November 2011

Matthew Hagee Rails Against The "Homosexual Agenda" In Schools

Like father, like son: in a new video, Matthew Hagee, the son and heir apparent of televangelist John Hagee, derides the supposed “homosexual agenda” that he claims has infiltrated public schools in America. In a sermon titled “The Coming Generational Storm,” which was posted online last week, Hagee says the Church is failing to counteract and defeat the “homosexual agenda” and argues that gays and lesbians “will act relentlessly” until “their will is pressed upon the majority.” Hagee concludes, “You need to know the Church was not put on this planet to whine, we were placed here to win.”


Hagee: We are at a tipping point when the Church can watch the homosexual agenda be advanced in public schools and we sit back and whine about it. Recently the California legislature decided that homosexual history in America will be taught to kindergarteners; that will be happen next year in California. And the Church goes, ‘Oh, that’s so sad.’ No, it’s shameful. It’s shameful that the homosexuals can get a curriculum in the public schools and the children of God cannot. It’s shameful when they will work tirelessly, when they will act relentlessly, when they will not stop until their will is pressed upon the majority, and we the children of God who are called to be salt and called to be light will whine but we won’t overcome. You need to know the Church was not put on this planet to whine, we were placed here to win.

Heck Fondly Reminisces About The Days When Homosexuality Was Illegal

Radio talk show host Peter Heck is livid about the success of the “anti-family, pro-sexual anarchy movement” that he blames for increasing support in America for gay rights and marriage equality. Heck, who rarely has kind words for the gay community, writes in a column this week for the American Family Association’s OneNewsNow that gay rights advocates are denigrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement.

Heck, addressing Jesse Jackson’s observation that Occupy Wall Street is making use of some of the same tools and ideas that Dr. King used, writes that Jackson’s comparison “is only slightly less offensive” than comparisons of the gay rights movement to the civil rights movement. In contrast to Dr. King’s movement, Heck writes, the gay rights movement is composed of “grown men prancing around American city streets in tutus and G-strings, flinging pixie dust and condoms”:

Jackson's false comparison is only slightly less offensive than those who claim to see a connection between Dr. King's street prayer vigils and the grown men prancing around American city streets in tutus and G-strings, flinging pixie dust and condoms at their gay pride parades. King preached fidelity to biblical morality, something eschewed by the sexual anarchists of the left.

On his radio show last week, Heck, incensed that gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry in several states, reminisced about the days when homosexuality was “a forbidden vice” and was “something that was against the law.” He took issue with the Supreme Court’s 2003 decision in Lawrence v. Texas, which struck down state laws criminalizing sodomy, and wondered how “we have gone from something—the day before that ruling, homosexuality, a vice something that is illegal to be done, to the point where we are now where you have Governor Cuomo marching in the streets of New York celebrating the codifying of homosexual relationships.”


When you step back, and you look at what has been achieved by this anti-family, pro-sexual anarchy movement and crowd and the left in just the last just ten years alone it’s remarkable. I don’t know if remarkable is the right descriptor for it but it’s unbelievable. How does that happen? Let’s zero in on homosexuality, specifically the practice of homosexuality, how does something go from being a forbidden vice, which is what it was, something that was against the law, to the point where it is now being publicly embraced and endorsed by sitting governors and even presidents of the United States? How does that happen? In such a short period of time, how does that happen? Relatively short, we’re talking what, a couple decades? When was the sodomy case, I mean it was what, the ’90s? I’ll have to look it up I don’t know the exact date but it hasn’t been that long ago that sodomy was allowed by the Court, and in that period of time we have gone from something—the day before that ruling, homosexuality, a vice something that is illegal to be done, to the point where we are now, where you have Governor Cuomo marching in the streets of New York celebrating the codifying of homosexual relationships. How does that happen in such a short period of time?

Spencer Wants TLC To Air Reality Show About Budding Muslim Terrorist

Anti-Muslim activist Robert Spencer is dismayed that TLC’s new reality show, All-American Muslim, isn’t portraying the type of violent, malicious and treasonous Muslim-Americans that he regularly describes in his columns. Because the TLC show, which is meant to provide an “intimate look inside the lives of a group of Muslim families in Dearborn, Mich., who are struggling with the everyday issues that all families deal with” in a time of “unprecedented anti-Muslim hysteria in America,” doesn’t conform to the stereotypes that Spencer has made a career out of promoting, he suggests in his column today that the channel should run a show about a secular Muslim who ends up going violent:

TLC’s much-ballyhooed All-American Muslim reality show makes its agenda clear in its opening sequences: shots of a hijabbed girl roller-skating, Muslims dancing at a wedding, an American flag waving proudly in the breeze, and newspaper clippings proclaiming “4 in 10 Americans ‘suspicious’ of Muslims,” “Outrage at Ground Zero ‘Mosque,’” and “Muslims Brace for Backlash.” The point of the show is to depict Muslims as ordinary folks just like you and me who are subjected to unjust suspicion.

