October 2011

Bauer: "Jared Loughner ... Would Fit In Well With The Occupy Wall Street Movement"

We are not quite sure what it is that Gary Bauer actually does these days.  We know that he has been involved in the Emergency Committee For Israel that he founded with Bill Kristol, but mostly he just seems to send out daily emails to activists through his American Values organization.

And yesterday's update contained a couple of real head-scratchers, as Bauer oddly tried to tie the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords earlier this year to the Occupy Wall Street protests: 

As it turns out, the assassin, Jared Loughner, was an apolitical radical who would fit in well with the Occupy Wall Street movement ... [T]he pundits and talking heads turn a deaf ear to all the hyperbolic rhetoric on the left. They were quick to point out one or two odd signs at a Tea Party rally, but they ignore the blatant anti-Semitism in the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Bauer then went on to offer his thoughts on the Viki Knox controversy where he offered up this bizarre explanation for why the teacher's union was defending her anti-gay statements:

Knox, by the way, happens to be black. The teachers’ unions won’t defend her because they have fully embraced the homosexual rights movement. And in the liberal pecking order of minority rights, gay trumps black.

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

  • It seems that Sen. Marco Rubio's compelling life story was made so compelling thanks to embellishments and false claims.

  • Herman Cain continues to demonstrate exactly how easy it is to run for president when you have no qualms about just making stuff up when people start pointing out that you have no idea are talking about.

  • And Cain can do so because his fans blindly see him as the second-coming of Ronald Reagan.

  • Rena Lindevalvdsen says "the goal of the activist homosexual agenda is to completely silence or eradicate those who speak and stand for Truth."

  • Every once in a while, Bryan Fischer manages to outdo even himself with the inanity of his arguments.

  • Finally, the quote of the day from the Alliance Defense Fund's Brian Raum: "We should not turn a blind eye to the physical and mental harms that people engaged in homosexual conduct bring upon themselves by chalking those harms up to 'stigma, discrimination, and victimization'—demanding more health studies and changes to the medical system—rather than dare ask people to reconsider the path they are traveling down. Instead, we tell them 'it gets better' when, in fact, it does not."

Harvey Warns Of Gays Rights Activism, "This Is How Fascists Behave"

Earlier this week Mission America’s Linda Harvey said that parents should refuse to let gay and lesbian doctors or nurses treat their children, and today she is coming out strongly in defense of a New Jersey teacher who called homosexuality “a perverted spirit” that “breeds like cancer.” Harvey, who has said that gays and lesbians should be banned from teaching, is livid that groups like Garden State Equality have protested the teacher, Viki Knox.

Harvey said on her radio show today:

Harvey: Friends this is a full-on harassment and bullying campaign over essentially nothing except a person’s private opinion. The publicity is meant to send a big signal, it’s meant to make people really hesitant in objecting to homosexuality and offending the homosexual cause. It’s meant to intimidate people into being respectful of one thing: their power. These are underhanded tactics totally contrary to American freedom of speech and freedom of conscience, but this is how fascists behave.

Bryan Fischer And The "American Association of Religious Bigots"

A few weeks ago, a New Jersey public school teacher named Viki Knox objected to a display honoring Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender History Month by posting a message on her Facebook page calling homosexuality a "perverted spirit" and a sin that "breeds like cancer" and wanting to know why gays think they can "parade your unnatural immoral behaviors before the rest of us?"

Needless to say, this set off a huge controversy and yesterday, when New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was asked about it, he said he was concerned about it and found the comments "disturbing."

In response to Christie's comments, Bryan Fischer announced the creation of something he is calling the "American Association of Religious Bigots" and declared Gov. Christie its "charter member":

I announce today the formation of the American Association of Religious Bigots, the AARB for short.

The AARB will consist of individuals and groups in America who demonstrate that they are Christophobic bigots and hatemongers by their opposition to the free exercise of religion, speech, press or association for followers of Christianity, a religion the Founders were specifically protecting by the First Amendment.

Our charter member is New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who yesterday publicly criticized a New Jersey teacher who criticized her public school’s promotion of sexually aberrant behavior. She exercised both her freedom of religion and speech by posting her comments on her own Facebook page.

This Christian teacher expressed her opposition to the school’s celebration of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender history by correctly labeling such behaviors as “perverted.” That may sound harsh, but consider the dictionary definition of “perverted:” “Characterized by sexually abnormal and unacceptable practices or tendencies.” So her assessment is not harsh, it’s just true.


Well, governor, consider me concerned about the “kinds of statements” you’re making. You are the chief executive officer of your state, and for you to use the power of your office as an instrument of religious bigotry is unacceptable.

So Gov. Christie is joining with those calling for her head by saying her comments are “disturbing.” That makes Gov. Chris Christie a religious bigot, someone who wants this teacher punished for expressing her sincerely held religious views. Thus the governor becomes the officially certified charter member of the AARB, officially certified by yours truly and the Focal Point radio program.

Fischer is, of course, trying to be sarcastic ... which is sadly ironic because if there really was an American Association of Religious Bigots, Fischer himself would be its charter member:

As we have said several times before: Bryan Fischer is a lot of things, but self-aware is not one of them.

