September 2010

Fischer Offers to Headline GOProud's "Homocon 2011"

In our post yesterday on the debacle the resulted from GOProud's decision to have Ann Coulter speak at their "Homocon 2010" event where she basically insulted everyone in attendance, we noted that as GOProud's Christopher Barron was defending the move by claiming "we’re the only gay group that had the balls to have someone like Ann Coulter come speak to them."

In response, I suggested that if Barron really wanted to prove how tough GOProud was, they should invite Bryan Fischer to headline their "Homocon 2011" event because he would undoubtedly deliver a speech that make their heads spin.

Well, we have some good news, because Fischer saw our post and has now officially offered his services for "Homocon 2011":

And the word to organizers of "Homocon 2011," I will be happy to accept your invitation and your speaking fee to "Homocon 2011."

Do not, however, expect a message fundamentally different from the one that you heard from Ann Coulter this year.

So there you go, GOProud - it looks like we have helped you line up your keynote speaker for next year's event.

You are welcome.

Lott's "More Guns, Less Crime" Speech At UT Canceled After Campus Shooting

This morning, a gunman walked in a library on the University of Texas campus, fired off several shots and then killed himself.

So I guess it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that John Lott's scheduled presentation at UT on how more guns lead to less crime has been canceled:

The event was being sponsored by the Texas Federalist Society, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, Libertarian Longhorns, and the Objectivist Society:

The Federalist Society and SCCC Present: John Lott's More Guns, Less Crime

Date: September 28, 2010
Start: 6:00pm
End: 7:30pm

Location: TNH 2.114 (Auditorium)

Prominent Second Amendment scholar and author John Lott will discuss how more legal possession of guns leads to less crime. Sponsored by the Texas Federalist Society, Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, Libertarian Longhorns, and the Objectivist Society.

Yet Another Election-Oriented 40 Day Prayer Effort

One of the defining features of the Religious Right is the remarkable redundancy of so many of their efforts.  For instance, as we noted earlier this month, there are at least five different 40 day prayer efforts underway targeting the mid-term elections ... or rather, make that six, as Coral Ridge Ministries is running one as well:

Join your Coral Ridge Ministries family and pray for the sake of this land we love!

September 1 through October 10 launches our brand-new 40 Days of Prayer for America campaign ... calling all concerned Christian citizens to fervent, focused, and committed prayer for America, her leaders, and her future.

Just visit daily, beginning September 1, to read the prayer for the day and commit this land we love to God in prayer.

Let righteousness reign in America, and let it begin by praying God's Word!

And you'll notice that Coral Ridge is using 2 Chronicles 7:14 as the effort's foundational passage, which is the same passage used by Janet Porter's May Day 2010 Prayer Rally, the Global Day of Prayer, the National Day of Prayer, the FRC's Call 2 Fall event, and the Pray and Act effort.  

So in case you didn't get the message, the key to winning the mid-term elections is for Christians to pray and seek forgiveness so that God will heal our land by tossing the Democrats out of office.

Birthers vs. Beck

Although Glenn Beck is no stranger to floating conspiracy theories, he has stayed away from the very-discredited theory that Barack Obama was born outside of the United States, and is therefore not eligible to serve as President. However, the right-wing “news” site WorldNetDaily consistently pushes Birther conspiracy theories, launching a billboard campaign and producing a documentary raising doubts on Obama’s eligibility.

But when Glenn Beck said that he didn’t believe in the conspiracy theory, he faced a torrent of comments from Birthers on his new website, The Blaze. WorldNetDaily, in turn, wrote a damning article that trumpeted as reputable experts the 200-plus anonymous online comment-posters like “TR68GT” and “Dgroundhog” who didn’t believe in Obama’s eligibility. 

After propagating the erroneous claims of the online commentators as facts, WorldNetDaily switched gears and moved into more traditional rightwing territory in denouncing and distorting the 14th Amendment. Even though the 14th Amendment clearly states that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States,” WorldNetDaily pushed the commentators concerns as to “whether any child of a non-citizen parent could possibly satisfy the constitutional requirement that a president be a ‘natural born citizen.’” Since Obama’s father was not a US citizen, they suggest that he couldn’t be a citizen even if he was born in Hawaii after all!