There is a spectrum of belief, knowledge and fervor among Muslims, just as there is among the believers in every religion: there are people who are very knowledgeable about its doctrines and serious about putting them into practice, and others who don’t know and don’t care about what their religion teaches but still identify themselves as members of it, and every gradation in between. It would never happen for obvious reasons, but All-American Muslim would be much more interesting if it tracked one of its secular, attractive nominal Muslims as he decided to get more serious about his faith, and ended up participating in jihad activity or Islamic supremacist efforts to demonize and marginalize those who resist that activity.

Such a show would be far more honest in its depiction of the causes of the trumped-up malady of “Islamophobia”—and of its remedies, for the best outcome would be a show in which the nascent jihadi was turned into the FBI by his patriotic and moderate coreligionists. But that is a show we will never see; instead all that All-American Muslim gives us is a denunciation of “Islamophobia” featuring Muslims who could never have conceivably inspired any suspicion of Islam in the first place. The show is a bait-and-switch.

Republicans Advocate Censorship Of New York Exhibit

On Friday, the Brooklyn Museum will begin hosting “Hide/Seek,” an exhibit about the experience of gays and lesbians in American art that provoked a firestorm of criticism from the Religious Right when it opened at the National Portrait Gallery last year. The New York museum has decided to include in its show A Fire in My Belly, the compilation of video work by the late artist David Wojnarowicz that was ultimately removed from the National Portrait Gallery show. Now, in what feels like a replay of last year’s drama at the Smithsonian, Republican politicians in New York are attacking the Brooklyn Museum for hosting “Hide/Seek” and Wojnarowicz’s work and demanding that it censor the exhibit.

The film A Fire In My Belly, a compilation of surrealist film footage exploring the suffering of people with HIV/AIDS, which was pulled from the National Portrait Gallery following complaints from Republican and Religious Right figures. While the Brooklyn Museum is defending itself from censorship proponents, Republican politicians are beginning to make threats against the museum. Republican state senator Andrew Lanza introduced legislation to have the government withdraw “all public funding of the museum”:

“It is outrageous for an institution that accepts funding from city, state and federal governments to display content that is so blatantly disrespectful and offensive to Christians during the holiday season,” said Senator Andrew Lanza. “Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for hatred and ignorance.”

Senator Lanza believes that the actions of the Museum are analogous to a hate crime. He is calling for all public funding of the museum to be withdrawn.

Rep. Michael Grimm, Councilman James Oddo, Councilman Vincent Ignizio, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, Assemblyman Lou Tobacco and Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro signed onto a letter condemning the exhibit:

In 1999, the Museum presented the shock art exhibit “Sensation,” which featured a painting of the Blessed Mother Mary surrounded by pornographic images and covered in elephant dung. This week, the Museum is opening another controversial exhibit, “Hide/Seek,” which will include a film featuring ants crawling over the image of Jesus on a crucifix – just in time for the Christmas season. This is not art, this is Christian-bashing. This is an outrageous use of taxpayer money by the nation’s second-largest art museum, and an obvious attempt to offend Christians on the eve of one of the holiest times of the Christian faith. … As I’m sure you’re aware, this sacrilegious film was pulled from an exhibit at the Smithsonian last year after House Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor objected to the use of taxpayer dollars to show a film patently offensive to Christians. I respectfully request that you do the same.

Bill Donohue of the Catholic League, who led the charge to censor the Smithsonian exhibit, condemned the New York exhibit in a statement. “The fact is that the artist who made the vile video died of self-inflicted wounds: he died of AIDS,” Donohue writes. “The homosexual, David Wojnarowicz, hated the Catholic Church (had he lived by its teachings, he would not have self-destructed.”

For Arnold Lehman, there is no such thing as anti-Catholic art. Catholics who disagree are apparently too stupid to appreciate the complexities of these masterpieces. For example, in 1999 Lehman said it was not anti-Catholic for an artist to smear elephant dung and pornographic pictures on a portrait of Our Blessed Mother (he loved the “Sensation” exhibition). Now he says that a video featuring large ants crawling all over Jesus on the Cross is actually a statement about “human suffering and death.” Guess us stupid Catholics missed that one, too.

The fact is that the artist who made the vile video died of self-inflicted wounds: he died of AIDS. The homosexual, David Wojnarowicz, hated the Catholic Church (had he lived by its teachings, he would not have self-destructed). He once referred to Cardinal John O’Connor as a “fat cannibal,” and labeled the Catholic Church a “house of walking swastikas.” Sounds like the words of a bigot. But perhaps I’m too stupid not to understand that they were really meant to endear the artist to the Catholic community.

