parker likened the protesters to a “screaming infant” with a “list of demands that wouldn’t pass muster in an average kindergarten class.”

Fox News host Eric Bolling called the demonstrators “petulant little children” and suggested that instead of protesting, “how about going out and trying to find a job instead?” Ann Coulter ridiculed the demonstrators and brushed aside comparisons to the tea party movement, saying, “The tea partiers have jobs, showers and a point.”

The prominent right-wing blog RedState started a counter-movement called “We Are The 53%,” which supposedly amplifies the voices of the 53 percent of Americans who pay income taxes. But the movement conveniently ignores that people who don’t pay income taxes still pay taxes, including sales taxes, excise taxes, payroll taxes, state and local taxes and property taxes. RedState’s editor Erick Erickson kicked off the 53% movement when he lamented, “I work 3 jobs…But I don’t blame Wall Street, suck it up you whiners, I am the 53% subsidizing you so you can hang out on Wall Street and complain.” Erickson’s three jobs, of course, are as a CNN pundit, radio talk show host and editor of the blog. Erickson has also dubbed the protesters “damn dirty communists” and another RedState blogger called them “a slothful and dirty bunch.”

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain blamed the unemployed for not having jobs and said the Occupy Wall Street protesters were simply resentful of the rich: “Don’t blame Wall Street, don’t blame the big banks, if you don't have a job and you’re not rich, blame yourself!” Later, during a Republican presidential debate, Cain stood by his comments, adding that Wall Street was blameless in the financial crisis.

But Newt Gingrich upped the ante with his scorching attack at the Thanksgiving Family Forum, telling demonstrators: “go get a job right after you take a bath.”

Fischer: Lawrence King's Murder Was The Real Victim

We can now add Bryan Fischer to the list of anti-gay activists who have blamed 15 year-old openly gay eight grader Lawrence King for his own murder, this time on the grounds that his killer was a victim of King's relentless sexual harassment:

The backstory, which out-of-the-mainstream outlets have been reluctant to tell, is that King was a flamboyant homosexual, who not only flaunted his homosexuality but mercilessly harassed McInerney. He told everyone that McInerney was his boyfriend, flirted with him shamelessly and constantly, and even followed him into the restroom repeatedly to press his advances.

King came to school dressed in women’s accessories, including boots with four-inch heels, wore makeup, and made McInerney the object of his romantic attention.

McInerney complained to school officials about this obviously inexcusable sexual harassment, but school officials did precisely nothing, just telling McInerney to suck it up and take it. Even when teachers reported the growing tension between King and McInerney, still school bureaucrats did nothing. Other teachers admitted during trial testimony that they decided to say nothing because they didn’t want to jeopardize their shot at tenure.

Can you imagine the school would have been as sanguine had a straight student been harassing a homosexual student like that? That student wouldn’t have been around long enough to repeat the behavior.

Even King’s mother appealed to the school to tone down her son’s behavior. “I knew, gut instinct, that something serious was going to happen,” she said. “They should have contained him, contained his behavior.” If school bureaucrats had done as his mother asked, and restrained the public flaunting of his homosexual behavior, he’d be alive today.

But King’s mother was told that they weren’t going to do anything since King had a “civil right” to explore his sexual identity.

Even when McInerney complained that the harassment was driving him to the breaking point, still school officials did nothing to protect him from this egregious behavior.

Finally he snapped and put two bullets in the back of King’s brain during a computer lab, killing him instantly.

Because of King’s politically favored sexual preference, nothing was done to protect the victims of his harassment. And consequently, because school authorities did not do their job of protecting students from bullies, King is dead at the hands of a victim of his relentless harassment.

UPDATE: Fischer discussed his column on his radio program today, where he made the case that the solution to anti-gay hate crimes would be to begin "placing reasonable curbs on the public expression of homosexual behavior":

Fischer Is Not Fooling Anyone With His Latest Attack On Romney's Faith

One of the strangest recent developments in the GOP presidential race is the insistence from Religious Right leaders who have been hostile to both Mitt Romney and his Mormonism that, should Romney become the Republican nominee, it will be the Left and the Media that will launch bigoted attacks against his faith.

Bryan Fischer has had it out for Romney because he meekly denounced Fischer's unmitigated bigotry at the Values Voter Summit, and Fischer has been warning that a Romney nomination will mean "the end of the Republican party as a political force" ever since.