When a conservative website can’t even get Glenn Beck on board with its conspiracy theories and instead pushes the anonymous comments on Beck’s website as facts, the frivolousness of Birtherism speaks for itself.

Farah: Speaking to GOProud Like Addressing the KKK

When Ann Coulter accepted the invitation to speak at GOProud's "Homocon 2010," WorldNetDaily founder Joseph Farah responded by dropping her from his Take Back America Conference. 

And even though Coulter went to "Homocon 2010" and basically insulted all of those in attendance, Farah isn't backing, saying Coulter "down did a disservice to the conservative movement" by legitimizing GOProud by simply agreeing to speak to them and comparing them to the Ku Klux Klan:

That's the trouble with allowing yourself to be exploited by a group with a dangerously extremist agenda that includes the promotion of same-sex marriage, open homosexual service in the U.S. military and a wink and a nod toward hate-crimes legislation.

If a celebrity chooses to speak to the Ku Klux Klan, there is no question the Klan benefits from such an appearance – no matter how much the speaker might attempt to explain the differences he or she might have with the group's agenda. Justifying such an appearance by suggesting it's just another paid speaking gig would hardly mollify the criticism or negate the benefit the Klan received from the event.

Of course, no one in respectable public life would consider speaking to the Klan for those reasons.

However, I would suggest the ungodly, sin-glorifying homosexual agenda represents a far greater and far more imminent danger to the future of the United States than does the Klan's racist, ungodly and sin-glorifying agenda.

2012 Candidates Weekly Update 9/28/10

Haley Barbour

2012: Political work profiled by TIME Magazine (TIME, 9/23).

New Hampshire: Stumps with GOP gubernatorial candidate (Nashua Telegraph, 9/28).

Mitch Daniels

2012: Fundraising circuit points to presidential bid (Indianapolis Star, 9/28).

Poll: About 75% of Americans haven’t heard of the Indiana Governor (Journal Gazette, 9/28).

Newt Gingrich

Democrats: Calls Democrats “the food stamp party” (Chicago Sun Times, 9/25).

GOP: How Gingrich transformed the Republican Party (Salon, 9/24).

2010: Approves new “Pledge to America” (Politico, 9/23).

Mike Huckabee

2010: Campaigned with Rand Paul over the weekend (BluegrassPolitics, 9/22).

Health Care: Walks back on previous position on coverage for pre-existing condition (The American Prospect, 9/23).

Business: Huckabee-endorsed Goldline company sued by SEC (ABC, 9/23).

Sarah Palin

2012: New poll shows her growing unpopularity among voters (ThePlumLine, 9/27).

2010: Launches “Take Back the 20” campaign against Democrats who supported Health Care Reform (The Hill, 9/27).

Media:  Claims media "piles on" her endorsed candidates (GOP 12, 9/27).

Religious Right: Article looks into Palin’s relationship with Dominionism (Religion Dispatches, 9/26).

Tim Pawlenty

Foreign Affairs: Calls Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad “nutty” (City Pages, 9/24).

New Hampshire: Plans to fundraiser for GOP gubernatorial candidate John Stephen (Concord Monitor, 9/26).

Minnesota: Visits flooded areas of state (WCCO, 9/25).

Mitt Romney

2010: Endorses West Virginia Republicans (The Hill, 9/27).

Obama: Calls Presidency an “abject failure” to New Hampshire GOP (Salt Lake Tribune, 9/26).

Rick Santorum

Media: Santorum, Palin, Gingrich and Huckabee all on Fox payroll (Politico, 9/27).

John Thune

2012: Weekly Standard profiles South Dakota Senator John Thune (Weekly Standard, 10/4).

Right Wing Round-Up

Right Wing Leftovers

  • The Freedom Federation has released a variety of voting guides and scorecards targeting specific Congressional races.
  • The Family Research Council has also released its scorecard for the current Congress [PDF].
  • Does anybody else get the impression that this post was prompted primarily by the fact that Christine O'Donnell turned down an interview request from CBN's David Brody?
  • Four Christian missionaries who were accused of inciting a crowd while videotaping themselves proselytizing to Muslims at the Dearborn Arab International Festival in June were acquitted on Friday.
  • I did not know that Dr. Wynne LeGrow, the Democrat who is challenging Rep. Randy Forbes, is an avowed atheist.
  • Harry Jackson defends Bishop Eddie Long and says that media coverage of the issue is an "attempt to cast aspersions on the black church as an institution."
  • Finally, GOProud laughably hails Ann Coulter's appearance at Homocon 2010 as "a complete and total success."

Right Wing Hypocrites Outraged By New Grayson Ad

Rep. Alan Grayson released a new ad in which he called his Republican opponent "Taliban Dan Webster":

And so, of course, the Religious Right is outraged:

“Alan Grayson is an embarrassment to the citizens of Florida,” said Gary Bauer, chairman of the Campaign for Working Families which has backed Webster. “While the voters of his district lose their jobs and their homes he conducts a campaign of smears and hatred against anyone who challenges the tax raising, big government policies that he has voted for. November 2 can’t come quickly enough.”

“The Grayson ads are despicable and reach a new low which reflect the character of the man who approved them,“ said John Stemberger, president of Florida Family Action. “Christians everywhere ought to be outraged at Grayson and his bigoted claims.”

Can I just point out that Stemberger is being sued for $10 million by the attorney for Rifqa Bary's parents for repeatedly accusing him of having ties to terrorists and that the Florida Bar Association is preparing to file a misconduct complaint against him?

Can I also point out that just a few weeks ago, Gary Bauer explicitly compared progressives to Islamic terrorists?

Progressives and Islamists are indeed on the same side. Their common disdain for Christianity explains why left-wing judges in America find any inkling of Christianity in the public square unconstitutional, while Islamist judges in the Middle East deem it executable.

Their common view that life is expendable explains the left’s embrace abortion-on-demand and why the Islamists don’t hesitate to deploy their own children for homicide bombings.

Their common totalitarian impulse explains why each group has as its governing objective to render its subjects entirely dependent on the state for everything in their lives, from education to healthcare.

So what was that they were saying about the despicable new lows reached of those who smears their political opponents?

Casino Jack Director: "Ralph Reed is a Fraud"

Last week I wrote a post noting how, on the same night that I watched the documentary "Casino Jack and the United States of Money," Ralph Reed was on Alan Colmes' radio program defending the work he had done for Jack Abramoff, saying it "was outstanding, I'm proud of it, and it advanced sound public policy."

It looks like Alex Gibney, the director of the "Casino Jack" documentary, took notice of our post and decided to weigh in on Reed's claims with a post over at The Atlantic entitled "The Deceptions of Ralph Reed" which adds even more detalis:

Let's say it plain: Ralph Reed is a fraud ... Let's be clear: there was probably nothing illegal about what Reed did. But, he was engaged in a kind of spiritual fraud: telling his supporters that he was opposed to gambling when, in fact, gambling was making him rich.

Reed still denies that he knew that the millions of dollars paid from him came from casino profits. There are publicly available e-mails that prove that is not so. More to the point is the view of his old business partner, Jack Abramoff. On a visit to see Abramoff in prison, Jack made it clear to me that Reed knew precisely where the money was coming from. Is that credible?

In the Alan Colmes radio show, Reed throws Abramoff under the bus, damning his credibility by noting that Jack is a convicted felon (true), though Reed "loved him and still loves him." Whether Abramoff feels the same way, he has no motive to lie about dealings with Reed. Having served his time, Abramoff is a pretty good witness to the kind of spiritual corruption that his old partner Reed represents.

Reed correctly notes that he has never been charged with a crime and implies that he had been fully investigated by John McCain's Senate Committee on Indian Affairs. But the implication is deceptive. According to one very famous, disgraced former lobbyist, Reed was supposed to have been called before McCain's committee but Karl Rove intervened and pressured McCain not to call Reed.


To Reed, Abramoff committed the unpardonable sin of getting caught, and that's why Reed prays for him. Well, Abramoff did his time and now seems to be willing to speak the truth. Reed should pray for himself.