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Tea Party Leader Calls For Cain To Drop Out Following Libya Flub

Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips says that Herman Cain should leave the GOP presidential race after his excruciating stumble in an interview with the editorial board of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Phillips, who has endorsed Newt Gingrich for president, was referring to Cain’s inability to respond to a question about the crisis in Libya. “It is obvious Cain is in over his head and simply clueless,” Phillips writes in an alert to members yesterday, “Watching Herman Cain stumble around looking for an answer is beyond painful.”

I was wrong about Herman Cain.

I said originally that Cain could stay on message better than almost any other candidate. His 9-9-9 plan was all he would talk about and I attributed that to good messaging on his part.

I was wrong.

It is not messaging. Cain cannot talk about anything else. Tonight there is a video from the Journal Sentinel online that show an interview with Herman Cain. Forget the sexual harassment allegations. Forget Mark Block’s gross incompetence. Herman Cain needs to leave the race because he is not qualified to be President. The video is painful to watch. It is obvious Cain is in over his head and simply clueless.

And this man wants to be the Commander in Chief making decisions? Candidates have something called briefing books. These are prepared by staffers and contain, among other things, topics candidates are expected to have at least a passing knowledge of. Cain may not be expected to know the name of the President of Montenegro or the Prime Minister of Moldavia, but Libya is a question that will obviously come up

Watching Herman Cain stumble around looking for an answer is beyond painful. He looks to the ceiling, desperately seeking an answer. He responds in vague talking points.

To the Cain supporters, I simply say watch this video and ask yourself, “Is this the man you want answering the red phone in the White House at 3 AM?”

Indeed, the video is worth watching again:

Barber: DOMA Needed To Keep Kids From Becoming Gay & Getting AIDS

On today's installment of Liberty Counsel's "Faith and Freedom" radio program, Matt Barber voiced his displeasure with the Respect For Marriage Act, which would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, calling it reprehensible and vowing that Democrats would be held accountable for their effort to impose "San Francisco-style social engineering" on the country.

Barber then claimed that DOMA was needed to protect children on the grounds that kids who are raised in same-sex households are more likely to identify as gay and gay men are more likely to get HIV ... so, apparently DOMA is necessary in order to keep kids from getting AIDS, or something:

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

  • The Supreme Court will hear challenges to health care reform legislation next year.
  • Bill Keller says that a presidential match-up between Mitt Romney and President Obama means the "2012 Presidential election will be Satan vs. Satan."
  • Rick Warren insists that he does not promote "Chrislam."
  • Is Joseph Farah really going to be honored by the National Religious Broadcasters?
  • Prior to the Republican forum this weekend, "Focus on the Family will lecture on how to have a biblical worldview when selecting a presidential candidate."
  • Finally, Bob Jones III says he has "no reason to think [President Obama is] a Christian" and hints that he personally thinks Obama is a Muslim.

Lively Warns That The "Truly Evil" Gay Rights Movement Signals "The End Of The Age"

In an interview last month with Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, Scott Lively of Defend the Family International said that proponents of “the homosexual agenda” are aiming for “the destruction of Christian civilization,” and that the gay rights movement is a sign of “the End of the Age.” Prior to discussing the “evil” gay rights movement, Lively told LaBarbera that kids should use the phrase “that’s so gay” to connote the “disgusting nature of homosexuality,” arguing that children are using the derogatory phrase “simply naturally” because they know that “they’re just talking about sodomy, and it’s something that’s ugly and should be attached to things that are unpleasant and wrong.”


LaBarbera: I know a lot of homosexuals want to ban the phrase “that’s so gay,” which a lot of kids use, and you know what, why should the word “gay” only be attached—the homosexual activists stole the word “gay,” it didn’t used to mean what it means today, it didn’t used to mean homosexuality, why should it only be—why should it now be allowed to be only used in a positive light?

Lively: The adoption of the word “gay” to replace “homosexual” was an attempt to sanitize homosexuality in the common vocabulary, and simply the nature, the disgusting nature of homosexuality has dirtied up the world. So now, simply naturally, children have started using this phrase “that’s so gay” essentially recognizing that they’re just talking about sodomy, and it’s something that’s ugly and should be attached to things that are unpleasant and wrong.

Lively: We’ve never faced in the history of Christianity, we have really never faced as much as a threat as we do right now from the homosexual agenda, and it really seems obvious to those who have been on the frontlines who have had that overview picture of what’s happening in society at large that this issue, somehow, seems to be the issue of the End of the Age.

Lively: I stand against the movement that they have created as a truly evil institution that’s goal, that’s goal, is the destruction of Christian civilization.