At the same time, Fischer has also been trying to use Romney's faith against him but struggling to do so without resorting to the open bigotry that is his standard operating procedure because even he knows that blatant anti-Mormon bigotry is not popular among the Religious Right. 

Which explains his latest column, in which he says that Romney refused to attend the Thanksgiving Family Forum because "he did not want to do anything that would highlight the theological gulf between his religious convictions and those of the orthodox Christians on the platform."

But this is really just cover for Fischer to go after Romney's faith by imagining a scenario in which it is the "winger-left media" that will attack "the more unusual aspects of Mormon theology":

One thing conservatives should be mindful of is that even if they hesitate at this stage of the game to talk publicly about the more unusual aspects of Mormon theology, the winger-left media will share no such delicacy should Romney get the nomination.

Should he become the conservative standard-bearer, we will be barraged with stories about the unorthodox theological views of Mitt Romney and the LDS church. The left will make sure America knows that Mormons believe that there is not only a Heavenly Father but a Heavenly Mother, with whom the Heavenly Father sires spirit children.

The left will make sure America knows that Mormons believe that Jesus and Satan, as offspring of the Heavenly Father and Mother, are brothers. The left will make sure Americans know that Mormons believe that both Satan and his brother Jesus presented plans of salvation to the Heavenly Father, and that Satan rebelled when the Heavenly Father chose the plan of Jesus.

They won’t hesitate to probe Romney on whether he believes that American Indians are the descendants of the ten lost tribes of Israel and whether he believes Jesus visited this continent to appear to them at one point. (Advances in DNA testing have proven that there is no Hebrew lineage among the native American tribes.) He will be probed on whether he believes that Jesus will return to Independence, Missouri, as the LDS church believes, rather than Jerusalem, as the Bible teaches.

So, if Romney secures the nomination, conservatives need to prepare themselves for what will be an all-out theological onslaught from the left on Mitt Romney’s theology. Remember that they were relentless in hounding Michele Bachmann about her theological views on submission in marriage. They were relentless in hounding Attorney General John Ashcroft about his Pentecostal beliefs. They won’t hesitate to bash Romney about the head and shoulders regarding his religious convictions, all in their effort as Ministers of Propaganda for the regime to re-elect Barack Obama.

If Fischer thinks he is fooling anyone with this pathetic charade, he is less self-aware than we ever could have imagined.

Liberty Counsel: Aggressive Gay Agenda Seeks To Push Children Into Gay Relationships

Rena Lindevaldsen was the guest again today on Liberty Counsel's "Faith and Freedom" radio program as she continues to promote her book about Lisa Miller, an "ex-gay" former client of Lindevaldsen's who kidnapped her daughter and fled the country rather than allow her former partner to gain custody.

During the discussion, Mat Staver praised Lindevaldsen's book for highlighting the aggressive nature of the gay agenda as the two warned that if it is not stopped, young children are going to be pushed into gay relationships:

Staver: I don't think most people realize the aggressiveness and zero-sum game that really is part of the homosexual agenda. And it is very anti-liberty, very anti-religious, they literally would rather have you be shut down in your employment, in your business, in your licensing, in anything that you do if you do not accept the lifestyle. Just simply saying that you believe marriage is the union of one man and one woman is considered by some to be very hateful. It is incredible the extent to which there is an attempt to shut down and I think people need to be aware of the implications of the homosexual agenda.

Lindevaldsen: Yeah, and if you're not aware of that, the two chapters detail specifics and with references of what's taking place around the country, in our schools, and the agenda to get our kids. Because if they get the kids and get them on-board with the message that you're born this way and you can't change and this is normal, you're going to change our future for the negative.

Staver: Well, especially when you have, say, boys that typically go through the development of maleness and they typically bond more with boys and not girls early on. And eventually, as they grow, they become attracted to the opposite sex. But during that time where they're really bonding with each other and boys hanging around boys, if you now start to suggest to them that there's some kind of sexual component or orientation to that, you can literally push them, as Lisa was pushed, into a homosexual relationship.

Lindevaldsen: And you deprive them of that necessary positive bonding experience with other boys at that age so you've done harm in two different ways by pushing them into a homosexual lifestyle.

Staver: And the same thing with girls. You see girls hugging, holding hands that boys won't do, just as friends, nothing sexual about that. Now if you start to sexualize that and eroticize that , you can ultimately push them into a situation where they don't want to be and should not be.