Stemberger Warns Of America's Imminent Collapse If The Church Doesn't "Rise Up"

John Stemberger earlier this week appeared on a conference call for Champion the Vote and warned that the future of the country relies on the Religious Right. Stemberger, the head of the Florida Family Policy Council and the past chairman of the campaign to have a constitutional amendment banning marriage equality in Florida, was promoting the One Nation Under God event with Newt Gingrich, David Barton, James Dobson, Sam Rodriguez and Lila Rose which focuses on boosting right-wing activism and learning about “God’s fingerprint all over the founding of our country”:

While Champion the Vote is technically nonpartisan, Stemberger warned that America is being “fundamentally transformed into a different type of culture, a different country” and that “we will lose this beautiful thing we call America.” According to Stemberger, only Christians are capable of creating a free society. “As only the Christian presuppositions of theology created this country,” Stemberger said, “only Christians can save it and unless the church rises up, we’re done.” He went on to say that without the resurgence of the church, “our country’s going to slip away into something we don’t even recognize”:

Stemberger went on to say that Christian conservatives are facing extreme “hostility” in American society and warned that their opponents want their anti-gay views “expunged from the marketplace”:

Robertson Tells Woman To Cut Ties With Her "Satanic" Mother-In-Law

Today on The 700 Club a viewer asked host Pat Robertson whether she should allow her daughter to see her mother-in-law who “practices witchcraft and palm readings.” Robertson urged the woman to completely cut her mother-in-law out of her life. “This is the daughter of the devil,” Robertson said, “You apparently have Mrs. Devil as your mother-in-law.”

Robertson wondered if the woman’s husband was also involved in witchcraft and palm readings, saying that the mother-in-law is “in league with Satanic forces” and that the viewer should “cast those spirits away because this is dabbling with devils, this isn’t something you want.”


GOP Campaign Worker Caught Using Racist, Sexist Slurs Against Black Opponent's Campaign

A campaign worker for a Republican county legislator in Nassau County, New York was caught using racist and sexist slurs earlier this week against his opponent’s campaign and a family member. The sister of Democratic candidate Carrie Solages, who is black, was filming a campaign worker of legislator John Ciotti while he was trying to put the Republican legislator’s campaign signs on Solages’ office. In the video, the campaign worker calls her a “pig” and yells at her and another African American woman outside the office, “Call animal control so we can arrest ‘em.” Later in the video, he says to another Ciotti volunteer, “We will put them on the back of the bus where they belong.”

Two years ago, workers for the Ciotti campaign shouted down his Democratic challenger during her campaign kickoff speech. This time, Ciotti fired the campaign worker and denounced his remarks, but now a civil rights attorney has accused the Republican incumbent’s campaign of intimidation.


Once Upon A Time, Barber Called For The "Repeal Of All State And Federal Hate-Crimes Laws"

Back in 2009, when Congress was working on legislation to expand hate crimes laws to include protections for sexual orientation, the Religious Right pitched a fit and mobilized to try and stop it. 

They failed, but Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel was among the leaders of the movement, going so far as to not only oppose adding sexual orientation to the law but calling for all hate crimes laws to be repealed:

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle — in Washington and around the country — should not only reject S. 909, but should also begin working toward repeal of all state and federal hate-crimes laws.

All violent crimes are "hate crimes." Ever known anyone cracked upside the head in love? There may have been a time when hate-crimes laws were temporarily necessary, but that time has come and gone. When the 1968 federal hate-crimes bill passed, there were multiple and verifiable cases of local prosecutors refusing to indict whites for violent crimes committed against blacks. This was the justification for the law at the time.

We've moved well beyond those days, and FBI statistics bear out that reality. In today's America, every citizen, without fail, is both guaranteed and granted equal protection of the law regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, dominant hand, favorite color or "American Idol" pick. This renders all extraneous hate-crimes laws woefully obsolete and fatally discriminatory.


Rather than continuing down the wrong path and creating new hate-crimes laws that unfairly favor whichever boutique special-interest group screams the loudest, we should move toward inclusion and equality for all Americans. We should look to the future instead of the past. We should both reject S. 909 and repeal all outdated and discriminatory hate-crimes laws.

After it was signed into law, Barber even participated in a rally protesting the new legislation as unconstitutional ... which is interesting, since today he will be participating in a press conference along with Peter LaBarbera to demand that the act of vandalism against the site hosting their anti-gay training session be treated as a hate crime:

A coalition of ministers and pro-family advocates is questioning the double-standard on "hate crimes" in the wake of an attack Saturday against Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) -- which was threatened with more violence if it continues to host conservative groups like Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH).


Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera said, "Some in the media are calling this terrorist act 'vandalism,' which we doubt they would do if the situation were reversed and right-wing extremists threw two large bricks through the glass doors of a gay church."

"As conservatives we oppose the concept of 'hate crimes,' but since hate crimes laws are on the books they must be enforced even-handedly," LaBarbera said. “It is scandalous that a left-wing website post taking credit for this act of domestic terrorism -- and threatening more violence -- is still up and running."

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel said hard-left groups like Gay Liberation Network create a "climate of hate" against Christians by demonizing them with vicious lies that equate the defense of Judeo-Christian morality with "hate."

"We will not compromise on God's truth. Neither will we be terrorized into silence," Barber said.

Jacobs: OWS Protests Driven By "A Power Of Darkness"

Yesterday, the Family Research Council was praying that the Occupy Wall Street protests would "backfire" and that participants would be led "to faith and peace in Christ!"

Cindy Jacobs has now issued her own prayer alert through her Reformation Prayer Network in which she warns that there is a "principality, a power of darkness" at work behind the OWS protests seeks to unleash a "spirit of anarchy" in the nation and "foment revolutions" that will spark a full-blown class war: