October 2010

Clarence Thomas Story "Shows the Power of Porn Addiction"

Mike McManus runs an organization called Marriage Savers, which he co-founded with his wife Harriet.

As the name suggests, the organization's mission is to "increase the success of marriage, reduce divorce rates, and provide a better environment for children to thrive."  And as that sort of mission would suggest, the organization is endorsed by Religious Right leaders like Tony Perkins, Don Wildmon, Mike Huckabee, Richard Land, and Robert George.

Which makes this new column by McManus rather remarkable, because people on the Right generally don't give any credence to the claims raised about Clarence Thomas, much less cite Thomas as evidence of the dangers of addiction to pornography

"He was obsessed with porn," commented Lillian McEwen of Clarence Thomas about the years he was Chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. "He would talk about what he had seen in magazines and films."

She should know, having had a torrid affair with him from 1981-86. "He was always actively watching the women he worked with to see if they could be potential partners. It was a hobby of his," she told The Washington Post.

Anita Hill made similar charges in the 1991 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing about Thomas's nomination to be a Justice to the Supreme Court: "He spoke about acts that he had seen in pornographic films involving such matters as women having sex with animals and films showing group sex or rape scenes. He talked about pornographic materials depicting individuals with large penises or large breasts involved in various sex acts." He was also constantly asking Hill out, which she refused.

Thomas stoutly denied the charges: "If I used that kind of grotesque language with one person, it would seem to me that there would be traces of it throughout the employees who worked closely with me."

No doubt, McEwen could have provided corroborating testimony, which would might have torpedoed his nomination. She now regrets having remaining silent and has written a book. Twice married and twice divorced, she had a career as a prosecutor, a Senate Judiciary Committee lawyer, administrative law judge, and a law professor and is now retired, declaring, "I have nothing to be afraid of."

What matters about the Thomas story is that it shows the power of porn addiction, that led him to take dangerous risks, even as a very visible EEOC Chairman.

For the last twenty years, the standard Religious Right line has been that Anita Hill was lying as part of an Democrat-orchestrated smear campaign against Thomas, so it is pretty amazing to see someone like McManus suddenly citing Thomas' behavior as proof of the dangers of pornography.

The Boys on the Bus, Religious Right Style

The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins hosted a conference call for FRC activists to hear from Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas. Perkins, who recently said gay teens commit suicide because they know they’re abnormal, is in Iowa, where he has joined the FRC-National Organization for Marriage bus tour that is targeting state Supreme Court judges who ruled last year favor of marriage equality. While it was a unanimous decision, Religious Right groups are urging voters to reject the three justices who are up for retention this year.  Gohmert spent some time with the Iowa bus earlier this week. Gohmert and Perkins mocked the pro-equality judges, saying they hadn’t studied law or biology if they thought there was no difference between a man and a woman and a man and a man.

Most of today’s call focused on the elections and on how right-wing activists can make sure the crop of new Republican lawmakers doesn’t abandon their principles when they get to Washington. Gohmert was actually harder on the GOP than Perkins, complaining about the Party’s leadership, saying they didn’t understand that they had made mistakes by pushing Republicans into supporting the financial bailout and failing to fight harder against the hate crimes act, which, said Gohmert, “pushed us so far down toward the dustbin of history.” He sighed when asked about the House Republicans’ much-ballyhooed “Pledge to America,” saying that while it was beautifully written, it avoided social issues and failed to include real commitments to move legislation and deadlines for achieving progress.
Gohmert insisted that Republicans “can’t compromise on principle” and warned against getting “weak-kneed.” He said the principles that made the country great are faith in God, devotion to the traditional family,  and a hard work ethic. He worried that if Republicans win a majority and don’t deliver, Tea Party activists may just decide to abandon the GOP and start a third party, which would help the Democrats take back control. 
Perkins bragged that FRC Action is expanding its reach and said its Faith, Family & Freedom fund was active in “five or six” states with hot congressional and senate races. He said he believes that there’s an “awakening” among Americans who understand that they have a responsibility to determine the future of their country – and that if they populate the GOP with enough good people they can reform the party.
Gohmert, who recently said that God has ordained Christians to run the country, sounded a similar theme on today’s call. He said God gives the sword to government to punish evil, and urged “true Romans 13-believing Christians” to understand that America’s founders set things up so that the people are the government. “We are given the sword in this country.” He told them that God had blessed American Christians and that they’re expected to use the sword of government and hire (elect) servants (public officials) “to do what we tell them.”

Jacobs: "Filling the Arsenals of God's Media Army" To Stop the Islamification of Fox News

For the last few weeks, Cindy Jacobs and Generals International have been carrying out a forty day prayer vigil to coincide with the midterm elections and producing day-by-day prayer guides for those who are participating that is based upon Seven Mountains theology.

Having already covered the government mountain and education mountain, Jacobs turns her attention in these final days toward capturing the media mountain, praying that "defenders of Godly standards in the media industry [will] be voted into office" and that the "arsenals of God's media army" will fill with Christians who will dislodge the "demonic authority" that controls the media and put it to use building God's kingdom on earth: 

May these faithful ambassadors of truth be used of God to displace the demonic authority upon this mountain, and occupy the highest platform for amplifying God's Voice and God's Message. Lord of hosts, we ask You to unleash Your mighty army to infiltrate the media mountain and skillfully wield heavenly weapons of warfare for the pulling down of strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. We also ask for the guidance and anointing of the Holy Spirit upon what believers in media speak and write so that it shapes perceptions of truth and reality and delivers the masses from the dark veil of uncertainty, fear and manipulation. May the Name of the Lord be proclaimed and the glory of God released from the top of the media and communication arts mountain to the ends of the earth. May a great harvest of souls to be brought into the Kingdom as the Word goes forth through all media outlets. Father, we ask for nothing less than revival among journalists, broadcasters, television producers, news network executives, and all those in the media industry for renewing minds, transforming and turning hearts to You, and reforming the United States of America. God, let Your Kingdom purposes for the media come forth.

Interestingly, among the changes that need to be made is for Christians to wrest control of Fox News in order to put an end to its domination by Muslims: 

The Islamification of America is also being advanced through various media outlets. Wealthy Muslims are buying out stock in various news organizations as a way of pressuring media corps to present Islam in a favorable light. A leading member of the ruling family of the Sharia-totalitarian "kingdom" of Saudi Arabia, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has made himself the second-largest shareholder of Rupert Murdoch's News Corp., Fox News' parent company. It then only took a phone call from Alwaleed's office to ensure that Fox coverage of Muslim rioting in France not be described as "Muslim" rioting in France.

Public Policy, Private Corporations: Detaining Immigrants for Profit

People For the American Way has been documenting the ways in which corporate interests, with a big boost from the Supreme Court, are pouring unprecedented sums of money into this year’s elections to buy themselves an even more corporation-friendly government. This morning, National Public Radio reported on another way that corporate interests are shaping public policy. Remember that controversial anti-immigrant law in Arizona? Turns out it was drafted at a conference of right-wing legislators with help from private prison corporations that see the detention of immigrants as a new profit center.

According to Corrections Corporation of America reports reviewed by NPR, executives believe immigrant detention is their next big market. Last year, they wrote that they expect to bring in "a significant portion of our revenues" from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the agency that detains illegal immigrants….
NPR also notes that as soon as the bill was introduced in Arizona, prison industry money followed:
Thirty-six co-sponsors jumped on, a number almost unheard of in the capitol.  According to records obtained by NPR, two-thirds of them either went to that December meeting or are ALEC members....
At the state Capitol, campaign donations started to appear.
Thirty of the 36 co-sponsors received donations over the next six months, from prison lobbyists or prison companies — Corrections Corporation of America, Management and Training Corporation and The Geo Group. 
By April, the bill was on Gov. Jan Brewer's desk.
On a May conference call with investors, NPR reports, one prison industry official expressed hope for more help from the federal level:
" Those people coming across the border and getting caught are going to have to be detained and that for me, at least I think, there's going to be enhanced opportunities for what we do."
Here’s some more information about the American Legislative Exchange Council, a group that brings corporate donors together with conservative state lawmakers to push anti-regulatory legislation on a range of issues.

Judge Bus: Fighting the Shakespearean-Evolutionary Conspiracy To Warehouse Iowa's Children

The Religious Right's "Judge Bus" continues to roll through Iowa and participants just keep coming up with wilder and wilder explanations of why three Supreme Court justices need to be removed from office, like Rep. Steve King claiming that if they aren't, pretty soon we'll have a society in which children will be taken away from parents and raised in warehouses to be vicious warriors ... or something:

Speaking exclusively with The Iowa Independent following Wednesday’s event, King reaffirmed those statements and expanded on why he believes the institution of marriage is so important.

“I think that if we can’t defend marriage, that it becomes very hard to defend life,” King said. “Marriage is the crucible by which we pour all of our values and pass them on to our children, and that is how the culture is renewed each time. So, if we lose marriage — for instance, if our children are raised in warehouses, so to speak. There have been civilizations that have tried to do that. The Spartans did that. They took the children away and taught them to be warriors. It’s a good way to defend a country, but not much of a way to run a civilization.

“So, I’m afraid if that happened — if we lose the marriage, we lose the home, we lose the nuclear family then we can’t teach our values. We won’t be able to teach our faith. We won’t be able to teach life. We won’t be able to teach our Constitutional values either. That’s why I’m afraid it’s going to be very, very difficult to defend life.”

And rest assured that this type of lunacy is not limited to the Judge Bus speakers, but appears to be shared by those attending their rallies as well:

Randy Crawford of Iowa City said he intends to vote for the removal of the justices because he is concerned about the judiciary overstepping its reach and also about the propensity of homosexuals within his community.

“My primary reason for being here is because I believe the Supreme Court should not be legislating from the bench. But I also believe that homosexuality is bad thing,” he said. “It used to be useful when we were cavemen and we needed people to guard the caves full of women and children. If I’m a guy out hunting, I want to leave someone back at the cave tending to my wife and kids, and I don’t want a normal guy having that kind of access to my wife and kids. So, in our evolution, you can see that there use to be a utility for homosexuality, but that was when we were cavemen and we aren’t cavemen anymore. So, homosexuality is obsolete.”

Although Crawford believes that homosexuality is no longer needed by modern mankind, he brushes off the idea that he automatically dislikes people who are gay. He says he believes that private lives are just that and that he took a “live and let live” attitude until he discovered something more sinister at work.

“If people want to behave like the homosexuals I knew in high school, college and so-forth then it isn’t a problem,” he said. “But you can see what happens when homosexuals get power — like in Iowa City. They are running rampant. They are doing vicious stuff. … Read Shakespeare’s Othello. Basically the homosexuals are like the Iago figure.”

Crawford said the “nasty homosexual network” in Iowa City is “like conspiracy and racketeering,” and ultimately, “the Iowa Supreme Court should not be running interference for rackets.”

So, according to these Religious Right activists, the reason these judges need to be voted out of office is because they are part of some Shakespearean evolutionary conspiracy to turn the nation's children in warehouse-rasied warriors.

Clayton Trotter: "The Anglo With The Hispanic Heart"

Times change. 

For instance, back in 1962 Pat Boone could sing a song called "Speedy Gonzales" about a drunken, irresponsible Gonazles spending his time carousing and buying tortillas, chili peppers, and tequila instead of repairing his cockroach-infested adobe and see it go to #6 on the Billboard chart

Today, it would be considered rather offensive:

Which is why it is a little hard to understand why Republican congressional candidate Clayton Trotter is bragging about having received Boone's endorsement and specifically citing this song in an effort to appeal to Hispanic voters in Texas in his race against Democrat incumbent Rep. Charlie Gonzalez:

"Hi, I'm Pat Boone. Back in 1962, I sang a top ten song called 'Speedy Gonzales' about the fastest mouse in Mexico. You might remember this line: 'Speedy Gonzales, why don't you come home?' Today, a different question: 'Charlie Gonzalez, why don't you come home?' As a Congressman, you're spending our hard-earned tax money like there's no tomorrow. Sorry Charlie! You don't represent we the people. On November 2nd, vote Clayton Trotter for Congress."

In fact, Trotter goes even further, claiming that while Gonzalez may actually be Hispanic, it is Trotter who really has the community's best interests at heart ... and that is because is "the Anglo with the Hispanic heart":

Trotter said, "I'm the Anglo with the Hispanic heart. While Charlie has an Hispanic last name, he has consistently voted against the conservative Hispanic values of life and family. For example, Charlie voted against the ban on partial birth abortion -- a barbaric procedure in the last trimester during which the abortionist partially delivers a baby -- feet first, ultimately sucking the baby's brain out. "Sorry Charlie!" That's not an Hispanic value! No wonder Charlie got a 100 percent rating from the National Abortion Rights Action League.

"Plus, Charlie voted against a Constitutional Amendment that defined marriage between one man and one woman. 'Sorry Charlie!' That's not an Hispanic value either. Mexican-Americans are proud of God's creation of heterosexual marriage between Adam and Eve. I'm Clayton Trotter. I think it's time that District 20 had a congressman who defended the unborn babies and defended marriage. Those are true Hispanic values!

"Remember to vote for me, Clayton Trotter, the Anglo with the Hispanic heart."

And nothing demonstrates that better than securing the endorsement of Pat Boone who sang an offensive novelty song about a lazy cartoon Mexican mouse forty years ago.

Oh, and by the way, Trotter has received endorsements from Governor Rick Perry, Rep. Lamar Smith, David Barton, Rick Green, Phyllis Schlafly, Kelly Shackleford, Alveda King, among others.

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

  • Here is the text [PDF] of the remarks Newt Gingrich delivered at Liberty University today. It is pretty much what we have come to expect from him.
  • Speaking of ridiculous nonsense, Dinesh D'Souza was on "Wallbuilders Live" today discussing "The Roots of Obama's Rage."
  • Ken Cuccinelli will be joining Brent Bozell, Grover Norquist, Tony Perkins and others for an election night celebration hosted by Richard Viguerie and Morton Blackwell.
  • Day Gardner and the National Pro-Life Union endorse Randall Terry acolyte Missy Smith.
  • Also, support for reproductive choice is proof that the "communist philosophy is still alive today."
  • Oklahoma needs to pass the anti-Sharia initiative because there is a "huge pocket of terrorist organizations operating out of Oklahoma" right now! 
  • Finally, CBN's David Brody has a message for Christians: "Start marching to a tea party near you. There's a seat waiting."  Just keep that in mind next time CNN let's him pose as a "journalist."

From "Wacko" To "Vindicated" By Glenn Beck In Just Three Years

The Rapid City Journal reports on the event Glenn Beck hosted in South Dakota last night ... and if this excerpt does not sum up the utter ridiculousness of Beck and the entire right-wing movement today, I don't know what does:

For Kitty Werthmann of Pierre, president of the conservative group Eagle Forum, the VIP reception was the second personal meeting she had with Beck. She appeared on his Fox News show in New York in September.

Werthmann, 84, has long preached the dangers of socialism and its influences in America, a message that Beck preaches on TV, radio and in personal appearances. Werthmann said she sees the socialist agenda in expanding government under the Obama administration as affirmation of her long-held fears.

“I have been preaching for 30 years what socialism is all about. And now we are seeing it very clear,” she said. “I remember when people always thought I was a wacko -- too far out, you know. But now, I’m being vindicated.”

I first jokingly wrote about Werthmann more than three years ago and since then she has gone from being considered a "wacko" to being "vindicated" by Glenn Beck:

Right Wing Iowa Bus Tour Really About Restraining Homosexuality

The Religious Right groups that are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in Iowa in an effort to remove three state Supreme Court justices because of the Court's ruling in favor of marriage equality are trying to claim that the effort isn't so much about homosexuality as it is about "judicial activism." 

But, of course, that's not true because everything they do is about homosexuality and the desire to use state power to eliminate it:

On a blustery basketball court at Southside Park, leaders in the push to oust three justices for their role in a decision that legalized gay marriage in Iowa — led by the Washington, D.C., based Family Research Council and the New Jersey-based National Organization for Marriage – departed a touring “Judge Bus” emblazoned with “vote no” slogans and spoke to a crowd of about 15 people.

Gay marriage is tearing society asunder, and the decision to allow it runs afoul of the Constitution, said Chuck Hurley, president of the highly influential Christian organization Iowa Family Policy Center, which is a local affiliate of the Family Research Council.

“It’s a degradation of God’s best design for the family,” said Hurley, who was on the tour representing the center’s political action arm.

Hurley said gay activity degrades and alters the family structure, concluding that the debate is about stable homes.

“An intact father-and- mother marriage is by far more important than a good education, by far more important than their physical health in the well-being of a child,” Hurley said.

Hurley goes further than opposition to gay marriage, though.

“For millennia every sane culture has had restraints on behavior,” Hurley said.

Stable societies have always had restraints on incest and pedophilia, he said, and that should extend to homosexual acts as well.

“Every culture should have safe and sane laws regarding sexuality,” Hurley said.