'The Call' Whines About Right Wing Watch Exposing Their Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

Transformation Michigan, the state affiliate of Rick Joyner’s The Oak Initiative that organized The Call: Detroit, sent a message to its members yesterday attacking Right Wing Watch, insisting that this blog “put out statements that were picked out of conference calls we posted that were twisted and turned and took what we were doing out of context.” Of course, Transformation Michigan doesn’t note which statements they found so controversial, and it appears the group is merely upset that they faced intense media scrutiny over claims made by The Call’s leadership that Muslims are demonic and should not be protected by the First Amendment.

Even more pathetic was Transformation Michigan’s assertion that The Call founder Lou Engle “did not” succumb to the pressure “to back down on his message.” In fact, Transformation Michigan pulled down their video, “Impacting Islam Through Prayer,” and Engle removed the reference to “the rising tide of the Islamic movement” from his website. One pastor who was involved in rallying support for The Call even said that organizers were “not visiting” mosques, although organizers, in conference calls posted by Rachel Tabachnick, had bragged about visiting mosques to dispel their supposed demonic influences.

In The Call's "Dearborn Awakening" section, fake “ex-terrorist” Kamal Saleem, whose fictitious backstory was exposed well before the rally, urged attendees to pray for Muslims to convert to Christianity. “Love and freedom were convenient catchphrases justifying the identification of nearly one-quarter of humanity with the demonic,” writes Haroon Moghul, a Muslim journalist who attended the prayer rally for Religion Dispatches. “Conflicts in the past could be safely broached, but when it came to today’s war on terror, the disingenuousness and ill-spiritedness of choosing a former Muslim with the worst possible perspective on Islam revealed Engle’s agenda and its overlap with fearmongering Islamophobes.” Rachel Tabachnick also points out that Saleem “has been producing anti-Islamic videos for the Oak Initiative.”

Another major feature of The Call: Detroit was its emphasis on recruiting African Americans to join Religious Right campaigns to outlaw abortion, combat gay rights and elect right-wing politicians.

Transformation Michigan emphasized in its message that not only will they continue to “tackle the threat of Islam” by starting a house of prayer in Dearborn but will also continue efforts to bring black voters into the conservative fold by building an “818 team” to “bring Biblical Worldview awareness to urban areas in Michigan” and distributing the discredited film Maafa 21, which claims that abortion is a plot to exterminate African Americans, to black churches. In addition, Transformation Michigan said they will work with anti-gay activist Frank Turek:

We all must realize that we just collided with Racism, Abortion, Islam, disunity in the church, false accusations, bowing to political pressures, seeker friendly attitudes, power and position in cities, lack of understanding regarding repentance and prayer, liberal theology - as well as doubt. What happened behind the scenes as TheCall at Ford Field on 11.11.11 was being organized over the months prior was very revealing.

I experienced the church accusing its own body as well as pressures for Lou Engle to back down on his message (he did not). I saw false accusations in the press that were swallowed by gullible people. One Black leader indicated to me that the seculaur media is Gospel to many in the city of Detroit. Right Wing Watch put out statements that were picked out of conference calls we posted that were twisted and turned and took what we were doing out of context. CAIR a terrorist organization (according to the Holy Land Foundation trial) made statements that were so false and almost amusing. When these things happen it makes us dig in and run harder. I give thanks for all things because [sic] we know they will work together for the good of God's eternal purpose.

10,000 Intercessors in Michigan...and we will work on a statewide and national basis to facilitate them.

Breast Plate Prayer...Bishop Larry Jackson will be partnering with Transformation Michigan to help build the prayer movement in Michigan and see the goal of having every unsaved person being prayed for in Michigan.

Oak Intiative...and Transformation Michigan will partner in a greater way as we tackle the threat of Islam, the economy, and issues of the day.
Return to Conference Call we will have many guests and national leaders on to define, encourage, and exhort members of the body of Christ.

Maafa 21 (View Trailer on You Tube)... will be distributed in every city in Michigan as Transformation Michigan will work with national Black Pro-Life leaders. We will turn abortion in the cities and put an end to Planned Parenthood. Can we impact the next election? Yes!

818 Team...will return and work with Transformation Michigan to bring Biblical Worldview awareness to urban areas in Michigan.
Dearborn House of Prayer...will continue to grow as Transformation Michigan will encourage participation to pray that the love of Christ will impact the Muslim communities in Michigan.
Establishing Truth on our Universities...will continue as we work with Dr. Frank Turek - - in establishing the truth of Gods Word and the existence of God.